Natsu was on his way towards the outskirts of Magnolia with Erza, Gray, and Happy. Erza and Happy carried a bouquet of flowers while Natsu and Gray had some candles. Each one of them bore sad expressions on their faces. But their feeling could never be compared to Natsu. While they only felt loneliness and hurt he also felt guilt. The others also felt guilt, but not as much as the fire mage was. But after all that's happened, you can't blame any of them for feeling that way.

It has only been a week since that incident. Where they lost something that can never be replaced. Something that has already become a great part of their lives. They lost someone who was most dear to them. Their beloved nakama, or rather, a part of their family.

Lucy Hearphilia.

They could all remember that incident so well. Almost half of Magnolia's population were killed during that time, but Lucy was the only mage who did. Other than that, it seemed that she was the one who suffered the most terrible death out of all those people.

They arrived at a clearing, where a large gravestone was placed in the middle. There, a list of names were carved. Of course, Lucy was among those names. So many had died in that incident that the mayor decided to do a mass burial. At first, a lot of people were against it, but in the end, there was nothing they could do. Erza and Happy placed the flowers in front of the grave as Gray and Natsu lit the candles.

Soon, everything came back to them. Memories of that incident came flooding back.

A neighboring country has declared war a month ago. They started to attack different cities in Fiore, and among those cities were Magnolia. They had tried so hard to defend it. Every single member of Fairy Tail tried to fight off the soldiers, but they had very strong mages. Not even Erza could match them. Gildarts and Laxus managed to fight them off a bit. Crime Sorciere fought along with them, and that was how they saved half of the city's population, but that was all they could do. But something happened during that fight.


Natsu was trying desperately to fight off their opponent at a mountain next to Magnolia, Lisanna and Lucy by his side. Their opponent was a tall man with bright red eyes and black hair. He uses a similar type of magic as Sherry from Lamia Scale. He can control anything that isn't human. Including Lucy's celestial spirits. Though it didn't matter at that time, because Lucy had lost her keys and all she has now was her whip.

"Heehee, you think you people can beat me?" the man smirked. "None of you can even lay a finger on me!"

Then they were attacked by a rocks that took the shape of humans. But they were outnumbered, there was no way they could have won.

"There's no end to them!" Lucy said.

"But we have to try our best." Lisanna said as she was transformed into a tigress. But then she was changed back into her normal form.


"I'm out of magocal power!" she said. And then, suddenly, one of the figures pushed her into the cliff. Fortunately, she was able to grab on and started dangling at the edge of that cliff. She wasn't sure how much longer she can hold on to it.

"Natsu! Help!" she cried.

"Lisanna!" Natsu yelled as he ran to her rescue. But then, he heard another call for help.

"Kyaa! Natsu!" Lucy cried for help. He turned around to see that one of those rock figures had her pinned to the ground, lying on her stomach.

"Natsu!" Lisanna yelled again. Natsu glanced at Lisanna then back at Lucy then back at Lisanna. He wondered: 'who should I save?'

"Natsu!" both women yelled in unison.

Then Lucy shrieked. Natsu looked to see another rock creature lifting a rock and was about to smash it to Lucy's head. Without hesitation, he ran towardds Lucy's rescue, and at the same time, Lisanna lost her grip.


Natsu punched both the figures which immediately fell down and he turned back to the rupture. "Lisanna!" He ran towards the rupture. What if he lost her again? What if she died for real this time? What if it'll be like the last time and he couldn't have done anything about it? All this questions were filling in his head as he felt guilt overcome him. But he soon sighed in relief.

"I-I'm alright." Lisanna said, she had transformed her arms into wings and was thankfully saved.

"Thank God."

"Luckily, I was able to regain even a bit amount of magical power. Enough to transform for a while."

"Lisanna, are you ok?" Lucy asked running to them.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Now let's go help the others." Lisanna ran towards the city, not noticing the fact that her companions weren't following her. Lucy felt tired as she collapsed to her knees. Natsu sat down in front of her with his arms crossed.

"I wonder where the guy we were fighting with went." she said, Natsu didn't respond.

"Natsu?" still no response. "Oh, by the way, thanks for saving me back the-"

"They weren't much." he finally spoke. Lucy fell silent.

