The A-List

A Ben Birnbaum Story

Man. This flight is boring. I mean, first class is so overrated. I'd get a drink, but come on. How idiotic would it be to drink alone.

I looked out my window and sighed. Its getting really hot in here. I pulled off my sweater to try and regulate my body temp, and I noticed this really hot girl looking at me. She closed one eye, and it might've been a wink, but I figured this is a good chance to wink back. So I did. She looked like she was about to die, sitting with this old guy that I have a feeling she had just met and he wasn't wanted. Hey, if I save her, it gives me a chance to move in.

Split second lie time. "Paige."

She looked up. She said something. I said something. She said something. I didn't even notice. I was too busy taking her in. wow this girl was hot. But not in the way that she was trying to be. And it wasn't fake. I've learnt to spot every sign of plastic surgery, from experience and my father,

"So. My names not really Paige," she said smoothly. "I'm Anna Percy."

Anna Percy. It tossed around in my mind like gentle thunder. "And I'm not really Jack," I answered with a laugh. "Ben Birnbaum." I offered her my hand to shake. We didn't let go.

"I felt your death wish clear across the isle."

She raised her perfect eyebrows. "That palpable, huh?"

Wow. "I'm shaking hands with a girl who's drop dead gorgeous and who just used the word palpable."

She frowned. "That's unusual?"

I laughed. "Oh, yeah. Plus you didn't say 'like' in the middle of your sentence."

"Oh, and that's like, unusual too?"

"Yes. Beauty and brains. Hot as hell." And it was. Especially on this girl. But there was something about her. Something about how she acted. Like she was a real person. Not a rich jap. Not a Beverly hills slut. A real person. And I fell for it. Hard.

She leaned in closer. "Want to hear more?"


"Versimilitude." Was the only one I caught. I just watched her lips, naturally full, and wished that mine were glued to hers.

The next thing I remember was making out in the bathroom. Then the asshole guy reported us. And then, it was time to go.

"Come to the wedding with me."

"But I cant just show up."

Then I told her it was Jackson Sharpes wedding. And she agreed. But all I could think of was her. She was… Amazing. She was… real. And she… she looked like she was the type of girl that takes crap from no one. And for once I didn't want a physical relationship. I wanted to like this girl too. And I did like this girl. Very much.