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mercedes(and the girls) are away from home and sam has to do their daughter's hair...with disastrous results( he has to rely on the guys for help)

"Joseph!" Sam screamed up the stairs for his son. "Come down here please." The young dreadlocked teen popped his head out of his door and slowly came down the stairs.

"That weed wasn't mine dad." He said with wide green and hazel eyes.

"What?" Sam stared at his son, "I'll just pretend you didn't say that and I won't tell your mother because you're my only son and I don't want you to die." Joe grinned. "No, I called you down here to help me with something." Sam began walking towards the living room with his son in tow. He quickly stopped and looked down. Joe stared down at his two year old sister Chloe.

She extended her hands out to him, "Joe Joe up up!" he bent over and picked her up. She giggled in his arms and laid her head on his shoulder. Sam reached over and lightly rubbed her back.

"Help you with Chloe?" Joe stared at his father in confusion.

"Yes. Your mom and Leila have been gone for a week and she told me to do your sisters hair...but I haven't." He smiled sheepishly. Joe looked at the blonde and brown afro on his little sister's head.

"Oh my God dad," he reached into the mass of hair, "Is this a cheeto?"

"Hey don't look at me like that. You're mother taught me a long time ago on how to do Leila's hair, but I always managed to get out of any situation of having to do it. I even paid the neighbours to do it once" He sighed, "But she will absolutely kill me when she sees Chloe." He took her from her big brother and kissed her head.

"Daddy!" she squealed.

"Hey muffin!" he rubbed his nose against her small one. "So will you help me do her hair?" he looked pleadingly at his son.

"Dad, I have dreads. I don't even do my own hair anymore, I just clean it up once in awhile." He shook his head, "Sorry you're on your own."

"How about if I throw in fifty dollars?"

"Nope sorry dad," the young teen bounded up the stairs. Sam looked at his hazel eyed daughter who was sucking her thumb.

"Alright munchkin," he reached into her hair and pulled out a shoelace. He gave her a weird look and she giggled. "Daddy's going to need back up." About an hour or so later the doorbell rang. Sam walked over to it with Chloe in his arms. He opened it and smiled. "Hey guys!" he stepped back to let Puck, Finn, and Mike come in.

"Yo man," Puck clapped him on his shoulder, "what's the emergency?" Sam led the men into the living room and sat down. They followed and nervously sat down on the other couches.

"Men! I need your help."

Finn raised an eyebrow, "Yea you said that on the phone...but with what." Sam looked down at his calm daughter and held her up like Simba.

"We need to do her hair," he grinned.

"Oh hell naw." Puck stood up, "I don't even do my own children's hair."

Finn stood up too, "Yea, sorry. Rachel sends our kids to the hair salon."

Mike stayed sitting down, "Sure." He smiled at Sam. Sam smiled back and then sighed.

"Come on guys! Finn remember that time I bought you those basketball tickets, and Puck remember when I helped you way back when with your pool business? Now I've never asked for a favour, but I am now." Puck rolled his eyes.

He walked over to Chloe and picked her up, "Alright baby. Let's do this." The four men huddled in the upstairs bathroom and stared at the little girl.

"Okay so I think we are supposed to wash it first." Sam said looking over his daughter.

"Um...aren't you supposed to comb it first?" Mike chimed in from the back.

"Nah no time for that." Finn said. Mike rolled his eyes and shook his head at the bad idea. The men washed her hair and threw in a lot of shampoo and conditioner. When they were done they stared at her drenched curls. "Oh my God it shrunk," Finn stared wide eyed at the little girl's hair.

"Dude," Puck looked at Sam, "We broke her," Sam laughed.

"We did not. This is how Leila's hair looked when she was younger" He picked up his giggling daughter and brought her to her bedroom. "Okay so now let's comb through it." Sam put the comb to his daughter's hair and it got stuck. He pulled on it and Leila screamed.

"No daddy! It hurt!" she made a grumpy face.

"Sorry baby, but daddy has to comb it." He tried pulling the comb out of her hair. She screamed and started crying, "'s stuck." He turned to look at his friends who all put their hands up and shook their heads.

"Don't look at me bra." Puck stared at the crying little girl. Finn picked up a brush.

"Here try this." He handed it to Sam. Sam took the brush and tried to gently brush out her hair but it was too knotted.

"Oh man, Cedes is going to kill me!" he stared at his bawling daughter. "Baby, daddy's sorry."

"No daddy, daddy hurt Chloe." She cried harder. Just then all the men turned at the sound of a door being opened downstairs.

"Shit she's home early." Sam began to panic.

"Throw a bow on it." Mike rummaged through Chloe's hair things and handed him a bow. Sam quickly clipped the bow into her hair, but it slowly sunk into the soft curls.

"Give me more!" Mike pulled out scrunchies, dinosaur clips and bows. Sam put everything into his daughter's hair and all the men stared at her.

"We'll miss you Sam," Finn patted his shoulder.

"Sam!" they heard Mercedes yell from downstairs. "Joe!"

Joe walked out of his bedroom and stared at the four men with Chloe. His eyes travelled to her hair and he let out a guffaw. "OOOOOO you're going to get it!" he said between laughs.

"I'm sorry, do you want me to tell your mother about the weed comment?" Sam stared at his son in frustration. Joe immediately stopped laughing and continued on his way. "Okay men! All for one and one for all."

"Yea man!"

"With you till the end."

"Let's do this!"

The three men bounded down the stairs with Sam at the back of them with Chloe. Mercedes looked over and smiled. "Well hey guys!" she walked over and hugged them, "What are you guys up to?"

Joe covered his mouth to stop from laughing. "Just hanging out." Puck said casually.

Leila walked into the room, "Hey dad, where's Chloe?"

"Lee Lee!" the little girl squealed from her dad's hands. Mercedes pushed through the men to get her baby and screamed.

"WHAT DID YOU DO?" Sam cringed at the tone.

"Gotta go man seeya," Mike yelled over his shoulder as he and the other men bolted out of the house. Sam stared after them for help. He looked over at Joe, whose face was turning red from holding in his laughter and Leila's mouth was open staring at her little sisters head. Mercedes slowly took her child from his arms and stared at her daughter's hair. She touched the comb that was still stuck in it.

"Samuel Michael Evans." She glared at her husband, "If I can't fix this, you and the couch better reacquaint yourselves." She stomped up the stairs with Chloe.

"Momma!" Chloe hugged her mother delightfully.

"Dad...she's going to have to shave her head." Leila shook her head and walked away. Sam stared at his son.

"I thought it looked righteous." Joe grinned. Sam rolled his eyes and walked to the living room to say hi to the couch.

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pls write more of sam doing his daughter hair!

Mercedes walked into the living room to see Sam sitting with one leg crossed over the other while reading a newspaper. Joe was sitting in the single chair with his bare feet dangling over the arm and Leila was laying on her stomach on the floor doing her homework. She smiled at her little family and looked at her youngest who was in her arms.

"Baby girl?" she spoke quietly to Chloe, who turned her head and smiled at her mother, "Wanna go show daddy how mommy fixed your hair." The little girl nodded and Mercedes put her down. Chloe ran to her father and giggled once she hit his knee. He moved his paper to the side and smiled down at her.

"Well hello there beautiful," he put the paper down and picked her up. She sat on his lap and curled up into a little ball and began to suck her thumb. "Chlo-bear," he removed her thumb from her mouth, "No sucky of the thumby," she pouted and he started to tickle her. Mercedes walked over to her son and smacked his knee.

"ahh mom, what the heck?" he looked at her in disapproval.

"You need to cut your toe nails...or should I call them claws." She looked at his feet.

"Mom, they're perfectly fine." He rolled his eyes.

"For who? Saber tooth?" Sam looked up at his wife with pride.

"Fine!" Joe got off of the couch and ran upstairs to his room.

Mercedes grinned, "I just wanted his seat." She sat down and winked at her husband. "Sam you are banned from touching any child's hair ever again. It took me almost two hours to do that." She pointed to Chloe's silk like pig tails. Sam looked down at his sleeping daughter. He was glad that he had decided to be a stay at home dad. After missing so much of Joe's and Leila's life, he had made the decision that he would be around for every moment of Chloe's.

"Alright alright," he said quietly.

"Yea dad. You could have made her go bald." Leila smiled at her father.

"You hush, before I do your hair next," he gave her a look and she laughed.

"Sure if you can catch me," she got off the floor and handed her homework to her mother. Mercedes looked through it and pointed to a problem.

"Are you sure about this one?" Mercedes looked up at her. Leila took the book and stared at the problem.

"Oh, whoops." She held the book in her hand and fixed it. She showed it to her mom again and Mercedes nodded. "Can I go on the computer now?"

"One hour" she looked at her watch, "Starting now." Leila quickly walked to the computer room and sat down. Joe came back in and lifted his foot and put it on his mother's lap. "Eww Joseph!"

"Loook mom, seeeee it's all nice now," she pulled his leg hair and his foot flew off, "Ow, you are cruel and unusual." Mercedes laughed. "Can I go out with John Abrams?"

"Yes you can," Joe walked away, "And tell your aunt Quinn I say hi!"

"Kay," he threw on his coat and opened the door.

"Be back by ten!" she yelled to him as he closed it, "He better have heard me or he's getting the spoon." Sam smiled at his wife and stood up holding Chloe, he draped her over his shoulder and walked over to Mercedes. He bent down and kissed her.

