ILaughToHideThePain with another story. This is about my favorite characters in Bleach getting into random things! First off, Ulquiorra!

Chapter 1- All Men Are Idiots

" Hey, Ulquiorra, just show it to me!" This insolent fool has been constantly questioning me with the same question, repititiously! I knew it was a reason why he barged into my room. No one has EVER come into my room. EVER.

" No." I said, trying to keep my annoyance hidden.

" Show it!"

" No"

"Show it!"

" No."

"Show it!"

" No."

" Show it, NOW!" That is the last straw for me. I will keep my composure, but this has gone on far too long.

" Very well, Grimmjow. Follow me." I flashed stepped out of my room to far away from the palace Aizen created. And of course, Grimmjow followed. We appeared in the nothing of Hueco Mundo's endless white desert and never ending moon. Personally, I favored the moon and it's beautiful rays, and-

" Well?" Grimmjow growled out in impatience.

" You are to follow every instruction I give you, and I suggest you do." I said in that monotone voice of mine. Knowing Grimmjow wasn't going to follow them.

" All right, Ulquiorra! Shit! What the hell do I have to do?" Only Zommari and all of his eyes could catch the most miniscule twitch in the corner of my lips.

" Turn around, close your eyes, and wait until I count to ten."

Harribel POV

" That Ulquiorra is a devious demon under that mask." I thought aloud as I watched Ulquiorra pull the same stunt I did when these idiot men asked my to unzip my clothes. Idiots.

Normal POV

To my suprise, Grimmjow did what I said. My lips slightly twitched again. I must stop letting these emotions intervene.

" 1, 2, 3, 4..." I continued counting while I charged a Cero with my finger. Harribel is extremely intelligent for coming up with this resolve.

" 7, 8, 9, 10." He turned around, with my Cero finger dead in his face. His eyes widened.

" Cero." And with that, I point blank fired a Cero directly in Grimmjow's astounded face.

" DAMN YOU ULQUIORRA SCHIFFER!" Grimmjow shouted as he got burned and blew back as far as Ulquiorra's eyes can see.

" Harribel." I said as I felt her Sonido beside me.

" Men are idiots, as you have just experienced." I turned towards her.

" Does that mean me, also?" Me and Harribel were closer than other Espada to each other. So I can sort of tease her, a little.

" You aren't a man. You are..." And what is that supposed to mean?

" Just Ulquiorra." I raised my spiritual pressure to warn her that she had crossed her boundaries. She stepped back, out of my eye's view. She must have gotten the hint.

" Calm down, Ulquiorra. I was just saying, that all men are idiots. I raised it even higher, and turned around to look at her-

" Cero."

Harribel POV

" Cero." I said as the yellow energy engulfed Ulquiorra. I saw the slightest twitch in his eyes, as he was blown across the white desert and into a red pillar, the same as Grimmjow. I sonidoed by them. Grimmjow was imprinted into the pillar, a pained expression on his face. Ulquiorra... was just Ulquiorra. Who dared try to threaten me and I am Number 3, and he is Number 4! I smirked under my hollow mask.

" Like I said, ALL men, are idiots that need to know their place."

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