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I would never have dared to imagine, even in my own wildest imagination that I would be standing here once again. It was like harkening back to the old days, a mere memory of the past, slowly bonding into my deepest mind. But I couldn't quite grasp it. WHAT WAS I SAYING JUST NOW…

"Lucy? Hello….earth to Lucy?"


"You've been spacing out like this ever since the party last week. What's gotten into you?" Her closest friend Erza pertained worryingly.

"It's just that…I can't help feeling like I've been here before, you know? Something tells me I have though. Perhaps, when I was still here before?" Tucking in the loose hair in her ear and bluntly asking the few last words to no one in particular.

Erza's confusion alternated quickly at one point, "Shit, no way! You weren't having an affair with Jellal years ago, were you? What kind of friend are you? Babes, I trusted you!" She accused hotly, staring at her friend who was lost for words for a moment.

Lucy, sweat-dropped and defended herself, "What the heck?! I haven't had any relationship in my life! I'm just reminding you that the last time I was here…I was freaking six years old! How can a six-year old girl be in a relationship?! You'd know if I had a boyfriend, because you're my best friend…gosh." The blonde ended while shaking her head in disbelief. This was one of Erza's qualities to overreact which makes the blonde nothing in comparison.

"Oh, of course!" Throwing her friend awkward but meaningful glances, "But, why would you think that you were here before?"

"I'm not sure…it just feels that way."

Erza, once again man-powered the blonde to this whole fiasco, well that's what the blonde would have called it at a time like this, forcing her to come all the way to her boyfriend's house to hang-out since he has been busy with helping his father out with work piling up at the Café. The blonde with nothing consequential to do, but mope around her apartment, was forced to go since Gray and his gang has been forced by his mother to work part-time somewhere he wouldn't partake neither share with her.

"Well, the neighborhood sure looks quite similar…maybe you and your mom visited an almost same-looking house?" Erza, asked self-assuring her friend.

"Maybe…but what is taking Jellal so long? I told you to call him first, didn't I! It would be so awkward like this." Lucy, shivered trivially at having to deal with couples, when she herself didn't have one.

"I wanted to surprise him! I haven't seen him for a week except getting calls from him. I miss him so badly." Erza, sighed and let out a gloomy aura. Lucy, beamed at her friend and felt envious for her. Even if she's not with the one she loves she can worry about him freely and actually do something about it, because she has the right to do so. They were an official couple which everyone recognizes, and the blonde grudgingly thinks that they were perfect together. It made her sadder that her friend finally found someone who she can share her feelings with-not that she can't do that with her best friend Lucy, but it wasn't just the same. She can even bolt out of the blue to visit him when she misses him…unlike the blonde, who hasn't been in contact with the guy she preferably likes. She even bets that she was annoying, since she was deliberately ignored for the past few days as well. She didn't know is she was supposed to be flattered or unnerved by the way her friend assumed she could have whatever she wanted, even if what she wanted didn't belong to her in an actual point. There was no end to her once she gets her attention into something-always getting it in the end.

"There you go again!" Erza, called out once again, snapping her out of her dream world. "I took you out of the apartment, because it seemed like you would turn into a zombie with that depressing look. Creepy you know?" The scarlet haired teen made a face and shuddered theatrically for effects.

"Well, look who's talking? You're the one almost crying for being apart from Jellal-kun!" She teased lightly while poking her friend's arm, who in return just stared back at her. "What are you looking at?"

"That's it!"

"That's what?"

"Lately you have been depressed like the dead because you miss some guy! I'm sure about this. You were just as depressed as I was because of some man," Erza, deducted in confidence while slyly putting her arms around the blonde, "So, tell me…who's the lucky guy?"

"What are you talking about? That's nonsense." She mumbled quietly, feeling her insides curl up.

"The way you teased me too! It was like you were really bitter about something! Who's the guy babes? I'll help ya." She purred seductively just in time as the gates opened, revealing the cute little sister of Jellal.

Prying the red-head's hands away from her, "Wendy! Your timing is perfect. Where's Jellal?" Lucy, asked excitedly an attempt to turn the tables around.

Tint and cute Wendy shook her dress and smiled invitingly, "Hello, Lucy and Erza! My brother is currently not around. He just left this morning to work, sorry."

