Chapter 2


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"Normal Speech"

"Powered/Demonic Speech"

"Spoken Jutsu" (Name of Jutsu said out loud)


"Spell or Incantation"

It was strange how the world had changed so much yet he still stayed the same. The things he once knew about, society and how the world worked, changed so much that one would think that they were on an alien planet. For Naruto it would have been true since even the people changed.

Metahumans, The term used for people or beings with extraordinary abilities. True, they weren't as awesome and mighty as the Shinobi of old but there were still some tough sons of bitches out there.

Superman, the Man of Steel, was a prime example. The extra-terrestrial was strong enough to rival Tsunade's strength if not more.

He wasn't the only one who could rival a Kage class Shinobi without breaking a sweat. He had learned from Raven that there were beings out in the vast universe that could destroy worlds.

Naruto could destroy the Universe as well if he was so inclined, but he didn't like to brag about it. Well, he would brag.

Raven looked at her master in rapt attention as he went through different emotions every minute. Being an empath who had to suppress her feelings, she was intimately knowledgeable of every emotion possible.

Confusion, Anger and a bit of Sorrow were the few emotions Naruto went through.

"Master?" Raven inquired as she placed a dainty Han on his shoulder, "What shall we do now?" It was a question to distract the demon but also an important one. The whole planet would be after them when they found out that Naruto had killed off an entire town by pumping them with enough fear and paranoia to cause everyone to go on a mad killing spree. Hopefully Raven was enough of a catalyst to give him his full powers back. With her new demonic blood, Naruto was also granted a full demon body. Of course, there was a difference between the old one he had as well as the physical body trapped within the celestial void he was sealed into.

He needed a way to get that one back. But for now, his limited abilities would have to suffice.

"We are waiting." Naruto simply replied as he stepped over a man's body which was run over by the pick-up truck a few feet away.

"Waiting for what, my master?"

Naruto quickly spun on his heel to face Raven, hands outstretched at his sides. "The whole Universe is now a stage! The players are quickly gathering and going to their places. With the arrival of the director," Here Naruto placed a hand on his chest to emphasise that he was the director, "There would be players coming to me like moths to a flame, vying for my favour."

"Allies?" The empath asked as understanding dawned on her.

"Actors for the show, my dear demoness, if I had my way then they should be following the script I laid out for them."

"Are you not powerful enough to take them all by yourself?" Raven asked innocently. The insinuation that he was weak was not lost on the second Jūbi and the empath found a clawed hand around her neck.

"Strong and Powerful I am, but I am not stupid. A tree does not survive through one root alone." He leaned in close to whisper into his ward's ear, "Do not spout out nonsense again, Proserpine, or you'll find me a terrible punisher."

"Forgive me, my master... I did not intend to insult." When his grip loosened, Raven could only crumple to the floor as Naruto's crimson gaze bore into her.

Before Naruto could reprimand her some more, a sudden build-up of energy in the middle of town caught his attention. A whole in space opened to reveal a small army of blue and gold clad humans approaching the two demons.

"There! Those two are the source of that foul energy!" The apparent leader, a brute of a man with bulging muscles, proclaimed as he raised his white staff and shot a bolt of lightning at Naruto. For the Jūbi's part, the demon casually backhanded the attack away, not minding that the attack had burned off the skin of his hand and the bones could clearly be seen.

It seems I was wrong. This body does not compare to even a fraction of my former vessel's might. Even with Raven's demon blood augmenting it. I must get it back soon. Thought Naruto as he watched at least twenty men and women approach him.

"They are sentinels of magic; foot soldiers of Doctor Fate; A lord of order." Raven applied for Naruto. "Individuals who have the ability to harness magic, that's what they are mostly comprised of."

One of them foolishly charged at Naruto with a raised magic staff, ready to clobber the ancient being.

All he got was a kick to the chest strong enough to snap his spine backwards and kill him. The Jūbi snapped his hand out to catch the staff in mid-air.

Unexpectedly, the staff reacted to its new wielder by morphing into an ashen version of it. A human skull topped the staff.

"Interesting..." Naruto said as he poured his power into the staff and thrust it into the incoming mob. A vile, black mist shot out from the skull's eye sockets and easily engulfed the sentinels in its deadly shroud. Most were able to dodge the cloud of death but those unlucky enough were turned into horrid abominations of their former selves.

