Chapter 6

The Chosen

Sanguine's Rose was probably the most infamous and popular night club in the entire city. The club was everything one would imagine a club like it to look like. Most of the ground floor was dark and loud music played through the speakers. The bar was one of the main light sources of the building and was built like that for a purpose. The second floor contained the V.I.P. rooms reserved only for the richest and most influential of people. The service on the second floor was far more extensive and with the right amount of money, anyone could get anything. The third floor was Naruto's office where he watched over both the first and second level. He kept strict security in the club since a few humans thought they could use his building for their own… business. He made sure they disappeared from the face of the earth.

It was all about getting wild and partying until the sun came up. Alcohol flowed freely from the bar and if you knew the right people drugs would be in your hand. The Daedric Prince had hired and carefully planted 'party girls' all over the establishment to lure in clueless party goers. With how things were managed in the club, one would think that it was an independent city. The police were paid off not to enter the same neighborhood as where the club was in and if you ever got in trouble, the only people who would help you out were the guards or your friends.

The Daedric Prince looked down on the ground floor, observing all of his guests with cool, calculating eyes. He had created the night club with the main idea of a feeding ground for vampires. He knew for a fact that some of immortals couldn't stomach sterilized blood bought from the blood banks they owned and preferred to feed directly from the source. Not wanting to attract too much attention from the… humans… he had built the club. A home away from home, if you would. The other amenities that the club offered actually wasn't intentional but once Sanguine's Rose had opened, certain business persons approached him for profitable opportunities. The standing rule between them was that they would use the club as a staging area for their business and will give a large portion of their profits in exchange for protection from any outside competition.

There was also a small time underground fighting club in the basement level of his club, but they didn't cause too much of a stir so he let them be.

"Kraven did it today again," Selene said quietly from the three sitter couch facing his desk. Naruto slowly turned to watch Selene drink from her wine glass full of fresh blood. She looked up to him and watched as his hellfire eyes shined in the dark room. The Daedra only looked on as Selene drank again before looking back down on the dance floor. The whole place was thrumming with energy both positive and negative from the humans inside. The god-like being fed on this among other things. Just by looking at all the dark acts being performed in his night club nourished him and increased his powers ever so slightly. Naruto sighed in relaxation before smiling.

"Kraven is but a minor hitch in the grand scheme of things. Leave the little rat alone and let him fantasize about things he cannot have." He turned from the one way mirror and sat down next to the Death Dealer. Cupping Selene's cheeks in his hands, Naruto looked into the brown eyes of his chosen. Blood stained her lips, making them glisten deliciously and slowly tilting her head up; Naruto took advantage and pressed his lips against Selene's. The girl was only too eager to deepen the act and make it last as she pulled him in with arms around his neck. The Daedric Prince would have laughed at how his apprentice was forcing her tongue in his mouth but decided to let her indulge. "As long as he does not forget that you," Naruto had to force Selene to look at him seeing as the Death Dealer was too busy ripping his clothes off, "my dear, sweet little demon are mine. And I will make sure that no one; human, immortal or the very gods themselves will take you away from me…" Slowly raising a single clawed finger for Selene to look at, Naruto pressed it into his neck and dragged it down his vein, making hot black blood glow from the wound. "I have only given my cursed blood freely to one person in the time I have been summoned,"


"Now, I shall give it to you Selene. True Immortality is what I offer." He smiled as Selene slowly bent forward to drink in the scent of her master's blood. Selene was lost to the world now, the enticing nature of his blood drawing out the primal instinct to feed within her. "To be a being who is incapable of death. To have the power to make the entire Universe bow to your will! I offer this unbearable burden to you Selene, as I offered the same to Amelia, and it is up to you to choose." Naruto smiled as Selene looked up to him with shining blue eyes. "Live by my side for eternity, my little demon."


People have heard of the owner of Sanguine's Rose before and it was hard nowadays to discern the truth from rumor. The club in itself was very popular both for the celebrities they attract in a daily basis to the services they offer. What was more was that the rose was considered the ultimate adult playground and every night people wanted to try and get in. With such a reputation of course people would start asking who owned the club. They weren't getting answers from the stone faced guards and the other employees were just as tight-lipped.

So when the private elevator that went straight up to the third floor opened almost all the guests turned to look who stepped out. A man stepped out of the elevator wearing a three piece suit. His undershirt was red while the rest was colored black. He had an overcoat on that reached to the bottom of his knees. On his hands was a pair of leather gloves. They noted that the only thing not being covered was his devilishly handsome face and sun blonde hair. Around his right arm was probably the most beautiful woman anyone in the club ever saw. Her alabaster skin almost shined in the dark dance floor. She wore an off the shoulder black dress that accentuated her porcelain like skin as well as her curves. All the women looked at the blonde man and all the men looked at the woman.