"Those things were weak and pathetic! And you couldn't deal with them?" he said facing her with an angry expression. "Lisanna was dangling on a cliff a while ago! And without my help she still managed to save herself! What if she hadn't had enough power to transform? What if I lost her again? I didn't come to her rescue so I can save you! Because you're like those things! You're both weak and pathetic! Why am I stuck with you anyway? If you're just gonna be some damsel in distress all the time you might as well have stayed with your dad! You ran away from that place to become something you can't handle! You ran away because you hated it there! You ran away for your own selfish actions! Cause that's what you are! A weak and selfish spoiled princess!"

He stood up. "I'm going back. If you're gonna follow me you better not get in anyone's way. Cause that's what you always do."

Lucy just sat there watching as Natsu walked away from her.

Natsu was really mad at her right now. Seriously, how can someone be so weak? He almost lost Lisanna back there. And Lucy acted as if nothing had happened. He couldn't believe that girl. But for soe reason, as he was nearing the town, he stopped. He looked back. Lucy was out of sight. She hadn't followed him. For a second, he felt the urge to come back to her. But he ignored it, not knowing that he'll be regretting that decision.

A shriek was heard and then something started to rise from the mountains. Everyone in the city, including Natsu, turned to look at it and were all shocked. They saw the mountain take the form. It didn't look like a human, but more like the giant robot that Phantom Lord had used to attack the guild.

They stared at it dumbfounded. Then it headed towards Magnolia. Every mag in Fairy Tail prepared to attack until a man shouted from the mountain.

"Oi! Visne Soldiers! Draw back!" the black haired man, Natsu's previous opponent, shouted. They stared at him in shock.

"Don't misunderstand! Our job here is finished." he said. "We have better things to-"

He was cut off when swords that came out of nowhere attacked him. As he dodged them, he saw some people coming towards him. Erza, Gray, and Natsu charged towards him. He smirked.

"Ah, you must be the rumored 'Strongest Team in Fairy Tail'. It's an honor to meet you." he bowed.

"Guys!" Lucy yelled, and they turned to see her trapped in the mountain puppet hands.

"Lucy!" Erza yelled.

"Hang in there!" Gray told her. Natsu looked a little pissed, but said nothing.

"Ah, I wonder if you are a worthy opponent." he said. "Because, if not, you won't be able to save your friend."

"Huh? Looks like you're underestimating us." Gray cracked his knuckles.

The man smirked and they started landing their attacks on him. But they've already used up most of their magical power. Moreover, a large rock puppet appeared which was a whole lot stronger than Natsu had fought before. They couldn't even scratch him. Soon enough, they collapsed, too weak and tired to even stand.

"Heh, as I thought, you're all worthless."

"Guys!" Lucy yelled once again. They tried to stand up again, but failed.

"Well then, I suppose I won't be needing you anymore." he told Lucy and snapped his fingers.

And with that simple act, the world, for them, seemed like it was crashing down.

Right in front of their eyes, the rock puppet ripped their beloved celestial mage apart limb from limb and then threw her aside as if she was just a rag doll. Her team mates watched in horror as Lucy's body parts landed a few meters away from them. They were frozen in shock, their bodies trembled, and tears started to form in the corner of their eyes as they stared at their comrade's body which was covered in a pool of blood.

But the man wasn't done with her yet, he then approached her and mumbled something. They couldn't hear what he had said, even Natsu, with his incredible sense of hearing couldn't understand a word he had said. If there was time to think, he would have realized that the man was speaking another language. But there was no time to think about that. In fact, it didn't matter anymore. It all happened so fast, because after he whispered to himself, without hesitation, plucked one of Lucy's eyes out, as if she still wasn't in enough pain. Her friends couldn't have done anything about it. That was why they felt so much guilt soon after. They had watched their friend suffer so much, go through such great misery, and yet they couldn't have done anything about it.

"Well then," the man said, holding her eyeball. "I'll be taking my leave."

And before they knew it, the rock puppet pushed them out of the moving mountain. They still haven't recovered from the shock. But when they crashed to the ground, they seemed to have snapped back to reality. But they were still speechless. Until Natsu's nose twitched and he sprinted to a run.

