The End of an Era

Beware the beast Juubi, for he is the Devil. Alone among God's creations, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back into the darkness, for he is the harbinger of death and chaos and madness.

- The warning inscribed on the Eternal Prison of the Juubi

With the war finally over, the Elemental Nations went through a period of peace like none other. The Hidden Villages, after working with each other to defeat Akatsuki were now allied with one another as they saw that cooperation was better than rivalry. The heads of the nations supported the idea of a global alliance and pushed forward.

Everyone prospered from the peace. The trade between nations and villages increased their level of technology and thus made life easier, safer. Soon enough, the world needed the Shinobi less and less as the months turned into years. Conflict was a thing of the past and the world did not need any more warriors, any more weapons. The day when the world didn't need a protector had finally arrived and the idea of world peace became a reality.

Everything, from kunai to paper bombs was being recycled for more practical uses for civilians. Cities to small villages only needed local police forces to maintain the quiet everyone wanted. Nobody needed assassins and killing machines anymore.

And as the fifth year anniversary of the defeat of the Akatsuki loomed in the horizon, so too did the fates of the villages weapons.

At the heart of the continent stood the city of Hope, the capitol of the world and all nations. This great metropolis stood for the realized dreams of the people. The combined leaders and councilors from the now dissolved villages resided behind the guarded walls. At the very center of the city stood a monolith containing all of the fallen warriors who had died in past battles. The monument served as a reminder to the people to what tragedies war could bring.

Staring up at a set of names was Uzumaki Naruto, hero of the Shinobi World War and savior of the planet. The now twenty one year old shinobi slowly traced the engraved names of his fallen comrades, committing the feeling of the smooth stone into memory.









All were casualties in the war, hunted and killed for their burdens. They were his brothers and sisters in suffering, a band of outcasts. He didn't know why he was the only surviving sacrifice, but he promised all of them that he would live and survive for their sake. He smiled at what little fond memories he had with the tailed beasts and sighed as memories came to the forefront of his mind.

"Uzumaki-san," A deep and gruff voice said behind the blond who slowly turned to look at the speaker. Naruto noted his plain features and the uniform he wore. The all black attire with white gloves was a standard thing in the police forces around the world. Most of the manpower was regular people with a bit of hand-to-hand training; none of them were on the level of shinobi.

He smiled warmly at them before turning away from the monolith, "Can I help you?" He asked them kindly as he placed both hands inside his pockets. Naruto, by now, was used to strangers approaching him. The man was famous after all seeing as he saved the world from a power hungry psycho. Men, women and children approached him for autographs or pictures. Sometimes they just wanted to talk about the old days of the shinobi and Naruto was more than happy to regal them of his past adventures.

"The great and honorable council wishes to speak with you."

The way the man spoke, the way he looked at Naruto sent a tremor down the boys being and before he could ask why he was being summoned he blacked out.


The council's main hall was as big and as gaudy as he remembered the last time he was there. Hundreds of men and women differing in age and status looked down on him from their seats with sneering faces. When Naruto came to and saw the looks in their eyes, the shinobi could already tell that he was being condemned. He felt shock at what they were doing to him and then anger.

"After all I've done? After I bled for you, killed for you, suffered for you… this is how you thank me? This is how you remember the sacrifices we made for your safety and lives?" His voice neither rose in pitch nor in volume. His eyes didn't blink as he locked eyes with every single member before letting out a defeated sigh. Sadness overtook his form as he slowly knelt down in front of the council, head bowed in defeat. Naruto felt tired all of a sudden, like the years of fighting had finally caught up to him in his weakest moment. The man didn't want to fight anymore because he saw it as a pointless struggle. Raising his hand was just too troublesome.

The head of the world council, an obese man with a balding head and hair on his double chin, stood from his throne-like chair to look down his nose on Naruto. If the last Jinchuuriki could remember correctly the man was one of the former Daimyos but for the life of him couldn't remember the pig's name. He raised a pudgy hand in the air to silence the roaring crowd around him and cleared his throat to speak. "Uzumaki Naruto, you are fast becoming a relic of a dead era. A weapon of mass destruction is not needed in our peaceful society and therefore the council has decided-"

"Let me guess," Naruto cut in as he couldn't stand watching the man's flabby neck jiggle any longer, "You're planning to do away with me? I'm a ticking paper bomb that's just waiting to explode all over your faces?" He couldn't help but laugh at how obvious these people were and how utterly stupid the people had become. Naruto looked up into the crowds with crimson eyes blazing as the scars on his cheeks thickened. The feeling of anger and hate was creeping up into his soul again; a feeling he hadn't felt in a while. "Are you people just bored or something? Why are you even thinking of doing this to me? I'm the fucking Juubi! I am power incarnate!"

