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"Layla, have you read the reports that I gave you last week? Remember soon enough you will inherit all of my fortune and I want you to do your best and don't disappoint me." Layla's father warned her as he paced around the wide room which consists of a study table and it's walls were painted with peach pale colors that made it gloomy to the eyes.

"Yes, father." The young lady answered In her most respectful tone. Layla Heartfilia was the daughter of one of the most influential and richest man in the whole kingdom of Fiore. Her mother died giving birth to her and didn't have memories of her. Whenever she would ask her father to talk about her mother he would say the same thing that the past did not matter and that everyone was supposed to look forward to the future.

Well this was in the past. As of right now Layla Heartfilia was remembering the past when her father used to live. She was disowned by her father for she ran away with Jude who she was in love with. Her father was opposed to idea of getting married with a nobody. Layla sighed as she remembered the times when her father lived and what her life used to be. She felt bad for leaving father and that the cause of his death was because she selfishly only thought about her happiness and crushed his father's heart. But that was all in the past the golden-haired maiden assured herself.

"Layla! Would you please get the hell out of there? And bring me my beer from the fridge." An annoyed voice commanded from the other room.

"Yes, dear." Was all Layla replied. She will not cry even though she was treated like trash by her husband. She married Jude believing that he loved her and promised her eternal happiness if she marries him….but it turns out all that he wanted from her was her money. Ever since she was disowned by her father and her father died leaving all the fortune to her other sister Lira who was now wasting all the money for who-knows-what the way her husband treated her changed. He was drunk one day and confessed that he married her for her money. Layla cried her heart out but she couldn't do anything but accept that this was going to be her life. She has to be responsible for her decisions. She was now pregnant three months and was afraid that if Lucy comes to the world Jude would treat her badly as he treated her.

"What is taking you long woman?" Jude yelled again.

"Sorry, here you go dear." Layla hurried and served the beer to her husband who done nothing but drink since this morning. He couldn't even get a job or even hold a job. This man was pathetic! And she hated herself for not being able to do anything.

"H-honey…why don't you get a job huh? We are behind payment with our bills with the house and—" Layla stammered fidgeting her fingers and not looking at her husband directly.

"Are you trying to tell me what to do?" Jude shouted angrily and slapped the poor woman and her hands automatically pressed against her stomach as she landed on the floor making sure that no harm came to her baby.

"N-no!" Layla fearfully muttered getting up to her feet and moving away in case he decided to hurt her again. She wouldn't risk the life of her baby. After a few hours Jude told her that he was going out with his friends for a party. Layla nodded and was glad that she had the place all to herself. This happened everyday. Her husband would get out of the house and party and she would be left alone in the house and he would come back home drunk and would abuse her. As she looked at herself in the mirror the once well-fed lady and was gifted with a beautiful face was now suffering with bruises all over the prominent face.

Layla was tired of her life! All that she ever wanted was to be loved. She has never experienced the love of a parent and now she has deluded herself into thinking that her husband would be the one to finally make her feel that for once that she was loved. So during her free time she would open the television and watch her dramas. She loved watching dramas! And after watching a few of it commercial came and announcement given that there will be a shooting near the streets of Magnolia and her favorite actors where going to be there! Layla got all excited and checked the schedules and saw that it would be held three days from now. She would have to ask for her husband's permission to go there. After changing into a new set of clothes she prepared herself to do the house chores starting with their room which was messy thanks to her husband.

Layla decided to clean the house and prepare dinner for her and Jude when there was a knock heard in the middle of the night and she hurried and opened the door to see Jude who was in for a surprise!

"Hello, wife!" Jude greeted cheerfully and casually passed by her wife earning a shock face from the girl.

"J-jude! I didn't expect you to be so early!" She gasped worrying that he would change and get angry again as she followed suit.

"It's alright! You should rest now." He grinned. She had no idea what was making her husband act like this but she prayed fervently that this would keep up so that she could get permission to go the gathering three days from now.

"Well, no, do you want to eat now?" She asked him and prepared the food that she cooked. Jude followed and sat himself in one of the empty seats.

"I have something to tell you…. I finally got a job! My friend helped me." Jude's eyes were sparkling with pride and this got Layla's attention.

