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All the new members moved into their apartments this morning and Uriah is throwing a big party tonight to celebrate. Tris bought a new long sleeved black shirt that is a little more form-fitting than she's used to. She has already asked me three times if I'm sure it's not too tight. When she asks Christina if her clothes are too tight, Christina just laughs at her. I'm the only one who understands the strangeness of clothes that aren't baggy.

When we walk into Uriah's apartment, I can tell by all the bottles on the kitchen counter that he and Zeke have fully stocked the bar for tonight. They are the masters of getting their hands on alcohol. Uriah pushes drinks in our hands as soon as we arrive. I watch as Tris takes her first sip and she twists her mouth like she just ate a rotten lemon. I put my hand on the small of her back and smile.

"Mmmmm, delicious," she says sarcastically.

Christina comes over to us and grabs Tris' hand. "I'm stealing her," she says, pulling Tris away.

I head through the crowd and reach Zeke and Lauren. I see Will hanging out with some of the other guys. I guess that's what we do. We leave the girls to giggle and steal looks at us and then giggle some more.

The music is nice and loud and I have to admit, I'm enjoying how relaxed the alcohol makes me feel. I enjoy being on the edge of the party, watching people, observing. It's what I've always done. Tris and Christina get up to dance and Uriah joins them. I love to see Tris this carefree; even if it is courtesy of the drinks she's had.

Zeke and Lauren dance for a while and then he comes back to the kitchen to mix another drink. Following right behind him is Shauna. She has been eyeing me for a while and I've been attempting to avoid her.

She sidles up to me, her eyes heavy.

"So, you and Tris, huh?" She slides her hand down my arm. "I would have thought you'd like your women with a bit more meat on them," she says, pushing her chest towards me. I react to her the exact same way I've done since we were initiates together two years ago. I ignore her until she goes away. I thought once she knew about Tris she would stop flirting with me but I guess I won't be so lucky.

Shauna finally moves along.

"She's never going to stop, is she?" I ask.

"Hey, there are worse things in the world than pretty girls hitting on you," Zeke says.

"I'm going to need your help tomorrow," I say quietly, leaning in so no one else hears me. "The control room has a camera trained on the computers now. I imagine Eric is watching it from somewhere. I need to look at those files again. The ones I told you about, and I need you to run interference."

"Just let me know when," Zeke says.

Later, I've lost sight of Tris. I find her on the couch with Christina.

"Tob….ah…Four! C'mere." Tris yells when she sees me, her voice thick.

"Did you just call him Tobafour?" Christina squeals. "That is a terrible nickname."

Christina's eyes are half shut. I don't know how Tris has managed to keep up with her friends, considering her size, but she has. No doubt she'll pay for it later.

"Do that thing with your shirt. I told Christina about it and she wants to see it."

"What thing with my shirt?" I ask.

She leans heavily into Christina. "It's so cool, you have to see it, he just goes 'whoosh' and it's off, I don't know how he does it."

Uriah shows up with two more full glasses and hands them to Tris and Christina. I follow him back to the kitchen. "Hey, take it easy with Tris; she's never had anything to drink before."

"She's not in Abnegation anymore, Four. Let her have some fun," he says with a little too much attitude. He pours a couple more drinks and goes to deliver them across the room.

"What the hell's up with your brother?" I say to Zeke.

"Just let it go," he says.

A little while later, Zeke points to Christina. "Looks like somebody's had a little too much fun." Christina is now flopped over the arm of the couch, passed out.

"Yeah, it's probably time I get Tris out of here."

"Just don't take her by way of the Pit," he says with a laugh. The first time I got drunk I was trying to keep up with Zeke and his buddies who had about a year of drinking under their belts before I even got to Dauntless. I threw up right in the middle of the Pit. Zeke never lets me live that down.

I turn toward Tris and stop dead. My fingers curl into fists and my heart jumps to my throat.

Uriah is snuggled in beside Tris, whispering in her ear.

He slides his arm along the back of the couch behind her head and he puts his other hand on her knee. He keeps whispering in her ear, sliding his hand up her leg. What the hell is that little punk doing? I move in front of them before he can go any further. It takes all the resolve I have to not grab the hand that's on her leg and break every single finger. I take a deep breath.

"We should go," I say, looking directly into Tris' eyes and ignoring Uriah completely. I hold out my hand to Tris. She places her hand in mine and I pull her to her feet.

"Tris, you don't have to go. Stay if you want," Uriah says, reaching for Tris' other hand which slips right through his.

"I'm having fun though," she says to me quietly.

I put my hand on the small of her back and pull her in close.

I whisper in her ear. "Why don't we go back to my apartment and I can do that thing with my shirt you like so much," I lean down and kiss her on the mouth, slowly.

She tilts her head back slightly, her eyes closed. "We can't go yet. I want Christina to see you do it," she whispers back.

"She's sleeping. I can show her another time," I whisper. I nibble her ear until she starts giggling.

"Okay," she sighs.

"Kiss me again," I whisper in her ear. She puts her fingers lightly on my cheek and I don't make a move. She puts her fingers on my lips and then she kisses me. I wrap my arm around Tris' waist and guide her towards the door.

I look over my shoulder to Uriah. "Thanks for the party," I say with a smirk. He looks at me, his eyes hard, a mix of anger and envy.

I know Tris wanted to stay but I know from experience that we have to get back to my apartment before the ground drops from under her and the world starts spinning.

She leans on me all the way back to my apartment. When we get inside she puts her hands under my t-shirt.

"Do your shirt thing," she slurs.

"I will in a minute," I say. I still don't know what 'shirt-thing' she's talking about. I grab a rubber band from my dresser and hold it out to her.

"Why don't you put your hair up in a bun?"

"I thought you liked my hair down," she says.

"I do, but put it in a bun anyway."

"Okay," she says. It takes her a few tries to grab the rubber band from my palm. She twists her hair into a bun, but then it spills loose again as she loses her balance.

"Whoa," she says, putting her arms out to steady herself.

I put my hands on her sides. "I got you."

I hold her steady as she ties her hair up in a messy bun. When she's finished she raises her arms up in triumph and I give her a hug. She leans on me heavily until I'm practically holding her up.

"Tris, are you okay?" I ask.

"I don't feel so good," she says thickly. I guide her to the bathroom and she gets sick. It will be the first of many visits to the bathroom tonight.

I feel a twinge of guilt for putting on that display in front of Uriah, but then rage replaces my guilt. That kid can have any girl he wants, and he knew Tris and I were together. Why would he mess with that? I just wanted him to know in no uncertain terms that Tris was with me.

I have never felt this close to anyone before. I have never trusted anyone so completely. I know I'm falling in love with her. I will not give that up for some sixteen year old boy who just wants another notch on his belt.