The council felt and saw his power explode all around him. The ground he stood on was literally torn up and flung all over the room. The blond spoke again but this time his voice had changed into a terrifying version of itself, "My brothers and sisters in arms died to protect this world! To protect the sniveling masses who didn't know how to protect themselves! We gave our lives without a second thought and yet here you all are disgracing their memory and sacrifice!" The chains that bound him to the spot, forged and created to be unbreakable bonds, disintegrated into ash as he stood in all his might and glory. He was a vengeful god ready to smite the insects that lay before him. The council screamed in fear as they looked into his eyes as red as blood and as menacing as the void. All the civilians expected death in the coming moments… but thankfully nothing came. As all of them collected their persons off of the floor, they all looked down on Naruto who by now was sitting on the damaged floor.

"What is the meaning of-?" The council head tried to speak again but Naruto cut the man off. The Jinchuuriki didn't know why he wanted to piss off the land whale and frankly didn't care either way.

"Go ahead and seal me up ya spineless bastards! And please, try your best!" he laughed at their gob smacked faces before he crossed his wrists together; a sign of surrender. "Because once I get out of it, I'm not coming back as one of the good guys anymore. Believe it"

They dragged him off to the Room of Sealing, where he would be bound to the Earth to be never seen again. Before the guards took him, the council saw a glint in his eyes that scared them more than his display of power a moment ago. The wars Naruto fought left him a changed and broken man and he hung by a thread of hope because the world had attained peace. He held on for the people that died. But, this final act of treachery was what snapped that hope. Naruto saw it in the people around him that they haven't changed. Just a few years after the war and yet corruption was starting to pop up again. Power plays and backstabbing and political warfare was still present in their peaceful society. After everything they've been through? If they haven't changed then they never would. The moment he woke up in the chamber and saw the sneering faces, Naruto's thread of hope disappeared. His hope in an eternal peace disappeared.

It was all a lie.

On that day of lies and deceit and betrayal; humanities shining hope, their champion against the pounding darkness died. And through the ashes of the kind, yet broken man named Uzumaki Naruto rose the twisted mockery of him. All would learn to fear the true evil that would consume this world in fire and blood and war.


Billions of years later

Jump City, California was a bustling district filled with shopping malls and night clubs. Some people have called it a tourist trap while others said that it was a city where an individual could start fresh. There were lots of opportunities present in the city for both rich and poor, young and old. Jobs were plentiful here and houses and apartments were sold cheap. The economy was constantly flowing in Jump City and didn't seem to slow down one bit. What's the reason for the booming businesses?

Wayne Enterprises

The centuries old company's presence in the city helped local business in many ways. Investors literally flocked to any city with an enterprise building present. People could get jobs from Wayne Enterprises as well, seeing as the company was always on the lookout for talent or man force. Money flowed almost endlessly in Jump City. Of course with money also came villains both super and non-super. They terrorized the civilians with theft and robbery.

Soon enough, the city fell into a state of chaos that threatened the livelihoods of the thousands of people that lived there. All seemed hopeless and lost. Then, like the sun splitting open the night sky a group of superheroes arrived and culled the rising darkness back into hiding. The heroes; Robin, Aqualad and Superboy soon established a base of operations in Jump City and became their protectors.

As their fame grew, so too did the heroes that joined their cause. The three teenage superheroes now had their own group and together they protected Jump City from any villains who wanted to take advantage of the innocents the city held. So when there was trouble brewing in the district, the people of the city would look to the Horizon to wait for the Teen Titans to save the day once again.

It was on one of those days that Raven found herself looking up into the terrifying visage of their latest and possibly deadliest foe. The mission was supposed to be a simple one to stop a museum robbery happening at midnight.

