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Basic summery (again): Due to curtain 'circumstances,' a different Xander Shade sent to japan to live with his uncle in Karakura japan, soon after i get sweated up in the world of shinigami with mu cousin Ichigo. name-insert from A change of circumstance. Pseudo-crossover with Asura's wrath. m for safety.

Well, I thought to my self as I waited rot the plain I was on to land; I figured that, my anger problem would take me somewhere, but I never thought it would be to Japan. Now that I thought about it, beating the shit out of the Jr. High school bully probably wasn't the best idea in the first place, though I can't say he didn't deserve it.

Soon enough, the plain landed and I boarded off. When I got to the lobby, I suddenly felt grateful that my mother made me take the after school Japanese lessons, other wise, I would not be able to understand anything I herd or read. So I took about ten minutes to look around and find my Uncle. The only thing I was told about him was that he was very eccentric and that he had a goat beard.

Not much of a description, I mean really, how could any one-…never mind. That was what I was thinking, until I saw a man with black hair and a goat beard. But that wasn't what I found my self sweat-dropping at; it was the sign he was holding. First off, the cardboard it was made from was the brightest neon-pink I had ever seen. Next, it had the words 'Xander Shied' written on it, in large bold letters. Yep, that has to be him, I thought as I walked up to him.

"You must be Xander, I'm Kurosaki Isshin; your uncle," he said in a somewhat broken English, and extending his hand to shake

"Yep, but my surname is 'Shade,' not 'Shied,'" I replied in near perfect Japanese and taking his hand and shaking it.

He then went in to explaining what was to happen to me as we were driving to his house; he told me about his son and daughters, Ichigo, Karin, and Yuzu; how he lost his wife when they were still young, and much more stuff that I couldn't count. Soon after I found myself standing in front of a clinic of all things to live in; my mother told me that 'dad,' as Isshin preferred me to call him, owned one, but not the fact that his house was a clinic.

It was then that I noticed something strange; I herd someone yelling, Ichigo by the sound of the voice, about 'clingy ghosts.' I approached the door with mild caution, as 'dad' insisted on carrying my single suitcase. When I opened the door, I was surprised to find Ichigo fall backwards on his back with a ghost blabbering on top of him.

"Is that a ghost," I asked, breaking the silence.

"Y-yeah," Ichigo stuttered, "you can see him?"

Instead of gracing the evidently stupid question, I simply kicked the Ghost off of him and helped him up to his feet. I was then led inside and introduced to Karin and Yuzu, learned that the 'old man,' as Ichigo called him, had a kick for crying and blabbering to a wall-sized poster of his wife. After I got my stuff settled in Ichigo's room, we all sat down to a dinner Yuzu cooked, which was better than any thing I ever had before, and then was sent of to bed because school, apparently, began the next morning.

"So I just barely made it in time huh," I asked Ichigo.

"Yeah," he responded. He then went on to snapping his fingers and said "Oh yeah, before I forget; dad has a very unusual method of waking me up, so he might do the same to you."

Nodding I went to sleep on my mat thinking; how can this get any weirder?