Lord Wyldon's Prov

When that young man talked back to me I was a little startled. No one had ever had the nerve to stand up to me, well besides Queenscove. But I just think that he enjoys getting people mad at him. Anyways, when he said that I couldn't read it I was a little shocked. If you don't get what I'm talking about then I'll tell you. When a letter comes for one of the pages it is my responsibility to read them first. So when he said that I could not read the letter for the Mindelan girl I thought, 'What could be so important in that letter that I couldn't read.'

Then when he said that it was from the Yamani emperor, then I understood a bit, but not much. The next thoughts that were running through my head were, 'Why would the Yamani Emperor be sending a letter to Mindelan. What did he want with her?'. Then the weirdest thing happened. The Mindelan girl came up from her table, didn't even acknowledge me and bowed to the messenger like he was royalty. Then not even caring that I couldn't understand Yaman, she started to talk to the messenger in Yaman without even saying anything to me to tell me who in Mithros name this young lad was!

Then a few minutes later they were laughing, then they stopped and shook hands with each other and started to walk out the door that leads to the squire's practice court. I was a little shocked that Mindelan would even think about going to the squire's practice courts. So before they could even get out the door, I asked them where they thought they were going. The Mindelan girl's reply was the most weirdest thing I had heard that night so far.

She had said,"Why, I'm just going to have a duel with my good friend the prince of the Yamani Islands with our glaives to see if I can actually win everything against him or if he can actually beat me at something. So if you would please excuse us, we will be heading to the practice court.", and with that Ekito and Mindelan headed out the door towards the squire's practice courts.

After she had said that I turned back to the usually loud room to find a stunned silent mess hall with the same look of pure shock on all the boys faces. Queenscove was the first to break the silence. He stood up from his seat and said, ```Well, I don't know about you BOYS. but I'm going to go watch this sure to be beautiful duel. Now if you would all excuse me. I'll be in the squire's practice courts if anyone wants me", and with that he went out the same door as Mindelan had gone out of a few minutes ago. The rest of Mindelan`s friends also got up and followed their lanky friend out to the squire's practice courts.

We looked after them in shook and the the whole mess hall flooded through the doors to the squire's practice courts with me in the head of the group. When we got there, we saw that the match had already begun. The match lasted about a whole half an hour with both fighters never stop moving. Finally when they did stop I was mentally shocked to realize that Mindelan had won the bout.

Then something astonishing happened. Mindelan kneeled down in front of the crown prince of the Yamani Islands with her glaive outstretched toward Ekito. Ekito nodded his head, took his glaive in his hand, touched it to her right shoulder, then her left shoulder, then finally the top of her head. He then said, "I now dub thee, squire Keladry of Mindelan and the Yamani Islands. Well done with your training mission squire Keladry. The Emperor would be very proud and would probably be already planning a huge banquet for you. Now since you are finally a squire, I was wondering if you would want to be come my squire?".

Keladry looked shocked for a few seconds but then she was once again wearing her lump face as Joren has called it (I have heard him talking to his buddies and about how she's always wearing her lump face so it kind of stuck). "Yes Ekito, I would be honoured to be your squire. Thank you," Keladry said with a little bit of excitement in her voice. "Now Kelly you don't need to make a big deal out of this. I'm still your friend even if I am your knight master. I will still treat you as I always have and nothing different,. So don't be going all proper on me," the crown prince said with a serious but joking tone in his voice. The crown prince then grabbed her around her waist and threw her over his shoulder and started to walk out of the practice court and into the castle.

But of course all of the pages noticed that Mindelan was trying to fight against the crown prince's arms. For Mithro's sake, she was even tickling him and punching his back. Man, that girl is something alright. Then a thought occurred to me. 'Jon must hear of what happened at once!'. Before I left to talk to the king I told the pages to start packing for them to leave tomorrow for their summer break. Then I went running up to Jon's counsel room.

Sir Breanna

A.N. I hope you like it. Next chapter will be the next day and what it brings to Keladry when the pages and squires finally get over their shock and start demanding questions out of her, and also Jon's and Raoul's and Alanna's reaction to the news.