The city's museum was hosting the famous Orb of Dreams, an ancient relic that was found deep beneath the ocean a hundred years ago. The people who found it couldn't figure out whether or not the orb was a naturally made stone, but it was perfectly round with no sharp edges. There were markings on the surface written in a dead language and scientists had said that the stone was as ancient as the dinosaurs, perhaps even older.

The night of its arrival was also the night it was stolen as a group of mercenaries came in, in the middle of the night and broke into the museum. It was a good thing that alarms were patched into the Teen Titan's headquarters as they arrived in the nick of time. The ensuing battle wasn't their most glamorous or most dangerous encounter as the titans were able to put most of them down.

The last of the mercenaries, probably the leader of the group, was able to take a lucky shot at Raven. The bullet had just grazed the empathy on the arm and the bloody bullet had ricocheted off of the Orb of Dreams, splattering it with Raven's half-demon blood. The reaction was slow, seeing that the Teen Titans were able to tie down the mercs while they waited for the police arrived.

The orb was given a blood sacrifice and thus caused the seal etched into its surface to glow blue with life. The symbols slowly lit up one by one. The more symbols that lit up, the bigger the orb got and pretty soon the Titans had to evacuate the building. Not a moment too soon as the ball erupted in a tornado of wind and fire that spiraled into the sky and causing the clouds to darken.

"This… isn't my fault, right?" Asked Superboy as the rest of the heroes looked in awe and fear as the fire tornado compressed more and more until it disappeared entirely, leaving a destroyed museum and blackened earth in its wake. "Do we have to pay for that?"

The final tongues of fire died down in wisps of smoke to reveal something, or someone, standing in the wrecked museum. Raven was the first to spot the stranger and more importantly the first one to feel the crushing power emanating from him. She backed up a step as crimson eyes stared at her from the black smoke. Robin heard her gasp and turned from giving his report to the police to look at what was going on.

"We have to get out of here… now!" Everyone was shocked silent as the being appeared right behind the empath. The person stood at six feet tall with long, spiky hair at the top of his head. His eyes were the color of blood that did well to pull away the attention from his scarred cheeks. There were deep, jagged lines on each of his cheek and looked like someone had carved it with a blade. What else were interesting were his pointed ears as well as his clawed hands, nails extending into curved talons. His body type wasn't wiry and was not too bulky to let people think that he was a body builder. It was in the middle, where one could say he was athletically active. He had no shirt on, but only a pair of flowing pants that flared at the bottom.

The man had a smile on his face as he looked at the cowering Raven who felt crushed by this being's aura. He tore away his gaze to look at his surroundings and consequently, the policemen who had surrounded him with guns drawn and aimed at him. The kind smile slowly slipped off of his face before he looked back at Raven.

"I suppose I should thank you," His voice was deep and echoed out like he was in an empty hallway. One could describe it as ethereal as it couldn't be categorized as something human. It was strange though, since the man spoke in a near whisper and yet it echoed in the open streets. "Though, these men pointing… things at me could be misinterpreted as violent intentions."

No one knew what happened next, but the police force that came to the crime scene had suddenly fallen to the ground without their heads. "No…" Robin couldn't believe what just happened. Who was this guy?

"Now then, my little demonic savior, what reward do you ask from the Juubi, hm?" He leaned in closer and stopped only a few inches away from Raven's terrified visage. He smiled at her again before he traced a claw slowly down her jaw line. The half breed couldn't help the shiver that ran down her spine as she caught his scent. Before the man could lean in closer, a sharp projectile had imbedded itself into the back of his hand. He screamed in pain as he violently pulled out the red, vaguely bird shaped, projectile and crushed it.

"Ouch" he whispered, "That actually hurt." Although the wound was nowhere to be seen, the man still looked at the drying blood. It was actually a long time since he saw his own blood and the sight of the crimson liquid mesmerized him. The only other time he had seen blood was from enemies long since passed. Snapping back to reality, he turned to look at a boy wearing a costume consisting of green, yellow and red colored. A domino mask was set on his face and covered his eyes in a white film. He had another sharp projectile in his hand ready to throw.