Those who were touched by the death cloud were turned into zombie like creatures, flesh rotting off of their bones while their soulless eyes burned with hunger. Their Veins could be easily seen pumping a liquid akin to magma throughout their body.

"Capture all of them alive!" He commanded without pause as dozens of the abominations quickly dashed at the remaining sentinels.

"What are they?" Raven asked as a few of the creatures remained to protect their master from any attackers.

"They look surprisingly like the damned souls back in hell. Very interesting..."

A battle of epic proportions broke out in the middle of the town as the sentinels did not hesitate in trying to put down the monstrosities. The damned souls however puked out the magma-like liquid from their mouths on their enemies. The attack did not burn them; however, instead whatever was touched by the liquid was covered in stone to immobilize.

Their numbers were quickly diminishing as the damned souls shrugged off any attack without caring if a leg or an arm was blasted off their bodies. The only logical way to get rid of the walking corpses was to completely destroy the body, but none of the sentinels had the will step enough to kill... Well, re-kill a comrade.


Justice League Watchtower

The Moon

Every active hero on the league's roster as well as other superhero teams was gathered in the main hall. The Dark Knight, Batman, was busy typing in commands into the main Supercomputer while Superman and Wonder Woman stood at his sides. He was using the towers long range scanners to scour he planet for any traces of the demon and the kidnapped Teen Titan. So far they didn't have any luck yet.

Everyone was quiet as they watched the screen light up from time to time. It was always amazing to see the tower in full use. Sometimes people thought that the Watchtower was just a building on the moon. They tend to forget the equipment installed in it.

"Any luck?" Superman asked quietly. He didn't want to break the silence the hall had descended into. Batman looked at the screen for a moment before shaking his head.

"Nothing so far... If we're lucky enough, they might still be on Earth. If we're not, then they're probably not in this dimension anymore. If it comes to that then we'll have to get in contact with Doctor Fate."

"He won't be enough to stop that demon. Zeus and the other gods of Mount Olympus were barely able to push him back into his prison." Quipped Wonder Woman as she crossed her arms in irritation, "What chance do we have against the likes of this Jūbi?"

"It's not like you to be this pessimistic Diana." Superman turned to his friend and gave her a caring, if a bit strained, smile. "What's wrong?"

"If the gods struggled to contain this demon then what chance do we have?"

"We've fought gods before and we've won. Superman fights a god almost annually and he wins against them too. I'm pretty sure that we can take this demon on." It was Batman who spoke this time, not even turning away from the screen as he spoke. "But this is more than doubt isn't it?" With the end of the question, Batman turned to look at the Amazonian princess as well.

Diana sighed as she pinched the bridge of her nose between her right pointer and middle finger. The combined stare down of Clark and Bruce were getting on her nerves. "This demon was told to us back when I was but a child. He was the monster parents tell their children at night to make them behave. In Themyscira it's different. They tell us how they struggled against this demon, a demon that destroys mountains with a flick of his wrist!" Wonder Woman let out another sigh as she leaned against the window that showed a view of Earth in the distance, "This was the monster in our closet. He was the one who scared us into obeying our orders. He was the one who would steal naughty little girls in the dead of night. We knew that he would reappear sooner or later but... I never thought that I would be alive to see the day the demon returns."

"You say it like it's the end of days with this Joe-Bee reappearing." Flash said after being silent for so long. "And besides, when this demon pops its ugly head again then the Justice League will be there to stop him. We've done far more dangerous things than fighting a demon! I mean," here he gestures to the hundreds of heroes standing in the hall with them, "We've got the most powerful heroes as our allies! And none of us would ever let some billion year old demon destroy our home!" With his speech came the growing cheer as everyone in attendance agreed with the Flash.

"Does that answer any of your doubts Diana?" asked the caped crusader. Even though he wasn't smiling, it was evident in his voice that he whole heartedly agreed with his fellow Superheroes.

Wonder Woman couldn't help but smile as well. Although the Flash's speech wasn't the best she heard, it still did its job in lifting her spirits. Come hell or high water the Amazon would stand against the Jūbi with her friends by her side.


