This is the first Teen Titans fanfiction I've written, but I can assure you it won't be the last.

Fanfiction, according to one Urban Dictionary result, is "A piece of fiction within a fandom utilizing characters and situations from a pre-existing work including (but not limited to) books, television programs, films, and comic strips."

Since by definition this is utilizing characters from pre-existing work, it clearly doesn't belong to me. Let's all thank DC for that, because if I did you can bet the cartoon would be in season 7892830.




"What do you mean, she isn't here!" The young man yelled, gripping a handful of his tormentor's outfit and twisting it, pushing the dark man against the metal wall. "What did you DO with her?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" the man chuckled evilly, his tone betraying the grin his mask hid. The young man slammed the villain's body into the wall, slamming his head back, too infuriated to be surprised at his own strength.

"Tell me what you did with her, where she is, and I'll be too distracted to hurt you," The young hero said, his voice low and full of threatening malice "But if you don't tell me soon, I'll lose control and all my team will find when they arrive-which will be shortly, you can trust- is a pile of your body parts, sans head. That'll I'll take home. And then I'll search until I find her." In the back of his mind, the Titan was beginning to be restricted by the pure fear coursing through his veins. That was soon pushed aside by the gratifying, if revolting, scent of fear also coming off of the scum of the earth he held in his hands-as well as a little shock at his own vocabulary.

"She's at the docks. I gave her to Professor Chang for experimentation." The older man said, going limp in the hands of the green eyed Teen Titan.

Without another word, and nearly before Slade could register what had happened, Beast Boy took off in the form of a peregrine falcon, flying out the hole in the roof he had formed on his way into the building.

It took little effort for the falcon to leave through where a T-Rex had entered.

Beast Boy flew at speeds he was sure Guinness would have appreciated, all the while trying to calm himself to the point of rational thinking. Get ahold of yourself, dude. She's not dead. She's probably not even hurt. She's RAVEN, for Christ's sake. Her natural defenses will keep her safe, if only until you get there.

"Then I'd better get there soon." He whispered between dropping out of the sky in human form and becoming a jaguar on the ground in a running landing.

The jaguar prowled around the poorly lit building, seeing only a steel door and a sign proclaiming "Chang Industries: Only the best for the absolute worst!" in peeling paint. As he got closer though, the green jaguar noticed that the lock on the door was enormous. He quickly changed into a fuit fly and flew under the door, then scurried his way along the corridors as a rat. He wouldn't be caught; in the dark, a green rat is hardly distinguishable, especially when there are four others of his kind within 20 feet of him.

The changeling was able to find the main laboratories easily, but upon opening the door (ramming through it, actually) nearly lost his lunch.


There, in the middle of the room, was Raven, laid out as though for surgery, IVs and tubes running into her left arm, albeit without the decent covering granted to patients in a REAL hospital. The sight of the pale young woman in nothing but… her birthday suit stirred twin emotions of desire- to protect her, although a small and ashamed portion of the teen hoped to remember a certain aspect of the vision before him- and fury-for taking her, disrobing her, and hurting her. The young man saw red before taking a few deep breaths. He could sense The Beast ready to burst out, and given Raven's current state, that wouldn't be the most productive change.
"Stay cool, dude. Stay cool," Beast Boy ordered himself, tiptoeing forward. He gingerly approached the table Raven lay on, taking great care to only look at the IV or at her face. He read the medicines they were pumping into her.

Apparently, Chang was working with someone as medically uneducated as Beast Boy- a concept that in and of itself should have struck hearts into people far and wide- so the bags were labeled "sleepy stuff" and " DO NOT UNHOOK".

He promptly unhooked them both.

Raven shot straight up, eyes wide and hands encased in black energy. She was speaking low and fast, in a language that didn't sound anything like English to Beast Boy. Things-vials, tubes, lights, a wall- exploded around them, and the young man quickly shielded her. As suddenly as she had come to life, she faded, although not back into slumber. He grabbed her in his arms, gripping her with fear. He morphed into a gorilla, only to hear alarms start to go off.

"Shit" He hissed after returning human. He looked down at the alabaster beauty in his arms. "Rae, I know you're out of it, but do you think you could teleport us home?"

She merely looked up at him, perplexed.

"You know, the giant T? I'd really like to get out of here without losing you" Again, he added in his head.

She nodded, then her eyes began to glow darkly, and Beast Boy heard angry voices for a split second before the dark energy surrounded them.

Once he felt the air stop crackling around him, the green young man hit the ground running-literally. Still gripping an unclothed Raven closely, afraid to let her go, Beast Boy dashed to the infirmary and laid her gently on one of the beds.

"Aw, man, why didn't I have Cy teach me how to do this stuff?" he whined, nervously looking around at everything. He looked at the young woman, scared to see her limp despite her eyes being open.

"Beast Boy?" His back had been to her as he hopelessly scoured the medicine shelf, but he was by her side in a split second.

"Yeah, Rae? How are you feeling? Do you want anything?" he asked, relief flooding him at the fact that she could TALK.

