Quirrll felt himself dying. The dying part didn't bother him at all; he died plenty of times since the beginning of time and was very sure he could rise again. He went by many names but his real name was Leviathan, God of Hunger, Flesh, and Desire. His mission was to collect as many souls as possible and Voldemort was one of them. He felt anger boil into his very soul as he began to disinagrate. Quirrll didn't want to die now, he needed that stone. If only that boy just given him the stone everything would have went smoothly. It was either the boy's life or the stone, either one Quirrll or in other words Leviathan would have taken Voldemort and given him to his followers.

As he finally died, his soul was transported to the mirror. When ever Leviathan died he had to put his soul into an object. The last time it was a marble pillar in Greece. He looked down at his now turned to ash body. If Harry ever turned to look in the mirror he would have screamed at the site. Leviathan was in his true form. He was pale as a corpse with eyes as red as rubies. He wore a robe that was made of leather that looked sewed on to his body. His hair was black that went to his waist unkept.

When he saw Voldemort rise from his own ashes, Leviathan tried warning Harry. He kept saying, "Throw the stone to me Harry." If Harry threw the stone over to the mirror, he would have been able to be resurrected without the use of blood being spilled. He would have been able to open the gates of Hell and take Voldemort. But he was never heard. Once Harry Potter laid his eyes on the ghost of Voldemort, he went through him, leaving Harry unconscious. When Quirrll/Levthian his precious son leave he screamed in fury.