Draco and his parents waited for the next two hours with Scorpius and Potter's kids in the living room, after Scorpius had finished with the bedroom tour. Lucius sat with Lily on his lap, reading her story while Narcissa talked quietly with Scorpius, Teddy and James. Evan sat watching Draco, eerily like his father with his green eyes.

It took a few minutes, but his patience failed him and he glanced at the mini-Potter replica with a raised blonde brow, "Yes?" The boy flushed, lowering his eyes with a murmured, "N-nothing." As the floo flared up and spat out Potter and his niece.

"Boys? Lils?"

"Papa!" "Dad!" Draco winced, they sounded so happy.

"What's the result?" his mother asked kindly, taking Lily from her husband's lap. The little girl instinctively reached for her father, who set Rose down to take her. Once in Potter's arms, the child stuck a thumb in her mouth and buried her face in the raven's neck, wrapping her free arm around him and clutching a handful of his white button down Oxford dress shirt in her little hand.

"I'm going back tomorrow when they bring Ronald in." the man answered shortly, shifting his youngest in his arms. "Kingsley was livid, so was Amelia. I don't think Amelia would be happy, her brother often took his anger out on her niece Susan when he was drunk."

Lucius nodded, "What will happen?"

A sigh. "I'll fill out paperwork, Rosie will sign, Hermione will sign. Ron will be put into a holding cell at the Ministry and a trial will be held. Ginerva's been barred from my vaults at Gringott's and I'm taking Hugo as well."

Draco's brow furrowed, his fingers moving to slid into his son's blonde locks, shocking everyone with his offer. "You can leave the kids here tomorrow. I am sure Scorpius would love to have them." Mother too, he thought to himself. He really needed a hobby.

"Thank you for the offer, Draco. You';; probably only get James and Evan tomorrow, though. Lily is going to visit Luna and Rolf and Teddy is going to his grandmother."

"How is Andy?" Narcissa asked suddenly, having perked up at the mention of her sister.

"She's good, actually. She talks a lot about you." Draco couldn't explain the flutter in his stomach when he saw the breath-taking smile Potter gave his mother, but his eyes slid closed and he turned his face away from the scene, praying to Merlin the other man didn't notice his reaction. He shouldn't be feeling this way! He hated Potter! All through Hogwarts they'd fought tooth and nail against each other!

"She misses you, too, Narcissa." The soft voice rolled over Draco in waves, making his pulse pick up in tempo. He shuddered, imagining his mother's tear-filled eyes.

"Can you…can you ask her if she'd like to meet with me?"

"Sure. I'll ask her when I trop Ted off."

"Thank you, Mr Potter."

"No problem. C'mon guys. Let's go home. Rosie, couch or Lily's room?"

The words were mumbled. "Can I sleep in your room, papa?"

Draco opened his eyes and caught them just in time to see them going up in green flames.

"Well, Scorpius. Time for bed." The eleven year protested, finally relenting after his grandfather pinned him with a stern glance. Chuckling at his child's antics, Draco followed at a more sedate pace with his hands in his pockets as his son raced ahead. "Slow down!"

He reached Scorpius' room and walked inside to see his son wrestling with his shirt. "Dad, help!" the boy shouted, dancing around and trying to tug the article of clothing off. Draco laughed softly and moved closer to help Scorp out.



"Okay, get into bed." The blonde replica of himself climbed onto the bed and shimmied under the covers, looking expectantly up at him. He smiled and bent down to press a kiss to his son's forehead as he tucked him in.

His son had a look of bliss on his face as he snuggled down, coaxing another smile from his father. Draco walked from the room, casting a silent 'Nox' to turn the lights off; he close them door, leaving four inches for light from the hallway to bleed into the room. As he walked down the hallway, he heard a softly called "Thanks, dad!"

"Sleep tight, Scorpius." He whispered, heading to his own room. The feelings from the day finally caught up with him, and as he got ready for bed, he knew tomorrow, he would have a thousand more questions than he did today.

As he climbed into his own bed, and slid under his Egyptian silk coverlet, he thought back on seeing his former Rival. The man was definitely handsome, his hair was the same, and his eyes carried the same burning passion. Thinking back, they'd seemed to dull at the mention of his wife. Burrowing under his coverlet, he closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep.

He never noticed his mum or dad checking up on him, both smiling softly as they interlaced their hands and went to their own room.


Potter had dropped Evan, James and Lily off three hours ago, and Draco was already worn out. Evan and James were with Scorpius bugging Lucius (Draco had snickered at his father's dumbstruck expression) while Lily, little cutie that she was, hung with her arms around Narcissa's neck.

Draco sat sipping his tea, watching the four rambunctious children with little interest. They were polite, though. Far more so than Draco could ever say about their father.

Thinking about the man, Draco's thoughts began to wander back to his words when he'd dropped the kids off…

Flash back;

"Lily's a cuddler. Let her latch onto you when she gets in one of her moods and you'll have a shadow all day. James, he likes to be a bit like you used to be, Draco. Pompous and stuck-up. Hey, hey! No offense!" Draco glared at him, but allowed him to continue speaking. "Evan is shy around people he doesn't know, but get him to talk and like Lily over there, he'll be a shadow. Lily and James are allergic to treacle, but James has the potions in his bag. Evan won't eat much, so don't pressure him. He'll throw a fit."

