I'm bored. What's pa doing with those trees anyway? Can't they grow on their own anymore, since he needs to stick them into the ground like this? Oh, well; now I know where trees come from. Who would have thought? Trees come from mini trees. Hmm... I still don't understand where the mini trees come from though.

And I'm still bored! I'll go for a walk. Just a short one. Nobody needs to know I'm gone.

Ah! I love this place. Everything is so quiet. Except the big birds, they go "Honk! Honk! Honk!" Wonder what they're saying to each other. Pa says they're flying south and if pa says so it much be true. My pa knows everything!

Hey. Where did the ground go? Oi, look at those pretty flowers! I'll take them home to ma. Bet she'll be really happy about them. Whoops, ma says betting is bad. They smell wonderful. I'll take only the prettiest for ma. They're all very pretty.

Is someone calling my name? Yes, there's Laura. She looks strange. Was she scared? No! Laura is never scared. Laura is the bravest person in the entire world. Next to pa. And ma... should I show her the pretty flowers? Yes I should. But why is she acting so strangely? You'd think I was lost. I was never lost. I knew where I was the entire time; I was right here.

I am starting to get hungry now. Better follow Laura back to the house. She can't carry me the entire way, I'm getting too big. Didn't realize I was this far away from the house. I'm really hungry now.

Finally home. And Mary is there. Mary is the best big sister in the entire world! I love to sit with her in her rocking chair and listen to her stories. Ma says she can't see. I don't understand; she always knows when I'm being bad.

There's Laura with ma and pa. Was everybody really looking for me? Silly them. The food smells wonderful. Just what a big girl needs after she's been on adventure. Tomorrow I'll go for another adventure. If I can get away...