"Really? What kind?" She asked curiously but was elated with happiness that bills around here were finally going to get paid.

"Don't ask….not important."

"Well…okay. Ummmm, Jude? Can I ask for your permission for something?" Layla used her sweetest and most melodic voice and twinkled her eyes purposely to an oblivious Jude.

"What Is it? If it's money I still don't have it." He answered grumpily holding out his spoon carelessly as he scooped his soup.

"No! It's not that. You see three days from now…I watched it on TV and I saw that there was going to be some sort of parade. Can I perhaps come?" Layla's voice became softer each word and waited for his answer.

"Hmmm…when is it?" He asked still not paying attention but rather to his soup.

"Well, in three days." She answered confidently. Jude finally had the time to look at her and his eyebrows twitched and Layla felt uneasy.

"Okay…but don't expect me to get you there." He stated getting back to finishing his soup. A smiled slowly spread from the girl and she felt happy that everything was being okay.


"Just get out before I change my mind." He muttered. He finished his soup and was now getting to the living room and looking for the remote. Their house was only two-stories and it was rather small. They were able to pay for the house from the last budget that she got from when she was still with her father. That night I woke up and got up and came to the roofdeck. It has a window that can be opened and the stars at night was a sight to behold. The air was chilly but she smiled peering into the darkness.

"Can you feel it baby? The air is so chilly and mama is getting cold." Layla talked to her stomach as she rubbed it comfortingly. "Don't worry, baby….I promise that you won't have a life like this. I swear you will be happy." Layla said conversationally to her baby as tears streamed down her face.

"Mama, will protect you." She gasped wiping away her tears as she continued to gaze at the stars hoping that they will grant her wish for her baby's happiness.

Three days have passed and Layla choosed her outfit carefully praying that she would meet all of her favorite actors. Her husband left early for his 'job' and she didn't bother him with what his job really was for fear that he might take back the permission he gave to get out of the house today. She walked out of the house locked it and breathed deeply into the morning air. She started walking and gazed intently at her surroundings. And after a few hours of walking she got tired and patted her stomach worrying that this wasn't good for the baby. So she decided to rest for a while and started walking again. After walking the long distance she finally arrived.

"Watch it lady!" One guy warned as bikes and other vehicles passed by almost hitting me. And when I neared the crowd that was hurdling in one space a girl in her twenties held a microphone and announced that the shooting will be starting in a few more hours.

So Layla explored the place while waiting. She saw couples younger than her walking hand in hand and felt jealousy as to how they lived a care-free life. She saw children who were playing in the park laughing innocently and having the time of their life and Layla thought if her child would be like those children playing. That's when she suddenly starts to get the notion that someone was following her. She looked back and saw that there were two men who smiling creepily at her and she started to fasten her pace when the guy with the shades caught her arm.

"Where you going babe? You lost?" He snickered still holding on to her hands. She suddenly felt fear as the two men cornered her.

"Hey, you creeps! How dare you corner a girl! Have you no shame?" A new voice approached and I dared to look and a saw a girl close to my age with shoulder-length hair and black hair as night stubbing her fingers in our direction.

"Crap….let's just go…." The guy who held my wrist let go and glared in our direction. I stood there in place and waited for them to get as far as possible.

"Hey, are you alright miss?" The girl who saved her asked walking beside me. "You look sick." She added.

"No, I'm fine…must be the nerves. Thanks, for helping me!" I remembered bowing as I gave my thanks.

"No, need! It was a pleasure." She grinned and helped me up. "So why are you here? You don't seem to be a girl from around here."

"I just went to see something but got lost. And, yeah I'm not from here." I explained and she looked at me for a few seconds with an unfathomable expression.

"Ohhh… you should be careful there are a lot of creeps around here." She warned with a serious face.


"The names Ur by the way. Ur Fullbuster." She stated holding out her hands to me. I stared at her hands not knowing what to do when she laughed and grabbed my left hand.

"Layla…Layla Heartfilia." I answered back returning the gesture.

"I see….cute name….Layla." She smiled so big it could have reached her eyes. "So got anything to do Layla?" Ur asked.

