Author's Note-Hey everybody I only wanted to say I love the awesome couple of Shadam they are a awesome couple together Shadam are cool so the story I'm writing will be cool too so enjoy my story about them. Now reviews are welcome in my story good or bad however be nice so like I said reviews are welcome in story good or bad however be so enjoy my story. Author's Note- I do not own The Young And The restless or any of their characters.

Adam Newman sat in his hotel room at the GCAC thinking about Sharon Newman the love of his who is now gone so now he was alone without he felt empty inside unable to feel. Adam Newman could never love anybody like he did Sharon Newman she was the only one who didn't see him as a monster a unfeeling psychopath or sociopath. God he loved her. God he missed her. He shouldn't have lied to her Hell he shouldn't have let Patty Williams escape. He didn't want Patty Williams to get out of control Hell didn't expect her to. Her going after Jack with gun wasn't what he wanted he wasn't suppose to get blinded no his has been restored yet however Jack wasn't suppose to get shot unable to walk yet however he was. Now Sharon was gone out of his life for good all because he had to lie to her about the whole situation. He wasn't going to pursue her he felt going after her when only make the whole situation between not so good or worse even so he would decide to stay put. He didn't want to pursue her he wasn't going to stalk her or call her or even go near her if she didn't want him around her. He tried to talk to her once when he was still blind he had called out to her she had ignored him. They did have a nice conversation after his sight had been restored she had congratulated him and like on he had congratulated her on the new deal for Newman Enterprises on their new cosmetics division they were in a way proud of each other . Then she went away and he was alone again without her again he still missed her. Adam wanted to be a better man not only for Sharon for himself to so Adam would keep trying to be a better man and maybe one day Sharon would see this then maybe one day they could be together with Noah along with Faith along with a family of their own their kids. He wanted a future with her a family with her. So Adam would keep trying to reach his goal his goal was to be the man his mother wanted him to be the man his mother would be proud of so Sharon could see him them they could get married be a family with Noah with Faith have a future with her have kids with her if she wanted anymore. He suppose at times he would feel hopeless try to give up. Then he would remember the good he's done so far like help out his best friend Chelsea with baby John how he was able to help Billy and his sister Victoria by helping with baby John so he could be given to them. He had support too so if he wanted to give up he had his best friend Chelsea he even had to think about how he helped Billy with his sister Victoria how he helped with John to remind him he wasn't hopeless. He wasn't giving up on them he wasn't going to stalk her no he stay where he was then she would see they how they be together how they could have happy life together with each other as a couple. A happy life as a couple with nobody to harm them nope Adam not giving up on them.