"N-Natsu?" Erza asked.

"C'mon!" was his only reply and he started wandering around the wood until he froze in his place. This gave Gray and Erza time to catch up with him. But they also froze at what the dragon slayer had found.

The remains of Lucy's body.

They felt tears forming at the corner of their eyes. For their beloved nakama to suffer such a death . . . they couldn't stop their tears as it rolled down their cheeks. gBut then, Lucy's hand twitched, her team mates flinched at that simple act and they quickly ran to her side.

She was alive.

After suffering through all that pain and suffering she was still alive. But of course, she was in pain. She was in so much pain. It was heart breaking to see their comrade in such a state. Especially while knowing her life will be ending soon enough. And there will be nothing they could do about it. None of them dared to speak. They didn't know what to do. They knew there was no hope for her anymore. No one, not even Wendy nor Porlyusica could possibly heal this much damage. It wasn't like they could bring her to them anyway. They've lost all their magical power aswell as their energy from the previous fight. All they could do at the moment was sit beside her, just be with her for the last time.

"G-guys . . ." Lucy spoke. She couldn't stop her tears from rolling down her face from all the agony she was experiencing. Her head was still intact from her chest to her waist. Her legs and her left arm were the ones that were ripped apart from her.

"L-Lucy . . . H-hang in there!" Erza told her. She forced herself to believe that Lucy was still going to live even though she knew well that probably won't. "Help will surely be arriving anytime! Just hang in there!"

"I . . . I can't. It . . ." Lucy just stared at them, of course it was obvious that she didn't want to tell them about the pain she was going through. She knew that it'll just cause their hearts to break. So she just continued to stare at them. They were all sobbing. Erza had kneeled ext to her while Gray and Natsu was still standing as they stared at her. She raised her right arm which was caught by Erza. Erza gripped her right hand tightly and Lucy did the same.

"G-guys . . . I . . ." Lucy stared at them for a moment. Then she looked at Natsu. At that point, guilt welled up inside of him. He just knew this was all his fault. If he hadn't left her alone she wouldn't be suffering so much. She was suffering so much, going through all that pain and agony. And yet . . . through all that pain . . . she managed to do what seemed like a simple good bye.

She smiled.

Though her tears were still streaming down her face like the rest of them, her cheery smile had still spread across her face. Her team mates looked at her confused on how she managed to give such a smile in the situation that she's in right now.

Then her grip on Erza's hand loosened. Her smile faded and you could see in her eyes that it was missing its usual sparkle. Their eyes widened as realization struck them.

"L-Lucy . . ?" Erza stared at her but the blonde didn't even twitch. She remained motionless.

"Lucy. Lucy!" Erza shook her repeatedly hoping that she had just lost consciousness, but of course it was just hopeless.

Erza gave up and just focused on stopping her tears from falling, the two boys behind her did the same. They knew there was nothing they could do. Natsu stood there a look of disbelief in his face. He just couldn't believe it.

She was gone.


After Lucy's little "good bye" the others had appeared. Mainly Makarov, Levy, Mira, Lisanna, Wendy, Happy, and Charle. As expected they were in total shock. Levy and Mira immediately burst into tears while the others stood in shock. Wendy ha offered to try and heal Lucy in hopes that it still wasn't too late. But Erza had her realize that it was hopeless. So Wendy broke down into tears being comforted by Charle who was also weeping a bit. Makarov Lisanna, and Happy were still on shock like Natsu but soon they started crying too.

Everyone in the guild was trying to get over the loss of a faithful comrade. Team Natsu wasn't doing such a good job at it though. None of them felt like going on a job. Happy would always run off not wanting anyone to see him break into tears. There were barely any fights in the guild, and even Erza wouldn't take a bite at any sort of cake.

But they don't just plan on simply moving forward after Lucy was murdered. No, this meant war. Fairy Tail was one of the guilds who were chosen to go to Visne and try to defeat the "7 Sinful Souls". The most powerful group in that kingdom. They are said to be the generals of that kingdom's army and also the king's body guards.

So they were going to go there and avenge their nakama. They'll pay for what they did to Lucy. They were going to avenge her Death no matter what.

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