Did you know that when a being is sealed into anything, the concept of time and space are distorted? You do not end up in a blank space just to float around in. Instead you are thrust into a multitude of places all at once. You are suffocating in the vacuums of space but at the same time drowning in an ocean. You are fighting for your soul in the pits of hell but at the same time enjoying paradise in the clouds.

A few seconds of this nightmare was enough to drive a man insane. A Millennia of this was enough to create a monster like Naruto. No living thing was supposed to be sealed into an object because until the time where Naruto was sealed, no one else had done so. Reality was distorted in a seal and everything was not what they seemed. Naruto had grown into an intelligent and strong willed man, but even he couldn't stave off the strain he was constantly under when he was in the seal so eventually he broke.

Boiling rage and a dark hatred was pieced together from the fragments of his mind. Hate instead of Love, Enemies instead of Friends. An evil was born out of something good.

Once again, the world turned its back on a creature sent to save it and it came back to bite them in the ass.

Naruto smiled in satisfaction as the space in front of his extended finger gave in and broke. Images and sounds screeched and rippled in protest as the demon forced his way between the cracks of reality and created a shortcut right to the doorstep of Doctor Fate.

"The doorway is open! Raven, get rid of the unneeded and follow me." He turned to look at his apprentice of sorts before stepping into the swirling portal and disappearing. Raven gave a mute nod before looking at all the captured sentinels of magic, as well as the abominations, slowly floating in a magic bubble built by the demoness herself. With a negligent wave of her hand, like she was just swatting away an errant fly, the dark bubbles constricted before imploding. The occupants were brutally crushed into a fine red mist.

When the duo had captured the remaining sentinels, Naruto had siphoned their magics to force open a portal. Naruto's powers were destructive in nature and something like cross-dimensional portals was something just out of his grasp of understanding. SO instead of trying to make his own portal, Naruto cracked open a mind, stole the memory of how to make one and then used the life essence of the sentinels to create a portal to their headquarters, where Naruto was sure Doctor Fate was.

In the distance stood the structure known to the sentinels as the Tower of Fate, the home of the Doctor. The tower was made out of pure brick and had no visible doors or windows. Naruto could feel the power radiating around and within the tower. It was such a terrifyingly overpowering sensation that Raven could not support herself any longer and fell to her knees.

"The energy around is absolutely blinding! Tell me again, dear Raven, who is this Doctor Fate?" The promise of battle made his blood burn in anticipation.

"One of the most powerful beings to ever…e-exist. A powerful sorcerer and w-with his cloak, his h-helm and a-amulet…" The demoness had to take in a lungful of air as the power was slowly suffocating the oxygen from her body. Seeing Proserpine suffering, Naruto sighed in exasperation before releasing his own formidable aura to counteract the other.

Like a blanket, Naruto's red aura surrounded her and empowered her body with strength. With newfound energy, she stood up without assistance before smiling at her master.

"Thank y-"

"What are my chances against him?" Naruto asked bluntly as he scanned the area, seeing no visible traps and no hidden ambushes. He had to ask himself if there were anyone around.

"Please forgive me master, but I do not know how powerful you are." Naruto smiled at the proclamation before shrugging off the black overcoat he wore, showing off the plain undershirt he wore as well as the black slacks and leather shoes.

"Let's change that shall we?" Naruto took one step forward before a magical rune lit up under his foot. Raven's shock was evident as it quickly exploded and took Naruto's foot with it. But the demon didn't even blink as he moved on, the lost foot growing back in speeds that were impossible for anyone else. The closer he got to the Tower of Fate the more runic traps activated. Magic used to devastate an army was bearing down on one man, one step at a time and all he did was grin through the pain of having his body get ripped to shreds. Show me what this body can do!


Through a magical mirror, Inza Cramer, the wife of Doctor Fate, Kent Nelson, watched the progress of the blond haired demon through the traps she and Kent had set up an hour before his arrival. With the Helm of Fate, Kent knew that the sentinels he sent would not be enough to stop Naruto, nor were the traps outside enough to kill him.

Doctor Fate would have to go out into the field himself and repel the Jūbi.

He did not know if his powers were enough, nor if he would even survive the battle. Every time he tried to look into the future, his visions were dark as the void. Never before had this happened, when the future was not written in stone. When his destiny would be decided on who was stronger, who was faster, and who was better.

