Chapter 1


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(Note: The time setting is just like it is in the Little Mermaid. But technology is advanced just like in treasure planet on land. Jim is 16. Ariel is 16 as well.

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~~Chronicles of Narnia Soundtrack- The Battle Music start~~

Upon a small island stands a kingdom. An wonderful kingdom beside the sea. But the kingdom had a bad history. A king and a queen at that time had a beautiful daughter with blonde hair, and blue eyes and their daughter wasn't very pure of heart. They saw that ever since she was born. But the king and the queen didn't expect any bad from it. They thought that the young princess would grow out of it. As the years went by and their daughter grew older, the only thing the young princess craved was destruction and the throne it's self. The young princess one day started experimenting. With potions and black magic hoping that her new powers would end her parents lives. The termination of her parents mean she would become queen and rule over the entire kingdom. Years of practice of black magic and the 16 year old princess was ready to make her assault. One day the king and the queen were siting in their thrones addressing matters that needed to taken care of. The evil princess barges into the throne room holding a wand. She evilly smiles at his parents.

Taken by surprise the king and queen look at their daughter. With a war cry the princess points her wand at the her parents as she plans to take control of their minds and order them to kills themselves. A red aura forms around her wand as a beam of red lights shoots out. The king sees the beam of light shoot out towards him and his wife and he quickly dodges the attack, taking his dear wife with him. The princess sees she as failed and it was her only shot she could fire. The royal guards swarm all around her and apprehend her wand. Without it she was powerless. The king and queen had enough of their daughters evil ways. And they now see that their daughter tried to kill them. They didn't know it was to control their minds but from their stand point it looked like a death beam. The king and queen then order their daughter to be banished into the open sea hoping it would calm her down and make her good again. They think the living on a ship with calm waves would help their daughter.

Their command was final and the royal guards swarm around the princess and take the princess away from the kingdom and place her onto a ship where she would spend the rest of her life with other royal guards to guard the the middle of the ocean. That was the last time the king a queen ever saw their daughter. Out in the ocean the calm ocean wasn't doing the princess any good. The princess was exiled on to a ship open water with no land to be seen. The princess had enough of watching blue water and blue sky. Until one day she spots something in the water. She sees fins and a hand pop out of the water and sink back into the water. The sight takes the princess by surprise. Again, hands and fins splash out of the water but this time a full body was exposed. A young a beautiful mermaid with a purple lower body leaps out of water like a dolphin the orange sun setting in the back ground behind the mermaid enhances the scene and to the princess the scene plays in slow motion. She observes the mermaid's Human upper body and the mermaid's lower body which was fish like. The mermaid lands into the water again and was never seen again.

The princess hatches and idea and quickly enters her room. She wasn't going to give up. She wanted to rule the kingdom. She wanted to see her parents dead, she wanted to be queen. She mixes up a few potions with her black magic hoping she could transform into a mermaid and swim to land once again. Once on land she planed to change back into human, grab her wand and assassinate her parents. But she makes an error on her behalf and the mixture of potions shoots into the air. The princess screams in horror at the exploding concoction and the royal guards hear the princess from the deck of the ship.

They rush to the princess's bed room but to their displeasure find the door locked. With all of their might smash open the door but the princess was nowhere to be found. All what was found was a huge gaping whole on the bed room wall. One of the royal guards spots something black and purple. It looked like a octopus's tentacle. Just before the royal guard could say anything or react the tentacle escapes from sight. The royal guards steer the ship in circles across the vast ocean in search for the princess. But princess was never found.

They set course for the kingdom once again to bring the horrible news that the princess was not found and maybe a huge octopus has taken their daughter for lunch.

The royal guards dock the ship and head for the throne where the king and queen sat. They tell the king and queen what has happened overseas and the king and queen are devastated. A few months past and the king and queen suddenly die. They weren't sick or old. They both died of heart break. The deep internal pain of not being able to see their daughter ever again destroyed them.

Since there was no queen or king, nobody ruled the kingdom and in turn the monarchy ended. Nobody ruled over the people and the people went on with their daily lives. A few years past and times became worse and worse and so people moved out of the town. Good thing only the bad people moved out they were in search of gold. The good people stayed in the town and were glad the bad people were gone.

But the people still wished they had a king or queen to look up to. Thousands of years later this story was pasted from generation to generation. People wonder what happened to the young and beautiful princess. Was she eaten by or monster...or worse... as for the wand...well the wand was forgotten about and the towns people took the wand and pasted it on from generation to generation.

The End

~~Chronicles of Narnia Soundtrack- The Battle Music end~~

"So class, what did you learn from the story?" A teacher asks the class holding the book she was reading from.

The teacher had dark brown hair and it was tied up in a bun. She had glasses and was wearing a navy blue skirt that end just below her knees. She had a light blue blouse that matched her skirt and black high heel shoes.

"That this is a dumb story." A teenaged boy answers the teacher's question with a annoyed tone. He slouches in his chair with his arm crossed over his chest.

He had brown hair that was short and had two bangs one on each side of his face. He had a pony tail but it was small and tight. It laid behind his head on his neck. He had a black jacket on, a light olive shirt, olive green pants, black boots with the rims a very dark yellow. He had blue eyes.

"Really Jim? Well I am asking for what your learned about the story not your opinion on the story." The teacher says with authority

Jim sits up in his chair and uncrosses his arms. He places his hands on his knees.

"Alright! I learned, that this story is simply a load of bull shit!" Jim glares at his teacher and says with a more annoyed tone.

"Mr. Hawkins! Your tone and profanity will not be tolerated in my class room!" The teacher raises her tone to show Jim who's in charge.

The class attentively watch the argument between Jim and the teacher.

Jim stands up and completely ignores his teacher.

"I mean really? Mermaids, black magic, it's fantasy! Fiction! Fake!" Jim says to the class with assertiveness.

The teacher stomps over to Jim and her black high heel shoes clack against the floor with each step. She stops right in front of Jim and she looks up at him with an angry face. "Mr. Hawkins! Head over to the principal's office immediately!" The teacher says angrily and frustrated as she points to the door with her pointer finger.

Jim looks down at his teacher with once eye brow raised he puckers his lips a bit and rolls his eyes. He steps around his teacher and speed walks to the door in frustration and exits the room slamming the door behind him.

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