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Chapter 2: Round One

On the first day of the tournament the over one thousand players convened at the main room waiting for the call to begin. Standing in the front of the room was the MC.

"Okay, everyone, it's time to start this tournament. Round one will be several days long. And as XKSquirt7 was fast enough to grab the Zeos Option Capsule not only is their match against Tornado Vexus the final bout of round one, played on the last day of the round, but they will also get the option of switching players out between rounds. And now, will the Storm Chasers and Green Typhoon teams report to the battle zone? As for Omega ZR109, stand at the entrance to the Zeos Chamber." The three teams took their respective spots in the room.

"First off, the commentators. Both hailing from another dimension, here are the Blue Hurricane, Burter, and the Red Magma, Jeice." At this the two Dragon Ball Z characters, one a blue-skinned humanoid, the other a white-haired, red-skinned one, appeared, striking their signature poses (Burter's was the same one Stewart did during Chucky's introduction of the team to Ben and Summer) to the excitement of the crowd. Both were wearing commentary headsets.

"And now, for the words you're all waiting for, the honorary starters. First up, the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels." At this, coming out of a door behind the MC was Shawn, wearing a black shirt with a green DX on it. In his left hand was a microphone. "Next, The Game, Triple H!" Shawn's DX teammate, wearing the same shirt as Shawn, and also clutching a mic, came out. "And finally, Mr. Michael Buffer!" Mr. Buffer was wearing a suit compared to the DX duo's fight-ready outfits.

"Okay, everyone, are you ready?" Triple H asked the crowd. They got a good response, but Triple H didn't think it was good enough, for he said "No, i said ARE YOU READY?" The response this time was much bigger.

"Then for the one thousand twenty-four players here-" started Triple H.

"For the millions watching the tournament at home-" Shawn added.

"LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!" all three yelled simultaneously. The tournament was on. After five minutes of Storm Chasers versus Green Typhoon, with Burter and Jeice on commentary, Jet and his team reached a door with a dial on it.

"Summer, your watch should help ya on this one, so turn the dial counterclockwise." Ben suggested. Summer looked at her watch, but the response wasn't what Ben expected. Also, something in Jet's memory banks triggered.

"Ben, I can't make heads or tails of that suggestion." Summer complained. Anise walked up to the dial and turned it to the left.

"That's 'cause you're gazing at a DIGITAL watch." Jet told her; the trigger led to his watching Jeff Dunham's third special to get his response to Summer's complaint. The eight players walked into the Zeos Chamber, Jet lifting the capsule. There was a slashing noise as two gold lines forming an X appeared in the air. At the center of the X was a portal that was opening fast. Summer had jumped in complete surprise.

"Don't be scared, Summer, that's how all XQ-launched portals appear at the destination point." Rochelle told the female Ranger, placing a hand on her shoulder. Then eight figures shot out of the portal, two of which, both male, collided with the ground - the others had engaged the flight technique prior to impact. The two boys got up, both with a number at the base of their right pantleg - the smaller of the two bore an 80, the other a 128.

"Hey, Scotty, you and Newkirk oughta work more on your landings." Jet told the taller member. Summer, however, was shocked as the two boys had flown literally through Anise on their way down. Anise told Summer it was her Solid Transparency technique that enabled it. Ben, meanwhile, was looking around at the six flying figures. Five of them were female, and they all had different hair colors compared to the four already present. One was a golden-blonde (Rochelle was a yellow-blonde with amethyst highlights), and there was a purple-haired girl with the same hairstyle as both blondes and Anise. One girl had black hair ('She looks like she's of Asian descent' thought Summer on first glance), there was a redhead (her red shade was darker than the wine-red coloration of Anise), and the fifth one had light brown hair (Summer was a medium-brown). The sixth hovering person had a 227 on his right pantleg, but had gold hair and a flame-like aura surrounding him.

"When i said that you had gotten Stewart and Chucky into it, add 227 to that." Anise told Jet; 227, John Linnan, was in his Super Saiyan form (he told them he had only just recently transformed ten minutes prior to handle some dark villain) and the two fallen boys were friends of Jet from the Camp Onseyawa on Scotty's shirt (Cody had the same shirt, but his was hidden by his Green Day sweatshirt). The girls introduced themselves as XQ second-in-command Hollie 'Brazelica' Brazie (the golden-blonde and Jet's older sister), Cho Chang (the black-haired one who, somehow Psychically, predicted Summer would ask about her descent and revealed she was of Asian descent), Kiara Brazie (the purple-haired one, XQ agent 05SL), Jasmine Bray (the light-brunette and a Gym Leader), and 487 (the redhead, who got a nudge from Hollie in response). The sixteen Omega ZR109 members raced to their room (Ben beat Summer there, but was fifteenth overall as the others had flown there, Anise somehow beating Hollie) and there was a bit of talking going on upon arrival.

"Man, how the heck did ya beat me, Anise? Don't forget i have a higher speed level than ya." Hollie asked the wine-red-haired Angel when they got there (Jet had been telling them off for using their true speed levels, explaining their split-second disappearance) to which Anise replied she used her invisibility to phase through a wall en route.

At twelve noon the lunch trolley arrived at the Omega ZR109 room. On the tray Jet and Scotty pulled off of it was a huge number of grilled cheese sandwiches.

"Reminds me of Camp. What about you two?" Jet asked Scotty and Newkirk, who responded the same way as Jet. Hollie, however, was reminded of her witchcraft adventure (that's where she and Jasmine had met Cho) due to the trolley; during that adventure during the long train rides there was a trolley that held a number of snacks which travelled the long train. That's when Rochelle noticed something on Hollie.

"Haven't seen ya wear eyeshadow in a long time, Brazelica."

"Oh, this? It was Jasmine's idea. She must've known Maeve here" she referred to the redhead near her "was gonna wear some, so she had me do it too. Of course, there was a little reverse effect in there as well; to make it even she wanted Maeve to wear heels even though she prefers flats. We ended up pulling a counteroffer: if she did both we would do what she wanted." There were blue hints around the three girls' eyes, and they were all wearing heels, Hollie's looking only a quarter-inch more extreme than Jasmine's; Maeve was nowhere even close.

Jet then looked at the tournament bracket (he, Stewart, Scotty, Chicky, and Anise had downed at least a dozen sandwiches apiece, Summer running out of room after her eleventh) and noticed the logo next to the Tornado Vexus team name: a purple stylized v.

"i hope Alpha doesn't try the hacker method again."