Securing the Cloak of Destiny around his frame Doctor Fate looked into the mirror once last time before walking towards the exit. Before he could step outside though, the voice of his wife stopped him mid-step.

"You don't have to do this! We could escape, call for help at least!" She said, "This is a foe unlike anything we have ever faced. We do not know his strengths and his weaknesses. All we have to go on are stories thousands of years old! No one has ever seen the true strength of this monster!"

"And what choice am I left with? If I abandon the Tower of Fate, if I leave the power hidden within the tomes and artifacts housed in the tower… I have called the Society as well as the League and hopefully they will come. I would have teleported them here, but if I left then the defences would not be as strong as they are now." Inza could see, through the white light that shone out of the eyes of the helm, Kent's eyes. It shone with determination; he will beat back this demon. But it also held fear, fear of not being strong enough to win.

He straightened his back and with one final step, he was outside the tower.


The amount of destruction wrought on the open field looked like an atomic bomb had detonated. The earth was turned black from the fire and any plants that once stood were nothing more than ash piles.

In the center of the field, halfway to the Tower of Fate, lay a crater of massive proportions. Upturned rock and soil rumbled as they fell into the center. Raven calmly observed from a distance as Doctor Fate quietly landed on the lip of the crater. She did not fear for her master's demise. The demoness saw and felt his power erupt right before the final blast. She saw the titanic shadow through the smoke and fire.

"You cannot fool me, Ten Tailed Beast! Show yourself and face me!" The roar of thunder echoed across the land as Doctor Fate gathered energy into his body. With his jaw set and fists curled, Kent was ready to fight. From within the smoke, a snort of amusement could be heard, followed right after by a strong gust of wind that blew away the rest of the smoke screen.

"As you wish"

Titanic claws made out of pitch black energy shot out and gripped the mouth of the crater. The sheer force made the ground quake and the sky rumble as those hands slowly lifted up Naruto into view.

A shadow, at least hundred metres in height, stood above the land. There were no defining characteristics on the body, only five black tails of energy slowly waving around and its single eye staring at the super hero. The eye was colored red and had three black rings surrounding the pupil. On each of the rings were comma-like markings, three on each. Doctor Fate idly made note that the comma's looked like Japanese Magatama. Everything else looked like it was made from darkness itself.

"It still amuses me how you humans act like you even have a chance against me! Your bravado impresses no one Doctor Fate." A ball of black energy created in a split second in front of where the Jūbi's mouth should be exploded into a lance of scorching heat. The power behind the attack disintegrated the ground and would have vaporized the hero if he hadn't created a small pocket dimension to absorb the attack fully. The roar died down soon enough and Doctor Fate lashed out in return. A spear of lightning tore through the air and struck Naruto in the face, making him howl in pain. Before Naruto could attack again, dozens of spears made out of light pierced and passed through his body.

"Katon"Naruto exclaimed as a concentrated firestorm engulfed Doctor Fate before exploding violently. He raised a claw in the air before slamming it into the ground followed by his other. Again and again he pounded Doctor Fate into the dirt, each attack getting stronger than the last. Naruto would have used Banbutsu Sōzō, his most powerful offensive and defensive attack, but the price would be too high for his current state.

Banbutsu Sōzō was one of Naruto's most powerful techniques. With the mastery of Yin and Yang energy, Naruto could create anything from nothing. It was terrifying in the hands of Naruto, true, but the price of the technique was great. A tail of chakra would be sacrificed for the use of the Banbutsu Sōzō for at least two hours and forty minutes. If Naruto pushed himself to use the technique for a full day, that is, for twenty four hours, then he would sacrifice ten of his tails.

Though not permanent, the time to recover a tails worth of chakra would hinder him greatly.

The cons would outweigh the pros of the technique since each tail was an indicator for how much power and chakra he had at his disposal. The less tails of energy stored within him then the weaker he would become.

With his current body, Naruto could only call upon six of his tails at the moment. Anymore, then the frail vessel would start to destroy itself from the inside out.

Charging up another Bijūdama, Naruto was caught off guard whena glowing circle of runes appeared above his head before his first attack slammed into him in full force. His hands couldn't withstand the sheer power behind his own Bijūdama and buckled. The impact made from his body and the attack that was pushing him down caused a cloud of dirt to shoot high into the air.