There were others beside him as well. A dark skinned teen whose body was encased in metal partly. He was pointing what looked like a miniature cannon at him, the large barrel glowing blue with power. Next to him was an orange skinned female with fiery red hair and in her hands were balls of green energy. Another girl stood beside her, but this one looked normal in terms of appearance. She had long blond hair and wore a red, corset like shirt. There was a golden metal w on the shirt. There was also a hood attached to the shirt, covering her head. Behind the four teenagers stood another, wearing a black short sleeved shirt with a stylized s printed on it. The boy had his fists up and was obviously preparing for a fight.

"You little brats… How dare you! HOW DARE YOU?" The man's voice boomed in rage as he quickly spun on his heel and faced the five teens, Raven momentarily forgotten. He took a single step forward and disappeared in a gust of wind. Robin was shocked at how fast the man moved. Even with his trained senses the bow wonder couldn't find the man. The five made a circle with their backs facing one another, their preferred weapons drawn and ready to use at a moment's notice.

"Wait, STOP!" Raven screamed out from her spot. The other Titans turned to see the man in the middle of their circle with a raised claw ready to decapitate Cyborg. Raven for one was surprised that he actually listened to her, before she remembered something from one of her demonology books.

It concerned sacrifices made to demons and summoning them. Raven could remember that if someone had offered their own blood as a tithe to the desired demon, then the summoned would have to grant a wish or follow any order that he or she asked of the demon. It wasn't absolute control over the demon and the commands you could issue were limited and had to be very, very specific.

The man seemed to struggle and fight the command as he still tried to bring his hand down for a decapitating blow. The Teen Titans slowly backed away from the blond before turning to their local supernatural expert. Robin was the first to speak.

"Raven… Who is this guy?" The empath looked at the leader of the teen superhero group before turning back to look at the man who had dropped his clawed hands to his side once more.

"I… I heard him call himself the Juubi." Raven had said the title like it was supposed to explain everything to her friends but all she received were blank stares. She sighed before going into the explanation at what the Juubi was exactly.

"In the beginning of time and space there was only darkness. In that darkness dwelled the Juubi, father to all that was and will be evil. A creature made of pure power; it stains all creation with its evil and insanity. What was once created to bring balance was now-"

"Living for chaos and destruction" The now identified Juubi rushed into the group, throwing slashes wildly around him as the Titans scrambled to get away. Robin tried to jump away from one of the slash attacks but was caught unawares as the Juubi spun into a round house kick that impacted his chest in a crunch. With the force of the spin, the Juubi dropped into a drop kick that sent Superboy hurdling through a building. Instead of falling to the ground, he sank into the ground like he was falling into water. Cyborg didn't even know what hit him as the Juubi slashed open his exoskeleton, exposing his inner circuitry.

Raven panicked as she spread her arms wide, creating a black dome around the raging demon. "Stop it," he didn't listen as he punched at the dome of energy, "Stop it!" cracks formed around the dome as he continued his relentless assault, "I command you to STOP!" and he did actually stop. Raven sighed in relief as she reinforced the dome back into perfect condition. She looked up at the man before gasping in surprise as his hand shot out of the impenetrable dome and clasped around her neck. The shock of the action caused her concentration to falter, making the dome disperse in a ripple. "Impossible… I gave you a direct command!" She tried to punch and kick her way free but all it did was make him laugh.

"Foolish, idiotic, little demon, I am the Juubi; I am the demon, not some weak little rhyming reject!" Star bolts from Starfire rained down on his back, causing him to scream in pain and dropping the empath. He dropped to his knees gasping for breath as blood pooled down his back. A red lasso wrapped around her neck, choking the demon and sending currents of electricity through his battered body.

"That's for Superboy!" Exclaimed Cassie Sandsmark, known to the world as Wonder Girl, as she channeled her anger into the magical length of rope. When smoke was starting to rise from his body, Cassie stopped using electricity as she fell to her knees in exhaustion. The Demi-Goddess suddenly felt herself lifted up from the ground as pain exploded from her abdomen. The Juubi had used his insane speed to appear before the Amazon before he drove his knee upwards.

