'"Amaimon's really horny. What is he supposed to do? Why doesn't Amaimon know what's going on?" Mephisto thinks to himself.

"It's okay. Since this is only you're first lesson. I'll just show you how to feel good and if you like it. Then I'll show you how to pleasure your partner as well. Now hold still." Mephisto unzips Amaimon's pants. He rubs Amaimon's penis gently and then pulls down his underwear. Mephisto starts to lick it.

"Ah! Mephisto! What are you doing? What's happening?" Amaimon seems scared.

"I'm showing you how to make love," Mephisto says as he licks Amaimons neck.'


Amaimon is still in shock. He has no idea what his brother is doing. All he knows is that it feels strange but in a good way. Mephisto is over him. "Are you ready?"

Amaimon is still confused, "Yeah?"

Mephisto leans back to unbuckle his pants and Amaimon is watching very cautiously. "Brother, what are you doing?"

Mephisto stops before he unzips his pants, leans over and says, "Did you enjoy your first lesson?"

Amaimon looks up at his brother's face and shakes his head 'yes'. Mephisto once again begins to unzip his pants, "Well good, now for your second lesson. Are you ready to learn how to make me feel like you just did?" Mephisto leans over and kisses Amaimon's lips. He takes Amaimon's hand and puts it on his penis.

"Brother… your thing. It's hard…" Amaimon looks up at Mephisto's face.

"That's right. Yours was too before you had that sensation." Mephisto continues to move Amaimon's hand up and down.

Amaimon reaches down to touch himself. He realizes his is hard too. Amaimon continues to play with Mephisto's penis. "Brother do you want me to do to you what you just did to me?"

Mephisto lays back and pulls down his underwear, "Do you think you can do it on your own?"

Amaimon looks at his brother in amazement. It's huge, Amaimon thought to himself. "I think I can, brother," Amaimon sits up and moves over towards his brother. He looks at it and then licks it. Amaimon sees Mephisto cringe up a little and then relaxes with a sigh. Is he feeling like I did? Amaimon starts to lick the tip of Mephisto's penis. Mephito is lookin at his brother. Then Amaimon starts to suck on Mephisto's penis.

"Ah… That's really good. Now remember move it in and out while sucking and licking it. Be careful not to let your teeth touch it. mmhm" Amaimon follows what Mephisto says. He sucks on it, while he moves his head up and down, licking it. He tries not to let his teeth touch it but they do. Mephisto stops him, "Come here."

Amaimon is worried. Was his brother mad because he didn't do as he was asked? Amaimon comes in close to Mephisto's face. "I'm sorry, brother."

Mephisto puts his index and middle finger on Amaimon's lips. Then he puts both in Amaimon's mouth. He starts to move them as if Amaimon was giving his fingers a blow job. Amaimon looks into Mephisto's eyes. Amaimon's blushing. Mephisto pulls out his fingers "Now, do you see how you have to do it." Amaimon shakes his head.

He starts to go back down when Mephisto stops him. "How about we advance your lesson?"

Amaimon looks up at his brother, "What do you mean?" Mephisto sits up and leans over Amaimon.

"How about you suck on mine while I suck on yours?" Amaimon is kind of confused on how exactly they could do that.

Mephisto turns around and gets over Amaimon. "Here. You can suck on mine while I do yours."

Amaimon understands. Mephisto starts to suck on Amaimon. "Brother, wait! It feels like it's coming again." Mephisto stops sucking.

"Well we can't have that." Amaimon looks at his brother. Mephisto stands up and opens his desk. "I was saving these but I think we can use the ribbon, now and save the chocolates for later."

Mephisto comes back over and pulls the ribbon off the Valentine's Day candy. He laces the ribbon around Amaiomons balls and fastens it. "There! Now where were we?"

Amaimon looks at his brother, "Wait! What does this do?"

Mephisto lets out a soft laugh, "It keeps you from coming but don't worry it won't hurt."

Mephisto gets on top of Amaimon like before. Amaimon reaches up and touches Mephisto's balls. "Do you know how to play with those?" Amaimon looks at Mephisto smiling at him. Amaimon shakes his head and then starts to suck on Mephisto's penis. Mephisto does the same. Mephisto starts to rub Amaimon's balls and begins to suck faster. Amaimon does the same. Mephisto starts to suck faster.

"Brother! I really can't take much more." Mephisto ignores his brother and continues to lick it. Amaimon is panting now. Mephisto stops playing with Amaimon's balls and puts his finger inside Amaimon's Aunis.

Amaimon stops sucking on his brother, "Mephisto! What, Ah! Are you doing?

Mephisto continues to stir his figure, inside, "I'm getting you ready for your third lesson," Mephisto begins to suck.

"Do you want to come?" Amaimon shakes his head. Mephisto laughs again, "Well I'll let you if you can make me."

Amaimon starts to suck Mephisto. Mephisto continues to lick his brother. They both start to suck faster; Mephisto is still stirring inside Amaimon. "Wow Amaimon, Pant, You're getting better. I'm…AH!... about ready to come." Amaimon moves faster now. "Good….ah Amaimon!" Mephisto unfastens the ribbon and together they come in pleasure. Mephisto lets go and Amaimon cums on his face.

Amaimon has Mephisto's cum in his mouth. He's not sure what to do with it so he swallows. "Amaimon," Mephisto turns and lies on his brother's chest. "Do you want to have a third lesson?"

He moves up and kisses Amaimon passionately. Then they release, "Brother, I'm ready for my third lesson."

To be Continued….