"Clever little insect"

Size would not win this fight apparently. In a few moments, Naruto reverted into his Chakra Mode. The colour of his eyes changed from red to orange in this form, and while his full on Bijū transformation gave him a near impenetrable black chakra shroud, the chakra mode granted him a shroud that looked like it was made from yellow, flickering flames.

Since he was the Jūbi and not a Jinchūriki anymore, his form was made out of pure chakra and had no markings whatsoever. Naruto can use this form much longer than his full transformation but the constant drain on his charka reserves were still taxing. The longest he used the chakra mode and any of its variations was a full week without stopping.

He burst into action and sped towards Doctor Fate, the boost in speed causing a sonic boom to part the smoke and reveal his target. By the look on his face, Naruto had caught him off guard with his transformation and he took advantage of it as he created a pair of chakra arms to hold on to the heroes arms before shoving a Rasenshuriken into his chest.

Naruto didn't stop there as he proceeded to punch and clobber Doctor Fate into an unrecognizable pulp. He was going to finish him off finally but Doctor Fate fizzed out of existence in a burst of static sparks.

"A clone technique?"

"You do not see what is in front of you, demon. This will be your undoing!" From the top of the Tower of Fate stood Doctor Fate, the solid illusion doing its job in distracting, hands outstretched in front of him as he manipulated the magic energy in the surroundings. Beneath Naruto, encompassing the crater where he stood, a runic circle with the shape of a Jackal's head shone from the dirt. "Burning skies and boiling seas seal this foul demon for eternity! Tomb of Anubis"

"Fūinjutsu: Kagamiwo Rimen Shimasu"

The spell Doctor Fate used was supposed to be able to banish powerful demons back to the underworld. The Tomb of Anubis spell kills the vessel of the demon and anchors down their soul back to hell. Not only would it banish the demon, but it will, at the same time forbid them from climbing back out for at least a century.

It was not a spell to be lightly used, seeing as the requirements for this certain spell was astronomical. Any normal sorcerer would be killed immediately, his life being siphoned into the runic seal to power it. Luckily for Kent Nelson, he had access to cosmic amounts of magical energy. Unluckily, he did not know that Naruto had achieved the status of sealing master back in the Elemental Nations. He along with Jiraiya and his father, Minato Namikaze, were the only recognized masters in all of the lands.

Instead of igniting into a pillar of white fire like it should, the seal exploded outwards. A wall of fire came to life from nothing and roared towards Doctor Fate who was preparing another rune to counter.

The wall of flames suddenly split in half to make way for a giant orb of black chakra. Naruto had thrown the unrefined Bijūdama for a widespread effect rather than the concentrated beam. With flames dancing around his form, the Jūbi extended his right hand forward with his palm facing the Bijūdama. His eyes rippled, like a pebble falling into a pond, transforming into his true eyes once again.

"Shinra Tensei"

The Bijūdama suddenly lurched forward with great speed. Doctor Fate's surprise cost him greatly as the orb of positive black and negative white chakra sheared off the roof of the Tower of Fate and the doctor with it. The orb continued along its path of destruction a few kilometres away before impacting the ground and exploding in a black mushroom cloud.

Naruto exhaled tiredly as his chakra cloak receded, his clothes underneath none the worse. The Jūbi could finally see the limits of his current body and was not at all impressed. Each technique he used was not as strong as they should be. He neither has his blinding speed nor his superior strength. Manifesting six fully formed tails were his limit and the use of his true eyes made him cry blood.

These few seconds that Naruto used to catch his breath was what Doctor Fate anticipated throughout their encounter. The Doctor threw of the superheated Cloak of Destiny off of his frame, used to absorb the unrefined power of the Bijūdama, before facing the direction where he knew the demon was. Kent had accounted for all possibilities before the fight and took every precaution. This was a creature of legend after all, said to have brought down the gods of Mount Olympus when it had broken free from its original prison. So when Naruto stepped onto a timed runic mass paralysis trap, built to subdue hundreds of individuals for ten minutes, Doctor Fate went to work.

He spoke the incantation quickly; dozens of words in few seconds were spoken and imbued with power and reason. It was obvious that confronting the Jūbi head on was foolish, even if he wasn't as powerful as the legends say.

