Mephisto is sitting at his desk reading one of his favorite manga. He drinks a sip of his coffee. When out of nowhere Amaimon lands on his desk. He jolts back and tips his chair over and falls to the floor with a thud.

"What were you reading, brother?" Amaimon looks at Mephisto getting up off the floor.

"I was reading…" he picks up his chair, wipes it off and leans in towards Amaimons ear. Amaimon leans in close to listen, "…Before you jumped on my desk!" Amaimon Jolts back from Mephisto's shouting.

"I'm sorry brother. I thought you knew I was here." Amaimon licks his lollipop. Mephisto sighs, "Well that still doesn't mean you jump on my desk."

"I'll try not to brother," Amaimon hops off Mephisto's desk. Mephisto's back in his seat. Amaimon goes around the desk and sits in Mephisto's lap.

"What do you think you're doing?" Mephisto taps on Amaimons shoulder. Amaimon turns around and kisses his brother's nose, "I don't know. I saw some people doing this in the 'park' when I went out this morning."

"That doesn't mean you do it to me. Now get off!" Amaimon gets up. "I don't understand brother. Why can't we do that?" He walks around and leans over on the desk.

"Because." Mephisto starts to shuffle some papers.

"Because, why?" Amaimon looks at Mephisto.

"hmmm?" Mephisto opens a drawer in his desk.

"Please brother! I just want to try. I came to Japan to learn new things!" Amaimon starts to whine a little like a child.

Mephisto takes a deep sigh, "No."

"Awww! Please!" Amaimon leans over Mephisto's desk again.

"If I do, will you please leave me alone?" Mephisto looks up.

"Yes!" Amaimon jumps up, happy.

Mephisto gets up and Amaimon runs over into his arms. "So I have to hold you to?" Amaimon shakes his head, "Yes!"

Mephisto leans in and kisses his forehead. "There. Now leave me alone."

Amaimon looks at Mephisto confused. "We're supposed to sit down."

Mephisto looks at Amaimon, "What?"

"Then when we're sitting, I'm in your lap and our mouths are pressed together." Amaimon explains.

"I don't think so," Mephisto drops Amaimon on the floor.

"Ouch! But you promised!" Amaimon says as he's rubbing his head.

"I did not!" Mephisto sits back down at his desk.

"You're so mean!" Amaimon folds his arms and pouts a little.

Mephisto looks at his brother sitting on the floor still. "Fine, but only because I said I would."

Amaimon automatically seems happy. He runs and jumps in Mephisto's lap. He hugs him.

"This is the only time I'm doing this. You understand?" Mephisto says very seriously.

"I know!" Amaimon is still hugging him tightly.

Mephisto puts his hand on Amaimons head. Amaimon looks up. Mephisto starts to lean in and then Amaimon looks at him kind of curious, Amaimon slowly starts to move in too. Their lips meet. Mephisto starts to pull away and then Amaimon pulls his head back and starts to kiss him passionately. Mephisto tries to pull away again but Amimon won't let him. Amaimon's tongue is in Mephisto's mouth. Mephisto's eyes widen. Finally Mephisto is able to shove Amaimon off of him.

"What the hell?" Mephisto stands over Amaimon in complete anger.

Amaimon is panting on the floor. He looks up and Mephisto notices that his face is really red, "Amaimon?"

Amaimon says nothing. He lays back and covers up his face. Mephisto leans over and he sees that Amaimon has a hard on. "Amaimon?"

Amaimon quickly sits up and pulls Mephisto to the ground. Mephisto was cut off guard before he realized Amaimon was on top of him. "Brother, I feel strange," Amaimon starts to kiss Mephisto again. Mephisto pushes him off and pins him to the ground. "What's wrong with you?"

Amaimon looks into his eyes, "Brother, I feel weird."

Mephisto looks down. "Amaimon's really horny. What is he supposed to do? Why doesn't Amaimon know what's going on?" Mephisto thinks to himself.

"Brother, help me." Mephisto looks at Amaimon's face.

"You've never done IT before have you?" Mephisto asks.

"Done what?" Amaimon sounds so confused.

"Well since you wanted a lesson. How about I give you one," Mephisto says.

"What are you taking about?" Amaimon looks at his brother.

Mephisto leans into his brother's ear, "I'll show you how to love."

Amaimon doesn't understand. Mephisto kisses him. Then he starts to rub him. Amaimon is in shock. He pulls away from Mephisto's kiss. "What are you doing?"

"I'm showing you how to make love," Mephisto says as he licks Amaimons neck.

"Please don't!" Amaimon tries to escape Mephisto's grasp but to no avail.

"It's okay. Since this is only you're first lesson. I'll just show you how to feel good and if you like it. Then I'll show you how to pleasure your partner as well. Now hold still." Mephisto unzips Amaimon's pants. He rubs Amaimon's penis gently and then pulls down his underwear. Mephisto starts to lick it.

"Ah! Mephisto! What are you doning? What's happening?" Amaimon seems scared.

Mephisto sucks harder and faster.

"Mephisto…Something is….com…ING!" Amaimon's hips tense up.

Mephisto swallows, licks his lips and looks up at Amaimon, "Did it feel good?"

Amaimon is panting and his hands are over his mouth, "You're so mean! Why did you swallow that?"

Mephisto kisses Amaimon, "Because it tasted good. So... are you ready for lesson two?"

To be continued…