A/N: This one's been on my mind for a long time. I wanted to see some of the honeymoon at the end of Season 4 but they didn't go there. Then I read DirectorCarmichael's wonderful story The Best is Yet to Come and got excited again about writing this one. Thanks, DC, for the inspiration. I'm also a big romantic and always want to see/read/write about the love our two favorite spies share. So I hope you like this. All mistakes are mine. Please review if possible. Don't own Chuck, darn it!

Chuck awoke with a light tropical breeze blowing through the bedroom and the sounds of the surf crashing nearby. As he did every morning, he smiled. He smiled because the love of his life, the most beautiful girl in the world, was laying with him, head on his shoulder, left arm across his chest and legs tangled with his own. For the gazillionth time he wondered how this wonderful, sensual, goddess could be his wife. What had made the stars align to bring him ... his Sarah? He loved her name and would think it and say it over and over every day. He began to lightly play with her golden hair. On one hand he hated to wake her but, on the other, he just couldn't wait to look into the deep, cobalt blue eyes and see the love he felt being reflected back. He ached to see her smile. Yes, the one that completely melted him into a puddle of goo the very first time he saw it, four years ago in the Buy More. And he longed for those same lips to gently caress his. His wife ... his lover ... his everything.

Sarah began to gently awaken. She could feel movement in her hair as her husband ... yes, HER husband ... was gently stroking and tangling it. There was a wonderful breeze blowing through the bedroom and she loved waking to the sounds of the surf outside. But even more, she loved waking in his arms, feeling his heart beating, being surrounded by his very essence. She lay still, not wanting him to know she was awake. She loved, more than anything, the feel of laying with him, touching from head to toe and knowing this kind, loving soul was her mate. This man had shown her that love was the deepest, most meaningful emotion one could ever feel. She had avoided it for so long. It wasn't in the job description, was it? But he ... Chuck ... her Chuck ... awakened those feelings of love and now they would share those feelings forever. He had given her a home, something she never thought she would know. Sarah could no longer wait to see that electrifying Bartowski smile and have her lips caressed by his. Her husband ... her lover ... her everything. She smiled, knowing he would feel the movement on his shoulder. In the quietest of whispers she said, "Good morning, my love."

Yes, Chuck felt her smile and heard her greeting. In the same whisper he said, "Hello, my beautiful Sarah. I love you."

"I love you, too, Chuck." It had taken her so long to say it. Those three simple words. Even after Chuck had openly confessed his love for her, bringing a strange and wonderful warmth to her inner being, it had been against everything she had ever known. To make this all encompassing commitment to another soul frightened her like nothing else. How could she make that commitment to anyone, knowing it would end the independence she had worked her whole life to control? It took coming close to losing him for her to say it. Now she couldn't say it enough. "I love you with all my being."

They moved to lay on their sides, looking at each other and drinking in those wonderful feelings of being together. Sarah loved Chuck's large brown eyes as much as he loved her beautiful blue ones and they stared deeply into each other's soul, feeling the warmth. They moved into each other in a gentle kiss which soon escalated into searing passion and they made love with joy and excitement.

As they lay together basking in the afterglow they continued to gently caress each other. Time stood still for these lovers when in each other's arms. Finally at one point Chuck moved and kissed Sarah ever so gently while moving his right hand to her cheek. There he felt dampness. Pulling back he could see tears in Sarah's eyes. He dabbed at them until Sarah finally looked away and chuckled in embarrassment. "I don't know why I suddenly teared up like this. How crazy is that?"

Smiling that famous Bartowski smile that had so won her over, Chuck replied, "Baby ... baby. If you hadn't I would have myself. There's just nothing so wonderful as being here with you in my arms."

"You did this to me, you know," she said in mock anger. "I never was a crier until you changed me from a spy to a woman." But then that megawatt smile lit up her face, giving away her joy and gratitude.

"Well, I was always way too sentimental for my own good so I needed to drag someone down to my level."

Laughing, they both moved off the bed and headed to the bathroom.

"You do realize, Mrs. Bartowski, this is the last day of our honeymoon, don't you?"

"Oh, Mr. Walker, I wish you hadn't said that. I was hoping it was just a dream and we could stay here forever." They loved playing this little name game they had first started in the limousine leaving their wedding reception.

Sarah had been to many of the world's exotic locations but had always been 'on the job' and had not taken advantage, or even knew how to take advantage, of the offerings. Chuck, on the other hand, who had never been to any vacation spots, was able to quickly take advantage of everything the resort and island had to offer. During their two week stay at this exclusive resort in Hawaii they had had the time of their lives. Here, the outside world didn't exist. They weren't spies. There were no bad guys. No Beckman or Casey, Morgan or the Buy More. They just had each other.

