Title: No Way Out

Author: Snitch Me

Rating: R+

Pairings: Dom!Draco/Sub!Harry, Dom!Sirius/Sub!Remus, Dom!Lucius/Sub!Severus, Dom!Theo/Sub!Blaise

Warnings: Rape, mutilation, torture, beatings, Abuse (of all kinds). Anything not mentioned may/may not be included. You've been warned.

Disclaimers: *points to J.K Rowling* Her works, not mine! I'm just playing with the plot-line + characters a bit! That's all, I swear!

Author Note: Information will be explained every five chapters to fill in gaps and such if I don't explain things to the reader's liking. A beta is welcome to read the story and then message me on any mistakes; I'm only human. I do make mistakes. So don't chew me out because you don't like something or you think I did something wrong. Also, Vampires. Do. Not. SPARKLE. *for any Twilight lovers that read this and just HAVE to ask why MY vampires don't sparkle like Edward and Emmet. It won't happen.

Summary: Potter didn't win the war. In fact, he was captured by MacNair and Greyback. Potter was taken to Riddle Manor, where he stayed in the worst cell at the back of the dungeons. For two years, he was beaten and starved until he was moved to Malfoy Manor. Draco saw it all. The night Voldemort personally raped his former Rival; The first night Voldemort spent hours degrading the raven in front of the Elite. The first night Draco finally realized his feelings for the boy Saviour.

Five years later, the Elite group holds an auction at a newly formed club 'Dəsirs fous' (French for Insane Desires). Harry Potter is broken, beaten and so docile it hurts Draco to see it. So at age 24, Draco buys him, in hopes of returning Potter's spitfire attitude once more.

Chapter One: Capture

November 13th, 1998

Ḥarry Potter, age 18, was captured just a few months ago. He'd been planning an attack with his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger when a horde of Death Eaters had literally run into their camp to escape the Aurors that had found them.

Seeing Harry bending over the mad of Malfoy Manor had surprised them, until Greyback got that gleam in his eye and the fifteen or so DE's had surrounding the trio, Hermione shaking, Ron red in the face and Harry baring his teeth for the Werewolf to see and grin at. They'd gotten away from the aurors without a trace.

Hermione had gone first, after the boys were bound. Greyback at tore into her sensitive neck and ripped out a large chunk of bloody flesh. She'd screamed, God the screams! Harry, currently, didn't know if he'd ever get over hearing her screams and pleas for the pain to stop as the Werewolf had viciously murdered her. She'd been little over four weeks pregnant, Harry had guessed and Hermione had sworn him to secrecy.

Ron had been next, in a system designed to break Harry's defences down. Ron had been the worst. Watching as Lucius Malfoy, Rodulphus and Rabastan Lestrange spring cutting hexes at Ron and allowing Nagini to tear in his thigh, his screams of agony and pain as he insulted them. Harry smiled grimly in remembrance. At least he'd gone down with a fight.

Somehow, a few weeks ago, they'd managed to find Ginny walking around a muggle town. They'd drug her into an alley and bound her. Frightened, out of control, she'd been smuggled to Malfoy Manor and thrown in a cell not far from his own. Weak, starved and with a throat so dry he couldn't speak, Harry had been unable to reassure.

Days later, however, they'd pulled Harry from his cell and made him stumble weakly up the stairs to the front foyer of the Manor. Ginny had been stripped nude with various cuts on her pale skin. They marked her perky breasts, her wide hips, her thin waist and her thighs. Her calves were spared, but her arms and her face and chest were not. He'd raged, weakly, but he felt the anger bubble up in his chest. It had gone further when MacNair had undone his pants and, held tightly by Crabbe and Goyle Sr's, made Harry watch him rape Ginny Weasley as he took a dagger and stabbed her in the abdomen over and over again. Her screams had washed over him like cold icy water and he'd vomited, on his knees. Watching the blood.

They'd hunted down every person Harry had ever cared about; Few people managed to get away. Fred and George were two, Remus and Sirius another pair. Seamus had been put into Harry's cell, beaten and bloody as well. They'd both been dragged up to watch Dean be murdered in the same fashion as Ginny.

For two years, Harry was pulled to Death Eater gatherings, to be forced into submission before a monster with Seamus.

When he was transferred to Malfoy Manor and Seamus wasn't, he'd begged his caretakers to let him go. He'd gotten backhanded so hard that he'd seen black spots for about five minutes afterwards. There was no sympathy for the fallen hero.

For weeks after the transfer, he was forced to kneel beside Lord Malfoy's chair naked, his wrists shackled together. The metal chaffed his wrists, the skin was infected and he was sure to lose a body part soon.

June 5, 2000

It was Young Lord Malfoy's birthday, a day Harry had been learning to look forward too the past two years. He would be taken to Draco's room at five in the evening to help the older boy dress. Then, he would be taken from Draco's room and would be, chained, sent to the Lord and Lady's room where he would kneel at the foot of the bed, head bowed with his dark locks hanging in his view. Until the Lord dressed, he would be silent. Then, a leash of leather would be attached to his collar and he would led back down to the Ballroom C, which was the biggest of all the ball rooms.

His leash would be handed to one of the men and he would be led up to the Dark Lord, who would appraise him with a leering glance before dismissing the guards and chained to Voldemort's chair. Bellatrix would be near to crucio him if Voldemort felt he was getting out of line.

Voldemort's hand would card through his hair, and he would be fed just barely enough to sate his hunger.

When a few hours had passed, he would be unchained and led back to his cage with a dismissive wave of Voldemort's hand. To be forgotten about for the next few days.

It happened for the next five years, this brutal training.

What damaged Harry the most was his rape….


I hope you like this little introduction from Harry's POV. The rest of the story is going to be from Draco's view. Next update is going to be from the very beginning.

This story is follows the Original story line up until the middle of the summer before Year 7. He goes into battle at the end of the summer, so he's got less than 5 weeks to get ready. It lasts the entire Seventh year, with the trio and Remus on the run from the Death Eaters, who perform a coup at the Ministry of Magic. Rowle and Yaxley share joint-Minister duties.

During this entire year, Harry finds 3 out of 7 Horcruxes and destroys them with Hermione and Ron's help. Just as they're close to finding the fourth, they're ambushed a month before Harry's eighteenth birthday as their planning to snag Nagini from right under Voldemort's snake-nose.

Draco's POV next, remember that!

Snitch Me