"I must be weak for divine powers to affect me so much." Wonder Girl coughed up blobs of blood as she tried to push her body off of the demon's knee. Spinning on his heel, the Juubi threw her into the flying Starfire. The impact alone had them falling into unconsciousness before they hit the ground. He threw a kick backwards that caught Superboy in the throat. The clone hacked and coughed as his air supply was cut off.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" With the proclamation came a slab of cement from the museum. The ton of cement crashed down on the Juubi with absolute force. As the street finally grew silent the Teen Titans regrouped near the destroyed museum. Robin was clutching his chest tenderly as a small trickle of blood escaped his lips. Cyborg was unconscious as Superboy carried him to safety. Wonder Girl and Starfire were woken up by the shaking Raven. "That won't hold him off for too long, we need back up."

Robin had to lean against a wall as the pain in his chest was getting worse. "I… agree. We need the… grownups help with this… one!" He collapsed to the ground as blood pushed up his throat painfully. Dignity was not an issue anymore as their lives were hanging by a thing piece of thread just after a few minutes of fighting with the so called duty. The Boy Wonder took out his communicator before inputting the frequency that connected to the Justice League's main headquarters.

The small LCD screen came to life and the visage of the Man of Steel, Superman himself, answered the call. "Robin? This is a surprise!" The jovial smile on the man's face slipped as he saw the state of the Teen Titans. "What happened?"

Robin ignored the worried tone of one of the strongest superheroes in Existence as he tried to catch his breath. "Huge problem… need assistance…" The coughing fit the boy had made him miss Superman rushing off to the Teleporter Room. They went still when the slab of concrete crumpled to dust and there stood the Juubi, wounds and blood covering most of his body.

"This guy won't stay down…" Wonder Girl said in fear as she readied her lasso in front of her. The rest of the Titans tried to take up fighting stances but the injuries they sustained were causing them pain just by moving. The man was breathing heavily as he wiped off the blood covering his eyes. He growled in anger as the wounds were still bleeding. His bones felt like shattered glass after the last attack and his lungs were punctured. His right arm was bent at an odd angle, the elbow pointing the wrong way.

"Enough games… Enough, enough, enough… ENOUGH!" The Teen Titans felt only fear when steam rose from the wounds before they instantly closed by themselves as he once again rushed at the superheroes. His speed was still unmatched and therefore no one saw it coming when he snatched Raven and reappeared on the roof of a nearby store. "Why consort with these humans, little demon? Why do you strike down your own kind?"

"I'm nothing like you!" Raven screamed vehemently as she tried to pry off the grip on her neck in vein. Still, his grip was like iron as it didn't even waver from holding her in the air. The man laughed uproariously at her exclamation of being nothing like him.

"Let me fill you in on a little secret, Raven." It was the first time the Juubi had said her name and the way he said it made her blood run cold, "There is no full demon or half demon! There are only the ones who know their true names and those who-" A large fist slammed into the side of his face and sent the demon spiraling down to the ground in a heap. Superman caught Raven before she could fall as well. Behind the Man of Steel stood Green Lantern as well as Batman, the Dark Knight of Gotham.

The Juubi slowly crawled out of the small crater that his body created after crashing down from the roof. The force of Superman's punch had collapsed the right side of his face partially and it was producing steam in copious amounts. His eye was a bloody mess and it was only starting to reform the iris. The demon growled in anger at being manhandled by these mere mortals. For some reason his powers and invulnerability wasn't responding to his commands. He was feeling pain and he wasn't as fast as he should be. Plus, these people were actually getting the drop on him! What was… wait…?

He stood up straight as a realization hit him. He was performing in half capacity only because his body was using the blood of the one who summoned him as a template to create a physical body in the mortal realm. The Juubi inhabited a body that was not strong enough to contain his full essence and the only way to remedy this was to alter the host body. His red eyes snapped up to Raven and a plan formed in his head.

"That's enough from you." The man in the red cape told him as he floated in midair with both hands crossed over his chest. The real threats that the Juubi could see were the three people who had just arrived. The man wearing blue and the one in green were the biggest threats while the man dressed as a bat was just another human. The Juubi relaxed his stance slowly before looking around him. The Teen Titans were at the end of the street still and Raven had found her way back to her friends.

"Who are you to stand in my way?" His voice was rather calm considering the circumstances. Superman eyed the being carefully before he answered the question,

"We are the protectors of this planet from all threats within our society and outside." He didn't notice the Juubi slowly gathering energy into the palms of his hands. The man smiled at Superman, a malicious and dark smile. He raised his hands as if in surrender, before three balls of red energy sprung to life in each hand.