"Can you feel it Selene?" Naruto asked the girl as they made their way through the crowds of ogling humans, "Every thought and every heartbeat echoing at the back of your mind?" He looked to his side to watch the vampire's reaction and was satisfied at how Selene looked like she was ready to tear into the crowd of oblivious humans and bathe in their blood. "You can practically smell their blood, huh? You can taste their emotions permeating the air."

"I want to feed…" Selene wanted to grab the nearest meat sack and sink her fangs into their flesh. She wanted to kill and slaughter! The demon blood within her veins pulsed in desire.

"What stops you?" She looked up to him with a questioning look. The Daedra only replied with a smile before taking his arm from her shoulder. "What was the first lesson I have ever taught you, little demon?"

Recognition dawned upon the Death Dealers face as she curled her lips to the Daedric Prince, bearing her fangs.

"Lesson One: Indulge"


2003 A.D.

It was that time again. After a full century of ruling the Vampire Covens across the globe it was time for Amelia to hibernate for the next two hundred years. Naruto had tried to dissuade her a few times in sleeping through those years and asked if she would like it better if they travelled together until it was her time to rule again. The Vampire Elder had said no, of course, as the Chain of command had never been broken and that only one elder should be awake at a time. She was a stickler for rules and going by the book and even the offer of being shown Oblivion, the Daedric Prince's home and original plane of existence, did not change her mind. She had left the country to make the arrangements for the awakening ceremony a few months back. Sighing to his own reflection in the window, the bored-out-of-his-mind Daedra made his way out of his room and around the manor looking for something to entertain him for the time being. Selene was out on a hunt that he opted out of and would not be back for quite some time.

The mortal plane at his disposal and there was nothing he could find for a few hours' worth of entertainment. The world had dulled so much! A few centuries ago he could and did wipe out towns of people just for giggles. If he did that now he would attract unwanted attention to the covens and endanger the species he allied himself with. He absolutely despised humans in every shape and form. It was their fault that he had died so many long years ago and it was also probably their fault that he was sent to the planes of Oblivion in the first place. As far as he could remember, he was not a bad person. If Naruto remembered correctly, he was even a hero in his past life!

Closing his eyes in reminiscence, the Daedric Prince could almost smell the tree leaves and the grassy plains of his old home…

Konohagakure No Sato, the Village Hidden Within the Leaves

But that was ancient history and nothing of that place was left, not even old ruins to explore. Millennia's worth of change and shifting earth buried what was left of the Elemental Nations deep in the ground or sunk into the sea.

"It was a prophecy older than the world, older than time. A pure soul would be born into the world of mortals. The soul was created by the Aedra using all their love, compassion, kindness to mold it into something that would save the world!"

The voice of Lady Nocturnal suddenly rang through his subconscious, reminding him of the fate that he was destined to follow.

"But mortals above all things were selfish and greedy. They saw how you, Naruto, shined brighter than all of their gold and all of the stars in heaven combined. Such petty beings those mortals! You were a gift to the world by the very gods themselves... But they only saw you as something unattainable. So they brought you down to their level. They covered you in dirt and broke your body and soul until nothing was left."

In his mind's eye, Naruto could clearly see his mother's silhouette, sitting down on her shadowy throne back in the realm of Evergloam.

"You were ashamed, mocked, ridiculed, disrespected, embarrassed, humiliated, insulted, and beaten down! Throughout your mortal life these were the only emotions humans have shown you."

Through the darkness and shadows of the throne room, Naruto could see a grin slowly creeping up the goddesses face.

"When you showed them your potential, humans controlled you, manipulated you, forced you and inhibited you! Everything they did was against you. All this time, you were shown no love, no trust, no safety, no justice and no freedom."

Red eyes shined in the dark.

"You were nothing to them, a creature lower than the dirt beneath their feet."

She started to laugh, long and hard. A dainty hand covering her mouth

"Oh, how the Divines weep in their Pantheon! Their gift to the world, their salvation brought down to the dirt and grime! Your will broken, your mind shattered and your soul… that once beautiful beacon of light and hope, mine for the taking!"

Once the Night Mistress had calmed down from her laughing fit, she looked down on the bound child on the floor, silently crying. She smiled something cruel before talking.

"I will put you back together. Not as a savior, no. You will be the ultimate weapon, a tool of destruction. You are no longer a being of love and light. You, Naruto, will become a being born of fear and darkness!"