"I love you so much, my little disciplinary woman." She smiled into his kiss and he deepened it.

"Eww gross guys. You have a room for a reason," Leila turned away in disgust.

"Child what do you want?" Mercedes stared at her middle child.

"Can I go to the mall tomorrow?" she begged.

"Don't you have a test?" Sam asked her.

"Well...kinda...but—" she continued

"Then no." Sam said firmly, "Maybe after your test." Leila bit her lip and sighed. She crossed her arms muttering something and walked away.

"Look at us," Mercedes laughed, "We are the parent's we loved to hate." He bent down and kissed her again.

"Yea I know," he grinned, "But I love us."

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Heya! Could I put in a prompt request for a Cinderella (1997 movie with Brandy and Paolo Montalban) Samcedes? Maybe singing 'Sweetest Sounds' or 'Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful'. Thank you =D

Mercedes stared after her step family as they entered the hat shop and rolled her eyes. She was tired of being made to feel like an outcast in her father's home. All she had ever wanted was a mother who would love her and care for her, so she was more than excited when her dad brought the blonde lady into their lives. She was even more ecstatic when she learned that she was also going to have sisters. But Sue Sylvester turned out to be cruel and menacing and she often threw sticks at Mercedes for fun. Her step sisters Brittany and Santana weren't any better. She sighed and held back the tears that had gathered in her eyes. She just wanted someone to tell her that they loved her and that they were proud of her. She held her family's parcels to her chest and closed her eyes.

The sweetest sounds Ill ever hear
Are still inside my head
The kindest words Ill ever know, are waiting to be said
The most entrancing sight of all, is yet for me to see
And the dearest love in all the world
Is waiting somewhere for me
Is waiting somewhere, somewhere for me

She opened her eyes and shook her head. Some day my prince will come, someday we'll meet again, and away to his castle we'll go, to be happy forever I know. Wait, that's Snow White's song. She shook her head and continued to walk.

"Mercedes!" Sue stood behind her and handed her a bag with her new track suit. She gave her step daughter a dirty look and walked away.

"Have you ever seen such a lazy girl in your life," Santana dug the girl two cut eyes.

"Hey who are you calling lazy?" Brittany pouted.

"Not you stupid, Mercedes." Santana rolled her eyes.

Brittany stopped walking and sniffed, "You were the only person to never call me stupid." She picked up her pace and walked after Santana.

Mercedes chased after her family but heard a faint low singing coming from the market and followed it.

The sweetest sounds Ill ever hear
Are still inside my head
The kindest words Ill ever know, are waiting to be said
The most entrancing sight of all, is yet for me to see
And the dearest love in all the world
Is waiting somewhere for me
Is waiting somewhere, somewhere for me

She stared at the tall green eyed blonde singing. Well hell, this is why you should copyright your shit. She smiled, but he is definitely cute. Hmmm I should sing with him and pretend that I don't see him and then walk in front of a horse and carriage. She smiled to herself, genius.

The sweetest sounds Ill ever hear
Are still inside my head
The kindest words Ill ever know, are waiting to be said
The most entrancing sight of all, is yet for me to see
And the dearest love in all the world
Is waiting somewhere for me
Is waiting somewhere,

Alright horse and carriage time. Mercedes walked in front of one and almost got trampled. She dropped all of her things for extra emphasis. An extremely tall man with a boyish face came to help her.

"No not you big foot," she waved him away and he gave her a weird look and walked away.

"Are you alright miss?" the attractive blonde man approached her. Girl try to sound cute.

She decided to make her voice higher, "Yes I'm fine I think,"

"Here you go," he handed her the dirty track suit. "Just like those royals isn't it, not caring if they're in anybody's way."

Man we should have a damn coup, no I can't say that, "I'm sure they were going somewhere very important."

"I doubt it," he looked at her and his smile grew. She stared back at him. Now don't look too eager.

"Thanks, thanks for your help." She quickly turned away hoping that he would be down for the chase.

He ran behind her, "Wait! What's your name?"

Mercedes didn't turn around, "Mercedes"

"I beg your pardon," Fool is you deaf? She turned around and looked at him.

"Mercedes!" she said loudly. "I like to sit in old cars and the exhaust flies in."

"Oh Merc-edes, like the car." He nodded, "I like it."

"It grows on you I guess. Excuse me" she turned around and walked away.

"Tell me Mercedes, what would a man have to do to get into your good graces?" he followed after her. A massage, a foot rub, some chocolate if you're not cheap.

"Who would like to know?" she laughed.

"Let's just say a charming stranger." Mercedes rolled her eyes, I've nabbed a crazy one. They continued their banter as she walked faster. The conversation was going alright until he said:

"You're not like most girls are you?" he looked intensely at her.

The fuck? You suck at flirting, "What do you mean?"

"Nothing...I didn't mean to offend you." Mercedes looked away and then decided to give the man another chance.

"It's alright." She turned back and smiled at him, "I guess I've just lived a very sheltered life."

"So have I," he smiled in surprise.

"really?" Are you making this stuff up to get with me?

"Every day the same old routine." He laughed.

"Until you just want to run away..."

"And never come back," he finished for her. She smiled at the man and decided that she wanted to learn more.

"I thought I told you never to talk to strangers." Sue walked over glaring at the blonde man. "Especially ones with deformed lips!" Mercedes ran over to her step family.

"I hope I see you again...Mercedes." he said with a smile and walked away. Mercedes grinned, but it quickly fell as she stared into the face of Sue.

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Adolescent!Samcedes reacting to an unexpected "uprising" when Mercedes brushes Sam's stomach while they are watching a movie.

After waiting a week after her first monthlies, Mercedes allowed her thirteen year old best friend Sam Evans back into her house. He knocked on the front door and she ran to get it. He stood there and grinned sheepishly at her.

"I brought you more candy and popcorn, just in case you were still going through "the change." He actually did the quotations with his fingers. She pulled him inside by the front of his shirt and he stumbled through.

"Shut up Sam, and it's not called the change you psycho," she was wearing a summer dress today, so Sam assumed that he was in the clear. "Ma! Sam's here. We're going to watch ghostbusters!" she yelled towards the kitchen.

"Okay!" her mother yelled back. She had no reason to worry about the two teens. Sam had slept over in Mercedes' bedroom for years and nothing had ever happened, so she felt like she could trust them. Mercedes and Sam walked down to the basement. Sam sat down and Mercedes popped the video cassette into the VCR.

"You have pop corn right?" she eyed his back pack. Sam reached in and pulled out the little package. "Okay cool, be right back." Sam saw that the movie was starting and pressed pause. They had seen the movie before, but it was Mercedes favourite so he had brought it over again. Five minutes later she returned with a bowl of hot buttery pop corn. "Mom said if we make a mess we'd be banned from the house for a year." She grinned and popped a piece of pop corn into her mouth. Sam watched the gesture and immediately felt very hot. He could feel his ears starting to flame up and he looked away from her mouth. She sat down next to him and plopped the bowl into his lap.

"EH!" he exclaimed, "Can you not try to crush my piggly diggly." Mercedes rolled her eyes and pressed play. She cuddled up next to Sam which was customary, but he was feeling a bit different that day. He had been dreaming of swimming with her the night before and woke up to discover that he had peed his pants. Well it didn't really look like pee, but he assumed it was. She reached into the bowl and stuffed her mouth with popcorn, it landed on her lap and she picked it up and ate it. Sam began eating the popcorn too but the bowl was getting very hot. He moved it to the other side of him. Mercedes reached down, still thinking the bowl was on his lap, and touched his piggly diggly. "WOAH!" Sam jumped up off the couch.

"What happened?" she looked around confused. Sam blushed, he guessed if she didn't know then he couldn't be embarrassed. He sat back down and she stared at him in confusion.

"Saw a bug sorry, by the way I'm putting the bowl over here," he showed her that it was next to him. She looked at him weirdly then nodded. She continued to watch the movie. After a few minutes she reached across his lap and slid her arm against his stomach to get the popcorn. Sam took in a big gulp of air and felt the heat overtake his body once again but he attributed to the summer. He started to feel some tightness in his pants and tried shifting his body so that he could loosen his pants a bit. Mercedes reached across his lap again and the tightness intensified. Sam looked down at his lap to see a very visible bulge. He quickly looked at Mercedes who was still focused on the movie. He tried to control the thing by pushing it down but it made it worse. He looked around in a panic and jumped up again, but this time not facing her.

"What is it? Another bug?" she paused the movie and looked around.

"Um, something came up" he picked up the still half full bowl of popcorn and put it in front of his pelvis. "Gotta go." He ran upstairs with the bowl of popcorn leaving a very confused Mercedes in the basement.

"Hey Sam!" he father came out of the living room and walked towards him.

"Hi Mr. Jones," Sam inwardly groaned.

"What are you doing with that bowl of popcorn?" he said eyeing the blonde man.

"I was just going to ask Mrs. J for more butter," he smiled awkwardly. Her father stared at him for a few moments and then smiled and reached in for a handful. Kill me now. Sam grinned uncomfortably.

"Good idea, it's kind of dry," he smiled at the younger man and then walked away. He spoke over his shoulder, "You're holding it really low though. Don't drop it."Sam nodded nervously and put the bowl down on the table by the door. He slowly and quietly opened the door and ran all the way home. He wondered if his mom had a book about this.