"Heat of a thousand suns, destroy his soul. Heart of the eternal void, bind his form. Hear my cries and obey my order; I call upon the almighty power! The darkness will be banished on this holy hour!" Doctor Fate raised his fist into the air, five fingers pointing to the skies as he forced more and more of his magics into the spell. The cloud split open as a thin beam of light cut through the air before splitting up into ten smaller beams. The small bands of light struck Naruto's back before he could react.

A roar of pain erupted from the Jūbi as the light beams dug into his flesh before the ends facing out widened. Raven could only look in shock as the beams spewed forth what looked like black smoke out into open air.






"ENOUGH!" The lights shattered as Naruto cast the yellow chakra cloak around his body but before he could launch a retaliatory strike on Doctor Fate, Naruto's cloak fizzled out of existence before he collapsed to his knees in exhaustion. Raven saw her master in danger and she quickly acted. As soon as she got a firm hold on Naruto they teleported away from the Tower of Fate.


When they made their escape, Raven had not accounted for the distance they would be traveling, thinking that her powers would compensate automatically as it always did. Raven also didn't account the fact that, if either her master or self were drained of their energies then both of them suffered. No exceptions.

The portal they were in for mere seconds suddenly rippled and spat both of them out. Raven was still able to land on both feet carefully while Naruto landed on his head. The vertigo that hit them both didn't help the situation they found themselves in.


The Justice Society of America arrived just in time to see Doctor Fate mend the largest crater on the impromptu battlefield. Power Girl arrived at the scene first, sweeping the landscape with her super human eyesight. The leader of the JSA was followed by Stargirl as well as the Red Beetle. As soon as they knew for certain that the coast was clear, Doctor Fate led them inside the Tower of Fate to discuss on what he could gleam from the Jūbi during their battle.

"His name is Uzumaki Naruto. From what I could dig up from the labyrinth in his mind, he was born in a civilization thousands of years ago… in a parallel universe of our own."

"Dimensional Demon, what else is new?" Power Girl asked sarcastically as she crossed her arms under her impressive bust. With the repertoire of villains she had encountered over the years, few things could surprise the blonde.

"Quite," Doctor Fate replied with a nod, "But his powers are something else entirely. He uses a form of energy that he can shape and manipulate freely. Naruto can either use this energy to make fire or control gravity. I do believe he can manipulate this energy to alter his physical form as well." Kent was rifling through the collection of books he had, trying to find a clue or answer to the mystery of the Jūbi. "What that energy exactly is, I have yet to find out." Snapping his fingers loudly, a three foot tall, three foot wide mirror rose from the ground and came to a rest in front of the collection of super heroes. Stargirl looked at the mirror questioningly before moving images appeared on its reflective surface.

A full body shot of Naruto stepping out of the portal he used to enter The Subtle Realm was the first to appear, garnering a reaction from Stargirl.

"Oh, he's a cute one… I mean a cute villain-slash-demon thingy…" She corrected herself when Power Girl looked at her scathingly when she made voice of her opinion. The video, for what else could it be, didn't stop there as Raven stepped out of the portal next in all of her demonic glory. Mixed reactions were received as they watched the images shift into Naruto transforming.

"Ok, what the hell is that?" Red Beetle asked as the Bijū proceeded to smash the ground where the Doctor was on in the video before firing off a Bijūdama. "Thank the gods he didn't use those powers in a populated area. That thing's like an atomic bomb's explosive force was concentrated into a laser beam." When the video ended with Naruto's retreat, Doctor Fate spoke again.

"I was able to land a deciding blow at the end. Although it was not the effect I intended, I was able to slice a part of his soul from his body. This of course made him weaker."

"And from what I see, this bastard can feel pain. He isn't some all-powerful, invincible demon god like what Wonder Woman had implied." Power Girl nodded at her own conclusion.

"I'm not so sure that her statement was false."

"What do you mean?" Stargirl asked as she leaned on her staff, after a few moments of silence.

"What I mean is that Uzumaki Naruto, the Jūbi, is not a far cry away from being a god. I felt his power and I have seen his soul. Both are fractured and pieces are missing entirely. This is where Raven comes into the equation. I have a theory on her new 'look' so to speak. In some point in time after her kidnapping, Naruto may have either possessed her or turned her into a demon. This was somehow given him a connection to Raven and her soul. With this link, Naruto can fill in the gaps in his own soul."