"Oh…. I see." Lucy, felt the crestfallen face of her friend emit an even bigger depressing aura at her back as she pulled the girl inside, "But you won't mind if we wait inside, right?"

"Of course not! You guys can play with me! Although, are you sure? I bet he's coming in really late." Wendy, threw them doubtful look yet a smug forming in the corner of her lips.

"It's fine! We have nothing to do around here anyways."

"Thank you, Lucy!" Erza, back-hugged her friend, clinging tightly in happiness and even the blonde can't resist feeling happy for her for a moment. Oh well, since I don't have a love life…why not helping Erza's?

Meanwhile, in the five-star Café FairyTail, there was uproar as to who gets to clean the comfort rooms after every hour, an intense battle between the three close friends.

"Why do we have to clean that icky place where the customers shit?" Natsu, reasoned out, pouting in frustration.

Gray, pulled out a chair and sat oppositely, leaning his chin on the back of it, "I think you should do it." He clarified.

"Why me?! You got us into this mess anyways!" The pink salamander argued hotly, throwing a kick which the brunette avoided and shrugged his shoulders, "Because, seeing as you can't cook and the customers' needs a waiter pleasing to look at an-"

"And handsome, palatable, gorgeous, luscious, scrumptious...I can go on all day doing this." Loke, intervened and admired his face on the mirror, winking at himself which both of his friend's made a sour face on.

"As I was saying…. Since you can't do neither you ought to get stuck with the bathrooms. Loke, let's go." Gray, instructed and made his way to the changing rooms to wear the uniform.

"Good luck, man." Loke, called out to the pink haired boy who in the moment was begrudgingly grabbing the bathroom utensils.

"Don't you think we we're too harsh to Natsu?" Loke, confided in .

"He'll get over it."

Loke, stared at his friend who was undressing his shirt, replacing it with the uniform's and luminously did an open-and-shut prank as he embraced the brunette from the back and felt his skin, "Why so gloomy, mi amour?" Awarding him with a bruise landed firmly on his head.

This guy….what's up with him? He's been so gloomy these past few days…wait…

"Are you worried because of what your mom told you?" Gray, flinched at his words and just stood there, monotone pathetically depart from the world. "Am I right? You shouldn't let her bother you. She just acted rashly on the spot. You should also understand her, since she is Aunt Layla's friend, and it must've been hard for her to keep such a secret. Although, I'm not so keen with you keeping your real identity, I for one think you shouldn't ignore, Lucy." Loke reasoned out hitting all the sensitive spots of the situation as the brunette lightly punched his friend on the arm.

"Who said I was ignoring her? In fact, it's not like I think about her existence, what a joke."

"Then stop mopping around and talk to her!" Loke, hinted while pushing him away and headed swiftly towards the customers, leaving the perplexed brunette to his thoughts.

The house of magnanimous.

With a backdrop of neutral colors, earthy wooden floors and crisp white mosaic tiles, the clean-cut architectural bones of the three story-floor can shine through while the bold hues and quirky pieces inject personality and charm. Every single detail was fabulous, that's what the Fernandez's house seemed like.

"Oka-san!" Wendy, called out to the woman who just entered, interrupting their game of UNO cards. She was in her mid-thirties and very a beautiful woman with blue hair that transpired Jellal's and Wendy's.

"Hello, my darling daughter! How was your day?" Mrs. Fernandez took her daughter into a light embrace, smiling angelically to her, making the viewers smile at the loving picture.

"It wasn't so boring since I had two kind big sisters!"

"Hello, nice to meet you, Mrs. Fernandez." Lucy and Erza greeted politely.

"Why hello girls! Are you two having fun? I hope my little Wendy hasn't disturbed you?"

"Not at all! She's an angel." Erza, replied earnestly which earned her a grin from the little girl.

"Oka-san! She's the one I'm telling you…Erza-chan! Onii-chan's girlfriend, while the other is Lucy-chan, Gray-kun's girlfriend." Sending both girls into fits of coughs and giggles.