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So it might be a little corny but it would be great if you could have Mercedes talk to her dad about Sam's behavior like he talked to his mom. (A book is not necessary but would be so hilarious)

"Hey" Mercedes father looked up from his plate of food and stared inquisitively at his daughter.

"Hey Cedes," she sat down at the dinner table with him and sighed, "Oh boy...what is it?" he put his fork down and grinned.

Mercedes folded her arms on the table and leaned down on them, "Dad...why are boys so weird?" he started laughing but then stared at her serious expression.

"Well because when they are a certain age, they can't really think properly and they do dumb stuff." Mercedes sat back up and nodded. "Does that answer your question?" he was eyeing his plate of food.

"No," her dad sighed, "I don't know, it's just that Sam has been acting really weird lately."

"Mhm, weird how?" he raised his eyebrow and tried to push down thoughts of killing the younger man.

"Well, did you see how weird he was acting like an hour ago?" she shrugged, "He just flew out of here, like I did something."

"Yea he was acting weird...but that popcorn did need some butter. But I did find it on the little table over there so...I see your point."

"Right?" she stared at her father with glee because he understood her pain. "So what do I do about it?"

"I think you need to go over there tomorrow and just talk to him about it," Mercedes rolled her eyes, "No seriously, we can guess what is wrong with the child but we could always be wrong and I don't want to give you bad advice." She nodded slowly and he picked up his fork.

"Do you think I'm pretty?" she stared down at her hands and her father stared at her bug eyed.

"PATRICIA!" he yelled for her mother.

"WHAT?" she yelled back.

"Our baby needs you!" he picked up his plate kissed his daughter on the forehead, "There are only some things that I can handle pumpkin." And scurried into the living room. Her mother came down the stairs and looked at her daughter.

"What's wrong?" Mercedes just smiled.

"Nothing. Just trying to freak dad out." She stood up, hugged her mom, and walked out of the living room. The next day she chose to journey on over to the Evans home. She knocked on the door and Mrs. Evans opened it.

"Well where on earth have you been you beautiful creature?" Mercedes blushed and Mrs. Evans pulled her into a hug.

"Hi, Mrs. Evans," she smiled up at the blonde woman, "I've been around just helping my parents and stuff. Is Sam here?"

"No he actually stepped out for groceries." Mercedes frowned. "He should be back in ten minutes or so."

"Okay...well thanks..." She turned to walk away and then stopped and turned back around, "Mrs. Evans?"

"Mhm?" the Blonde woman smiled at her with a twinkle in her eye.

"Has Sam seemed weird to you lately?" She stuffed her hands into her pockets.

"Sam always seems weird to me but I love him anyways because he's my child." Mercedes laughed.

"Well I mean...he acted really weirdly yesterday." Mrs. Evans covered her mouth and chuckled.

"Mercedes come on in," She stepped back and let Mercedes come in. "Sit down at the table over there." Mercedes did as she was instructed and watched the woman bustle around the kitchen. She handed the younger curvy girl some chocolate chip cookies and lemonade. She walked back out of the room and came back with a book. Mercedes eyed it over her glass of lemonade. "So...Sam told me what happened last night."

"Yea, did he tell you how he ran out of the house and almost stole a bowl of popcorn?" Mercedes shook her head and ate a cookie.

"Well...he told me that he felt really weird around you and he wasn't sure why." Mercedes looked down and then got angry.

"Is it because I'm growing boobs, because I can't help that!" she shook her head, "They will sprout up like daisies either way so he better get used to that." Mrs. Evans laughed and handed Mercedes the little book. She read the title in her head. So your best friend is acting weird? Nah, he just has an erection. She looked up slowly at the blonde woman. "Um...?"

"Sam is getting older and he has hormones just like you. You know how you're becoming a woman now?" Mercedes slowly nodded. "Okay well Sam is growing up to."

"Is that why he has pimples, and his voice sounds funny, and he has hair in weird places?" Mercedes stared at his mother in awe.

"Exactly!" his mother clapped, even though she was perplexed about how Mercedes knew about hair in weird places, "Sam has a lot of hormones and emotions he can't control," she winked, "Especially around pretty young women."

"So what do I do?" she couldn't stop being pretty.

"Just be patient with him and talk to him about it." Mercedes really didn't want to talk about it with Sam of all people. Just then they heard the door open.

"Mom they didn't have any broccoli….thank God," Sam rounded the corner and stared open mouthed at Mercedes. He looked down at the book on the table and turned red, "MOM!" she smiled and shrugged. She stood up and took the groceries from her son who was still staring at the book.

"I could have given her the book I gave you, So you think you peed yourself? Heck no, you're just becoming a man." Sam looked as if he was going to die of embarrassment. "Now I'll put these away. You guys go and sit on the porch or something." Sam turned around and walked out of the house, Mercedes picked up the book and ran after him to catch up.

"Ugh Sometimes I just gahhhhh plain don't like that woman." Mercedes laughed at Sam's outburst and sat down on the steps.

"So…what happened." She looked up at him and Sam scooted beside her.

"I don't know…..I just….my body went weird." He shrugged and turned a deeper shade of red.

"Weird like how?" she stared at his face.

"I got all hot and like thirsty." He rolled his eyes, "I can't explain it…it was hard enough trying to tell my mom." Mercedes showed him the book, "Gah burn that please." She flipped through the pages.

"Woah what is that! Is that a huge sausage?" Sam tried to grab the book from her and she put it out of his reach and kept reading. "Oh My God!" she continued to read the book and Sam tried wrestling it from her. At some point she ended up on her stomach trying to keep it away from him and he was on her back. "SAM?" she craned her neck around, "What the hell is that?" Sam realised that through their playing around, his little friend had popped up.

"Not again!" he scrambled off of her and turned away. Mercedes tried her best not to laugh. She hugged him from the back and smiled.

"It's okay…my best friend is becoming a man….that's cool." Sam sighed and didn't look at her. "Look at me," he slowly looked over at her. "We're growing up together at the same time. I think that's pretty awesome." She kissed him on the cheek and he gave her a crooked smile. "I have to go home. Seeya Sam," she handed him the book and bounded down the stairs. He stared after her with the same goofy grin.

4. Chord reacting to News of Amber fainting

Chord walked out of the grocery store eating out of a bag of cool ranch Doritos. He wasn't sure how he could be so hungry considering that he had just had dinner with Amber, Cory, Chris, Naya, Kevin, and Darren. But there he was making a pit stop at a grocery store just around the corner from the restaurant they had just eaten at. The dinner had been a lot of fun and he was sad that his friends had to leave for the TV academy screening and panel session that night. It was also a bitter sweet feeling because he wished that he could have gone with his friends too. He was aggravated that the network had kept him as a guest star for so long even though he had shown them that he was back to stay this time. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. He didn't want to think about it anymore.

He started laughing at the conversation he and Amber had had before she left. She wasn't looking too good, so he made an effort to do a lot of impressions for her because he knew how much she liked them. She had pulled him aside afterwards.

"Chord, I don't feel too good."

"Yea, Am you don't look too good." He said while looking her face over.

"Oh thanks a lot." She lightly nudged him. He noticed even her light pushes were weaker than normal.

"Don't go, we can go back to my house and chill. You can even sleep if you want to," she sighed and shook her head.

"Don't worry Chordy, I'll be fine." She smiled up at him. "I'm nervous though."

"Why? Are you scared you'll throw up or something?" he had a worried look on his face.

She laughed, "Well not until you said that. But no, I'm worried they'll ask about Samcedes." She bit her lip, "Like what do I say?"

Chord laughed, "Oh that...tell them about how hard it is to kiss each other because our lips are fucking huge. It's like a pillow fight on our faces." Amber laughed.

"You're silly, but yea that's true...okay thanks."

"Hey Am, let's get outta here," Kevin yelled from the door. Amber reached up and hugged him tightly.

"Say hi to Emma for me okay?" she kissed him on the cheek and smiled. He nodded and she turned around and left. He didn't have the heart to tell her that things were going really badly for him and his girlfriend again. He didn't want to burden her with his problems, especially since she wasn't feeling well.

Chord hopped into his car and felt his phone vibrate. He looked down and his eyes widened at the text.

Am passed out on red carpet =O-Cory

Chord immediately put his key in the ignition and pretty much flew over to the academy. Am be okay babe, hold on. He ran to the side of the building and told security who he was. They quickly let him in and he found Naya rubbing Amber's hand in a back room.

"Chord...what are you doing here?" Amber said weakly with a confused expression on her face.

"I heard you passed out, I got scared." He stared at her. Naya looked between the two and quickly stood up.

"Chord take care of our girl," she winked at him and walked back out.

"Am, let me take you home." He sat down next to her and stared into her eyes.

"Chord, I'm fine," she tried standing up but wobbled. She held her head and Chord stood up to help her sit back down.

"Please, you don't look well at all." She glared at him and then sighed.

"I need to be there, I need to talk," she spoke slowly.

"Why is this so important," he shook his head, "Your health is more important."

"I know that, but I want to talk about Samcedes," she said quietly. Chord stared at her in confusion.

"Why?" she looked away and he moved her face to look at him.