"Wait, does that mean the Jūbi is trying to get back to his full strength then?" With the display of his not-hundred percent strength, no one wanted to think what that beam attack would be like if it was.

"It is the most logical conclusion. He may turn more people into demon. Who, I do not know. But the fact remains that we must stop him before he does."

"I'll go inform Superman. We need everyone in on this!"


Naruto woke up to the sounds of people shouting as well as screams of anger and fear. His eyes were unfocused and all he saw were blurry shapes in a black background. He couldn't make out any words either, just a muted buzz. Groaning in pain, Naruto tried to stand up but found that his right hand was broken at the wrist. This sent him face first into the pavement, again. Annoyed at his slow recovery speed, the Jūbi summoned forth a chakra claw from his right shoulder to help him stand.

He blinked a few times before forcing a bit more chakra into his eyes to speed up the healing process. Eyes were faster to heal than broken bones he had learned. In a few seconds the world went back into focus.

He was in a city if the skyscrapers were anything to go by. During his time in the Elemental Nations, he saw the rise of such buildings. Cities that were getting too big opted to build up rather than build out. The idea came from Amegakure, if he remembered correctly. The Hidden Village was basically built on top of a small island surrounded by water. They couldn't expand so they started building up, placing building on top of one another to save the limited space they had.

This dimension's skyscrapers were more sophisticated than his. Everything was made out of concrete, metal or glass, sometimes all three. The buildings were high enough to reach the clouds and Naruto couldn't even think how that was possible.

I'm expecting them to tip over any minute now…

The buildings may look prettier, may be straighter and shinier. But the people were still the same; afraid of things that were new to them. For example; the situation he and Raven were in now. They were two completely new creatures in a city. One looked like a demoness about to bathe in the blood of the innocent while the other looked like a roguishly handsome devil. On one side of the street they were people dressed in blue uniforms with shiny badges on their chests. On the opposite side of the street was a building filled with people bound and gagged behind a group of people wearing body armour and ski masks. What were the two things they had in common? Both sides were pointing guns at them and both sides were shouting at them.


Standing from his face-to-floor position made his back burn painfully. Doctor Fate's final attack had left deep, inch wide and three inch deep wounds on his back. Naruto suspected them to be a sort of divine attack since his demonic chakra was slow in healing the damage. Naruto hated the fact that he couldn't just beat people up easily like the good ol' days. Now people were too unpredictable to read. No Jutsu's or hand signs or dōjutsu's! Naruto was the best in a fight back in the Elemental Nations because he could predict what type of Jutsu his enemy would use and would prepare a counter accordingly.

He needed to know his enemies. He needed to know what everyone was capable of, what their strengths and weaknesses. Who were the biggest fish in this new pond? Who had the most connections, which had power?

Naruto was anything but an idiot. He knew that in this new playing field, he was just a dull butter knife while everyone was a zanbatō. He was a very large butter knife, but still dull. Charging head on like what he did a few hours ago wasn't going to cut it until he was in the know as well as getting back in top shape. Whatever that wearing-yellow-underwear-outside-a-blue-jumpsuit 'super hero' did to him, he couldn't feel the crisp and tight connection he had to his chakra. Everything was floating just out of his reach and that just pissedhim off.

A loud bang behind him went off before a powerful impact made him lurch forward. Naruto felt his head throb in agony as something wet and viscous flowed down his neck.

Raven slowly turned to look at the bank robber who shot Naruto, shocked that someone was stupid enough to do something like this. She didn't know whether to congratulate the man for having the courage to sign his own death warrant, or chastise the idiot for signing his own death warrant.

"You shouldn't have done that… idiot" so the empath decided on shaking her head. She didn't much care for any of them, police, robber or hostage. They were beneath her notice.

Alright… new plan of action; Go underground, get allies, get my old body back, conquer known universe. The Jūbi straightened up from his slight slouch before firing off a mini Bijūdama into the bank, killing everyone in the building as well as the building behind it. Behind Naruto, Raven gathered energy into her hands before flinging those outwards. The police as well as their vehicles were engulfed in black energy before being brutally compacted into a sphere just an inch wide. But first, get everything out of my system.