"Anything else?" Narcissa asked, gently trying to coax Lily over to her. The little girl was clinging to Lucius' pant leg, and Lucius had a pained expression on his face.

"James also has Lily's stuffed unicorn and a plush of my animagus form. Give her one or the other around one o'clock if we're not back by then and set her down for a nap."

"Daddy!" the girl pouted, getting an amused chuckle from her papa.

"Lily-pad, I know your nine years old but you still need a nap. You get cranky for grandma Molly when you don't."

He knelt down, then, and opened his arms for a hug. The child let go of Lucius' pant leg and ran forward, pecking her papa's lips in a child-like way. The man smiled and pressed his lips to her forehead.

"Be good, Lily-pad. Promise?"

"Promise, daddy."

"Good girl. Boys, I'll be back later. Watch your sister."

"Yes sir." Both boys saluted him, and as soon as the four children raced away, Potter turned to Draco and leaned in, speaking lowly.

"You don't know how much this means to me, Draco. Really. I know in school we weren't the best of friends-" Draco snorted, Potter lifted a brow, "-and you didn't have to offer. Thank you." Draco had nodded and watched the man pick up his niece and step into the fire place, calling out "Ministry of Magic, Britain."

End Flash Back;

He was torn out of his thoughts by the black haired, green eyed son of his school Rival clinging to his waist with tears sliding down his cheeks. The eleven year old buried his face into Draco's middle, calming slightly when the blonde slid a hand to the back of his head, a concerned look on his face.

"Evan? What's wrong?"

"James was making fun of me." The boy sniffled, not taking his face from Draco's middle. Scorpius soon appeared, a scowl on his face as well.

"Evan, are you okay?"

" 'm fine." He mumbled. "I want to go home."

"How 'bout this, Evan. You come help me with our stallion." Draco offered, giving his son a stern look. He was rewarded with a gulp, a flush and then his child looking down at his feet. They would be having a talk later.

"Okay, I guess." Draco nodded and slipped his hand into the boy's, throwing a look to his son before taking Evan down to the stables.

They were greeted by a black stallion, a hulking beast that was at least 17-19 hands high. A gentle giant, really.

"His name is Hades." Draco offered softly, holding out his hand for the beast to smell. Evan followed his gesture, smiling when the horse nudged his palm, clearly looking for something to chomp on. "I think we have some treats around. Do you want to give him some?"


"Has your dad ever taken you riding?" he asked, handing Evan a carrot. The black head shook in negative. "Would you like to learn?"

"It sounds kinda fun." White teeth caught the bottom lip and began to chew, worrying the flesh. "Can I ride him?"

"We'll have to ask your dad, but I don't see why not. He's fully trained and wouldn't hurt a fly. He was my horse when I was your age."

"Really?" Draco saw a glimmer of something, hope, maybe.

"Uh huh. I was just turning eleven when my father gave me his papers and told me he was mine. He's a Belgium, I think."

"Awesome!" the boy exclaimed, smiling widely up at Draco. The blonde gave a small smile back, and watched the boy for a few minutes before he heard the distinct sound of thunder and a crack of lightening in the distance.

"We should probably head inside, Evan." He said, tapping the brunette's shoulder. Evan's glass-green eyes stared back at him uncertainly for a moment, the glimmer of hope dying in his eyes before they became shuttered and once more he was silent. A nod.

They headed for the Manor, nearly being toppled when Lily launched herself at the pair with her own tears in her eyes. "Evan, Evan!"

"Lily, what's wrong?" Evan questioned softly. He gently smoothed his sister's hair, wrapping arms around her to hold her close. Draco saw in that moment just how much Evan was like his father, and it made his heart clench just a bit tight in his chest. The same determination and stubbornness Potter possessed was shown on his son's face and the glint of anger shone in his eyes at the thought of someone hurting his sister.

"I thought you left me!" the girl wailed, clinging to her brother. Evan's face softened as he knelt down, cupping both her cheeks in his palms.

"I will never leave you, Lily-pad." He whispered.

"Promise?" her voice was muffled, and drowned out by the stampeding of the other's feet pounding down the stairs and from down the hall where he knew his parents to be.

"I promise, Lily."


"Lily!" Narcissa scolded gently, "Darling love, you can't run away like that."

"Evan came back." She said in a small voice, peering out at Draco's mother.

"I know, but still. You should have let Lucius or I know."

"Next time." The girl insisted, shying close to her big brother. Seconds later the floo flared to life and the flames coughed out a very dishevelled Rose and a small red-headed boy who was a miniature Ronald Weasley. Moments after that, the flames spit out a very angry-looking Potter who clutched a roll of paper in his fingers tightly, almost crushing the material.

"Lucius, may I speak with you for a moment?" Draco saw the hard glint in Potter's eyes, and compared it to the one in his sons. The two weren't so different, he noticed, taking a quick glance at his own child who was quivering in his shoes at the angry expression and tone Potter wore.

