Chapter 12

~~Something's fishy around here~~

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Jim, Ariel and Sliver head out into town to grab some food to eat. This is the first time Ariel as ever been to a human city before. The people walking on the side walk. The group of kids playing by the gushing fire hydrant. The tall buildings that soared into the air. She smiles from ear to ear as she witnesses all the wonderful and new sights of Montressor. Jim takes notice of Ariel's excitement and smiles beside her.

"So, do you like the sights?" Jim asks Ariel with a smile.

Ariel hears Jim and quickly turns her head to look at Jim. Her hair flows with beauty as the wind gently plays with her beautiful red hair.

"Oh Jim! It's amazing. It's like nothing I could ever imagine!" Ariel exclaims with joy.

Jim chuckles with a grin and goes to grab Ariel's hand resting on the leather seat. "This is where I am from Ariel. This is the city I was born in." Jim tells Ariel passionately.

Ariel softly gasps in surprise. "Really?" Ariel softly asks.

"Yes. This city is called Montressor." Jim tell Ariel softly.

Ariel and Jim smile at each other and slide closer to each other and suddenly they lunge forward as their eyes widen with shock and they let go of each other's hand as Sliver slams on the breaks in a parking spot by the side walk.

Jim and Ariel groan in some discomfort.

"We're here you two lovers!" Sliver exclaims with joy and exits the car and closes the door behind him.

"Ugh…Why such a sudden stop?" Jim softly groans annoyed exiting the vehicle with Ariel crawling out behind him.

Sliver doesn't hear Jim as he looks at the establishment in front of him with pride.

The establishment was a sailors bar.

"Fishy Eats" Read the sign on the building.

Ariel looks at the bar with excitement. Ignorant to what is inside.

"Let's be going! We're burning day light!" Sliver exclaims as he proudly walks towards the bar.

Ariel excitedly follows after sliver.

"Wait up guys!" Jim cries out and quickly runs after the two closing the car door behind him.

Under the Sea

"Where is she?!" King Triton yells out frustrated.

"We are searching everywhere you're majesty!" The little seahorse exclaims freighted.

"At this rate we'll never find Ariel." Triton sighs disappointed. His eyes open as if he has realized something.

"Of course! …What haven't I thought of it earlier?" Triton says with realization.

"You're Majesty?" The seahorse asks curiously.

"I'll bring my most elite sea men!" Triton exclaims with pride.

Triton without hesitation points his trident into the air and it starts to glow with gold as a golden beam shoots into the water above him and through a hole in the castle.

Guards across the palace grounds see the golden beam but only two quickly swim towards the beam.

Moments later two guards enter the chamber in which King Triton was in. The seahorse nervously looks at the intimidating guards. These guards were the two most elite guards in all of Atlantica. The guards we fearless, strong, and very athletically built.

At one point in time King Triton wanted Ariel to marry one of these elite and fearless guards.

"Conner! Ryan!" The kings calls to them.

"Yes King Triton!" The guards say in unison. Conner had short blonde hair, and blue eyes and a tan skin tone. Conner's fish lower body was a navy blue, and Ryan had black hair and brown eyes and his lower fish body was an emerald green.

"My daughter Ariel as gone missing! I want you to find her. And do whatever it takes to bring her home….and who's ever responsible for her disapprence."

The guards quickly acknowledge their orders and quickly with great speed and agility exit the palace and go on the investigation for Princess Ariel.


Jim, Sliver, and Ariel enter the poorly lit bar. The thick sent of cigars filled the air in one corner of the room. The smokers lounge. But Sliver wasn't here for a smoke or a drink. He was here to feast on some food with Jim and Ariel.

Ariel looked at the many different sailors. They all turned and looked at Ariel and Jim with anger and disgust. Jim cringed under their uncomfortable stares. Ariel frowned at the different sailors as she and Jim continue to slowly follow Sliver towards the bar. Sebastian that was still in Ariel's hand peeks through Ariel's fingers, he too his nervous. He sees what's on the sailor's plates. Lobster, Shrimp, and Crab! Sebastian cringes and whispers to Ariel. "Ariel! It's not safe here! Let's get out of here this instant!" Sabastian cries out very softly to Ariel. But Ariel ignores Sebastian. She did not want to go anywhere without Jim.

