An NCISLA Fan Fiction

Foreword: Here is another M rated Densi story. I told myself I wouldn't write another M rated Densi fic, but I was hit with sudden inspiration while watching last night's episode. My thought was what if they gave into their thing during their undercover op as husband and wife? So this story came about. It didn't hurt when I found ECO's naked streaking clip from "Fired Up" on YouTube. That might have helped too.

Happy Birthday to the incomparable Maxie Kay. I named one of the characters in her honor.

Deeks and Kensi were undercover in the the suburbs. They were posing as a married couple that had a passionate and volatile relationship. John and Karen "Kiki" Snider were suppose to be wildly in love even though they fought like cats and dogs. His alias was a surfer boy who worked in IT while Kiki was a former stripper whom he met while she was on stage. The couple next door was a Navy Staff Sergeant and his wife and they were under investigation as potential suspects due to a lead in the team's current case. From the Intel gathered, it was widely known that Maxie and James Kay were part of a swingers club and were rather voyeuristic. Maxie was a petite and vivacious blonde with breasts that weren't naturally possible in nature. She was very outgoing and invited the pair over for dinner with her husband. Maxie was very touchy and would come up with several excuses to touch Deeks. One time she even pinched his butt when he walked past her in the hall. It was all he could do to refrain from yelling out loud at the indignation.

James on the other hand, was rather quiet. However, he was prone to looking at Kensi in a way that that made her skin crawl. Luckily, Maxie didn't notice this and seemed happy in her marriage. Later in the evening, Kensi realized that Maxie wasn't trying to flirt with Deeks. She was very affectionate with her husband, but couldn't resist the lure of Deeks' perfect rear. Kensi couldn't blame her as she herself had slapped his butt a few weeks ago after that impromptu basketball game.

After dinner, Deeks and Kensi decided to take advantage of the hot tub in their back yard. Kensi went to her bedroom and changed into her suit. It was bright purple and left little to the imagination. The bottom was a g-string with little coverage in the front. The top had tiny triangles that barely covered her nipples. One false move and she would be on display for Deeks. This was not the kind of bathing suit worn in public. It was actually a purchase for her wild trip to Miami years ago. She went a few months after Jack left her. Kensi felt the suit was very appropriate for her undercover alias and a part of her wanted to titillate Deeks and make his mouth water.

Deeks was getting ready in his own room and slipped on a pair of body- hugging swim shorts. They molded to his butt and displayed his firm physique to the hilt. He usually wore long board shorts, but Hetty insisted he bring these instead. She said that his alias was an exhibitionist and took every opportunity to show off his body. The skinny jeans and the tight shirt he wore at dinner were a testament to that fact.

Deeks headed to the hot tub and brought along the welcome basket the neighbors gave them after dinner. He spotted a bottle of chilled champagne inside so he grabbed two champagne glasses and a corkscrew from the kitchen and took them outside with him. The basket was sealed, so he didn't get a good look at what else was inside. If he had seen the contents, he would have blushed a rosy red. Deeks set the basket on the gazebo bar and proceeded to turn on the jets. Within minutes, the water was sufficiently warm and he hopped into the bubbly whirlpool.

Deeks closed his eyes and let the water soothe his tired muscles. He heard the sliding door slam and he opened his eyes to the most amazing vision. Kensi was walking towards him in a bikini that only existed in Brazil or a really bad porn flick. The top consisted of string and little triangles that displayed quite a bit of side boob. The bottom was miniscule and almost as small as the one worn by Kate Lipton on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Today's belly ring was silver with purple tips that matched her suit. But the highlight was when Kensi turned to slip out of her sandals. He got a good look at her butt and saw that the triangle was only in front and the back looked like dental floss that disappeared into her crack. He also noticed a sexy tattoo on her right butt cheek. It was the words "Semper Fi" written in fancy script. Her dad was a Marine so he figured she got it in tribute after his death. He could see the neighbors puttering around in their second floor bedroom so Deeks stayed in character when he addressed Kensi.

"The water's fine, Princess. Hop in and come sit next to me."

Kensi gave him a look and got into the tub. She slid in right next to him. Kensi was surprised to feel the very small shorts when her thigh met his.

He leaned over and pretended to kiss her ear as he whispered, "We have an audience. How about we show them something they won't forget?"

Deeks figured that if they were open in their affection, the neighbors would warm up to them and share some information that would help their case.

Kensi went into action and placed her hand on his chest. She started to nuzzle his ear, but was really glancing in the direction of the neighbors and saw they were discreetly watching from their open window.

"Look at this lovely gift basket we received from the neighbors. Wasn't that sweet of them? There is a chilled bottle of champagne inside. Would you like a glass, Kiki?"

"Yes, dear. Let's see what else is inside."

Deeks sat up on the edge of the tub and pulled down the basket. He opened it and took out the contents one by one. In addition to the chilled champagne, he found several condoms, a bottle of lube, flavored massage oil, honey dust and furry handcuffs. In reality the items inside shocked him, but he hid his reaction well.

"I can't wait to use all of this stuff soon," Deeks said as a wide grin spread across his face.

"That can be arranged," Kensi purred.

Inwardly, Kensi rolled her eyes. These neighbors were definitely not the normal suspects they came across. She was also a little taken back by the contents, but couldn't help but think about each of their various uses. The handcuffs alone brought up lots of ideas that included her partner immobile and at her mercy.