"I have my reasons, I feel better now." She stood up more confidently this time, "Hug me." he quickly stood up and embraced the shorter woman. "If I feel up to it, I'll come over tonight and hang okay?" he nodded silently and stared at her. "Okay, bye." She fixed her clothes and walked out of the room leaving Chord wondering why talking about them was so important to her.

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Lil' prompt : Sam and Mercedes just started dating in college and Mercedes lives in a dorm with her two best friends Artie and Puck and Sam finds it really weird how comfortable they are around each other :D The rest i leave it to your awesome and magical writing skills !

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Since I clearly am not doing the work I am supposed to be doing. 1. Because I am procrastinating like no ones business and 2. For the fact your prompts are utterly amazing! Can you do one where it is Mercedes finals week at college and she is stressed to the max and Sam comes up and surprises her and helps her relieve some tension. Thank you!

Sam ran to his cell phone with his towel wrapped around his waist. He was just about to take a shower, when Finn knocked on the door and told him that his phone was ringing. He told him to answer it but Finn laughed and said no. Ass. By the time Sam touched it, the phone stopped ringing. He groaned and looked through his missed calls. Cedes. He dialed back the number, but there was no answer.

"Hudson, why do you suck so much?" he glared at his college roommate who was lounging on the living room couch.

"Because it makes you angry, which makes me laugh." He gave him a boyish grin.

"I hate you." He turned back to go the bathroom.

"Ouch, but I love you so much!" Finn cackled on the couch. Sam stuck his middle finger in the air and closed the door behind him. He had just taken off his towel when he heard his phone ring again. He sighed and threw on the towel, not even bothering to fasten it, around his waist. He opened the door with his free hand and clutched his towel with the other one.

"Hey Mercedes, Sam's busy getting naked with a girl right now, can he call you back?" Finn stared at Sam and winked as he spoke to Mercedes on the phone.

"Fuck you Hudson!" Sam ran towards him but Finn jumped up and ran to his bedroom. Sam didn't know where his speed came from but he managed to run up to Finn and tackle him to the ground. He wrestled the phone out of his hand.

"Ugh Sam! You're naked!" Finn closed his eyes and scrunched up his face in disgust. Sam looked down and saw his wangdoodle just chilling there, just out in the open. He looked up and saw his towel on the other side of the room. He shrugged and got up and walked to his towel.

"Hey babe," he said out of breath, "I miss you."

"Sam...why are you naked?" Mercedes said on the other line.

"Damn Evans, are you part horse or something," Finn stared at him wide eyed, "It's like moving! Stop it!"

"Stop looking at it you perve!" Sam wrapped his towel around his waist and Finn walked into his room laughing. "Sorry babe." He sighed into the phone.

She laughed, "No need to apologise...but is it weird that I'm slightly turned on now?" Sam rolled his eyes.

"Yes!" he laughed, "But if you come visit me, I can turn you on in a whole bunch of different ways" he said seductively into the phone. He missed her a lot. Ever since she had decided to move to New York and he decided to stay in their hometown, they hadn't seen much of each other. They had discussed her decision at length and tried to determine if they wanted to stay together after she left because they both knew long distance would be hard. At the end of it he realised he couldn't lose her and they chose to stick it out.

"Damn, I didn't know Samuel was a freak a leak," Sam's eyes widened in horror.

"Mhm, no I could tell he was. Have you seen his fingers?" Her roommates Puck and Artie laughed in the background.

"You guys shut up," Mercedes yelled at them.

"Mercedes! Am I on speakerphone?" Sam closed his eyes in embarrassment.

"Well yea...I'm painting my toenails and the boys are in my room hanging out." She said calmly.

"Please take me off speakerphone."

"Why? Sex is common, there is nothing to be embarrassed about babe." She giggled.

"Yea man, sex is fucking awesome. We talk about it all the time." Puck said in the distance. Sam flushed, "But don't worry we don't talk about your giant schlong."

"Noah!, Sam I never said that." She sounded panicked. "I never talk about our sex life I promise."

"Nah she doesn't, but one too many shots one of these nights and we'll get all the information we want." He could hear a faint smacking noise and assumed that her two roommates had just high fived each other.

"That's it, Get out you jerks." Sam heard laughter and then a door closing. "Sorry, so what were we talking about?"

" could you put me on speakerphone like that." He pinched the bridge of his nose. "I don't understand how you could be so okay with them hearing me talk about intimate stuff like that to you. I'm not gonna lie, it's kind of weird." Aside from thinking it was weird, he also felt a bit jealous of their relationship with his girlfriend.

"Well I didn't know you'd say what you did...I'm sorry though, I didn't mean to embarrass you. And they're my best friends, they help me have fun and relax," He bit his lip, "But I really miss you and love you. I wish I could see you" He sighed.

"I love you too, when are you coming back?" he knew he sounded needy but he didn't care.

"I'm swamped with school work hun." She sighed, "If I could I would...I'm just so stressed out, that I don't know when I would have the time." He looked down at his hands. "But maybe after finals I can come down okay?"

He nodded and then realised that she couldn't see him, "Okay Cedes."

"I just wanted to say hi, but I have to go read 200 pages before bed...ugh kill me." she laughed, "Talk to you later Sammy."

"Talk to you later," he grinned sadly. He heard the click and put his phone down. He sat down on the couch and scratched his head. I need to see her...He realised that his exams were all done already, he smiled to himself. Time to plan a surprise visit on my girl. He got up and went to search for cheap plane tickets online.

A week later, Sam was in New York at Mercedes residence. He was quite surprised and worried about how easy it was for him to get into the building and on to her floor. There were no locked hallway doors or need of a key. He shook his head and muttered, "Crazy New York." He remembered from a previous visit that she and her roommates hid a spare key in a loose part of the doorframe. He pulled it out and unlocked the door. He put the key back and walked into the dorm suite. He looked around to see if anyone was there but the house was empty. He walked to Mercedes bedroom, put his bag down, and sat down on her bed. He sniffed the air and could smell her perfume. God I miss her. He knew she was stressed out and decided that a little fun and then some dinner and then some more fun could be a relaxer.

He pushed in her door and stripped down until he was completely naked. He grabbed a sock from his bag and put it over his piggly diggly and laid down on her bed. From what he knew, she should be home pretty soon. He had timed it perfectly. He folded his arms behind his head and quietly waited. About fifteen minutes later he heard their front door open. He heard Mercedes laugh and he smiled at the musical sound to it.

He heard footsteps nearing her door and he smiled. The door flew open and Puck walked in.

"OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK DUDE!" Puck screamed and looked away.

"SHIT SHIT SHIT!" Sam rolled off the bed and tried to grab some clothes.

"Sam! What are you doing here?" Mercedes stared with her mouth open.

"Fuck man, are you part elephant or something, did you see that trunk?" Puck turned to Artie who was trying to peer at the scene.

"Get out you guys!" Mercedes pushed them out and closed the door.

"You said I could have some Tylenol!" Puck yelled from behind the door.

"Sam! What is this?" she folded her arms across her chest, "You want me to keep our love life private so you show my roommates your own privates?"

Sam sat on her bed with his pants pulled up and put his head in his hands and started laughing. "Cedes...I knew you were stressed out...I wanted to surprise you." He stopped laughing from the embarrassment and sighed. She walked over to him and stood in front of him.

"Really?" she cocked her head to the side.

"Yea...Just wanted you to be relaxed. She smiled and moved towards him and straddled his hips. She kissed him lightly and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Well that was sweet of you...messed up...but sweet." She smiled and kissed him deeper this time. He moaned into her mouth as she sucked on his lip. "I guess I'll have to repay you somehow." She pulled off her shirt with his help and he unhooked her bra. She pulled it off and he stared at her breasts in delight. He gently took one and lightly licked the peak. Her body shivered and he smiled, he watched her face as he began to gently suck it. She bit her lip and closed her eyes.

"MERCEDES WHAT ABOUT THE TYLENOL?" they heard from outside the door and jumped.

"SHUTUP PUCKERMAN!" they both yelled at the door.

"Damn ya'll are rude," they heard him kiss his teeth. They looked at each other and laughed.

"Let's wait until they sleep," she grinned. Sam sighed and nodded, "Don't worry I have some sleeping pills and cocoa for them tonight." Sam grinned and kissed his brilliant girlfriend.

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So I wrote your somersault story. lol And now I have a prompt for you. Kiddie!Samcedes where Sam's family has just moved in next door to Mercedes and our babies play ball with one another, but Sam accidentally tosses the ball in Mercedes' face and one of her teeth falls out. Make it sweet. Make it work. 3

"Come on Sammy," Dwight Evans tried to encourage his six year old son to dribble the ball. "Come on little man, we are one away from beating your uncle." John Evans, Dwight's brother, shook his head and laughed.

"Only because Sammy is on your team." Sam dribbled the ball with his tongue sticking out of his mouth.

"See dad!" the little boy held the basketball with pride, "Uncle John said it's because I'm on your team!"

"And he's right!" His father stared down at the little blonde head of his son. Suddenly Sam started running towards the net and the two men had to run to keep up with him.

"Dad, dad!" the little boy put his arms up and his dad grabbed him by the waist so that he was leveled with the 7 foot net. Sam immediately dropped the ball in."YAY DAD, I DID IT!" his dad put him to sit on his shoulders, and Sam held on to his dads forehead.

"Yea! We won!" The father and son cheered.

