Peter swung through the city. It was a lovely evening, the sun was beginning to set, and the last rays cast a beautiful glow over the cityscape. The sounds of traffic filled his ears as he swung through the looming skyscrapers.

Wow, he thought to himself. It's been seven months since all that madness, and everything's back to normal...or semi-normal, at least.

Miraculously, there had been no casualties during the 'Mutant revolutionary' battle, and the damaged portions of the city were well on the way to being fully repaired. Kitty had spent one night in the hospital, but other than that she was fine.

William Stryker had been removed from office, and the previous president had been restored until a full election could be held in a month's time.

The Mutant registration act had been removed, and several Mutant support centres had been opened up by Stark enterprises. Along with the Xavier institute receiving large donations from around the world.

Tony Stark had made a public statement from the hospital, publicly apologizing to all of Mutant kind. In Private, he had also apologized to Peter in person, and Peter had apologized for damaging the sentinels and hulk-buster armour. And for breaking into the Avengers Mansion.

He'd gotten his high school diploma from the Xavier institute, along with several recommendation letters for Universities. Now he was working in the New York Genetics and Mutations research centre, as a part of his University degree.

He'd decided it was best for him to move out of Aunt May's house and into the city, so he found a nice apartment. He was happy with it, though it had a lot to do with his room-mate, Kitty. Together, along with Johnny, Jean and Scott, they were forming a second team of X-men to operate in New York exclusively.

A new team of Avengers had been formed. It consisted of Luke Cage, Wolverine, Captain America, Beast and Daredevil and newcomer The Iron Patriot. Peter had been offered a spot on their roster, but he had politely refused, saying he had enough on his plate between university and the X-men.

Kitty had started a career as a professional dancer, and was already getting superb reviews. He had seen her, and she was good, better than some of the seasoned dancers she worked with.

He landed on a rooftop as he thought to himself, For once in my life, I'm happy with the way things are in my life right now. I've got a decent job. I've got my own place. And a super-powered super-smart super-talented super-hot girlfriend. I don't think things could be going much better for me at the moment.

He sighed as he listened to the familiar sounds of the city below him. A whisper of a shadow passed behind him. He smirked as he turned to catch Kitty as she attempted to tackle him. She was wearing her new gold-purple-and-black uniform with the spider-logo.

Damn, she said, as they both removed their masks, I thought I had you!

Gonna have to try a little harder next time, he replied with a laugh.

I'll just have ambush you some other time, I guess? She smiled back. He kissed her lightly on the cheek. Any particular reason for calling me out here? Cause you know, It's very dangerous out here...High crime rates...serial

Shut up, he replied.

You first, was her answer.

Can't, he replied, Got a question to ask you.

Ask away