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Charlie sighed as he stared down at the blank sheet of parchment in front of him. This would be the fifth letter he'd sent since the dragon incident without getting a reply.

"Worried are you?" Pau asked coming up behind him. "I'm sure he's fine. It's not like there's another dragon there that could hurt him. There isn't is there?"

The red head chuckled as he rolled the tension out of his shoulders. "Not that I know of."

"Then what's wrong?" His friend demanded as the rest of the rescue party wondered over.

"It's just," Charlie sighed and ran his hands through his hair. "We've only been face to face a time or two before we went to pick up the dragon. For me this bond thing only got stronger but what if its different for him? What if he doesn't want anything more to do with me?"

Henry snorted. "You're making pies out of a dung heap boy. Kid's just busy."

Thomas nodded. "It is the end of the school year. Write him again, tell him how worried you are. I'm sure he'll respond."

Charlie smiled gratefully. "Thanks guys." He said as he picked up the quill once more.

Hey Harry,

How's it going? Haven't hear much from you which has me worried. I didn't do anything to really embarrass you did I? Or one of the guys? I can tell they were really excited to meet you. They've talked about nothing else non stop and now everyone on the reserve is hankering for you to come.

Did something else happen? Did one of your friends find out the truth? Cause its okay if they did. We were pretty obvious that night. And its not like we'll be able to hide this forever. But let me know if they're giving you a hard time over it. Especially if its Ron. You say the word kid and I'll set him straight.

Or maybe one of the professors are suspicious? Are they watching your mail now? If that's the case just give your letter to Fred or George and they'll get it to me.

You have to do something though. You've really got me worried here. I' m imagining the worst and I'm really not the kind of person who does that.

In other news Norbert is fitting in fine. Actually we're beginning to suspect the guy might be a female, he's certainly vicious enough for it. We'll be running some tests so I'l get back to you on that.

But like I said, vicious. Already had two handlers bitten by Hagrid's little pet. Don't worry I wasn't one of them but thank merlin that thing is no longer around you. He's calmed down now that he's big enough to play around with some of the others. Maybe he was just lonely or missing Hagrid.

And hey guess what? We caught the guy that stole the egg in the first place. One of our cooks. Don't know how he got in and out of the enclosure without being bitten. Anyway he admits to being paid to go in and grab an egg. Said there was no preference but is not like we have eggs being hatched all over the reserve.

The bad news is he couldn't identify the person he sold it too. Course all he cared about was the gold anyway. Strange though that a stranger deliberately sought out an egg just to lose it in a poker match.

So that's it from over here. Honestly Harry, I need to hear from you. If you don't write soon I"m going to come to the castle just to make sure you're okay!

"Hey Weasley," Thomas yelled out, spotting the white owl winging its way toward the group two days later. "Mail call."

Charlie dropped he feed bag he'd been carrying and grabbed for the feathered messenger. "About bloody time." He muttered as he ripped off the letter. Hedwig gave an indigent hoot at the handling and nipped at his hand drawing blood. The dragon handler ignored the injury as he quickly read through the short letter.

"Didn't I tell you he was okay?" Henry grunted, grabbing the letter out of the younger man's hands.

Charlie snorted. "Sure he's okay. He got in trouble for something that wouldn't have been an issue if the headmaster hadn't been such a git, had to face the derision of is whole house and why the hell does it sound like that detention consisted of him being beaten?"

"Calm down big fella." Paul cautioned. "He's an eleven year old boy, who doesn't hate detentions?"

"Besides." Thomas added with a grin. "One more week and he'll be home with us, safe and playing tag with the dragons."

The red head barked out a laugh as he snatched the letter back. "Yeah that sounds real safe." He called as he veered off towards his own cabin, intent on rereading the letter.


I'm sorry I haven't written. I really would have if I'd know it would make you worry. You guys didn't embarrass me or anything. It was wicked being able to see you again and to meet everyone else. I just wish I could have really talked to you. Sometimes all this secrecy really blows.

I didn't not write because someone found out. Well Hermione did figure it out and I don't know how but i'm sure Neville knows but neither of them are going to say anything. Its just been a really hard couple of weeks I guess.

See Filch caught me and Hermione as we were headed back and handed us over to McGonagall. She gave us detention which Fred and George said wasn't anything to be ashamed of. They even tried to tell me that you wouldn't be mad about a simple detention. But its a lot worse than that.

Mcgonagall caught Neville as he was on look out for us and she was really steamed at the three of us. She didn't know about the dragon, just thought we were sneaking around. And she took fifty points from us! Each!

Gryffindor has no chance of winning the cup now and everyone in the towers knows it was us. They ignore us to our face and say really mean things about us behind our back. I don't care so much, I mean I'm kind of used to it with the Dursleys. But it's really affecting Hermione and Neville. And the telling off Nev got from his gran was horrible. Its not fair. He didn't even do anything!

And then the detention itself...If that's what Hogwarts detentions are like then I don't want anymore!

Be sure to let me know if Norbert really is a girl. I'm sure Hagrid would like to know. I'll be sure to tell him that his dragon was homesick. Maybe it'll cheer him up. He's been moping worse than Dudley the year he broke his computer and Uncle Vernon wouldn't get him another one until Christmas.

He sighed as he reached for parchment. Wasn't the letter supposed to have made him feel better instead of worse?


Wow kid, talk about a harsh punishment. I think think I've ever heard of McGonagall being that mad and you know the twins had to have done some pretty nasty stuff. Detention plus one hundred fifty points? For just sneaking around at night? And it being your first time getting caught! I don't think even Snape would have treated you that badly. Something else must be going on.

I can sort of understand how the rest of Gryffindor must have felt though. Some of them work really hard for those points and beating Slytherin is such a big thing. There's no way you'll be able to make them up the year is done, even with quidditch.

Too bad you didn't tell them about the dragon. I bet that would have eased them off a bit. But I can understand not wanting to get Hagrid in trouble or evan more trouble yourself.

Of course I wouldn't be mad about a detention. Haven't we already talked about this? Especially this one as its mostly my fault. We should have just snuck in and take Norbert ourselves and not involved you guys at all.

Hang Dumbledore anyway. He knew exactly what you were doing! Merlin he knew the minute we landed on the roof, the wards remember. I wouldn't be surprised if he sent Mcgonagall to catch you. Maybe that's why she was so harsh.

Still its wrong of him to let the punishment stand. He had to have know it was mostly my fault. Maybe he's suspicious and this is his way of trying to drive us apart? I don't know but I really hope for your sake that he doesn't continue this trend.

Now then, what happened during the detention? You were a little vague but what you did say certainly didn't sound good. I have a very active imagination. You can't just leave me hanging like that. I need details. As quick as possible got that?

Harry grimaced as he read the letter before sighing. Not only did he not want to relieve the horrid scene again, but he couldn't be sure that Charlie wouldn't come tearing up to the castle the moment he heard about Voldemort.

"What's the matter Harry?" Hermione asked, having noticed his frown.

He waved the letter. "A certain someone wants to know about our detention, minute by minute." His bushy haired friend dropped open in horror.

"No win street that is mate." Neville pointed out from his other side. "You can tell him and he'll go insane with worry.."

"Or you don't tell him and you get in big trouble for lying." Hermione finished.

Harry scowled at both of them. "Thanks guys, that really helps." He muttered.

"You can always do what the twins do." Ron offered around a mouthful of food. "Only tell half of it. You know, going into the forest, the centaurs, even the unicorn. No reason to mention You Know Who at all."

"That's brilliant Ron. He'll just think being in the forest scared me and he'll forget all about it." Harry grinned as he grabbed his quill.