"Not fair, Sam's on my team next time." His uncle laughed. Sam giggled.

"Okay Uncle John," the three blonde, green eyed, family members smiled at each other. They heard a rumble coming from the road. Mr. Evans turned with Sam on his shoulders to see what the cause of the loud sound was. They watched as a moving truck pulled up to the house next door. They saw a tall bald man get out of the truck. He walked backwards so that his back was facing the driver's door and then walked forward revealing a little girl clinging to his back. A beautiful curvy woman came out from the passenger side and rubbed the little girls back.

"Looks like we have some new neighbours moving in." Sam's father smiled.

"Can we say hi?" Sam excitedly played his father's forehead like a bongo, "please dad please."

"Sam you're giving me a headache." Sam immediately stopped smacking his dad's forehead, "Okay let's go over." The three men walked around the fence and on to their neighbour's property. The tall bald man walked out towards the truck and spotted the three men to the side and smiled. "Hi!" Sam's dad walked forward extending his hand. "Welcome to the neighbourhood, I'm Dwight Evans." The man shook his hand, "This is my brother John," the man shook his hand, "And this is Sam." Sam extended his little hand and the older darker man gently shook it.

"Wow, what a welcome." He grinned at them, "I'm Joseph Jones. Let me introduce you to the rest of my family," he turned around and walked to the front door, when the beautiful shorter curvy woman walked out. She stared at the men in surprise, "Babe, these are the Evans. They came over to say hi." she smiled.

"Hello, I'm Patricia Jones, but you can call me Pat." She shook each of their hands.

The little girl with an array of big braids on her head bounded out of the house, "MOMMY MY ROOM IS HUMONGOUS!" she squealed with delight.

"Hey turtle bug," her dad bent over and picked the little girl up. "And this little ball of excitement is our daughter Mercedes." She laughed.

"I'm six years old, I loves singing Barney, I lost four teeth and I gots another one falling out." She beamed with pride at the Evans.

"Well Mercedes, that is amazing!" Sam's dad smiled at the little girl and shook her hand.

"I'm six too," Sam chimed in.

"Really?" she practically screamed.

"Yup." Sam smiled down at her. "Wanna play basketball with us now?"

"Daddy can we?" Mercedes turned her head and looked at her dad.

"Ah, turtle bug we have a lot of unpacking to do." The little girl pouted, "Pat can you take her?"

"No if it's too much trouble maybe another time," John Evans spoke.

"No problem, I'm quite a basket ball player!"Pat grinned at the men. Joseph put his daughter down and she immediately grabbed her mom's hand. "Let's play a quick game." The group of five walked over to the Evans house and played on their drive way. It had been a lot of fun with the kids running around screaming and the adults cheering them on.

"Sam, Sam, Sam!" Mercedes waved her arms, "Pass to me!" Sam dribbled it and started running. Mercedes followed after him but then saw a butterfly and followed it with her eyes.

"Here Mercedes!" Sam quickly turned around and threw her the ball. It smacked her in the face and she fell back with force. Her mom immediately ran to her daughter's side. The little girl was crying and then spat something out into her hand and stared at it.

"Oh my God, baby are you okay?" her mother checked her daughters face and saw the blood. Sam quickly ran over with his dad behind him.

"Sorry Mercedes," Sam's eyes grew wide and he looked like he was about to cry. "I didn't mean it."

"It's okay Sam it was an accident," Her mother spoke softly to him. She looked back at her daughter who had stopped crying and was now grinning.

"MOMMY, I LOST MY TOOF!" she showed her mom the tooth that she had spat out on her hand. "Now the toof furry will come!" she stood up and ran to hug Sam. The little boy stood there in shock. "THANKS SAM, IMMA GET SOMMME MONAYY!" Her mother stood up and laughed with her daughter. The Evans men breathed a sigh of relief.

"Sorry Pat," Mr Evans shook her hand.

"It's alright, we'll be back later." She smiled at the men.

Mr. Evans went down on his knee and spoke to the little girl, "Congratulations on your tooth Mercedes." The little girl showed him her holey smile and laughed. She and her mother walked back over to their house with one last wave goodbye. Sam turned and looked up at his dad.

"Wow...girls are really weird dad." He scratched his blonde head in confusion.

"Oh don't even know the half of it." The older Evans men laughed while Sam still stared at them, with even more confusion this time.

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Can you write a samcedes fic and based it on Casper the movie...only Sam is Casper and they meet when she is a kid but he is a teenage ghost. he is very protected of her (also get very jealous) and when she is older their relationship gets older and sexual. Maybe and like a Casper and Ghost movie mix.

Mercedes sat in her room on the floor and played with her Barbie doll. She cocked her head to the side, looked up at the empty corner of the room, and smiled.

"No silly, she's not supposed to talk." She giggled.

She looked back down and nodded as if she was agreeing with something. Her mother silently walked by and watched her daughter's odd behaviour from the door. For awhile she didn't do anything out of the ordinary and her mother was about to go downstairs when Mercedes suddenly held up her doll towards the same empty corner of the room and let out a boisterous laugh.

"Cedes?" the six year old turned her head towards her mom.

"Yes mommy?" she stared at her with her big brown eyes.

"Baby...why are you laughing?" Her mother looked around the room. Mercedes looked back at the corner and then looked back at her mom.

"Because of Sam," Mercedes smiled up at her mother. Her mom got a chill down her spine. She was praying to God that her daughter had an imaginary friend. She couldn't deal with any Poltergeist crap, no sir, not in her house.

"Who's Sam?" her mom walked into the room and sat on the ground beside her daughter. Mercedes put her doll down and smoothed down her overalls.

"Sam's best friend." She said slowly, "He takes care of me. He's Sam I am...but doesn't like green eggs and ham." Mercedes covered her mouth to hide her giggles. Her mother stared at the corner and tried to see if she could see something.

"Is he your imaginary friend?"

Mercedes paused for a second and then nodded, "Yes mommy. Sam's make believe." She looked her daughter over and wondered why she was avoiding her gaze. She lifted her chin and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Alright...well mommy's going downstairs okay. You call me or come down if you need anything." Mercedes looked her in the eyes and smiled.

"Okays." Her mother stood up and glanced at the corner one last time before she left the room. Mercedes stared at the door and waited until she heard that her mother was quite a distance away before she turned back to stare at her doll which was lying on the ground. She put her hands in her lap and watched the doll stand up and dance around on the ground. "Sam?" she stared at the blonde ghost. "Why can't I tell mommy about you? I'm not supposedta fib."

"Your mommy was getting scared Mercy...I didn't want to scare her." He smiled at her and pat her head. "Your mommy's not brave like you." Mercedes smiled with pride and pulled another doll out of her toy trunk. "What do you want to do today?" Mercedes tapped her chin.

"How about Barbie and Kelly go to the mall." She grinned at the older boy.

"That sounds great Mercy." He smiled back at her and the two played quietly until dinner. The next day Mercedes sat in the sandbox and played happily alone, well slightly alone. A little boy with big red unruly hair approached her.

"What are you doing?" he stared at the little girl with her big pigtails.

"Playing," she said without looking up.

"'re pretty." Mercedes stopped playing and gave the little red head a dirty look. "Can I hug you!" Mercedes looked towards the empty space to her right.

"No...Sam says no." She continued playing.

"Give me a hug." The boy ran towards a startled Mercedes. She watched as a whole bunch of sand flew up in the boys face. He screamed and cried.

"I'm telling!" he ran back to the classroom in tears. Mercedes turned to Sam and scowled.

"You're gonna get me in trouble Sam." She folded her little arms over her chest.

"Sorry Mercy...that little boy had some weird thoughts." He shrugged and she slowly nodded.

"Mercedes Jones!" the teacher stepped outside and tapped her foot against the asphalt. "Come in here right now." Mercedes looked at Sam.

"I'll tell you exactly what you need to say okay." He stood up and held her hand. They walked together into the classroom.

"Mercedes, Robert said you threw sand at him." The teacher looked over at the sniffing little boy. "Is that true?"

Sam bent over and whispered in her ear. "No Ms. Devile, Robert tried to hug me in the sandbox and I told him not to. Then he ran towards me and I moved out of the way and he fell into the sand." Sam whispered in her ear again and Mercedes immediately put on a pout.

" this true." Robert stared at Mercedes and blushed. He then slowly nodded. "Alright Robert say sorry." The little boy hesitantly stood up and walked over to Mercedes.

"Sorry..." he stared at his feet.

"That's okay." Mercedes smiled. "Can I go play now?" she asked the teacher. The older woman nodded and Mercedes ran outside with her companion following behind her. "Thanks Sam," she looked up and smiled at what would look like nothing to anyone passing by.

Mercedes rummaged through her locker and pulled out her history book for her fourth period class. She closed the door and jumped. "Sam," she whispered to the air next to her. "What are you doing here?" he shrugged. She looked around the almost empty high school hallway.

"I'm always here Mercy...I only leave when you use the bathroom." He grinned at the annoyed seventeen year old woman.

"I told you that at school I want to be alone from now on." She looked around her and made sure nobody was in close hearing range.

"Because of that one incident?" he rolled his eyes. "I said sorry."

"You pushed Finn Hudson into the girls room because he lightly smacked my butt." She hissed at the ghost. "Now go home." She quickly walked to her next class but Sam followed her.