"Not really….I'm just passing the time!" Layla felt happiness for having to meet a new friend.

"Then come with me! I'll show you around." Ur pulled Layla and she stopped and her face looked pale instantly as her hands held onto her stomach. The blonde looked worriedly at her new friend.

"Is everything alright?" She asked to the raven-haired girl.

"Yeah….I just have to remember to take it easy since I'm carrying two lives here." Ur muttered finally looking fine again.

"Two lives?" Layla asked racking her brain for what she meant.

"I'm pregnant!" Ur shouted gleefully as she hit the girl who looked stoned-face beside her.

"Seriously? So am I!" Layla exclaimed smiling back excitedly.

"Really?" Ur asked back again. And for a few minutes they smiled contentedly to themselves when a smile creeped into their faces.

"SISTERS!" The two girls screamed with joy as they hugged each other laughing after breaking from their hug.

"Wow….we need to talk and learn a lot from each other!" Ur announced excitedly pacing from her place and her eyes twinkling in anticipation. The blonde agreed and they decided to stay in one of the benches that the park provided. They sat there and telling each other about their lives and who were the lucky bastards that they had married. Ur was first to talk about her life. She told Layla that she wasn't born from a rich family but was lucky that she married a rich man who could provide for her and her baby. But unfortunately….the father of her child left them three months ago with nothing but money for their future. Ur threw a fit and Layla was there comforting and listened attentively to what her friend has to say.

"Wow….never knew where he could have gone?" Layla asked patting the other girl comfortingly who dampened her clothes with tears.

"Nah, the guy was a bastard for leaving me and our soon to be baby. We don't need him." She said wiping away the last of her tears and urged Layla to tell stories about her past. She wasn't comfortable with the idea of sharing her problems with others but figured that Ur was her trusted friend already. So she poured all of her secrets to her and like what the other girl did, cried when she finished her story with 'her husband changing for the sake of not having the money from her father.' Ur stared at her for a long time with her mouth open in disbelief.

"What a son of a bitch. He treats you like that? Let me at him!" Ur who was comforting her friend a few seconds ago and now angered with the knowledge of what Layla's daily lifeand what her husband does to Layla.

"No, I need to get through this. I have to be strong for my baby." Layla reasoned making Ur sit down but she held on to Layla's hand with force enough to shake them both.

"Are you sure you're going to be alright though?" Ur asked worriedly. "You can stay in my house?" She offered. Layla was almost tempted to take the offer but decided she didn't want to burden Ur with her unlucky life.

"No, I'll be fine. I'll manage somehow." That's when people suddenly got everywhere and was making a fuss shouting 'it's about to start' and both girls remembered why they came here in the first place.

"I have to go somewhere." Both girls shouted In alarm and they laughed at this.

"Promise me we'll see each other again!" Ur cried reaching for Layla.

"Yeah, I promise soon!" Layla murmured reaching out for the other girl at the same time and they stood their dramatically.

"And if that husband of yours decides to hurt you…come to me and I'll beat the crap out of him." Ur swore with a hunted look. Layla shivered with her warning but nevertheless shook her head and the both of them set of into different places. Layla was glad that she finally was able to meet another face besides her husband. Even back when she was with her father she never had friends. Well, true friends that is…..she discovered one day that they were only making friends with her for her money. She didn't trust anyone so much then. But this girl Ur, she was a good person. And she really hoped to see her again someday.

"Yes! Glad it hasn't started yet!" Layla sighed in relief and walked closer to the gathering crowd. And people were pushing to get a better view.

"No way!" A familiar voice that she was so sure sounded minutes ago and the voice came a few meters away from her.

"Ur?" Layla asked in surprise.

"Wow! I didn't expect that you're interested in this kind of stuff!" Ur cheerfully stated while she made her way through the crowd to get to her.

"Yeah, guess I forgot to tell you…I'm a fan of dramas!" I shouted holding her hands when she got through.

"Same! We really are soul sisters!" Ur said and we looked at each other until the shooting started and a girl in her mid-forties showed up in a black cardigan that concealed her chest and was wearing shorts that revealed a lot of skin and she was followed by a man in a cowboy suit playing with the guns on his hands.

