Hi guys so sorry this took me so long to get this running again, i got handed some really serious personal issues that i had to deal with.


Night time; the city screams a combination of pedestrian footsteps, car horns, police sirens, and street performers. Mindy and I set up a lookout spot on the roof of a deli we used to frequently grab food from. We left the safe-house at six o'clock, its damn near five a.m.

"Jesus, home-boy. I haven't heard anything on the police-scanner; it looks like nothing's happening." Mindy sits across the roof from me on a wooden-crate, looking over the city.

"I know we have no leads. I've got to get you home. You're dead tired."

"I'm fine."

"Christ, look at you. You're going to pass out if I don't get you in a bed." Mindy valiantly rises from her wooden crate. Fighting her exhaustion, trying to prove to me she can make it for the rest of the day.

"Besides we have to get home while it's still night out."

I have Mindy pack up. We climb down the old ladder on the side building. I got first so that way I can catch her on the last step; it's a bit of a drop for some-one as short as her. In the alley we change.

We make it back to the safe-house. Mindy climbs up the stairs, I follow her. She hops in the bed and doesn't even bother to toss the blanket on herself.

"Hey Dave?" She calls to me from her pillow

I sit on the food of the bed, looking at the wall. "Yeah?"

"I know we'll find Todd."

"How can you be so optimistic right now?"

"After everything I've been through; I'm still a kid, I have to possess a sense of child-like hope. Plus I think it's something your mopey ass needs to hear right now" I turn the light off and make home so I can at-least get thirty minutes of sleep before school.

Mindy/ Hit-Girl

I wake up dazed and definitely confused. I was exhausted and the only thing that's making me wake up from my slumber is the fact that the god-damn doorbell keeps ringing. I grab my brown wig with the bangs and make it for the door.

A tall water in a suite stands before me as I open the door. I probably should have thrown on some better clothing.

"Uh, hello?" I crack the door open enough for us to see each other but not enough for him to get a good look at me.

"Hi, my name is Detective Nicholas Marten – NYPD – can I speak to your parents?"

"Oh, I'm sorry my mom and dad are at work, I'm sick so no school for me."

"Right of course… Do you mind if I come in anyway?"

"I guess so."

I let the cop in; surely I haven't been found out. I don't think I can bring myself to kill a cop. Well if I have the assurance that he was brought on by Gigante, then maybe.

"Can I ask you a question?" He stands across in the hallway of the door. We're only about five feet apart from each other. While he's reading me, I'm reading him.


"Why the color purple? For your costume, I mean? It just looks so gaudy. No offense."

I don't let a single second pass by. I run from the hall. Jump over the back of the couch and land on a cushon. I reach into the drawer of the coffee table and pull out my magnum revolver. I have perfect bead on him; he has a perfect shot at me with his Beretta.

"You know I'm a pretty good aim, perfect shot, top of the academy."

"That's funny because I don't need to be a good shot, with this gun and at this range."

"I need your help?"

He tosses his gun on the floor and puts his hands over his head.