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Standing behind Kenzi, Ni's hand was wrapped tight around the overhead bar of the bus, resting most of her weight on her left foot, eyes trained forward. With Bo already at the Ash's compound, they had been forced to use the transit for a lack of a vehicle of their own. Eyes staring out the window at the buildings they passed by, Kenzi's voice was one of impatience, "I shoulda boosted a car."

As though they did not want to be party to their conversation, the other passengers nearest them found the view outside to be suddenly more interesting than ever. Ni's free hand brushed the loose fingers of Kenzi's right hand, "He's fine."

Kenzi let out a breath trying to tell her the same thing, "I know."

Ni did not question her actions. She knew that Kenzi had needed the rest earlier, that Kenzi's response to Hale being hurt was a human emotion, still it was hard not to wonder if the girl felt the same way. What's done is done, I can't undo it.

Dyson was sitting beside his partner's bed when he heard the heart monitor's steady beat pick up, and the detective unfolded his legs to stand, watching as his friend's eyes twitched beneath closed lids before opening.

Lights too bright after more than eight hours sleep took more than a moment for the Siren's dark eyes to adjust, when they did they landed on two familiar faces, the feeling of a hand on his leg indicating a third presence. Head tilting slightly, Hale could make out Trick near his feet and he offered a wan smile to his comrades.

Teeth a brilliant shade of white in the well lit room, Bo smiled, hand running over Hale's, "We're here."

Dyson's voice was low, reserved when he spoke, "Hey man."

Though the man wanted to clear his throat, the thin figure in the bed simply whispered hoarsely in question, "Where's lil mama?"

Head tilting Bo pushed her hair behind her ear, silver piercing swinging softly, "Kenzi's on the way. Ni let her sleep in before telling her. She'd had a long night."

Resting back against the pillows, Hale nodded, forcing himself not to strain against the tension it put on his neck not wanting it to swell back up. Focusing on the issue they could deal with, Dyson leaned his hands along the bed railing, fingers curling over the metal, "Hale, is there anything you can tell us about the attack?"

Hale closed his eyes, trying to keep himself as separated from the incident as possible as he flashed back to the car, "I thought I was alone," he hissed at the tightness he felt, vocal chords aching, "there was someone, but I couldn't see."

At the end of the bed Trick frowned, "Invisibility?" At Hale's nod he looked to Dyson, "Have you come across anyone in the community recently that would do this?"

Dyson shook his head in answer, giving his partner a moment to relax. There was no need to put such a strain on him so soon.

A few steps behind Kenzi, Ni followed the girl into the compound at a pace she hoped would draw less attention than the human's quick one. Entering the Lab, Lauren was already turning to address them when Ni made it through the door. Kenzi did not give her a chance to welcome them,

"Is he okay?"

Fingers curling around her necklace in habit, Lauren nodded before resuming her confident physician mode quickly, arms crossing in front of her, "He's stable, but I'm going to have to only give you a few minutes. They've been talking for a few and he'll need a break soon."

Passing the doctor by, the dark haired beauty parted the curtain, leaving Ni in the waiting area without a word.

"Oh," Dyson looked up at the soft exclamation, bright blue eyes already filling with an unmistakable shine.

"Kenzi," Bo took a step towards her friend when her grandfather reached to touch her arm, head tilting. Pausing, the Succubus looked back at the man laying prone in bed and back to her soul sister, "We'll give you minute."

"Dyson," Trick cleared his throat as he held the curtain for the Were to pass through leaving Kenzi and Hale alone.

With a weak smile, and thankful she'd been left to be emotional in private, Kenzi wrapped her arms loosely around Hale, "Hey buddy, you know not even we can pull of patient-chic."

Hale chuckled doing his best to hug her back, "Well you know I had to give it a try."

Trick started back on the matter at hand as soon as they had stepped far enough away not to be over heard by the two behind the curtain, "There are only a handful of Fae that can mask themselves well enough to be undetectable."

All business, Bo looked down at the pepper haired man she had once thought her father, "But who would attack Hale? Of all of us he ruffles the least feathers."

Dyson curled and flexed his hands at his sides before shoving them roughly in his pockets, "If I track down that scent I'll-"

Having heard only the beginning of their conversation, Ni turned to look at them, "Hale was attacked by someone he couldn't see?"

The group turned to look at her, Bo and Trick with only minimal surprise at her interest, Dyson's gaze reading open annoyance. Their silence gave her the yes she knew it was and she slipped her hands into the back pockets of her jeans, "It was one of the Shadows."

Dyson and Trick both looked puzzled, Bo only nodding as if she understood before pushing forward, "And they are?"

Ni raked a hand through her hair in agitation, "They are a group of Fae that watched over the grounds I was kept at. I don't know what kind it was, the Shadows consisted of several Fae, all that could hide their physical form. Many are goblins or Afrits but there were others."

Trick frowned, "I wouldn't put this attack to either of those."

Ni shook her head, " Strangulation doesn't sound right to me either but if neither of you," cool eyes landed on Dyson, "have reason for anyone here to attack you, it has to be some other kind of the group."

Bo, "But you've been on the run for a long time with nothing suggesting you were found. Why would they be here?"

Catching the slight stiffening in the wolf-shifter's posture, Trick frowned.

"I don't know, but if it is I can't stay." Ni looked towards the screen where Kenzi still stood with the injured party, "They'll keep coming and Hale won't be the only casualty."