"Oh my gosh! It's Bisca and Alzack!" Both pregnant ladies screamed at the top of their lungs as the cheering people around did the same. Both girls screamed wildly as they witnessed one of their favorite actors and jumped from their place.

"Wow! Bisca is sure pretty! She doesn't age a day!" Ur told Layla not taking her eyes off the girl doing her tricks though. Layla nodded in agreement and both girls were star-trucked for the meantime. The shooting went on for an hour and as the cast packed up and finished their shooting both Ur and Layla tried to get to see more of the aspiring actors but failed.

"Oh men! I'd do anything to be on her shoes." Ur tearfully murmured at the moving car that held the actors away.

"Yeah." I giggled and found that Ur had a kind of split personality.

"Hey! What about we see each other again tom?" Ur said and she put on her smiling face.

"I don't think I can go out tom though." Layla told her sadly.

"I'll come to your house then." She quickly found a solution. Layla thought if her husband would get mad and decided it should be alright.

"Okay." Layla agreed and gave out the directions to her house. They parted and promised they would see each other again. The next day Ur went to their house while Jude was away. Layla learned that she worked in a place called Fairy Tail Cafe and that it was a restaurant that served different kinds of food. They talked about their favorite dramas and actors and ate the food Layla prepared and researched healthy tips for their babies deciding on what names they should name them. This went on for months and Ur would always visit whenever Jude was away and whenever he was there he won't beat her wife as he usually did before only occasionally. Until one day Jude came home and his wife greeted him to see that he was sweating bullets and a had a haunted look on his face.

"What's the matter?" Layla asked worriedly bending down to her husband's face.

"L-layla….we need to get out of here!" Jude spoke indifferently.

"Why?" Layla asked and was afraid that harm might come to their child.

"The job I was in ….had a few problems and now we need to get out of here! Pack your stuff." He instructed getting on his knees and packing his stuff.

"Where are we going?"

"My co-worker said that we could join him and go to Love and Lucky a sort of place out of the city of Magnolia."

"How long will we be there?" Layla asked.

"I don't know." He answered fretfully. Layla started packing her stuff and remembered that Ur was coming tonight to hand over a few dinner to share. She suddenly felt really sad as to why she had to leave her only friend who was finally becoming really important to her and more of a sister. She left a letter that explained why she won't be seeing her there anymore and left it where Ur could see it.

"Layla….I need to tell you that whatever happens…I have come to learn and realize….that I do love you." Jude tearfully said while begging on his knees. "I'm sorry I was blinded by money….but I do love you and I want us to start afresh." With this Layla cried and nodded reaching out for her husband. And the both of them fled from the night off to Love and Lucky.

The same night…Ur knocked on the front door of the Heartfilia's and carried a bag full of pasta that she made for Layla and her. Time came and nobody answered the door. She would usually be greeted by the cheerful voice of Layla and a smile on her face. Not that she wasn't allowed to barge in since she knew where Layla hid the house keys underneath the door mat. Worry filled her as she finally got the keys and opened the door.

"Layla? Are you here? I got pasta." Ur called out. She looked into the rooms and searched everywhere until she saw a letter that was tucked in Layla's bed. She snatched the paper and opened it and recognized Layla's neat hand-writing.

Dearest, Ur

Maybe as you read this letter I am on my way somewhere far. Me and my husband Jude decided to get out of town and start a new life. I am really afraid since I don't fully trust my husband and that I think I'm going to give birth in a few days. I'm sorry for leaving in such short notice. I promise to write as much as possible. Thank you for the last few months that we spent together. You've given me so much happiness. You're almost like a sister to me. Tell me when your baby turns out to be a boy or a girl.

All my love, Layla

As Ur finished reading the letter she was enveloped by sadness for not being able to say good-bye to her friend.

"Layla…" Ur cried out clutching her knees and sobbing quietly in one corner.

After two weeks have passed Ur and Layla would write letters about the latest news about their lives and lived as normally as they could. Until one day Layla was washing the dishes and felt a strange pain on her abdomen as her hands automatically grasped her stomach.

"Jude!" Layla screamed in panic as water streamed down her legs and she knew that it was time for the baby to come out. Her husband came running out from re-constructing their new home.