They had spent the first couple of days alone in their private bungalow. They swam and sunbathed and made love. They ordered their meals in and just allowed the world to go on about it's business without them. They had lived together for over a year but their love and lovemaking had never been so exciting. There seemed to be no limit to the level of physical and emotional pleasure they brought to each other.

On the third day they began to explore the rest of the resort and the surrounding areas. The restaurants and clubs on site were top notch and they sampled them all. They went nowhere that they did not turn heads. They were a stunning couple and turned the heads of men and women alike. It was more than obvious to all that they were so very much in love. There was always contact between them, from simple handholding to linking arms to reaching out to stroke the other's arm or back or cheek. Their smiles alone would light up their surroundings. Chuck's initial aversion to PDA years ago was completely gone. It was not unusual for them to lock into a searing embrace and kiss that had those watching them swooning. It was also normal when they were dancing for the floor to clear so everyone could marvel at the physical and emotional connection these two lovers displayed. They would both blush and smile when the crowd applauded but they were secretly smiling with pride and joy in their partner and in their love.

Oh, there were a few individuals along the way that tried to hit on them. Men would try saying something to Sarah about being with a nerd and a couple of girls had 'accidentally' lost their bikini tops right in front of Chuck. But it never phased either of them as they only had eyes for one another. They just laughed and a quick flash of their wedding rings quickly dispersed those individuals.

"You know, sweetie, we haven't really done any shopping for the family so we have to do that today. I also don't want to leave without one last swim out to the cove we found a couple of days ago. Then why don't we just hang out at The Wind Club for a casual evening. How's that sound to you?"

"It's perfect, babe. Just like us to be thinking exactly the same thing. Let's hurry up the shopping so we can get to the swimming."

After a wonderful day of surf, sand and love Chuck and Sarah spent their final evening in their favorite club at the resort. The Wind Club was a mostly outdoor area where resort members could eat, drink, dance and socialize. There was a game area inside which was mostly ignored while the bar and bandstand were covered to look like a native hut. Most of the tables and the dance floor were open to the sky and looked out over the resort's main cove. Dress was casual. On this final night of their stay Chuck wore an unbuttoned, off-white Hawaiian shirt over a green tank top and khaki shorts. He had acquired a very nice tan during their stay, something unusual for him and his fair complexion. Sarah, even more tanned and glamorous, was in a bikini of white with gold trim and straps. She had a pale yellow, translucent wrap around her waist that trailing down one lovely, long leg. There was an audible gasp from several of the patrons in the club as this incredible couple walked in, arm in arm. Many pairs of eyes followed them across the deck until they sat down at their table. As usual, they both missed it all, being so wrapped up in each other's company.

They had made several friends during their two week stay and enjoyed the food, wine, music and friendship one last time. As the evening progressed they moved to two stools at the bar, chatting with acquaintances who happened by as well as with Jamie and Lynn, the two bartenders who had also become friends.

The band in this club was excellent: they did not overwhelm the crowd with sheer volume so conversation could be enjoyed as well as the music, and they were not shy about playing lots of romantic, slow music for the lovers in the crowd. Sarah and Chuck never missed a chance to hold each other and sway gently to the music out on the dance floor.

During one such dance Sarah whispered to Chuck, "So Mr. Bartowski, how did you get to be such a good dancer?"

"Well, Mrs. Bartowski, I once knew this knock-out blonde who insisted that I learn to dance. I was so very uncoordinated but she took me under her wing and showed me the glory of expressing love through the dance."

"Hmmm … she must have been very special to get you to open up like this."

"Unbelievably special. I think you would like her." With that Chuck pulled Sarah even closer and kissed her gently on the temple. Sarah just melted further into Chuck's embrace and sighed with great contentment.

They didn't see three gentlemen enter the club, stop and stare at the couple on the dance floor, and talk in hushed whispers while watching the couple walk back to their seats as the music ended.

The evening was perfect. They talked and laughed, always touching and sharing their love with one another. It was so relaxing and fun. Neither could ever remember a time when they were happier. Chuck was watching Sarah, as he did most of the time, oblivious to those around them. Her smile, her dimples, her cobalt eyes ... all completely mesmerizing him. Suddenly he saw Sarah's face change. The smile disappeared and her eyes glazed over, which he instantly recognized as her spy mode. Then the creases in her forehead began to appear. First the large one just inside her left eyebrow, then the slightly smaller one over her right eyebrow. What's going on? Chuck thought. And then even the tiny one just inside her right eyebrow appeared. Oh, oh ... a three crease alarm … Chuck knew there was something very, very wrong.

And then he heard it. A man with a raspy whisper and a strange accent spoke to Sarah: "Hey gorgeous, my name's Brock. How's about we blow this popcorn stand? I know you want to be with a real man tonight."