K/M One shot. Spoilers for Episode 3. Owned by Bryke.


He doesn't scowl when he sleeps.

Overnight, as they searched in vain for Bolin and when he wasn't aware, she studied him, watched as a number of emotions filtered over his features – anger, frustration, and exhaustion.

Now, curled up in the park like a bunch of homeless vagabonds, she finds herself entranced by his face, peaceful in slumber. The carelessly messy hair is a bit flattened, but still charming and not for the first time, she'd like to run her fingers through it. His arms are crossed, his muscular forearms denoting a tough exterior and she wonders how those arms might feel around her. After accidentally spending a few hours on his comforting shoulder, she can't help but think the embrace would be nothing short of wonderful. She continues her study - the high cheekbones, his lips... She's never met anyone like him before. Never been acquainted with anyone who has provided such a unique challenge. A butterflyhopper buzzes near his ear and he idly uncrosses his arms and flashes his arm past the annoying insect, sending the insect elsewhere.

She holds her breath, hoping he won't awake, that she'll be able to study him a few minutes longer. His nose twitches and he resumes his relaxed position, arms crossed, the ends of his red scarf moving slightly in the breeze.

What does he dream of, here in the park?

Does he think of her?

Or is he focused on a future far away from the chaos of Republic City?

Is he imaging what's happened to his brother?

Perhaps there is someone else in his subconscious. For the most part there is not much she knows about her teammates.

She leans back into Naga and sighs, thinking of her own dreams - swirls and images of past lives, memories that don't belong to her of great battles and heroic deeds - thousands of lifetimes she has to live up to.

As his eyes begin to flutter open, she resumes her original position - leaning on his shoulder, eyes firmly shut and pretends surprise when they both awake at the same time.

P.S. Hope to visit these two more as the series moves forward. If you're looking for a complete Zutara epic, check out my profile for Rough Seas, with the Gaang as pirates!