"Then protect the humans! Catch these if you can!" With a wordless command the balls launched forth into the distance, their speed was comparable to missiles. Superman and Green Lantern rushed to stop whatever those things were and left the Teen Titans and Batman to the mercy of the Juubi. Said demon looked at the black clad man before scoffing. "You do not pose a threat to me, human. Why don't you just lie down and die?"

Batman couldn't help the smirk that broke his scowl as the Batwing flew overhead and bombarded the Juubi with 20 mm rounds. His back was shredded by the bullets meant for other aircrafts and screamed in pain again as one of the bullets literally tore one of his arms off. He wasn't done however as the batwing went for another round and dropped a bomb on him. But instead of an explosion accompanied by fire, cryogenic fluids doused him from head to toe and instantly froze him on the spot. The Teen Titans could only gape at how Batman defeated the Juubi without even moving from his spot.

"That was awesome…" Superboy couldn't help but comment as he helped his fallen friends off of the ground and approached the Dark Knight. Before anyone could celebrate the ice that contained the ancient demon started to steam up as a red glow permeated from within. The ice melted into water and out walked the demon whose teeth were chattering. He looked at Batman with hate and anger before he motioned his right hand to a fist. The water beneath him suddenly moved and lashed out at the heroes in a wave of crushing water that floored all of them.

As they tried to get rid of the nausea from the attack, the Juubi approached Raven before fisting his hands into her hood. "No more games!" He grabbed her by the waist before disappearing in a flash of light before anyone could react.


Both of the demons appeared atop a snowy mountain. Raven had tumbled down the slope a bit before she stood up. The Juubi didn't seem fazed at all as he stood in the blizzard winds with nothing but his tattered pants on. He had his arms crossed over his chest as Raven tried to stand on the four-foot deep snow covered terrain. He slowly made his way towards the empath with equal, measured steps. Raven was about to attack him before a fist buried itself in her abdomen, making her cry out in pain. "There is no full demon or half demon," The Juubi started as he kicked Rave down the slope hard. "There are only those demons that go by a mortal name and those who are given their true names." As soon as the empath rolled to a stop, the Juubi had placed a foot on her back to keep her still. "You go by the name Raven, or Rachel Roth. That is not your true name and thus, you are incomplete." He pulled Raven's hood off of her head to look into her eyes, "Without your true name you cannot access your full potential as a demon. And since you have not realized, you have not ascended into your full glory, neither can the body your blood has given me." The smile he gave her was crooked and full of fangs and malice. The Juubi spread his arms wide and proclaimed to the heavens, "Be honored little demon! I. the great Juubi shall give you your true name!"

The sky darkened as storm clouds gathered around the mountain. Lightning came to life and struck the ground around the both of them. The snow melted beneath them and the very earth itself turned ashen as the Juubi gathered as much energy as he could into the limited body of his. Even with just a fraction of the mighty demon's power, he was still able to curse a land with his malevolence. Slowly the Earth cracked and hot steam rose from the ground before lava spewed forth. "Even though you struck me down, even though you have been consorting with the humans, I shall not leave a debt un-repaid." He cupped her pale cheeks into his hands as he leaned in close to the empath's face. "Rise up… Proserpine, Archdemon of Pride!" The Juubi kissed her then, putting all of his darkness and malevolence and insanity into her mortal being, into her very soul.

The changes were instantaneous. As her shoulder length hair lengthened to the middle of her back, silver streaks appeared in random lengths all over. A pair of horns slowly rose from the side of her head, pointing two feet in the air. Her trimmed fingernails lengthened into black claws. Two leathery wings grew from her back and spread around her in all of their glory. Each of her wings were twice her height and as dark as midnight. A three foot long tail grew from just above her backside and tapered off into a claw-like end. Raven's teenage body aged and matured into their peak and would forever stay that way. When Raven opened her eyes, the once indigo hued orbs were now crimson with slit pupils.

As the power coursed through her veins, Raven couldn't help let out a sigh of contentment from her lips. Sharp fans peeked from her upper lips as she tasted the ashen air. Her hands roamed her developed body and she couldn't help smirk in appreciation on how her body filled out. If this was how a true demon felt then Raven would have done so sooner!