"I'm cold" was all she said, and he could have slapped himself. He took off in the form of a cheetah, running first to the only closet he knew of, the dragging out a huge pile of bedding with his teeth. The cat looked down-up, actually- at the massive stack. No way can I carry all that like this. He stood in human form, scratching his head, then changed into a gorilla, picking up the blankets and pillows with ease.

He rushed back the infirmary, then changed into human form to awkwardly drape the first of multiple blankets over Raven's limp shape.

"Rae?" He whispered; relief coursed through him when she opened her eyes. She didn't speak though, so he continued "I got some blankets, and uh, pillows for you, but I don't know.. Uhm, do you want to get up so I can put one on the bed table thingie too? It's metal so I'll bet it's cold," Beast Boy winced, "and do you have any pajamas or anything? 'Cause, well…" The pale girl slowly swung herself off of the bed, gripping the blanket he'd already given her rather loosely. If you look now, you'll hate yourself, dude. She shook her head a tiny bit at his question.

She looked up at him, a question in her violet eyes. He didn't even need her empathy powers to understand what she wanted. He explained as he set up sheets to make her bed more comfortable.

"The others are hunting down Slade. You know how Robin is; it'll probably be hours before they're home." He forced himself not to look at her poorly covered frame, especially since in the better light he could see bruises from the IV, as well as what looked like handprints on her arms. "Want some tea, Rae?" She looked up at him, some of the dejection gone from her eyes. "I'll get you some. A little honey in it, too?" The corners of her mouth lifted just enough so that she wasn't frowning, and she looked at him gratefully. "Well, your bed's all ready!" He said, spinning and racing out of the room again, only in human form this time.

He went to the kitchen and set up Raven's tea kettle. I don't think I even want them to find Slade. I was so close to losing control already…

He left the kettle to boil and went to Starfire's room, trying to find pajamas for Raven. He looked in her closet, seeing only pink night gowns behind the purple uniforms. C'mon, you've gotta have something darker, Star! Beast Boy saw a small corner of black sticking out and grabbed it. "Aha!" he muttered, pulling it out.

If he wasn't already green, he'd have turned it. Never mind. I like being alive. He carefully put the lingerie back and swiftly left the room, hoping to lose the mental image of Star pouncing Robin while wearing… THAT.

He decided that since Robin was ALWAYS in uniform and Cy didn't need one, he'd better seach his own closet. "Shit" Do I have anything that'd work?

To calm his growing nerves, he imagined what Raven and Cyborg would say to each item he picked.

An old, stained tee shirt? Cy would say he's used it to polish his "Baby" and Raven would tell me if I dressed her in a snot rag she'd be sure to burn it. He grimaced and continued looking.

A track suit? Cy would ask if something died near it and Raven would just blow it up. He sniffed the track suit. Cy might be right.

Beast Boy dug into the drawers of a dresser that hadn't been used since Robin bribed him with Mega Monkey Speed Demon VI to organize his room. In the bottom drawer, under an mp3 player he'd forgotten he owned and one of his favorite comics from when he was 12, was a folded pair of dark blue pajamas with green monkeys all over it. He vaguely recalled that it was meant to be a kind gift from Starfire for his 14th birthday but had been the source of teasing from Cyborg AND Robin the two times he'd worn the set to breakfast. He hadn't worn them since, but they smelled and looked clean.

At 17 and past his growth spurt, he was almost a foot too tall for the pajamas, but Raven would probably fit them just perfectly.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeet. The water had boiled.

"Oh well" he muttered, gripping the outfit in his arms. "No time to find anything else."

He quickly grabbed a tea bag from the box that said "Raven's. DO NOT TOUCH" and threw it in the steaming water. He let it steep while he searched for the honey, then poured honey in until it smelled close to the way Raven liked her tea.

"Rae? I got the tea!" He called, walking slowly to avoid spills. When he got to the infirmary, he called "Raven? I got some PJs and tea for you." He looked down at the girl, who was staring blankly at the wall across from her. "I'll give you some privacy to, you know, get dressed." He hoped she couldn't see the blush starting to dust his cheeks.

He started to walk out the door until he heard a coarse "WAIT!"

"Stay, please," She whispered, already shrugging the shirt over her stomach. Beast Boy gave a silent sigh of relief to see her covered, though not entirely minding that the shirt was tight in areas a 14 year old version of him WOULDN'T have had issues in. Raven then pulled the pants under her covers to pull them on. He handed her the tea he was still holding after she reclined back into the stack of pillows he'd set up.

"Do you want to talk?" He asked nervously, hand scratching his neck. She looked thoughtful for a second then shook her head slowly. "Ok, want me to talk?" A slight movement of her lips was all the answer he needed.

"Alright, I'm going to tell you a story…"

Sorry, felt like a good place to end it. I've got the next chapter in mind already, but I'm not going to predict how many chapters this will end up with since my writing tends to pull a Plasmus (it doesn't cooperate, and once awoken it wreaks havoc until somebody knocks it out again).