"Nobody has the right to touch you like that." He said loudly. She hushed him but then rolled her eyes at herself for shushing a damn ghost. Sam read her thoughts and laughed. "He's not right for you Mercy."

"Yea and who is?" she opened the classroom door and sat down. He sat down in the desk next to her.

"I am." He stared intensely at her. "I would be perfect for you." Mercedes rolled her eyes. "And I've heard your thoughts enough to know that you agree with me."

"I hate you doing that!" she said a bit too loudly and a girl in the front desk turned around to stare at her. Mercedes pressed her ear and pretended as if she was on a call through a blue tooth. The girl looked satisfied and turned back around. "You promised me you would stop." She said more quietly.

"I try to ignore them, I'm sorry." He touched her hand and a chill went through her body. "I'll try harder." She sighed and stared at the ghost. He leaned forward and lightly kissed her nose.

Mercedes blushed and felt creeped out. Sam frowned, "Don't do that...if you were human...then fine...but're dead." She moved her hand and stared straight ahead. Sam shook his head in anger and disappeared. Mercedes stared at the empty spot and felt bad, but what else could she do.

Sam walked through the ICU and stared at the patients in bed. He felt a deep sadness at seeing these innocent people struggle for their lives, but sometimes he just liked to hear what they were thinking. Sometimes he would deliver messages for them to their loved ones. He sat down next to a young girl and listened to her dreams, he smiled at the mention of ponies. Suddenly a bunch of doctors rolled in with a patient on a gurney. He watched them fly by and drag the patient to a corner area. He walked in and stared at them.

"What are his vitals?" a doctor turned and asked a nurse.

"We're losing him sir." She said while trying to get the defibrillator ready.

"Cause of accident?" the doctor asked another nurse.

"Car accident sir." The previous nurse handed him the defibrillator. "Sir, we're losing him." She was staring at the screen. The patient was flat lining. The doctor shocked the patient and waited. Nothing. The heart rate was almost gone. He shocked him again. The room got silent as they listened to the loud consistent sound of the patient flat lining.

"Call it, 2 pm." The doctor pulled the sheet over the patient and walked out. The team cleaned up and followed. Sam walked over to the patient, pulled off the sheet, and stared at the young blonde man on the gurney. He pulled open his eye lid and stared down into the lifeless green eye. Sam smiled and held the man's hand. He decided to do what he had always been scared of doing. He closed his eyes and slowly disappeared. The man on the gurney sat up with a jolt and took in a deep breath. The heart beat began beating on the screen. A nurse ran in and screamed for the doctor, she stared at him and then ran back out. Sam covered his new ears and stared at his hands. Cool. He swung his legs over the gurney and tried to stand up only to crash to the ground. Fuck...I haven't used these in years. Just like riding a bike come on. He willed himself to stand up. He finally did it slowly, but his body was in a lot of pain. Ah yes, I remember this. The nurses rushed in and helped him sit down. He let himself be fussed over at how he could be alive, but Mercy was the only thing on his mind.

Mercedes walked to school the next day and called out for Sam. She hadn't seen him all week which was weird. She had seen him every day since she was six. After no reply, she walked in silence. She figured he was mad at her, but he had never been angry for that long before. She jumped at the sound of a twig snapping and spun around to stare at a tall blonde man following her. He grinned and she quickly turned around and walked faster. She heard his pace increasing and she tried walking at pretty much a run. She heard a loud thump and saw the man on the ground shaking his head. She slowly walked back and stared at him.

"Why the hell are you following me?" she eyed the attractive teenager on the ground. He looked up at her and smiled.

"Because I always do." Her eyes grew wide and she screamed for help, "MERCY MERCY STOP!" he covered his ears.

"What did you call me?" she stared at him with worry and confusion.

"'s me...Sam." Sam didn't have enough time to catch her before she hit the ground. Well that could have gone a lot better.

Part 2

Sam crawled over to the passed out woman on the sidewalk. He shook her gently but she was pretty much dead to the world. He didn't know what else to do so he blew on her face. He blew and blew until he felt light headed. This breathing thing sucks, it isn't as fun as I remembered it. Luckily she began to stir. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up into the face of the blonde man above her. There's my girl, there's my Merc-

"SAVE ME LAWD HAVE MERCY SAVE ME!" she tried to back away from him. He crawled over to her quickly and put his hand over her mouth. She bit him, hard.

"OW Damn Mercy, I've had this body for like two seconds and you're trying to ruin it already." He held his hand to his chest and sat next to the shocked woman.

"Who are you? do you know who I am, how do you know about Sam?" she looked around to see if she was being spied on.

"Because I AM Sam!" he stared pleadingly at her. People walked by them and stared at the couple on the ground. "What are you looking at huh?" he threw his hands in the air. "Can't two friends CONVERSE ON THE GROUND!" Mercedes pulled one of his hands down and stared at him.

"Prove it that you're Sam." She slowly and shakily stood up. Sam got on all fours and slowly got up as well. Mercedes raised her eyebrow at the pitiful man. "What is wrong with you? You got osteoporosis or something?" Sam laughed.

"No...just not used to being so fucking heavy. do alive people do this?" he sighed and took a deep breath. This talking and air thing was going to take some time. "Well, I've known you all of your life. You're an only child, we used to play Barbies when you were little." Mercedes shook her head,

"Everyone plays with Barbies!" she crossed her arms over her chest. "I'm going to need some more."

"I used to hold your hand in therapy." He looked sheepish, "I felt really bad that your parents thought you were crazy."

"HOW DID YOU KNOW...," she looked around and spoke more quietly, "How did you know I went to therapy?" she narrowed her eyes at him, "No one knows that."

"No one but your parents, the psychiatrist, and me." Mercedes shook her head and stared at the man in front of her. She was trying really hard to believe that this was her Sam in the flesh. She suddenly began to cry. Sam reached out to hug her but she put her hands up to stop him.

"How...what?" she stared at him in confusion and then a look of horror crossed her face. "Oh my God!" she whispered forcefully, "Did you kill this person and invade his body?" Sam rolled his eyes.

"I should have never made you rent those sci-fi movies for me." He grabbed her hand and pulled her to walk with him. He didn't want her late for school. "No...this person died." He looked sad. "He died and ...I took his body."

"That's nasty." She shook her head, "Are you going to decay?"

"NO, I will not DECAY!...well I don't think I will." He sighed, "I just wanted to be closer to you...I figured veins and a heartbeat would do that."

"I'll say," she looked him over and noticed his muscular arms and pouty lips. "You look good not dead though. Less transparent." Sam laughed.

"Yea, but it sucks. I have to use the toilet when I don't want to. I have to figure out if I'm hungry before I pass out from the lack of food. I have to remember to breathe, I tried to pop into my room once and just farted in front of my 'parents''s a hard life man." he shrugged.

"Your what! Where've you been all this time?" she looked him over and noticed the nice clothes.

"Oh...yea..." he scratched the back of his neck, "Apparently I have a family and I have friends. Well this guy did." He gestured to his body and she stared at him with her mouth open. She wasn't sure why she was so surprised. "Yea, my names Chris's weird. They think I have amnesia, which is kind of awesome but really weird." Mercedes stared at him in confusion.


Sam laughed, "Well I have no recollection of anything from that life and I insist that they call me Sam." He shook his head, "I told them that I needed to transfer to this school to get better." He winked at her. "Might've been dead, but I'm not dumb."

Mercedes' head hurt from all of the confusion and the fall to the ground didn't help. "So...what the hell are you planning to do as a human?" He stopped walking and let go of her hand. He turned around to face her and gently cupped her face in his large hands.

"I plan on doing a lot of human things with you...A LOT of human things with you." He leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. He nibbled on her bottom lip and she placed her hands on his now solid hips. She slowly opened her mouth to give him more access. Sam tried to remember how to kiss. He guessed sticking his tongue in the moist hole would be a good idea. He felt their tongues slide over each other and realised he was running out of air and that there was pain in his groin area. Damn you teenaged body. He pulled away and stared at the shorter woman who was still puckered up. He bent down and gave her a quick peck.

"Wow..." was all she managed. Sam grinned at his job well done. Good job human body...good job. Mercedes blushed.

"Not bad for a dead guy." She pulled a disgusted face and scolded herself for the words.

"CHRIS?" a faint voice came from across the street.

"Let's do that again shall we?" Sam bent down to kiss Mercedes again.


Sam groaned at the high voice. Mercedes stared at the brunette woman heading towards them. "Who the hell is that?"

Sam covered his eyes, " girlfriend."

Part 3

Mercedes stared at the long haired brunette woman, who looked like she had just walked off of the set of Happy Days. The woman was glaring at Sam and giving Mercedes some serious side eye.

"Chris!" she had yelled when she finally reached them, "What the H-E- DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS are you doing?" Sam stared at Mercedes who was still trying to process everything that was happening in front of her right now.

"Uh hey!" he said looking at the brunette. "You see...what had happened was choking on a skittle I was like...oh shit! She's tasting the rainbow!...right so then I was going to give her mouth to mouth...but then you screamed and she got scared and she swallowed it." Sam put his hands in his pockets and rocked back and forth on his heels. "Yep...that is what happened in this particular situation." The brunette stared at Mercedes who was glaring at Sam.