"Oh, I see! It's nice to meet you then. Come girls! I brought some food over. Mind joining us?" Mrs. Fernandez smiled at them and playfully hugged her child and the blonde couldn't help, but remember her mother at that instance who would smile warmly back at her whenever she would come home and it was enough to send her worries away. Reminiscing back to where her mother would prepare her food, give her light kisses, worry about her, all the expression her mother made that made Lucy love her so much. She instantly felt guilty and missed her mother so.

"Lucy, come on! Mrs. Fernandez just invited us to eat." Erza, towed the blonde to the seat next to her and were served pizza by Wendy's mother.

After taking a few bites, the red-head's eyes sparkled in happiness, "They are delicious! I love pizza." Erza, exclaimed.

"Well, girls your age ought to eat more! I'm surprised though, since some girls won't eat and would have strict diet…I'm glad you're not that sort." She, replied conversationally.

Lucy, flinched on her seat, her hands gripping her phone on her pockets hesitantly, "Please, excuse me. I need to make a call." Lucy, stood up from her seat while Erza threw her curious glances.

"Of course, but return for some dessert later, okay? They're Jellal's favorite!" Mrs. Fernandez laughed out, preoccupying Erza as she handed the cake towards her.

Lucy, went out of the house and sat near the porches while roaming for her mother's cell number. She considered just sending a text, but her mother deserved more than that and considerably pressed the call button. She melted a little by waiting for what felt like the longest minute of her life before the familiar voice of her mother answered.

"Hello? Who's this?" The familiar voice of her mother emanated through her ears as she sighed in relief.


There was silence as the voice in the other receiver became unsure.


"Mom, it's me…Lucy."

"Is this really, Lucy? My baby girl?"

"Yes, it's me, mom. But I'm not a baby any—"

"Lucy! I demand to know where you are right now! Our last phone call has been three weeks ago and do you know how worried I have been? Not even a text or phone call earlier? You don't even pick up your phone. I'm disappointed in you."

Lucy, felt like tearing up at her mother's voice and laughed weakly."I know mom. I'm sorry and don't worry, I'm really fine. I promise to call you frequently from now on and..." Her voice broke in the next few words as she debated and finally made a decision according to her better judgment. "I'll show up, okay?"

There was a minute of pause when her mother suddenly raised her voice merrily. "I'm so relieved! Finally, the heavens have heard my prayers! That's the right thing to do, Lucy." Her mother replied in awe.

"I'll see you, then. You know Fairy Tail Café right? Let's meet up there tomorrow. See ya, bye. Love you." Lucy, switched her phone off and hurried back to the dining table, just in time for dessert.

"Have a taste! It's truly delicious! Nothing can go wrong." Mrs. Fernandez smiled confidently.

"I'm sure it will be. Nothing can definitely go wrong." Lucy, thought of meeting up with her mother and it felt like the heavy burden she'd been carrying, become lighter and free her of guilt.

"What's wrong? Who'd you call?" Erza, asked while her mouth full of icing.

"I'll tell you later." Lucy, whispered back.

Layla, who had been roaming the house in high spirits carefully picked her attire from her closet and hummed merrily.

"Who's phone call did you receive that you're so happy, Layla?" Ur, called out to her friend pouring water on a glass to drink her medicine.

"You'll never guess." She winked back. "You're so clueless. It's my daughter, of course! She finally agreed to meet up!"

"W-What?" Ur, chocked on her water as Layla moved closer to help, slapping her back softly.

"We are meeting with her tomorrow. How's that? And I just thought that this is the perfect opportunity to set those two in a date! What do you think?" Layla, babbled excitedly, waiting for her friend's reply.

"Right. Such a perfect plan… indeed."

"I thought so!"

This is bad. If both of them were to meet up now….Gray would definitely be in a tight spot since he already knows Lucy. What to do?

"But, wait…I forgot to ask Lucy if she had seen Erza! Come to think of it…I haven't seen her for a while now. Where could she be?" Layla, mused to herself.

"Isn't that the young lady with the red-hair?" Ur, asked.

"Well, yes. I'm just worried, since I haven't seen her for some time now."Ur, sat up straight from her place and watched her friend search for her phone. "Well, do you have her number?" She asked quietly.

"Here's my phone! Yeah, why?"