Techniques used in chapter:

Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball)The Tailed Beast Ball is the ultimate technique of a tailed beast. To form the attack, they gather both positive black chakra (+の黒チャクラ, purasu no kuro chakura), and negative white chakra (−の白チャクラ, mainasu no shiro chakura), shape it into a sphere, and then compress it inside their mouth. The black and white chakra needs to be balanced at an (8:2) ratio respectively or it will backfire. The ball can be fired differently, either in sphere form, which gives it a wide area of damage, or as a concentrated beam of energy which gives it explosive penetrative power.

When used in close proximity to other tailed beasts, the Tailed Beast Ball can be combined, vastly increasing its destructive power and size. The power of the attack is relative to the power of the user.

Katon (Fire Release) - Fire Release (火遁, Katon) is one of the basic elemental nature transformations. It is performed by moulding superheated chakra inside the stomach before releasing it via the lungs and mouth. There are also variants to this in the form of some mediums such as the use of gun powder, explosive tags and chakra flow into a weapon.

Banbutsu Sōzō (Creation of All Things) - An ability the Sage of the Six Paths had, referred to as "Creation of All Things" (万物創造, Banbutsu Sōzō). The process he used is explained to have initially involved the administration of imagination, and the spiritual energy which forms the basis of Yin chakra to create shape and form from nothingness. Then, through the application of vitality, and the physical energy which forms the basis of Yang chakra, he would breathe life into the prior form. The sage used this ability to split the Ten-Tails into nine tailed beasts. It is also said that the technique Izanagi is based on this technique.

Rasenshuriken (Spiralling Shuriken) - The Rasenshuriken creates countless microscopic wind-blades that damage the body on a cellular level. The wind blades sever nerve channels in the body, leaving the target unable to move after being struck. They also attack the chakra circulatory system, which cannot be repaired by any form of medical ninjutsu. Depending on the severity of the damage, the victim may not be able to perform a technique ever again.

Fūinjutsu: Kagamiwo Rimen Shimasu (Art of Sealing: Reverse Mirror) A counterattack styled seal; it can redirect an attack back to the caster, but is limited to non-physical attacks. The technique is relative to how much power is placed into the technique. It is made through basic seal making methods, namely chakra ink and paper. This is used best when encountering attack styled seals and traps or runic magic.

Shinra Tensei (Subjugation of the Omnipresent God) - ability to manipulate repulsive force (斥力, Sekiryoku) at the user's will to push matter or ninja techniques away. Depending on the amount of force the user puts in this technique, it can easily shatter wood, bones, metal, or stone walls. By using this technique as a defensive measure, all attacks directed to the user will be deflected, no matter the size, power or mass. It can also be used to repel flames caught on the user's body. The only downside to this technique is that there is a short period when it is unusable after being used. The minimal time period is about five seconds, but it varies depending on the amount of power put into the attack.

Notes: The Sentinels of Magic come from DC Universe Online. If your character is a villain, like mine, then they will be a constant enemy especially in Metropolis.

Obviously this story takes place after Naruto canon and he has finally achieved such a mastery of his powers that he was the often thought of the Rikudō Sennin reincarnated. And if anyone thinks that giving Naruto the Banbutsu Sōzō makes him a god, then it doesn't. This is his ultimate technique but at the same time the overuse of this can kill him. No chakra equals dead after all.

Naruto has the ultimate Dōjutsu? Understandable since he has the Jūbi in him and anyone who has seen the picture of the ten tails would understand why Naruto could acquire the eyes.

Naruto getting his powers practically taken from him? All in the plot, people. I had an idea playing through old games actually. When the player starts as the biggest bad there is in the game only to get that taken from them (god of war 2) plus this will make him want to get more people to sway to his side to use as conduits of power like Raven.

It won't be like a Harem pairing per se. There will be sex between a few or a lot, but no love.

Why is Raven instantly bad, anyone asks? Well, according to the comics she has always been tempted to turn evil because of her demon blood. Naruto just gave her the final push. She would not hesitate to attack people she did not know but friends is another story, hence her not attacking Doctor Fate since she has worked with him while with the Sentinels of Magic, comics version.

You could visit Naruto wiki or DC wiki for more information. You don't have to but it is an extremely useful aid.