"Wow honey, that's amazing!" she hugged Sam who immediately tried peeling her off. The woman laughed. "Aww you're so silly, trying to play hard to get." She playfully swatted his arm. She leaned up to kiss him and Sam put his finger to her lips and turned her head away.

"Kissing in front of strangers is rude." He rolled his eyes. The brunette looked sad for a moment and then smiled.

"You're right...we should keep all romance inside in case paparazzi are already following me." she grinned and flipped her hair. Mercedes had a strong desire to snatch off her headband and jab it up her big nose. "Well aren't you going to introduce me to your...uh friend here." Sam rolled his eyes.

"Mercy this is...the girl that Chris, I mean that I am stuck...I am dating right now." He finally choked out. Mercedes had to cover her mouth to stop herself from laughing.

"He's such a silly man," the woman laughed, "I'm Rachel Berry." She extended her hand and Mercedes reluctantly shook it.

"Rachel! Yes...that's my girlfriend's name!" He pulled out a pen and wrote on his hand. Rachel turned and stared at him.

"He's recovering from an accident," she nodded her head and then whispered to Mercedes, "Amnesia they say. It's awfully dramatic and I wish that I could just bottle up his life and perform it on stage." She smiled to herself.

"The fuck? Bottle up what? cray." Sam kissed his teeth. Mercedes smacked Sam.

"Sorry can you give me one second with uh...Chris?" Rachel reluctantly nodded. Mercedes pulled him to the side and out of Rachel's hearing range. She pinched him hard.

"Ow!" he yelled and clutched his arm. Mercedes looked over and smiled at Rachel who was looking worried.

"Sam, you can't be Sam." He stared at her as if she was crazy, "You need to be Chris."

Sam shook his head, "Chris went out with a nut job like that chick over there and she calls us Ropher...Mercedes I'm scared," Mercedes rolled her eyes.

"What the hell is a Ropher?" she folded her arms over her chest.

"Christopher and Rachel...she made our names a if that doesn't scream psycho then I don't know what does." He stared at the woman over his shoulder. "Save me!" she shook her head.

"You have to treat the people in his life with respect." She sighed, "This is so complicated."

Sam rubbed her arm, "Mercy...I just want to be with you, I just want to cuddle with you while you're awake and not just creepishly stare at you while you're asleep because you drool sometimes, it's cute and all but sometimes you fart a little and then it gets a little weird and I don't know if I should leave—" Mercedes put her hand up.

"Stop talking." Sam immediately shut up and pouted, "That's the creepiest shit you have ever told me." Sam grinned, "But you need to let her down gently or something because she is obviously enamoured by the guy you took over. So they were probably really in love."

"I don't know...I finally managed to get into his computer the other day, and this guy had a thing for girls with tig ol bitties." Sam looked over at the woman who was impatiently waiting. "And...she does not have them."

"Sam, you have to do owe it to him," she poked the firm chest and he sighed. He turned around and walked back to Rachel.

"" he smiled down at her. "Why are you here anyways? Don't you go to our old school...which is way across town and far from me...I mean here." Rachel clapped and squealed in delight.

"That's what I came to tell you silly!" she jumped up and down and Sam had a bad feeling in his new gut. "I transferred to help you in your new school!" she pulled him into a hug and Sam mouthed the words 'kill me' over her head to Mercedes. Mercedes bit her lip and shrugged.

"I'm so excited..." Sam choked out, "Well we'll be late for class," he nudged her off of him, turned, and quickly walked away. Rachel ran behind him and laughed. Mercedes ran behind the brunette.

"Wow! I've never seen you so excited for school before." she laughed.

Sam stopped abruptly. "I know you should dump'll sting...but I'll pull through." He said hopefully.

Rachel giggled, "I like it a lot," she said in a seductive voice. Mercedes grimaced and Sam pulled a disgusted face. Sam suddenly pulled Mercedes aside and whispered to her.

"I can't do this...she's insane." He shook his head, "Let me tell her I'm dead, that will make her poop Oscars." Mercedes tried to avoid the glare the brunette was giving her. "I didn't sign up for this Mercy, I just wanted to be with you so badly." Mercedes looked into his green eyes and sighed.

"Alright come over tonight, we'll come up with something," He smiled and leaned down to kiss her, so she pinched his side causing him to scream. "oh my God! He's having pains!" she walked over to Rachel. "Let's get him to school quickly." Rachel frantically nodded and the two women helped Sam/Chris to school.

sunnyhoney92asked you:

I have a prompt for you, if you please. Mercedes goes to a concert for a famous band and Sam is one of the band members. He sees her while they're playing, becomes smitten, and tries to find her when they're done. Or I'd just be happy with a Famous Sam/Fan Mercedes and the particulars are all up to you. Thank you!

"Come on Mercedes!" Kurt and Tina literally tried pulling Mercedes out of the car by her legs. They had tricked her into coming to the Bowstrings and Arrows rock concert with them. She held on to her seatbelt. "You're already here! Just come out and enjoy." Kurt said out of breath." They had been trying to pull her out of the car for the last ten minutes with some very rowdy and drunk people cheering them on as they walked to the main gates of the concert. "Hey this is not a peep show! Keep it moving!" Kurt yelled at the onlookers in frustration.

"Cedes come on why are you so against going?" Tina put Mercedes leg down and stared at her.

"Because I told you I hate rock and you promised me frozen yogurt and instead left me full of disappointment." She glared at her friends, "That's why!"

"But you never even heard them and you never know, you might actually like their music." Tina leaned against the car.

"Listen," Mercedes scooted out of the car so that her feet were on the ground but she was still sitting in the chair, "I've seen a rock music video where someone's hair caught on fire! That was natural hair Tina...can you imagine what the hell could happen to mine?" Kurt rolled his eyes.

"If you go in...I'll let you borrow my favourite silk scarf." Mercedes gasped. Kurt closed his eyes and nodded. Mercedes could tell that he was about to cry, but she wanted revenge.

"...and the black fedora." Mercedes folded her arms over her chest. Kurt put his fist to his mouth to hold back the words he wanted to say and just nodded. "Alright ya'll let's get this thing popping." The three friends walked into the concert and pushed their way to the middle. "If someone so much as smacks my ass, I'm gone." She turned towards Kurt and felt a sting on one of her butt cheeks. She turned around to smack a bitch when she saw Tina giggling. "Why Tina? WHY?"

Tina shrugged. "It just seemed like the right thing to do." Mercedes rolled her eyes and stared at the stage. Five very different looking guys came on the stage. Mercedes raised her eyebrow and leaned over to Tina.

"Is that a wheelchair?" she pointed to one of the band members. Tina nodded.

"Yea, his names Artie." She nodded, "I have a crush on him and the Asian guy Mike" she pointed over to the guy who was starting to pop and lock all over the stage. "He's such a good dancer." She smiled. "Artie has the swag, Mike has the moves." Mercedes shrugged. They seemed alright to her. She stared at the kid with dreads.

"He's kinda cute," she turned to Kurt who was shimmying to the music starting up.

"Who?" Kurt leaned down to hear her.

"The one with the dreads." Kurt pulled a disgusted face.

"He looks like he can be your son, he's like the youngest in the band." Mercedes looked closer at the boy and actually could see Kurt's point. Her eyes landed on the blonde boy with the big lips.

"Ew, did he get botox?" she pointed to him, "Is that natural for them to be so big?" Kurt and Tina both laughed. The concert started up and Mercedes had to admit that she was actually enjoying the music. She kind of hoped they would break out into a random Beyonce song, but she didn't hold her breath. When it was done she and her friends scurried out. They heard a voice come on over the loud speaker.

"WILL THE SHORT BEAUTIFUL CURVY WOMAN WEARING THE BLACK JACKET, JEGGINGS, AND THE BLUE AND BLACK STRIPPED SHIRT PLEASE WAIT BY THE GATES." Mercedes continued on walking as she had ignored the PA. Almost every woman there looked down at their clothes.

"Mercedes!" Kurt screamed looking at her, he put his hands to his mouth.

"What?" she panicked and grabbed her hair, "Is it on fire, because I can throw it off!" Tina laughed and shook her head.

"No look at your clothes." Mercedes looked down and shrugged. "Someone on the PA told you to wait by the gates."

"Why?" both of her friends shrugged. "Well as long as my hairs not on fire..." she muttered and waited with her friends by the gates. They waited for ten minutes and Mercedes started to feel impatient. "let's go." They started to walk to the car when they heard someone yell behind them.

"WAIT!" Mercedes turned around and stared at the blonde band member with the botox lips approach her. Up close he was extremely sexy and attractive. He caught up to them and smiled. "Hi! I'm Sam Ev—"

"OH MY GOD YOU'RE SAM EVANS!" Kurt fanned himself. He reached out to touch Sam who raised his eyebrow at him. "You're so beautiful," Kurt whispered. Sam gave him a lopsided grin and focused his attention on Mercedes.

"Yea...I'm Sam Evans," he laughed, "I...uh saw you dancing to the music caught my eye," he shoved his hand in his pockets and blushed.

"Um Kurt let's wait over here," Tina pulled the star stricken Kurt to the other side of the gate.

"Ah...well that's nice. Well nice meeting you." Mercedes turned to go back to her friends.

"Wait...I want to know you...there's something about you that I couldn't stop watching you." Mercedes turned back around.

"Listen here, I am not a groupie, nor will I have sex with you." She glared up at the taller man who in turn looked taken aback.