Sliver walked with pride unaware that Jim and Ariel felt uncomfortable and sat on the stool in front of the bar. Sliver orders the food for himself, Ariel and Jim. Jim and Ariel sat beside each other. Jim had a nervous look and Ariel held on to Jim's arm tightly frowning. A huge and ugly sailor with a long and busy moustache walks up behind Jim and pokes Jim with his hook. "Hey! You're in my seat!" The sailor warns Jim.

Jim grew more nervous as he heard the angry sailor behind him and felt his sharp hook on his back. Which each passing minute the sailors throughout the room make Jim and Ariel even more uneasy.

"Psst! Sliver…" Jim whispered to Sliver looking forward and not moving an inch of his nervous and tense body. Sliver was sitting next to Jim and didn't hear Jim whisper to him over the sailors loud talking.

"PSST!" Jim whispered a bit louder still not moving to face Sliver. Still knowing the angry sailor was still behind Jim. Jim was still facing forward with a nervous look in his face. His teeth showing and the angry sailor glaring at the back of Jim's head and his small little pony tail he had.

Sliver still doesn't hear Jim.

"HEY! PUNK! GET OFF MY SEAT!" The sailor roars out in anger.

Jim nervousness very quickly turns to anger as the angry sailor called Jim a punk. Before Sliver and Ariel could react. Jim quickly turns around punches the sailor in the jaw with force. Knocking the huge sailor on his back with a loud thud. The entire bar trembles by the fall.

"Who you calling punk?! Fish breath!" Jim yells out defensively and Jim's act causes the entire group of sailors to apprehend Jim and hold his limbs apart. "What makes you think you can come in our turf and disrespect us with your presence?!" A sailor with a big nose asks Jim annoyed spiting a bit on Jim's face as he talked.

"Hey! Ever heard of say it, not spray it?!" Jim talked back to the sailor with the big nose angrily.

The sailor with the hook grew very angry at what Jim for disrespecting his friend and he aims his tight balled fist at Jim's face. His fist trembled with sheer force.

Sliver couldn't get to Jim as he franticly tried to push through the crowd of huge angry sailors his size. "Jimbo!" Sliver cries out frantically.

Ariel gasps as the angry sailors take Jim forcefully and as the sailor aims his fist at Jim.

Sebastian also sees what happens between the sailors bodies and sees glimpses of Jim behind held with his limbs spread apart. Sebastian gasps in Ariel's hands. He quickly breaks free of Ariel's grasp. Ariel gasps and gestures Sebastian to hide again in her hand. Sebastian refuses despite his fear of the sailors and avoids behind stepped upon and stumbles across rope that seemed to hold a old and dusty chandelier above the sailor who was aiming his fist at Jim. Ariel sees what Sebastian was about to do and approves. She quickly gestures him to cut the rope.

Sabastian quickly cuts the thick rope with his claw and the entire chandelier falls on the sailor's head before the sailor could deliver the devastating blow. The entire crowd becomes dead silent and still as they couldn't believe their eyes.

Ariel pouts at the sailor trying to be brave.

"Don't hurt him! He's really special to me!" Ariel yells bravely at the huge sailor with the chandler around his thick neck.

The crowd looks at Ariel in surprise that such a sweet little girl would yell at the crowd's leader, the one with the chandelier around his neck. The sailor with the chandelier around his neck glares at Ariel for yelling at him.

"Ariel…"Jim says to quietly to himself in amazement.

"I've been way out at sea too long and it was my dream to come on land and experience the great and wonderful things the land as to offer!" Ariel yells out try to get her point across.

"I want my dream to be a good dream not a disaster! Don't you have a dream?!" Ariel continues to yell, trying to get her point across.

The sailor with the chandelier stomps his way to Ariel. Ariel cringes and her eyes widen with fear as she watches the angry sailor stomp towards her. Everyone could feel the vibration on the floor as the sailor stomped towards Ariel. He finally makes it within 2 feet away from Ariel and glares down at her. Ariel look at the towering man all 7 feet and 2 inches of him.

The sailor frowns and sighs "I had a dream, once." He takes off the chandelier chandler around his thick neck and throws it at the band who was asleep. The band gets startled at the sudden crash and start playing music.

(NOTE: BOLD IS LYRICS I CHANGED THEM A BIT. The sentences in parenthesis is what that person is doing. This is the bar scene in the movie. I used some of the parts in the scene to create this part in the story. I just tweaked them a bit. I DO NOT OWN TANGELED. During the song Sebastian is doing his best not to get stomped upon by the dancing sailors)

~~I've got a Dream start by Tangled~~

Hook Sailor: I'm malicious, mean and scary

(Hook Sailor glares down at Ariel)

My sneer could curdle dairy

And violence-wise, my hands are not the cleanest

(Hook Sailor shows Ariel dried blood on his hands)

But despite my evil look

And my temper, and my hook

(Hook Sailor proudly shows off his hand hook)

I've always yearned to be a concert pianist

(Hook Sailor goes on piano with the band)

Can'tcha see me on the stage performin' Mozart?