"What is it?" Jude asked placing his hands around her.

"It's time for the baby-" And she was stopped as a scream was placed with her words. Jude understood and carried his wife to the neighbors who knew how to give birth to infants.

And back in Magnolia as Ur was working on her shift in Fairy Tail Café she felt the same and screamed at everyone.

"Gildarts! It's time." Ur clenched her teeth.

"Time for what?"

"The baby is coming out!" And with that everyone in the café panicked as they called for help and decided to take her to the nearest hospital. And at the same day April 25 Layla and Ur gave birth. It took six hours for them to undergo the whole hardship. And finally both were tired from the whole procession and Layla give birth to a baby girl who was crying.

"G-give her to me." Layla commanded holding out her frail hands towards her daughter.

"Here." Jude passed the crying baby to her wife. The moment her hands clutched on warm cloth that was wrapped around the child she cooed to the baby and smiled. This was one of the best moments of her life. She has finally given birth to her child. All of the pain and suffering she felt from giving birth and it was one of the hardest trial she ever dealt with but it was worth it. All the pain she felt all these years she overcame it for her. For her baby.

"J-Jude she's so pretty…." Layla almost cried at the sight of the child.

"She looks so much like you…" Jude answered smiling at the both of them.


"What will we call her?" Jude asked sitting down at the corner and glancing around.

"You should rest now." The girl who helped Jude and the one who shouted instructions to Layla giving birth. And left for them to be with the new-born child.

"Soon . I'm thinking of Lucy?" Layla finalized.

"Lovely name." Jude replied.

"At last! That w-was hard." A grumpy Ur called out and reached at the empty space for her baby.

"It's a boy Ur!" Gildarts called out giving the baby to her searching hands.

"Really? I shall call him Gray."


"Because, he's named after one of my favorite characters in one drama I watched with Layla." Ur answered hugging the baby close to her heart. And both Layla and Ur were happy to have finally seen their babies the fruits of their labor. After three days they were finally able to restore the energy they lost and have regained strength.

"Layla! I have a baby already! It's a healthy boy. I swear he's so cute." Ur shouted excitedly to the girl in the other line of the phone.

"Really? Mine is a girl! I named her Lucy." Layla chatted happily. Before Layla left Magnolia they vowed to call their children by their favorite actors and they did.

"I can't believe we gave birth the same day." Ur said.

"Yeah….I miss you." Layla sighed. It has been a year since they last met and they only have talked on the phone for the first time since Layla has installed it in their house.

"Yeah, me too! Anyway, gtg my son is crying again." Ur laughed at the other line. Layla understood and after talking to Ur came to visit the sleeping Lucy.

"Hey, there baby Lucy…" Layla cooed at the infant who was sleeping peacefully in the nursery that they made for the child. Years passed and she spent it with her family and for once was happy.


Layla was working in one of the company outside the city of Magnolia. After working so hard she became successful and became the president of the company that she worked hard on. It took her five years to get to where she was. And her husband was working in the company as well. It was a company for drama productions. They were already successful in making fourteen movies in two years. She called the company Heartfilia Theater Company. Her lovely daughter Lucy grew up to be a kind-hearted little girl. Her mother spends time with her as much as she could.

"Ma'am we'll be going home now." Her secretary Meredith called out.

"Of course. Good Job and safe trip home!" Layla thanked her secretary for the hard work and decided to pack and go home as well. As she locked the room to her office and was greeted a good bye from most of the leaving workers. She preferred to commute home since it was a hassle to get a cab. And on the way home she felt like someone was stalking her. She turned around to see a man wearing shades lurking behind the lampposts.

"Show yourself!" Layla commanded in an authorative voice.

"Good Evening Mrs. Heartfilia…." A man who showed up and removed his shades smiling at her.

"Who are you and what do you want?"

"Well….I know your husband…Jude. We used to work together back in Magnolia you see." The man answered politely as he took a step nearer. Layla got the notion that this was the man that they were hiding from for the past seven years. She really was intrigued with what her husband used to have for a job.

"Co-worker? In what business?"

"So your husband didn't tell you did he?" The man smiled showing his teeth with golden tooth.

