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It's good to be back.

So that's how it all began. From that day on, Alex and I were inseparable. It turned out that my last day of school wasn't really my last. Mom and dad separated, and while mom moved to Phoenix, I got to stay with dad. I couldn't really see myself leaving Alex, and would deal with the teasing and the bullying as long as we were friends.

We hung out every single day, even when one of us fell ill. The only exceptions were vacations, but even then we had three or four hour long Skype calls each night. He was my best friend - granted my only friend. He grew into that kind of teenager that you see in movies. He was handsome, well liked (even though he was Bella-the-Emo-Freak's best friend,) and was kind to those that were kind to him. He played football, basketball, sung in the choir (a lovely tenor voice,) and had a part-time job as a waiter at the best diner in town.

I knew from the moment we entered into our junior year of high school that I would have to fight to keep him in my life because of these qualities, but I was optimistic. There wasn't anything on this Earth that could tear our friendship apart.

That is, until the Cullens and the Blacks rolled into town.

The day started out pretty normally. My alarm clock beeped at me from somewhere to my left and I managed to silence it with one swoop of my hand before snuggling back into the comfort of my bed. I had almost fallen back asleep (and back into my dream where I met Johnny Depp - yum) when the door to my bedroom had flung open and all 6'4, 180 pounds of my best friend landed on my side, knocking any wind out of me that I had. I shrieked and let out a stream of cuss words as per usual and swatted at him.

"You'd think after two years of you waking me up like this that I would remember to lock my bedroom door," I groaned, gasping for breath. I didn't see it, but I knew Alex was grinning.

"You know as well as I do that you would never do that; you enjoy my wonderful wake up calls too much," he teased, yanking the covers off of me so that I was freezing in my t-shirt and shorts. He was right. Without his - ahem- enthusiasm, I would just stop going to school because nothing has really changed since the Carrie incident. The teasing stops whenever Alex is near me, but the poor boy can't be my bodyguard 24/7. While I take advanced English classes and Honors Calculus, he has his sports and his advanced Chemistry and choir. I try to not participate in extra curriculars. The school should just be proud I show up for class everyday.

He rummaged through my closet and pulled out my standard outfit: a worn down t-shirt (this time it was a soft blue color with Bon Jovi on it) and a pair of jeans and threw them at me. I reluctantly got up and picked out my undergarments from my dresser and went into the bathroom. My father had already left for his day on the police force, so I had all the hot water to myself.

When I was through scrubbing my skin pink, I dressed and styled my hair as per usual: I hadn't really cut my hair since eighth grade, except for a few trips to cut split ends off, so it was really long, extending dangerously near my ass. My hair was a dull brown color and I had side-swept bangs that I normally bobby-pinned to keep out of my face. A quick brushing and the placement of bobby-pins later and I was set for school. I didn't bother with make-up; I wasn't trying to impress anyone.

Alex was sitting on my bed, my journal in hand. I had a book shelf next to my closet filled with classics like Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and The Scarlet Letter. But on the bottom shelf were a cluster of four journals. Since that day three years ago, I had filled up four journals total and I had started on a fifth. My darkest thoughts and secrets were hidden in them, stowed away so that they couldn't be used to hurt anyone else.

He traced the intricate letter A on the front; it was a journal inspired by the Scarlet Letter. Each page had a quote from it at the bottom. He never asked to read my journals, respecting my privacy like the best friend he was. He has asked me, though, what I wrote down on those pages.

My response? "It's where I keep my monsters, to prevent me from turning into a monster myself."

I gathered my backpack from the floor by my bed and he handed me the journal. I tucked it away inside, picked up a jacket, and left my room, Alex in tow.

"So I heard that Mrs. Davis was going to give us some big assignment that was due at the end of the year," Alex said, taking the milk out of the fridge while I opened a box of donuts on the counter. I groaned. I've been dreading this assignment ever since I heard about it freshman year. Mrs. Davis, the English teacher, likes to throw together the most unlikely pairings to work on some kind of a project due the last day of school. Our freshman year, the juniors had to write a play depicting some kind of theme that they were assigned. Last year, they had to write a poem and create some kind of artistic representation of it.

There's no telling what she's going to give us this year. "She is. She does it every single year," I said, biting into a donut. "Unfortunately for us, there's a one hundred percent chance that she's not going to pair us together for it. It's like she has this gift of knowing who absolutely despises whom and pairing them up, or pairing up two people that are total opposites. Knowing her she's going to stick me with one of the psycho bitches."

"Come on, Bells," he said, "it can't be that bad. Just be optimistic about the whole thing."

"Easy for you to say. Everyone likes you," I muttered. A heavy silence washed over us, both of our minds processing the truth of what I just said.

"Bella-" he began, but I stopped him.

"We're going to be late," I pointed out. I dumped my trash and walked out the door.

We settled into his car and were silent the whole way to school. When we pulled into the parking lot, I noticed three unfamiliar cars in the parking lot: a silver Volvo, a yellow Mustang, and a large jeep. Alex and I exchanged a confused look as we stepped out of his car. We walked in silence to the building, trying to shield ourselves from the unforgivingly-cold wind.

That's when I saw them. There were 7 of them in all, and they were beautiful.

Five guys, two girls. Four guys about the same height, one towering over them all. A blonde girl and a small girl with a pixie cut. Two dark skinned, dark haired guys with muscles. One blonde guy, one dark haired, and the last one had copper-colored hair.

How long I had been staring, I don't know, but the youngest of the bunch with dark skin turned his head and caught my eyes the same time as the copper-colored hair guy did. My eyes flitted back and forth between the two and I sucked in a breath at the butterflies in my stomach.

Then, the most unusual thing happened. They smiled at me.

Both of them. Smiled. At me.

I felt myself return the smile briefly before looking away, clinging to Alex with a little more grip than normal. "What's up?" he murmured, noticing my obvious discomfort.

"I have a feeling things are going to change this year,"I told him truthfully. He raised his eyebrow and smiled at me.

"What makes you say that?" he asked, holding the door open for me. The heat from inside was comforting and inviting, even if the people inside were not.

"Just a feeling," I answered, before walking inside.