I am just going to say this before the story begins. This is my personal spin off of a collection of stories, movies, songs, games, etc. The book that gave me this inspiration is called The Forbidden Game by L. J. Smith. She is a great author and she wrote the famous series called Th Vampire Diaries. I give a 100% credit of the idea to her and I am not claiming it as my own except the changes throughout the story. I would also like to give the makers of Final Fantasy their credit and do not want to claim anything as my own except the words. So with that said please enjoy:)

Tifa Lockhart found herself walking home alone. She should've just crashed at Lightning's house instead of walking home, alone, in the dark. She at first wanted to enjoy the night sky but it transformed from a beautiful mystery to almost a haunting nightmare. She was being silly though. What could be so scary about a good neighborhood at night? She knew everyone here. If she needed help they would help her. Or at least she hoped they would. She pushed that thought to the back of her mind. Why should she let bad thoughts enter her oh so clear mind? She needed to focus on getting home. To her family. Or what's left of it. Her family has been through hell and back, she didn't want to cause trouble by calling them to come get her. She would just walk.

Tifa, Lightning, and a few other friends were celebrating the end of the school year and for some reason her boyfriend couldn't make it. Light lived close and offered that Tifa spend the night, but Tifa decided against it wanting to enjoy some alone-time. If she only knew she would feel like this halfway home.

Tifa passed a series of stores. This was normal. They all just looked eerie at night though. Then she heard a noise. She had to restrain herself from turning around. She simply glanced back. She saw someone standing by a bus stop. Staring at her. She bit her lip. The person looked like they were walking towards her, crossing the street at a diagonal. Tifa backed up and hit a door handle. She didn't have time to question it. She didn't have time to question it. She opened the door and stepped inside. Luckily it was open twenty-four hours. She sighed and tried to calm herself down. Why didn't she just call her boyfriend, Genesis? Why couldn't she have just asked him to come and get her?

To distract herself, Tifa found herself looking around the shop. There was no one there. Odd, Tifa thought. the first thing she noticed was the lightning. It came from a candles scattered about. It had no electrical lighting. It added to the beauty of the store. She looked at the seemingly endless shelves. The shelves were a dark brown. There were odd symbols on the spines of multiple books. She ran her fingers along the spines of the books. She was tempted to pick one up and open it, but had a sinking feeling she wouldn't understand it.

Tifa moved along and came across a series of... games? She was marveled by the intricate and hypnotizing details. Some were engraved in gold, others in silver or bronze. She traced the gold lining on one of them. The names weren't in english. She recognized some as Greek and some as Italian, German, languages from almost every country. It was almost hard to read, but the candle light would dance to show the words. "Can I assist you?" A voice from behind her asked. She yelped, startled, and turned around she was greeted by a boy.

No boy wasn't the right word. Definitely not the right word. The look of his face, too tired, too rugged, to be a boy, but too boyish and cherub-like to be a man. But the feeling Tifa got that encircled him, that sneaked out trying to wrap around her, was anything but angelic. She felt fear, she felt cold, she felt ice, but it was completely matched with safety, warmth, and fire. She finally found it in her to look at his eyes. Her lips parted slightly, trying to catch a breath that he stole from her.

His eyes were strikingly blue. They were captivating, luring. She was sure the sky and the deepest of the ocean would be envious of the blue radiating in his eyes. The color of evening blue, but more brilliant, if that was possible. His hair was black as midnight and defied gravity in a series of spikes. He was too beautiful to consider real, but if it was possible she recognized those eyes. Tifa was sure she never saw something so brilliant, but she had something nagging at her stomach.

He cleared his throat. "Can I assist you with anything?" HE repeated. It shook Tifa out of her trance. She looked away trying to hide the blush that trailed across her cheeks in the shadows of where the candles didn't dance.

"I-um-I saw your shop. It was open and I wanted to come in and look around. It looked... interesting," she lied.

He lightly chuckled. "Not many find this place interesting."

"Well then I am one of the few," she mumbled, finally having the courage to look at him again.

"Well then, is there anything you came to look for in particular? Something I could help with?"

"Not exactly. I was just looking at these games. They are fascinating, the design is mesmerizing."

"I think I have something in the back you would like," he said and walked to the back of the store. Tifa could breathe again. What was she thinking? She had a boyfriend. She couldn't act this way about another guy. He returned just as soon as he left. He was carrying a box that at first glance would've been mistaken as black, but up close was a dark maroon, with dark gold trim and sketches along the sides it was quite thick, but no title. She felt a shiver go down her spine. Something was off. It had wicked beauty, almost the same radiance as the boy. Tifa knew one thing though, it had to be hers.

"How much?" Tifa murmured.

"Oh I don't know, if I can sell it." Tifa looked at him pleadingly. She saw a flash of mischief in his eyes. "Maybe I can make an exception. IT is extremely rare. In fact this might be the only one left, in the world."

"I-I don't think I could afford something like that."

"It's a gift. On the house. I swear."

"I-I couldn't."

"Don't worry about it. It is yours." HE handed it to her.

"Thank you," she said. Tifa looked into his eyes one last time. "I should go."

He nodded. "See you soon." Tifa walked out. Then she thought about what he said.

"See you soon?" Tifa mumbled to herself. Then she got a call. Tifa fumbled for her phone and picked it up. "Hello?"

"Come back to my place! We are having a late party at Fang's. Just a few people. You, me, Fang, Serah, Genesis, Noctis, and Cloud," Lightning said in a rush.


"No buts! Get over here now!" Lightning hung up on her.

"Great." Tifa glanced at the store. All signs of light were gone and it looked like no one was in there. Could he have possibly closed up that quickly? She just shook her head and pushed it to the back of her mind. Tifa walked back to Light's house and knocked. Light swung the door open.

"Good your here! What the fuck are you holding? No know what? Let's just go. We are gonna be late anyways," Lightning pulled Tifa and Serah to her car and they got in.

"What's in the box?" Serah asked, leaning over to Tifa.

"A game. I found this little shop on the way home and well I had to get it."

"It is really pretty."

"I know."

"So what's inside? What kinds of game is it?" Light asked.

"Not sure. Maybe we could open it up at the party."


They walked in and Tifa still clutched the game. "Hey guys!" Fang said. The guys were already there. Genesis walked over to Tifa and kissed her lightly.

"What's with the box?" Genesis asked. Tifa bit her lip. She felt guilty for the attraction she felt to the guy at the store. She pushed it to the back of her mind.

"Just something I picked up. The clerk said it was a game of sorts. I got it cheap," Tifa lied.

HE nodded. "Hey let's play the game Tifa got!" Tifa bit her tongue. She almost hated him for a split second. She mentally shook her head. What is wrong with her? Everyone nodded and they pried the box from her hands. Tifa wanted to snatch it back but let them take it