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Chapter Two Summary: Seamus Finnegan, fellow Gryffindor and slave, showed up to serve Draco and was reunited with Harry after three years. He learned about Draco and Harry's relationship. Draco learned about Voldemort's use of Harry's body. Draco had to leave for yet another meeting about 'Insane Desires', which opens soon!

P.s: Contains two lemon scenes (Lucius/Harry and Draco/Harry). Unmarked Lemon's, people.

Chapter Three: Finalized Plans 'Insane Desires'

October 2003

Draco glanced around, sighing to himself as he observed the party going on at the Palace. A patch of black hair caught his attention. It was mingled with a patch of red, and he was reminded of his lover being reunited with his fellow Gryffindor.

The two other men were standing in a corner quite close together, talking in low tones. Draco didn't bother to think about it, noting the Death Eaters that were drunk off their arses and the wives that were being dealt a low blow of possessiveness by their husbands. His own father had kept a tight hold on his mother the entire evening.

You're probably wondering why they were partying. Well, the final lay-out for Insane Desires had been finished the evening before. The Elite had chosen the spot to build, and were leaving it to their wives to decorate.

Personally, Draco didn't like the idea of using Light-siders as a decoration, but his mother and Pansy had gushed at the idea of cages hanging from the ceiling above the dance floor with naked men and women trapped inside. There would also, sadly, be cages bolted down to the floor with nude slaves trapped inside as well. Lucius had stated Voldemort was thinking of using Harry for the entertainment before the Auction*.

They'd also discussed the Auction* that would be held, in little less than eight months.

Flash Back

MacNair thrust a piece of parchment at Draco to glance at, before turning back to their Lord, a beaming look on his face. "My Lord, we've decided."

"Speak, MacNair."

"Potter will go last, and be sold to the highest bidder. We've captured all his little friends, they're in dungeons across England. Let him have a small reunion before they're sold, and then thrust him out onto the stage. We've also –"

At this, Draco finally blacked everything out and ignored the speech. Highest bidder would be wealthy, rich, stubborn. Everything he was. Oh, Merlin. He was going to-

"My Lord, may I speak?" Draco interrupted. Voldemort nodded shortly, silencing MacNair with a look.

"Why not let Potter dance around the Auction ground? Allow people to get a feel for him. They can touch, man-handle him. But they can't harm until he's sold. Nothing sexual, either. Not even the lightest chaste kisses."

"That sounds….good, Draco. You are a smart man, like your father." Voldemort praised. Draco preened outwardly, while he only felt like somehow, he was letting Harry down somehow. He loved the other man, loved just to hold him, to hear his voice. He loved how sweet the man was when they'd spent hours mapping out each other's bodies, and how shy he would be after a heavy session of gentle love-making. Fuck it, Draco just loved Harry; Everything about the man, even his stupid little quirks that had irked Draco back at Hogwarts.

He bowed his head, and asked to be excused. The Elite nodded and he left, desperate to find his raven haired lover. His heart thump-thump'd in his chest the entire trip. It was almost painful to breathe for fear of his resolve shattering.

End flash Back

"Raven!" Voldemort scolded a little bit loudly, dragging Draco from his thoughts. It also drew some of the other guests eyes to the scene: Harry was on the floor before the man with crimson eyes, his body soaked in the wine he had evidently been carrying for the High Lord*. "Go, clean up. You'll be dealt with later, I suppose."

Harry simply bowed his head, and with the help of Finnegan, rose to his feet and limped from the room. Draco's relaxed features hardened at the words to Harry's retreating back, muttered by some random man in the background.

"…useless fuck."

He had to go, he had to comfort the smaller man. Draco felt his heart clench, and he shook his head, turning to walk out. He instead smacked right into a hard chest and stumbled back an inch or two as two hands came out to help steady him. A deep chuckle let him know who'd stumbled into.


"Draco. Are you alright?"

"I'm fine. I was just going to the loo." Blaise's hands dropped from Draco's arms.

"Of course. I need to get back to il mio madre. I promised her a dance." Draco nodded, a smirk on his lips. He knew exactly what Blaise and his mother got into, not that he approved, but it made Blaise happy. It only he could find someone not his mother…

He shook himself with an amused snort and walked with crisp strides down the long hallway. He turned a corner when he entered his wing and stopped dead at what he saw.

His father.

His father holding Harry.

Against a wall.

Kissing his Harry against said wall. And apparently enjoying it, judging from the soft moans and grunts Lucius made.

Draco was happy to note Harry stood stock still, like a statue, obviously not enjoying it at all. Until he caught Draco's gaze on him. He smirked into the kiss with Lucius.

Draco growled silently, watching amusedly as Harry ground himself lightly against Lucius' thigh, at the same time as he wrapped an arm around the older blonde's neck, pulling the older Malfoy closer. Lucius responded eagerly, wiggling his knee that was between the smaller man's legs firmly against Harry's groin. The brunette whimpered softly, but in the hallway with no one around but them, it reverberated in Draco's ears and it got him semi-hard.

He took a step forward, and chuckled to himself as Harry wriggled his hips, thrusting his fingers into Lucius' hair with a tight grip. The blonde man groaned, forcefully rutting his own erection against Harry's hip. Draco wanted to pull his wand and cast Avada Kedavra at the man he called 'father' but a look from Harry under heavy lidded eyes stopped him. Harry's smirk seemed to grow as his eyes travelled downwards to the now-obvious bulge in his slacks. Draco didn't mind, sliding a hand from his chest to the bulge, covering his swollen groin with his palm to fondle it.

Harry whimpered suddenly, throwing his head back against the wall with a dull thump. Whatever Lucius had done made the raven thrust weakly against Lucius' knee, making Draco growl softly. It wasn't heard, though, as Harry gasped, arching his back.

