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I was already soaking wet from the dream. I desperately needed to relieve the ache in-between my legs. My hand slid, almost of his own accord, down my stomach to my core. My fingers hesitantly brushed my clit, a small moan made its way out of me. I grabbed my panties and pulled them down my legs, kicking them completely off me.

"Luke, please", I whispered under my breath.

"I want you so bad."

I began rubbing my clit furiously, panting Luke's name. Aching to feel him inside me. I slid one finger into my tight core and moaned louder than before. I began pumping my finger furiously in my core with one hand, and I circled my clit with the other. I pinched my clit and screeched out loud, I had to stop and cover my mouth, Nervous that someone heard me. I glanced at the clock and quickly dismissed the notion. No one could hear me at 4 in the morning. I quickly resumed my ministrations. Trying so hard to reach my climax.

I was going as hard as I could, saying Luke's name louder and louder.


My eyes shot open and I sat up, my heart beating furiously. Luke was standing in the doorway, his eyes wide open, staring at me. I couldn't help myself as I scanned down his body. He obviously had just woken up. His hair was all tousled; he didn't have a shirt on. Just a pair of baggy pajama pants. I enjoyed the sight of his well-toned abs immensely. My eyes went lower, and I was shocked to see the prominent bulge in the front of his pants.

"Clary? Were you just...were you just doing what I think you were doing?"

"Um that depends on what you were thinking." I said shakily.

He walked towards me hesitantly.

"I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about Clary."

"Luke, I…..I can explain…"

"Just tell me one thing Clary, was it my name you were saying?"

I looked down and sighed, ashamed.

"Yes Luke, It's just that….."

"I thought so." He interrupted me.

Faster than I could process, he jumped on me and pushed me down on the bed, hovering over me, his face inches from mine. He reached up and stroked the side of my face, his thumb rubbing my lips.

"So you were chanting my name while you were touching yourself? Were you imagining me fucking you Clary?" He whispered, his breath fanning out across my face.

"Y yes" I replied, my body trembling under his touch.

"Oh god." He leaned down and put his face in the crook of my neck and breathed in deeply. "Do you know how bad I want you right now Clary?" He mumbled in my neck.

"I want you too" I whispered into his ear. "Please Luke. Take me. Right now."

"Clary I want to. I want to take you right now. I want to be inside you. But we can't. You know that."

"Luke, we can. Please."

"Clary I…"

"Please!" I moaned in his ear, bucking my bare pussy against his bulge.

He looked down and realized I wasn't wearing any underwear. I think that did it for him, because with a gasp he shoved his mouth on mine, kissing me hungrily. His hand crept down to my pussy and his fingers made their way to my clit immediately, rubbing and pinching.

"Oh god Luke! This is way better than my hand!"

He chuckled at me and slid a finger into my hole, and began pumping mercilessly. I was struggling to keep quiet, arching my back, pushing my hips up towards his hand.

"Enough foreplay Luke. I want you Inside me. Right fucking now." I said, gasping.

"Are you sure Clary? Do you really want this?"

I gave him a look like he was insane for even asking.

"Okay, okay. Just making sure."

He pulled his pajama pants down and his erection sprang free. He guided it to my entrance, and in one swift motion he plunged into me.

"LUKE!" I screamed out, no longer able to contain my moans. He put a hand over my mouth to silence me, while thrusting into my pussy.

Finally, when I quieted down some, he let go of my mouth.

"You feel so good wrapped around me." He whispered in my ear. "You are so fucking tight Clary!"

He began pounding faster and faster. He lifter my leg over his shoulder and thrust into me at a new angle, hitting my G-spot.

"Yessssss. Yessssss" I hissed at him through my clenched teeth.

"I'm so close Clary, I am so fucking close. Cum with Me." he growled in my ear. He began rubbing my clit with his thumb, trying to get me to climax. His thrusts were short and erratic.

I came, writhing under him. As soon as my pussy began milking him he came too, a keening, rumbling sound coming from his chest.

He collapsed exhausted on top of me. We were both breathing hard, trying to catch our breath. He rolled over so I was on his chest. His arms wrapped around me.

"Thank you." I whispered to him, my eyelids getting heavy.

"No, thank you." He said, nuzzling the top of my head.


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