"I'll talk to her then. Give me her number." Ur, cleared her throat and asked for Layla's phone who gave it to her without hesitation.

"Thanks! I'll just get changed. You can tell her the plan and please ask her if she's alright?"

"You did what?!" Erza, shouted in disbelief while nervously clutching the pillow near her.

Satisfied, Lucy closed and locked the door and turned back to her friend. Erza, was sitting cross-legged at the edge of Wendy's bed. She looked amused.

"Keep talking."

Lucy, breathed heavily and grabbed her friend's shoulders firmly, "Like I said…I've decided to meet up with my mom. I just feel so guilty for not contacting her and I feel like she doesn't deserve this." She answered weakly while releasing her hold on the petrified red-head.

"I understand. But do you really think that your mom is not going to let you away with marrying that guy?" Erza, mumbled getting back to her senses.

"I trust my mom won't do anything related to that guy. I'll trust her on this." Erza, stared back at her friend who looked dignified with her decision, her eyes not betraying a single doubt on it.

"Okay, whatever you want. I just hope you don't regret this, Luce. About trust…you think you can earn it after you deliberately ruined her trust in you? I hate to see you sad over something."

"Thanks, Erzaaaa. But I'm betting on the line. If I see that bastard you'll be there to kick hiss, right?" Lucy, cooed lying heavily on Erza who in return shoved a pillow to get rid of the blonde.

"Whatever. You're the most stubborn person I've ever met!"

Lucy, laughed at this as she shifted her weight apart from her friend. "I think your phone is vibrating."

"Oh, I got a call. Excuse me."

"Okay, I'll just go and help Mrs. Fernandez with cleaning the dishes." Lucy, prepped up and left the room while Erza pressed the answer button.


"Erza-san right? Listen to me…whatever happens you mustn't let Lucy know that Gray is the same Gray from her past."

"E-excuse me? Who's this?"

"I'm Gray's mother. Ur."

"Ur-san! What do you mean?"

"You know about Lucy and her mom's appointment tomorrow, right? Layla has other plans. She intends to let the two meet." Erza, felt stomach churl in discomfort while reprehending the adult's words. And as she expected-her mother is head on with the marriage thing. "Meet up with Gray? What did you mean by not letting Lucy know about Gray being the Gray tha-" Erza, stopped mid-sentence as she recalled the events that occurred on the airport that day.


"Gray! Here's Aunt Layla you remember her?" Ur, motioned at her friend.

"Aunt Layla." Gray, stepped closer to give a peck on the cheeks.

"Wow, your son grew up to be real good-looking."

"I know." Ur, laughed.

"Mom, Aunt Layla….where's…Lucy?" Gray, asked carefully. Keeping it bona fide.

"Well, sadly she's missing….we have to go look for her."

"Oh, that's really disappointing. Well, I'll go tell Natsu and Loke to help and look for her okay?"

"That's thoughtful of you." Ur, smiled at her son, then he left.

"I'm back!" Erza, announced.

"Where have you been?" Layla, murmured at her.

"Sorry, from the cr. Who's that?" Erza, asked inclining her head towards the retreating figure of Gray.

"Oh, he's Ur's son." Layla, winked at her.

"So, he's Gray." Erza, muttered getting a close range at the face.

"They're not supposed to meet up like this Erza-san. Stop her from going there, please." Ur's voice pleadingly asked.

"But…I believe that we should just let it happen. It would be worst if things were to be hidden longer, Ur-san." THIS IS SO SICK…How could I forget our brief meeting at the airport? No wonder he looked so familiar! The Gray that we've been with for the past few weeks was the same guy Lucy was engaged with!

"I agree…but my son had specifically asked me to keep it a secret."

"Ur, is that Erza you're talking to? Let me talk to her!" A new voice interrupted in the other line as the call was disconnected.

Erza gave her phone a blank stare before collapsing on the bed. "This is so frustrating! I just wanted to see my boyfriend so how the heck am I involved in these kinds of problems?" The exasperated teen shouted, throwing her phone on the table.

Lucy, barged inside wearing different clothes, grinning ear-to-ear ."Hey, Erza! Wendy just prepared us mud clothes."

"What mud clothes?"

"You have to get changed and go outside to find out."

