This is something that's been cooking up in my head since the end of the comic. it's sort of a combination of the comic-verse, the movie-verse, and the PC-verse. it's a point of view from both mindy and dave with a little bit of chris in there. rember review me so i can know what parts are good and what parts are... well you get me. enjoy

Padded In Purple

Mindy/Hit-Girl: I sleep a bit more soundly nowadays, mostly because I have no need to be on my toes like I usually am. They try to tell me I'm the one who is fucked up, they tell me I'm a 13-year-old version of Edward Norton and Hit-girl is Brad Pitt; I was never a Brad Pitt fan. They tell me this whilst they feed me my pills and make me play dominos one hour out of the day; even though they plainly realize I'm the one who has been protecting them. Fuck me, I hope Daddy isn't pissed.

Dave/Kick-ass: I haven't slept, I barely eat, and I haven't seen my friends in months. Mostly out of three reasons: my grandmother has some strict rules, but she's not even enforcing them; losing one of your kids can do that to you. I can't even bring myself to look at Katie, even though she has tried to make it clear that it wasn't my fault (like shit it wasn't). Lastly it's the fact that I let her down, the one person that I ever actually gave a fuck about, looked up to, is in a padded cell being poked and prodded at. Shit, I hope her dad isn't pissed.