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Life Advice and Chocolate Too

This was an . . . odd situation.

That was really the only way to look at it. At least, it was the only way to look at it that wouldn't get a certain doctor thrown in jail. Umeda Hokuto (27) was sitting in his office, sharing a box of Pocky with one Kujou Itsuki (17).

As previously stated, an . . . odd situation.

"I think it's a good idea, Itsuki-kun," Umeda supplied easily as half his brain conjured up a proper excuse to give in case anyone was to come into the health clinic to find what they would likely believe was he, an openly gay man nearing thirty (God, was he getting that old?), giving a handsome young boy candy. They wouldn't stop long enough to realize it was Kujou. As in Kujou who would likely never have to fear being in that kind of position.

"He's just so young," Kujou stated as he stared at a biscuit stick. He bit it in half a moment later. "I know it'll be hard, but I plan on going to University here in the city. It'll help to stay close."

Chewing around a chocolate bite, the doctor nodded. "Yes. That is three years, though. What will you do if he meets someone before then?" Why was he talking about this with a student? Had Mizuki posted a sign on his door that said 'LIFE COUNSELING HERE'? He'd kill her.

Kujou grinned, and it was terrifying enough to make the man ten years his senior cringe. "I assure you, Sensei, no one will lay a hand on Kadoma."

Oh. Those were the words of a man filled with determination. A batshit crazy man.

Umeda grappled for a biscuit stick so he wouldn't have to produce a reply he didn't have, but came up empty handed. Shit. "Well, let's get started so you can go to class," he said after clearing his throat. Umeda stood and slipped his coat off his shoulders so he would be able to hang it up, so he wouldn't have to see that scary smile. He was man enough to admit it.

Kujou ate his last bite and began to unbutton his shirt as he sat down on the table he had become so familiar with over the last two and a half years. "Take your time, Sensei. You're keeping me from an English test I'd rather not take."

Umeda made a face and cracked his knuckles. "Is that all I'm good for these days? Getting you out of class work?" Umeda groused. Kujou only chuckled, causing the doctor's scowl to deepen. He took pleasure in knowing he would at least be causing the boy some pain. He wasn't paid enough for this kind of stress.