I'm going to try something new in this chapter; I'm going to use * for grunts, side comments, etc. tell me what you think.

"Good, now do it again," Asura ordered.

And once again I found myself surrounded by Ghoma Howlers, and again I span, unleashing several destructive waves of red reiatsu from my arms, knocking the red apes back.

"How many more *grunt* times am I going to have to *Get off of me you damn ape* do this," I grunted, batting off the howlers with my still cooling arms.

A day ago, Asura had decided to teach me the same was that Augus thought him, throw me into a hoard of (recreated) Ghoma and tell me how to fight. That must be the single most*brilliant* idea in all of reality, I mused sarcastically. I was quickly brought out of my thoughts when the greater howlers tried to bum rush me from behind, only to be caught by the head and used as a bat to finish off the rest of the pack.

"Hmm," he grunted, "you have succeeded in all of your lesions; now all that's left is for you to gain your initial Bankai."

"There you go again with the "Initial Bankai" thing again," I returned, "Are you keeping something from me that I should know about?"

"All that you kneed to know now is that each Shinigami possesses a power that is unique to them; yours manifests itself in the form of a two stage Bankai," he elaborated as he jumped down to my level, "and if you want to get to the first stage, you will need to beat me first, so get re-"

I cut him short from his mini-speech with a sudden fist to the mouth that sent him flying into the side of a near by rock. He then wasted no time charging back at me with the intent to return my hit, only to be caught by the fist and sent into another rock. He stepped out with out so much as a scratch on him and charged strait to me, so I returned the favor, and charged at him. We met half way and locked each other in a high speed fist storm; we match fist to fist, blow to occasional blow, but neither one of us gained any ground. There were slight shifts in who dominated, but they equaled out after a while. So after ten minutes of this, during witch we switched over to our Six-Armed Vajra forms (of which the continued stale mate dug cracks into the ground from the sheer force), and eventually Asura won out and triple-punched me off the cliff.

As I fell through the air, the environment shifted to a golden tower that stretched seemingly forever both up and down. Asura soon joined me when I hit a cloud layer, but something had changed; he now had tow massive arms and fists in place of his six. He then dove down to me with one of his bolder-smashing fists aimed at me. I narrowly avoided his fist and unleashed a devastating triple punch of my own to his face, to which he let out a yell as he went somersaulting backwards. Using the new opening, I charged strait to him and rained down my wrath onto his prone form and before he could retaliate, I sent him flying to the pillar (of which we were far down enough to see the base), where a cloud of dust concealed his impact. Wasting no time, I charged to him again, only for the dust to suddenly burst clear to reveal Asura with both arms raised over his head; he then brought them down hard, and sent me flying off like a bullet down the rest of the way.

Upon hitting the ground, I lost two of my six arms; then Asura appeared out of the blue and punched me with his right fist, sending me rolling across the desolate landscape that surrounded us. At twenty meters I lost another of my extra arms, then another at forty meters, then I crashed through a rock with my left side at eighty meters, then another at a hundred, then a third at one hundred twenty five and this time, my left arm shattered off of my body. I proceeded to tumble another twenty five before stopping and, with a great amount of effort, got myself up to my feet.

Crap, I thought, he's too powerful, there is no way I could stand up to that. I watch as he slowly walked to me, waves of Reiatsu flowing off of him like a tidal wave. He is on a completely different level than I' ever get to, how am I supposed to…match…that. What am I thinking? Rukia's life is on the line, I have no time to let fear OR doubt rule me!

With renewed resolve in my mind and heart, I began the trek to him. I started out walking, then jogged, sprinted, ran, then to an all out charged with my fist drawn pack with Asura matching me. When we were no more then five meters apart, we jumped at each other, both of our right fists colliding together, causing a sock wave that made a ten meter deep crater under us, neither one of us backing down or giving in.

"You have *grunt* improved fast Xander, impressive," he grunted.

"You talk to much Asura," I replied.

We continued to bush on each other, again gaining little to no ground. Finally having enough, I roared out and pushed fiercely against his fist. It held for only a moment before it gave and broke inward; soon the rest of his right arm followed, putting him in an absolute state of shock, a shock that lasted long enough to get one more attack in.

"DEVISTATING FIRST IMPACT," I roared as I made contact with his head, sending him into the crater and making said crater larger.

"Had enough," I panted as the dust cleared.

"I…submit," he admitted, letting his head fall back to the ground.

And with that, everything went black.

I opened my eyes, only to shut them tightly when I found that the sun was angled dead center in my vision. With my hand blocking the suns light, I opened my eyes to find that the small waterfall and the surrounding area that I was meditating/training in was, for a lack of a more descriptive word, destroyed; the waterfall I was under was now two meters behind me and concave. I then noticed that I was sitting on a patch of earth that was surrounded by a scorched trench that looked like a rough half-doughnut; if said doughnut was cut circumference-wise. Another two things that I noticed were that A) there was an unnatural amount of steam in the air (which begged the question on how the sun got in my eyes) and B) in place of my arm-covering gauntlets were fingerless gloves and bandages and the greaves were much less ornate then they originally were.

"A sign that you have gained some control over our power," Asura explained, "but you can marvel over it later, Rukia's execution is starting soon."

With out another moment's hesitation I was off in a random direction; five minutes later, I got lost. Actually, I knew where I was, in front of the Fifth Division Brackets, but I, in turn, didn't know where that was to everything else. While I was trying to figure out why my sense of direction was now as bad as Yachiru's, the sound of gates opening came to my ears; turning around reviled Momo, a little worse for wear, standing right outside the gates.

"X-xander-kun, what are you-"she began but was interrupted by me bear-hugging her.

"If you mean what am I doing here," I said putting her down, "A) I'm the fourth seat of the eleventh division and B) I'm trying to help save Rukia, but I have no clue where to find her."

"S-she would be at the Senzaikyū next to the Sōkyoku Hill," she replied.

Without wasting another moment I slung on my back and started running off the direction I came.

"Wait," She screamed clinging to my neck for dear life, "THE Senzaikyū is at the center of Seireitei, you can't miss it; WHY DO YOU NEED ME?!."

"YACHIRU'S BAD SENSE OF DIRECTION RUBED OFF ON ME," I yelled back as I passed the Fifth Division Brackets again for the third time, "I CAN'T EVEN RUN DOWN A STRAIT PATH WITH OUT GETTING LOST."

"MAKE A LEFT AT THE CORNER," she instructed.

Well there is six.

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