"But of course, Mr Potter." Lucius gestured to the parlour, where they retired to speak.

"Rose, what happened?" James asked, helping the small red-head boy up. Hugo, Draco realise, moving to put a comforting hand on Scorpius' shoulder.

"Mum and dad weren't happy. Dad and papa got into a fight, and tried to take me away. Mum didn't do anything, really. She yelled at Kingsley." James rolled his eyes, gesturing for her to continue, "One of the Aurors papa and Dad work with handed mum the papers and said if they didn't sign them me and Hugo would be placed automatically with papa anyway. He said it was child abuse and neglect charges for dad and that he'd go to Azkaban for it anyway."

"What else?" Evan spoke up.

"Dad signed the legal papers and then the muggle adoption papers as well. Hugo and I are officially Potters."

"What about grandma Molly?" Lily asked shyly. She finally peeked out before dashing to hug Hugo, who returned the hug silently.

"Grandma and grandpa understood. They got mad at papa and yelled at Kingsley too, but when mum said it was the best, they stopped. Mum had a huge bruise on her neck."

"Dear, it wasn't your fault." Narcissa said, kneeling down. "Whatever happened and whatever will happen in the future, you can't help it. Your sorting is nothing to be ashamed of, and don't let anyone tell you differently."

"I won't, Lady Malfoy."

"Good girl. Now, while the men are talking, who wants snacks and juice?" All the children raised their hand, and so did Draco. This got a chuckle from his mother, who ushered the kids towards the sunroom where the snacks were waiting.

"Everyone eat up!"

[ Parlour ]

;; Harry POV ;;

"…lled at the damn Minister when the bastard attacked me!" he finished calmly. As soon as the pair had entered the study, he'd tossed the papers down onto Lucius' desk and began his ranting. Lucius was surprisingly a good listener and spoke slowly, and calmly for the younger man, least he accidentally aggravate the already blown-out-of-proportion-temper.

"Potter, I'll tell you something. Between you and the Weasley's right now, there's not much I can do. I can get you a legal counsel, but I can't do anything else. Ronald and Hermione Weasley are war heroes just like you are."

"I know! But he can't just attack me! The war ended fourteen years ago anyway! People may not forget about it, but still!"

"Mr Potter, I'll get you the lawyer." Really now. Lucius Malfoy usually didn't back down that easily. Harry faltered a bit.

"Thank you."

"It's not a problem for me, Harry. Now, take your children home for the evening and come by around noon tomorrow. I'm sure Narcissa will have lots to distract them with while we meet."

"Of…of course, Lucius. I'll see you….tomorrow?" he said, slightly in a daze as he left the room.

Harry founds the kids with Draco and Narcissa, but laying eyes on the blonde again after so long – it was…

"Wow." He muttered a bit breathlessly. The sound caught Draco's attention, for he glanced up and gave a soft smile before looking back at Lily, who'd tugged gently on his sleeve.

"Dad, what about mum?" James piped up, and suddenly, all the eyes were on him. He sighed and walked around the table to sit by James, lifting an arm to place it around his son's shoulders.

"She steps foot at Grimmauld, the wards'll run her out. You know I re-set them the other day." James nodded, but Teddy seemed to be seeking more confirmation, and even Draco and Narcissa looked interested. "Guys, Ginny won't set foot at the house. Even if she could, we'll go to one of the other Potter properties and settle there. For now, the house elves have been told to re-set all wards to refuse her entry."

Teddy, Evan and Lilly seemed to take this at face value, but James looked just a bit scared, shooting glances at his siblings while looking discreetly up at Harry. Harry pretended not to notice, inwardly frowning and wondering what could have provoked such a response in his oldest blood child.

"Harry, we'll let you go now. Let the kids rest and I'll look after them tomorrow when you come meet with Lucius." Narcissa said, offering a cookie to Teddy who accepted. The rest of the kids all grabbed a cookie and lumbered to their feet.

"Which house, papa?" Rosie asked him, pulling Hugo close.

"The Mansion in Bulgaria should do. It's near Viktor and far enough from the Burrow and England until this mess is all sorted out."

"Viktor? As in Viktor Krum?" Draco blurted, then widened his eyes as if mortified with himself. Harry only chuckled and nodded.

"Yeah. I take the kids every summer for a week or so closer to September and Viktor and the team take them out onto the pitch to fly. I started with Teddy and as soon as each child was old enough, they'd be taken on a broom and they'd learn to fly. Teddy's a Chaser, James is a Seeker, Evan's a beater and Lily-pad's not yet flying. She's afraid."

"Sounds cool."

"Yeah." Harry flashed the blonde a smile, and then followed his kids out the room to the floo.

"See you tomorrow, Mrs Malfoy, Draco. I'll be back with the kids around noon. Alright guys, remember the floo address?"

Chimes of "yes" from the kids rang in his ears, and he took hold of Lily and Hugo's hands, letting Ted go first. Then James, Evan and finally them.

Last thing he saw was Draco's pale face set in a curious expression.

It had been a long day.


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