"How do you feel, Proserpine?" With her heightened senses, Raven could actually hear through the demonic tinge of his voice. The Juubi sounded like a young man in his twenties, maybe even younger. With her new eyes she could see the once invisible aura of power around him. Like his eyes the aura was crimson and slowly brushed against her pale skin.

"I feel faster, stronger, powerful! If I knew I would feel like this, then I would have found out my name, true name, sooner!" She laughed to the heavens as she flared her power needlessly. Gale force winds thrashed the terrain further as she spread her new appendages as far as she could. "And please," she continued as the black aura around her form dissipated back into nothingness, "Call me Raven."

"And you can call me Naruto"

"Naruto… doesn't that mean fishcake?" She giggled at how he scrunched up his face in irritation. It would seem that she had hit a nerve.

"Whirlpool, little demon, my name means whirlpool." Naruto scratched the back of his head before sighing, "Is the hunger kicking in yet?"

"Oh yes, I feel like I could eat a horse or something!"

"Disguise yourself then, Raven." He was about to take off but suddenly remembered that the world was much more different then when he had left it. Plus, being stuck in the void for such a long time - billions or millions of years? - had destroyed his once legendary sense of direction. He spun around on his heel and looked at the newly minted Archdemon and said, "Why don't you pick a place to eat, yes? I literally have no idea where to go nowadays."

Raven struck a thinking pose with a finger to her chin before a light bulb flashed on in her head. She turned to Naruto with a smile, wholly misplaced with how she looked now, "Has the Juubi ever tried pizza?"


The Teen Titan's headquarters was deathly quiet as the whole contingent tried to wrap their minds on the idea that…

Raven was gone.

Robin was grasping at his hair in frustration at how his team, his friends, could have been so soundly defeated. He thought that Raven getting kidnapped was his own failing as whatever mistakes the Titans did, was his fault as their leader. Batman stood behind the boy wonder, silently giving the boy his support the only way he knew how. Superman and Green Lantern were down at the medical bay getting their wounds treated. The orbs of light that the Juubi threw were highly explosive and acidic enough to eat through the emerald light of the Lantern's ring and burn the last son of Krypton. If they hadn't stopped those attacks then most of the western coast would have suffered nuclear fallouts.

Beast Boy, who was on the other side of the city on another mission at the time felt guilty for not being there to help his friends, The Kid Flash and Red Arrow were huddled with the other Titans in silence.

"We need to know who we're up against," suddenly exclaimed Robin as he stood from his seat. He turned to address everyone present, "Help me get Raven's books on Demonology. The more we know about this… Juubi, the easier it is to deal with him next time. I promise there will be a next time!"


It was strange seeing the world so different and yet so similar to what he could remember. Buildings were larger and more symmetrical; roads were paved with cement and asphalt, there were things called cars all over the place, and the clothes! There were men and women here wearing things that his godfather, rest his soul, would have loved seeing. The experience was an eye opener to the ancient demon and the influx of information on how things changed was making him dizzy.

He was happy to note that some things stayed the same. People were still killing one another, still robbing, still hating. Naruto breathed in all of the negative and malicious energy in the air and sighed in contentment. It was like pure oxygen to him and made his immortal body swell with power. Looking to the side, Naruto noticed Raven swooning as well. A blush had adorned her cheeks and her eyes were heavy with an emotion he was intimate with.

"It feels amazing doesn't it?" Naruto said with a chuckle as he helped Raven stand on her own two legs. The empath looked up to the demon and gave a shy nod, uncertain of what was happening. "This is one of the amazing perks of being a demon," he said, "feeding off of the negative energies sentient creatures release into the atmosphere." Raven's knees buckled underneath her as a tidal wave of the energy washed over her. Naruto sighed in relaxation as it too affected him, "You feel that? That was someone committing the crime of murder, Delicious!"

"How… how does it work?" asked Raven with a slight stutter since her body was having small tremors.

"Fuck if I know sweetheart. What I do know is that it makes us stronger and faster. It grants us the use of our powers. And, of course, since there will always be evil hand in hand with good then it grants us the power of immortality! We demons, true named demons are deathless. Because, let's face the facts, as long as people can choose to be good there are people who also choose to be evil. "

People were staring at the duo that stood in the middle of the street. One was a man who stood six feet tall while his partner only stood at about five foot seven and was obviously female. What were peculiar about them were the horns sticking out of their heads. The man's horns were patterned like a crown of sorts. There were two half foot long horns at each side of his head with three two feet long horns at the front and back. The woman only had two horns that grew out of her temples and shot up straight in the air at two feet.