Deeks grabbed the bottle and opened it with the corkscrew. He pulled the cork out and the champagne spilled all over Kensi's breasts. The cold liquid made her nipples harden and the velocity of the liquid caused one of the triangles to shift. This revealed one erect nipple to the cold air and Deeks' hot gaze.

"You're putting on quite a show there, Kiki."

Deeks brought his hand to her top and pushed it back over her exposed nipple. He grazed her nipple slowly as the fabric moved across her skin. She shivered lightly and felt the caress through every part of her body.

Deeks took a deep breath to steady himself and poured them each a glass. He was taking liberties with Kensi that she wouldn't have allowed if they weren't undercover. Touching her was the stuff of fantasies. As her partner, he was happy to spend his days with her. But at night he yearned for her when he was alone in his bed.

He handed one to her and said, "Here's a toast to us. May we always be this hot looking together even when we retire and move to a nursing home. Cheers."

She snorted and said, "Cheers."

After taking a small sip each, they put their glasses on the edge and enjoyed the ministrations of the soothing jets. There were also some bubbles coming out of the seats. Kensi could feel the bubbles through her suit and was getting a little turned on. She noticed the neighbors were still watching, so she decided to take advantage of this opportunity. Kensi could claim that she was working their cover and thought she wouldn't have to admit that she was really interested in seducing her partner.

She climbed into Deeks' lap whispered into his ear, "Let's give them a real show."

Kensi nuzzled his neck and gave him the biggest hickey.

Deeks was so turned on and did something he had wanted to do for the longest time. He found Kensi's lips and gave her the steamiest kiss. He explored her bottom lip and when her mouth opened, he swooped right in and started dueling his tongue with hers. The kiss was wet and so hot at the same time. She had never been kissed like this before and reveled in its intensity. He pushed aside the cups of her top and started to fondle her breasts. His hands palmed each firm breast and he used his fingers to pinch each nipple. Deeks broke off the kiss and slowly made his way down her neck with his tongue. He pulled one nipple into his mouth and sucked on it until it was stiff. He repeated this with the other one and Kensi let out this long moan that could be heard past the yard.

He stared at Kensi and couldn't believe this was really happening. His partner was writhing on his lap and was turned on because of him. Marty was beginning to resent the presence of his neighbors, but Kensi was so wound up. He knew that he needed to take care of her before they moved this interlude to a more private setting. So he made sure that Kensi wasn't exposed to the neighbors and one hand made its way down her body. He pushed one finger underneath her bottom and started fondling her clit. Kensi yelled and started undulating across his lap.

"Please, don't stop. I'm so close."

"Don't worry, Princess. I'll take care of you."

He kissed her on the mouth and put one finger inside of her vagina. In and out he went until she started bouncing up and down. Then he added another finger and kept pushing inside until she started to shake.

She was so wet and the continuous movement of her hips was making him rethink his previous plan. But he had to focus. He wanted their first time together to be private and the protective side of him didn't want an audience watching as he made the woman of his dreams his lover.

Kensi was just about gone. Deeks took one nipple into his mouth then took his thumb and pressed it against her sensitive nub. He rubbed it in time with his fingers thrusting into her warm sheath. He could only imagine how she would feel when he plumbed her depths with his aching erection.

With one last flick of his thumb, Kensi errupted with a loud cry. The aftershocks were intense and he could feel the tremors coursing through her body against his own. He rubbed her back and held her close to his chest. She started to kiss his chest and she looked ready to pounce on him.

"How about we take this inside, My sweet? I want our first time in our new house to be on our bed."

Kensi looked at Deeks and suddenly remembered where they were. Even during passion, Deeks was a gentleman.

"That sounds good. You have the best ideas John. How about we go inside and take the basket with us?"

"The next time I make a suggestion that you veto, I'll remind you of what you said tonight."

She laughed out loud at this and stepped out of his lap. Kensi put her swimsuit back in place. She got out of the tub and grabbed one of the towels that was in the bin next to gazebo. As Deeks got out, she grabbed another towel and wrapped it around him. They were hugging and wiping each other down and Kensi could feel his rigid member against her still sensitive flesh. He was so hard and needy, so Deeks pressed his body into Kensi and kissed her soundly. His control was fraying, so he quickly turned off the tub and told Kensi to grab the basket and champagne bottle as he hustled them into the house. At the rate they were going, he wasn't sure if he would take the time to remove her suit before losing himself in her luscious body.


Author's Note: These two are so damn photogenic together. Is it me or does ECO almost look like he is related to his fiancée? She is very pretty, but the blond hair makes them look a little too matchy matchy. Daniela Ruah with her brown hair just looks so striking next to him. Supposedly, Daniela is dating Eric's brother who is his stand in for stunts. Interesting.

Author's note #2: That bathing suit I just described should be illegal. Actually, it was banned a few years ago in some counties in Florida. As for Deeks' swimsuit, I was watching an episode of Cake Boss and remembered seeing it. While vacationing in Italy, Buddy and the guys were forced to wear them when the womenfolk bought some. They insisted that everyone from Buddy to his young son had to wear them. Needless to say, none of them looked as good in them as ECO. I really should start a petition requesting that ECO wear a pair in an upcoming episode.