And Layla found out that her husband was involved in illegal business. He was helping this man transport drugs that could give a person high and ecstasy. It has been going on for months and that her husband owed this man a lot of money….or rather Jude stole from this man. Layla's knees began to feel weak shaking from the every word that she heard from the man. These past few years her husband changed for the better and was nice to Lucy. He never even treated her like they way he did years ago.

"How do I know that you're not lying?" Layla shouted glaring at the man with pure hatred. Who was he to ruin her perfect life? Everything was perfect and he just had to destroy her dreams that were coming true.

"Well, why would he suggest to leave years ago?" The man viciously spatted. "Look at the facts…he stole money from me and ran!" Then again I remembered that night when he was so afraid and urged me to leave at once.

"It doesn't matter! That was all in the past. I know he has changed." I started to walk away and forget that I ever talked to this man and forget all the confrontations we had.

"Better hurry, Mrs. Heartfilia…or it might be too late." The man laughed and disappeared into the night. Then panic overwhelmed Layla thinking of her husband and Lucy her daughter at home. She ran as fast as she could arrived with the door opened.

"LUCY! JUDE!" She screamed and got herself to open the lights. The place was a mess. It looked like tornado hit and every furniture was destroyed. She followed where the footprints that came from the floor since it was muddy outside due to the rain. Slowly opening the room from the third floor she saw a man who was holding on to a broken vase and was lying down with his mouth open. But that was not the one that held her attention. It was because blood was everywhere.

"AGHHHHHH! JUDE! Don't die on me!" Layla screams and pleads could be heard all over the place as she crouched down to sob and wail furiously to her dead husband. It looked like he was shot and looked around to see that they were robbed as well. She remembered the man and came to the realization that it was that man that did this as hate filled her.

"LUCY? Lucy, honey where are you?" Layla called out helplessly. She prayed with all her heart that no harm has happened to her daughter. She will die if something happened to her.

"Mama! Mama!" A sob came through in one of the closets. She hurried over and opened it to see a crying Lucy huddled over the trampled clothes and was clutching her teddy bear.

"Lucy! Are you alright? Did they hurt you?" Layla asked her daughter frantically hugging her daughter and patting her back.

"Mama, I'm fine…..but….papa—" Lucy trailed off and suddenly her eyes started getting red and she cried holding on to her mother.

"Yes, I'm so sorry Lucy. Stay here! I'll call the cops. Stay here!" Layla told her. Lucy whimpered but nevertheless obeyed and stayed put. Layla called the cops and reported the murder with shaky voice. After a few minutes they arrived and asked her and Lucy to stay in the car while the investigator demanded answers.

"So when you arrived after talking to this man…you ran home and saw your husband right?" The investigator said calmly. Layla nodded and hugged the now sleeping Lucy close to her.

"I see…for now Ma'am we will be expecting you to stay with us until we catch the killer on the loose." He trailed off scanning the information he got and got off the car. Why did this happen? Why does everything she loved has to be taken? When everything was almost perfect….life always seemed to be taking away something from her.

The next day they were invited by the girl cop named Sabrina to sleep in her house. Last night she didn't have the chance to scan the place around since she was still traumatized from the events from last night so she held on to Lucy as she fell asleep. She got up and explored the house. It wasn't as big as their mansion but it had a welcoming touch and it's white walls were enough not to remind her from the bloody red-walls that she witnessed last night. And for all she knew the corpse of her husband was taken somewhere for further investigation. And now Layla saw Sabrina smiling at her.

"Good Morning Mrs. Heartfilia! If you're worrying about you company I called them and told them that you will be off today." Sabrina cheerfully updated her and invited her for breakfast.

" Sabrina-san….do you mind if I use your phone?" Layla asked politely.

"Sure it's down there." Sabrina pointed while preparing breakfast as she disappeared from view. Layla called the house of one person who she knew she could ran to and trust for the matter whenever she needed help. The only person who can help and understand her at a time like this. As she dialed the familiar numbers and waited as the phone rang a couple of times a voice sounded.

"Hello? Fullbuster residence." A manner-like tone spoke out.

"U-ur? It's me Layla….I need your help."

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