Now the people of Earth had encountered many things throughout the years like aliens, super villains and monsters and they had gotten used to it. So it wasn't a surprise that a crowd slowly formed around the two, taking pictures and exclaiming loudly at what they could possibly be. Naruto didn't take it too kindly though as the flashes from the camera were agitating him more and more. No one seemed to notice who the woman was and Raven could understand. With her transformation the empath looked older. She had grown taller and her hair was longer now. She wasn't even a teenager physically anymore.

Plus, her clothes had suffered through the transformations and were now in tatters. Her outfit now resembled a strapless and backless swimsuit, plus her cloak looked more terrifying with how torn up it was. Raven didn't know why she didn't feel embarrassed what with every human staring at her.

Maybe she didn't mind anymore because she had enough power in her pinky finger's nail to obliterate anyone who looked at her funny. Maybe she wanted them to look at her and fear her so she could feed off of the emotion. Maybe it was because, in her transformed and twisted psyche, Naruto was the only creature worth her notice.

"Observe, little Raven, how the mortals look at us. See the fear in their eyes and trace how far that fear goes." The grin that Naruto manifested frightened the people around them, "Some fear us because we are unknowns. Others fear us because of their beliefs, as they should since we really are demons. As for the rest, they fear us because we are different; we are not part of their routine." And Raven did look into their eyes. She saw the fear and suspicion festering in their very souls. Were they like this when she was only half a demon? Were they so fucking stupid?

A hand on her shoulder her made the demon turn to look at Naruto, his red eyes glowing with power and malice. "Here, let me show you what a fraction, just a pinch, of our powers can do." Naruto brought her closer to his chest, letting the Archdemon rest her head on his chest. "Watch and enjoy the show"

A ripple of air slowly moved away from the pair in a dome, touching the crowd in a silent gust of wind.

A few seconds passed before the effects were seen. Screams started to echo out from the crowd, from the whole city as people; good, bad, men, women, children, men started to beat each other to death in a maddened frenzy. Naruto looked on and couldn't help but laugh out loud. Mortals were so easy to manipulate and so fun to watch!

"This is what happens when their fears control them…" Surprisingly it was Raven who said this as she watched in awe as a child, no older than ten took down a man three times bigger than him. The child was using a discarded liquor bottle to beat the man's head in. "The true face of humanity is shown right in front of me. A society built on fears and deception is reduced to rabid animals. I should, I should feel sorry for them. But, all I can do is…"


There was no time for pride in this matter. The Teen Titans had called for help with the Justice League to help them in their time of need. Robin contacted his mentor, Batman, for information pertaining to the demon Juubi. With the Dark Knight's extensive knowledge on all things mundane and supernatural he was one of the best people to talk to on such short notice. It had only taken a few minutes for the Titans to get a response from the Justice League, but it was not who they were expecting.

"Wonder Woman?" Robin asked in confusion as the Amazon's image appeared on the large monitor located in the Titans Living Room. Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Diana of Themyscira, was one of the most well known and strongest figureheads in the Superhero society. The Amazon princess was one of the founding members of the Justice League and was once the ambassador for the Department of Metahuman Affairs.

"I overheard Batman talking about your demon problem and I believe I can help." She typed in a series of commands to bring up an image of an old Greek marble carving depicting a mass of people, being hovered over by a giant mass of writhing shadows. In the middle of the shadows was one giant eye ringed multiple times and had comma-like marks on each ring. Comparing them to the carving of the shadow, the people were like ants to it. "The Greek gods encountered this demon almost a thousand years ago." The image disappeared and Wonder Woman came back with a grim expression, "It took Hades, Poseidon and Zeus himself to stop it and they only survived by the skin of their teeth."

"You're not going to handle this alone this time Robin." Batman appeared beside Wonder Woman, a deep scowl on his face, "This demon is more than anything you kids have encountered so far. We're bringing in the big guns for this."


The inscription was taken from Planet of the Apes, original version

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