"Whoa whoa, that's not why I'm here...I've never ever done this before," Mercedes rolled her eyes, "I'm serious ask anybody who knows me." she stared into his beautiful green eyes and could tell that he was being honest.

"Why me?" she placed her hand on her hip, "There were plenty scantily clad women around here."

He shook his head and chuckled, "Yea I know...but I could only see you..." he stared intensely at her. "Can you call me?" she raised her eyebrow, "I want to give you my number, I want to give you the choice to call."

Mercedes sighed and pulled out her phone. "Alright." He smiled and told her the numbers. She put her phone back in her pocket and stared at the man suspiciously.

"Yo Sam, we gotta go!" the pop locking member, Mike, she believed was his name yelled from a few feet away. Sam looked back and then down at Mercedes.

"Please call me." he winked and ran back to his band member. Mercedes pulled out her phone stared at it in disbelief of what had just happened.

Anonymous asked you:

Can you do something where Mercedes is mad at Sam and says she had sex with Shane? But like regrets it and tells him she was lying.

Quinn draped herself across Mercedes' bed and skimmed through a fashion magazine. "I don't know Cedes...maybe he just forgot." She shrugged. She was tired of hearing Mercedes rant about how Sam hadn't asked her to prom yet.

"No he didn't forget...he just expects us to go." She shook her head, "Just because we're official doesn't mean I don't want to be courted or be asked in a romantic way," she sat down next to her friend, "Like am I wrong for wanting that?" Quinn sat up and hugged her friend's back. She placed her chin on her shoulder.

"No," she said slowly, "And if you weren't with know I'd ask you in the most romantic way possible," she said quietly. Mercedes tensed up. She really didn't want to tread these waters again. She knew that Quinn had a crush on her but she was her best friend and Mercedes wasn't interested in her that way. Like sure, she would go lesbian for Beyonce or even Ashanti, because come on, the girl looked like she was a freak in the bed. Mercedes sighed.

"I know...I... Quinn I love you—" Quinn moved back from Mercedes.

"Yea I know...just not in that way." She bit her lip. Mercedes didn't want to turn around and look at her best friend's crestfallen face. Quinn was convinced that Mercedes had fallen for the wrong blonde. "Anyways...back to you and trouty mouth." Quinn laid down on the bed and stared at her friends back. "Cedes...look at me." Mercedes slowly turned around and Quinn smiled. "I'm sorry...I shouldn't have said that." Mercedes slowly nodded. "How about you put a fire under Sam's bum."

Mercedes stared at her in confusion, "How? Like what do you mean?"

Quinn grinned, "make him jealous, make him realise that he can't take you for granted." Mercedes nodded and smiled.

"That's genius! But how should I do it?" she looked at her brilliant friend.

"Tell him you slept with Shane." Mercedes stood up and shook her head.

"No way, I never slept with Shane." She paced around her room, "That would hurt him, not make him jealous."

"Well it would get him moving and if he thought that someone else had been with you romantically, the inner man in him will come out and have to prove that he was a better lover." Mercedes bit her lip.

"I don't know Quinn," she said slowly, "That sounds like a bad idea..."

Quinn sat up and quickly got out of the bed. "Fine whatever, be taken for granted then," she pulled on her coat and Mercedes grabbed her arms and turned her to look at her. "Mercedes you are so sexy and beautiful and you deserve someone who will always make you feel that way. Right now Sam's not showing you that."

Mercedes sighed, "Alright...I'll think about it." Quinn smiled and grabbed her purse. Mercedes walked her to the front door and Quinn reached over and gave her a tight hug.

"Seeya." She turned and walked down the sidewalk. Mercedes closed the door and thought about her friend's advice.

Sam came over the next day and sat on her bed. Mercedes was between his legs and rested her head on his chest. "So..." she said.

"Ya?" he gently rubbed her back.

"What are we doing Friday?" She asked with her face turned to the wall. She could hear his heartbeat and it was putting her to sleep.

Sam laughed. "Well prom duh." Mercedes grimaced and rolled her eyes.

"But you never asked me." she tried to hold the anger in her voice.

"We're dating." He said matter of factly, "Why do I need to ask you?" Mercedes sat up and stared at him in disbelief.

"Did it ever occur to that I wanted to be asked?" She got off the bed and stared at the surprised Sam, "Like fuck? Do you just expect us to have sex at the end of the night? Like would you not want to woo me?" Sam Sat up and stared angrily at her.

"Where the hell is this all coming from?" he stood up and faced her, "We usually mutually just decide to have sex, I didn't realise we had to ask each other for everything now." He folded his arms over his chest and stared at his girlfriend with disapproval.

"Well Shane used to ask." Mercedes stared at the quick progression of Sam's facial expressions. It went from anger to hurt and then back to anger.

"Excuse me?" he glared at her. "You fucking slept with Shane?" Mercedes shrunk back from the anger in his voice.

"Um..." was all she managed to squeak out.

"I can't fucking believe you." He stormed out of the bedroom and ran down the stairs. Mercedes ran after him.

"SAM WAIT I LIED." She yelled after him as he tried to put on his shoes. He turned around and glared at her.

"Who the hell are you? I honestly don't even know what to believe anymore." Mercedes grabbed his arm.

"I'm serious I just wanted to get a reaction out of you..." He looked like he had been slapped.

He glared at her, "Don't worry about Friday, I don't want to be anywhere near you." He opened the door.

"Sam I'm sorry! I just wanted to-"

"Wanted to what! huh Mercedes? Hurt me?..." he wiped his angry tears from his eyes, "Well good got what you wanted." He shook her hand off of his arm and stormed out of her house and left a crestfallen Mercedes standing at the door.

"I'm sorry," she whispered to the empty space in front of her.

dreac3asked you:

I have a prompt :) could you do a fluffy one with Sam singing Crazy For You by Adele to Mercy. Or they could be dancing to it or whatever you choose. That song gives me Samcedes feels.

Mercedes sat at her table and picked at her corsage. Sam walked up to her and raised his eyebrow.

"Mercy?" She looked up at him and smiled, "Why didn't you go dance with Tina while I was gone?" he grinned and shook his head at his girlfriend. "It hurt my heart to see you sitting by yourself last year and it hurts my heart to see you doing it again." Mercedes laughed and then shrugged.

" just went to the bathroom," she grinned back, "I am capable of waiting two seconds for my amazing boyfriend to come back and sweep me off my feet." He put his hand out for her and she happily grabbed it. "Funky chicken tonight...or the slide...wait wait...the lawnmower?" Sam got more and more excited with her dance suggestions. He couldn't even choose just one, he needed to do all of them.

"Can we throw in the sprinkler," he playfully pulled her to him and she placed her hands on his chest as he wrapped his arms around her back. Mercedes looked like she was thinking.

"I don't know...that might be doing too much..." Sam pouted, "But the shopping cart seems acceptable." Sam lightly chuckled and smiled down at his princess. Mercedes went on her tip toes to lightly kiss him on the lips.

"Hey! There will be no fornicating here Moesha and fish head." Sue Sylvester gave the two a dirty look and walked away.

"I swear...if she wasn't pregnant...I'd bite her knee cap." Mercedes glared at the blonde woman's retreating back. Sam let out a loud laugh.

"Her knee cap?" he shook his head, "Come here crazy girl." He pulled her into a tight hug. "I love you and your crazy ways." She pulled back and looked up at him.

"I love you too fish head," he bent down and lightly pecked her lips.

"I'm crazy for you," he whispered into her ear and Mercedes smiled into his shoulder. He began humming something by her ear and it tickled her.

"Sam...what are you humming?" she smiled as he slowly swayed with her to their own rhythm. They probably looked weird swaying at an upbeat song, but they could only hear and see each other.

"Our future wedding song." He said with a light chuckle. Mercedes blushed and he kissed her ear. "Want me to sing it for you?" She nodded as she rested her head on his chest. She had her arms wrapped around his waist and he had his hands on her back. He rubbed it in small circles. He started to quietly but emotionally sing by her head.

Found myself today
Singing out loud your name,
You said I'm crazy,
If I am I'm crazy for you.

Sometimes sitting in the dark
Wishing you were here
Turns me crazy,
But it's you who makes me lose my head.

And every time I'm meant to be acting sensible
You drift into my head
And turn me into a crumbling fool.

Tell me to run and I'll race,
If you want me to stop I'll freeze,
And if you want me gone, I'll leave,
Just hold me closer, baby,
And make me crazy for you.
Crazy for you.

Lately with this state I'm in
I can't help myself but spin.
I wish you'd come over,
Send me spinning closer to you.

My oh my, how my blood boils,
It's sweet taste for you,
Strips me down bare
And gets me into my favourite mood.

I keep on trying, fighting these feelings away,
But the more I do,
The crazier I turn into.

Pacing floors and opening doors,
Hoping you'll walk through
And save me boy,
Because I'm too crazy for you.
Crazy for you

He finished singing and Mercedes looked up at him with teary eyes. His eyes had begun to water as well. "I am so crazy for you Mercedes Jones...always have been, always will be." He whispered to her as the tears fell down his face. She gently wiped them and he smiled at her.

"I love you Sam Evans." She whispered back.

He bent down and kissed her more firmly. They didn't care if they got in trouble. They felt blessed that they had finally found their happy ending together.