Tickling the ivories 'til they gleam?

Yep, I'd rather be called deadly

For my killer show-tune medley

Thank you!

'Cause way down deep inside I've got a dream.

Sailor Chorus: He's got a dream!

(Jim's face annoyed)

He's got a dream!

Hook Sailor: See, I ain't as cruel and vicious as I seem!

Though I do like breaking femurs

You can count me with the dreamers

(Gestures to the other Sailors)

Like everybody else I've got a dream!

Big Nose Thug: I've got scars and lumps and bruises

Plus something here that oozes

And let's not even mention my complexion

But despite my extra toes

(Big Nose Sailor shows his extra toes)

And my goiter, and my nose

I really want to make a love connection

Can't you see me with a special little lady

Rowin' in a rowboat down the stream?

Though I'm one disgusting blighter

I'm a lover, not a fighter –

'Cause way down deep inside I've got a dream

I've got a dream!

Sailors Chorus: He's got a dream!

Big Nose Thug: I've got a dream!

Sailors Chorus: He's got a dream!

Big Nose Thug: And I know one day romance will reign supreme!

Though my face leaves people screaming

(Sebastian sees the ugly Big nose Sailor and screams-nobody hears him)

There's a child behind it, dreaming –

Like everybody else I've got a dream

Sailors Chorus: Tor would like to quit and be a florist

Gunther does interior design

Ulf is into mime

Attila's cupcakes are sublime

Bruiser knits

Killer sews

Fang does little puppet shows

Hook Sailor: And Vladimir collects ceramic unicorns!

Hook Sailor :(Glares at Jim) What about you?

Jim :(Rolls his eyes) Who? Me?

(Sailors let go of Jim, freeing Jim)

Big Nose Sailor: What's your dream?

Jim: (Annoyed) I don't sing.

(Sailors aim their guns at Jim in the face)

Jim :(Nervous sings and dance) I have dreams, like you - no, really!

Just much less touchy-feely

They mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny

In a house that I own

With Ariel and me all alone

(grabs Ariel in his arm)

Surrounded by enormous piles of money

(Jim grins slyly)

Ariel: I've got a dream!

(Excitedly raises her hand)

Sailors: She's got a dream!

Ariel: I've got a dream!

Sailors: She's got a dream!

Ariel: I just want to see the floating stars gleam!

Sailor: Yeahh!

Ariel: And with every passing day

I'm so glad I got away

Like all you lovely folks I've got a dream!

(Ariel closes eyes happily)

Sailors: She's got a dream!

He's got a dream!

They've got a dream!

We've got a dream!

So our diff 'rences ain't really that extreme!

(Jim pouts in the corner)

We're one big team...!

Call us brutal –

Sick –

Hook Sailor: Sadistic –

Big Nose Sailor: And grotesquely optimistic

Sailor Chorus:'Cause way down deep inside

We've got a dream!

Hook Sailor: I've got a dream!

Big Nose Sailor: I've got a dream!

Sailors Chorus: I've got a dream!

I've got a dream!

I've got a dream!

Ariel: I've got a dream!

All: Yes way down deep inside,

I've got a dream!

(Sailors cheer)

~~I've got a Dream end~~

Jim notices two men identical in every way glare at Jim and quickly exit the bar. Before Jim can run after them Sliver finally reaches Jim and hold his close laugh. "Jimbo! I didn't know ye can sing!" Sliver cackles out a laugh and leads Jim back to the bar.

Jim hesitates to go after the twins and lets Sliver take him away towards the bar.

"Our food just got done. Better eat it while it's hot right lad?" Sliver chuckles.

Ariel quickly picks up Sebastian and hides Sebastian in her red hair so Sebastian blends in very well.

Ariel sits beside Jim and holds on to Jim's arm happily.

"I hope you're having as much fun as I am!" Ariel exclaimed excitedly to Jim.

Jim grins and nods towards He then looks away as he glares at the door from which the two identical twins left a minute ago. Sebastian notices Jim's concern.

"There's something fishy going on around here" Jim thinks in his head as he continues to glare at the door.