"Oh!" Harry moaned loudly, his eyes locking firmly on Draco's own, lust glazing over the vibrant green. Draco was pleased to note that Harry's pupils were blown open wide with his need. So pleased, in fact, that he slipped a hand into his slacks and began pleasuring himself as he watched Harry watching him and Lucius. This act made Harry groan, and Draco chuckled to himself. He stroked himself to full-mast, watching as the raven haired man flushed and began to make wantonly high, keening noises. Those sounds alone told Draco he was close to completion. Damned if Lucius wasn't aware of that fact, too. In fact, Draco hadn't noticed his father since laying eyes on Harry's nude form.

Now, of course, Draco watched as his father rutted roughly Harry into the stone wall, his own low grunts and groans telling Draco he, too, was close. He couldn't see his father's cock, and his stomach turned at the thought of Lucius taking Harry. He wondered for a fleeting moment as he absently stroked himself, how the pair had ended up the way they had.

A sharp cry jerked his gaze back to Harry, who was arching his spine in such an angle, it amazed Draco his spine hadn't cracked. Lucius let loose the growl Draco had been forced to hold, giving one last thrust before pulling away. Draco scowled at his father, who was barely holding Harry up, before ducking back behind the wall. Footsteps signalled Lucius' exit, and he walked back to find his little love slumped against the wall, limp and weak. Seeing Draco, Harry perked up and held his arms out to be picked up like a child, to which Draco indulged him.

The past five years had taught him a lot about Harry James Potter, and one thing he'd learned, he hadn't liked. So indulging him in this was only natural.

"Mon petit, did you enjoy what we just did?" he asked, laughing softly as Harry buried his face against Draco's neck. He held Harry close, loving the feel of the other man in his arms.

"Of course, Draco. Well…not Lucius." Harry sighed, wrapping both arms around Draco's neck. Draco knew how he felt, he himself hated anyone being near his precious Harry. He cuddled the brunette closer to his chest as he walked them to his room.

They reached the door and Harry stretched a hand to turn the knob, shooting Draco a smile as the door opened. Draco snorted, and carried the slave to his bed, where he set him down and then drew his wand to shut, lock and ward the door against intruders before he turned back to Harry.

"Harry, Harry, Harry." Said man hummed softly, watching through heavy lids as Draco stripped himself and heaved himself onto the foot end of the bed. The blonde crawled predatorily towards the brunette, who watched with a lustful gaze. Draco laughed quietly, ending with his body firmly held up above Harry's, not even their groins touching. This little fact seemed to irritate the brunette, causing Harry to thrust his hips up the few inches it took to simply brush their hard cocks against one another, eliciting a gasp from both men.

"Dray-co-o-o!" Harry whined, sliding his arms around Draco's neck. Draco obliged with a smirk, sinking his hips down forcefully. He loved the little shuddered moan Harry exhaled, loved the way Harry's hips thrust up in retaliation. If he wasn't inside Harry soon…

Harry's soft mewling crushed a little bit more of his resolve, and he moved off him for a moment, ignoring the disappointed sigh as he grabbed his bottle of lube. He hovered over Harry for a bit, gave him a view of the bottle and leaned back on his heels as he opened the bottle and squirted some on his palm. He then closed the bottle and tossed it on the bed somewhere behind him as he took his length in his hand and began to coat his cock generously.

A smile from Harry, Draco lined himself up with the spongy tip of his manhood against Harry's tightly puckered entrance. Just like the first time, and the second and third and every time since, he restrained himself from thrusting into the wonderful heat like a wild animal. He gave time to allow the tense muscles to relax as he gently eased the tip inside, and then he began to press the rest of his thick length past the flexing ring of muscles. Each inch inside got a moan, gasp, whine or whimper from Harry until Draco was seated deeply, every inch having been taken by Harry with ease.

Draco gave the other a few moments to calm his harsh breathing, before giving an experimental thrust. It never ceased to amaze him how Harry was always tight and seemingly virginal. But no matter.

The blonde lowered himself down to rest his forearms on either side of Harry's chest, the brunette's arms wrapped around Draco's neck, and began to thrust against Harry. The smaller man moaned softly, his muscles tensing and flexing around Draco's cock.

Each thrust brought Draco to a new level of pleasure, and when he accidentally hit that one spot he knew Harry would see stars from, he grinned and lowered his head to catch the whimper that fell from Harry's over-kissed cherry-red lips.

He re-angled himself to keep hitting that spot inside his lover, enjoying each moan, each cry, that Harry gave him.

The pleasure built up inside him, and he could feel it coiling in his lower abdomen, like liquid fire burning through his veins. By this time, Harry was gasping and writhing beneath him, begging him to go faster, to slow down, harder, faster, more, less, deeper, anything! Draco didn't know whether to comply or to slow down his movements to torture his lover; in the end, he settled for an animalistic pace, possessive of the man under him. Each thrust was punctuated by a word.

"You. Are. Mine." He growled, each thrust roughly ploughing his cock deeper into Harry's abused hole. The man whimpered his acceptance, even begged for it incoherently. With a strangled cry, Harry came. Stream after stream of white cum fell onto Harry and Draco's bellies and chests. The muscles of Harry's hole clamped down so a moment later as Harry rode out the effects of his orgasm, Draco came almost violently inside the small brunette.

Panting, Draco made a move to roll off Harry's smaller form, but a touch to his bicep and a look at Harry's face had him rolling the pair over so Harry could rest atop Draco. The blonde smiled as his little lover cuddled contentedly into his chest, and he wrapped his arms around Harry's shoulders.

"I love you, Draco." The brunette mumbled tiredly. Something inside him seized, but after a moment he unfroze and whispered it back softly.

"I love you too, Harry. I love you too."


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