"Finally! I can't believe I spent the whole entire day scrapping up poop." Natsu, complained hysterically to his girlfriend the moment their shifts ended, immediately grabbing his phone to tattletale despite the customers hearing him, so Gray and Loke had to drag him outside the Café.

"Don't be such a baby! It wasn't even scrapping shit! You were just mopping the floor and smelling the crap!" Gray, intervened unable to put up with his attitude and grabbed his friend's phone, ending the call.

"Now now! Let's take it easy, guys! How about dropping by my house for some treats? You guys deserve a prize for not escaping so far." Jellal, chuckled.

"No, thanks. I try not to waste my time as much as possible." Gray, replied coldly.

"Don't be like that! We're going! I mean…after all…your mom cooks the finest dishes in the universe!" Loke, complimented admirably.

Jellal went with a showdown of staring competition with the brunette while the other two, excited enough to care about the staring showdown, and waved the van for entrance oblivious to this fact.

"Let's go!" Natsu, pushed both competitors towards the van and was seated in silence. The car ride wasn't long since it took only ten minutes using the transportation.

"It's been a long time since we last visited. We'll just be feeling at home, right?" Natsu, exclaimed while taking the fresh air of freedom.

"Right, you go do that while we get inside." Gray, responded unaffectionate to his surroundings, confidently taking the first step inside and the next thing was he didn't know what hit him.

"More playmates! I bet it's onii-chan. Hit him!" Something mushy and it smelled like nature spoilt ground. MUD TO BE EXACT. "Oops. Mister, are you alright?" Wendy asked worriedly.

"Oh no…excuse me? Are you alright?" Lucy, approached the covered-dirt brunette, stone-paced at his place, when a familiar laugh echoed around.

"Hilarious! Just look at your pathetic state, Gray!" Natsu, teased freely, thumping his friend's back.

"Hey, blondie! What did you think you were doing?!"

Her eyes drilled into him worriedly. She stepped back and crossed her arms over her chest. This was his fault, too-he always brought out her contemptuous side when he spoke down to her.

"Are you mute or what?" He mouthed, definitely making fun of her now.

Lucy, coming to a realization -covered her mouth from forming a smile, forcing all her will not to laugh. "Gray?! Is that y-?" and was stopped mid-sentence as the blonde was taken by the strong-armed man, scooping her on his arms - she could hardly feel her feet moving below her, just the flow of his touch taking over as he dropped her lightly on the mushy pile of mud.

"How about that for a laughing stock?" Gray, smirked while even putting his hands in his pockets to make him cool, despite his appearance at the moment.

"Hey! It wasn't Lucy-chan who threw you the dirt! It was me!" Wendy, giggled.

"You're way too modest, Wendy-chan!" Erza, exclaimed animatingly tapping her foot while giving Gray the death glares, but was unable to make a move because Mrs. Fernandez had watching eyes upon them.

Jellal, finally spotting his girlfriend went to her side, "Erz? What are you doing here?" The current state of the annoyed scarlet changed driftly, after clinging to him. "Jellal! I wanted to surprise you, since we hadn't had much time together lately. I really missed you."

"I'm sorry about that. I did tell you that I'll come see you tomorrow, right?"

"But I still missed you! Didn't you miss me so much that you had to see me badly?" She downplayed flirtingly, currently unaware of her surroundings.

"Okay, Okay I'm sorry." Jellal, comforted her and crossed his arms around her. Lucy, looked at them consciously and helped herself to brush the dirt off from herself.

"That's enough kids! Before you get any bad microorganisms on your body let's go take a bath!" mrs. Fernandez called out while grabbing her youngest along with her.

Lucy, went for the host to clean herself when Natsu caught her when she almost slipped, "You alright? It's slippery be careful."

Lucy, letting the boy hurl herself up sighed in relief. "Thanks, Natsu!"

"Why are you the only one not covered in dirt?" Natsu, pin-pointed to Erza.

"Like she'd ever get dirty. She's just no fun!" Lucy, giggled.

"So she's a clean-freak?" Natsu, played along.

"I can hear the both of you!" The scarlet maiden hissed at them, while she pulled Jellal with her to talk privately. Everyone, went inside to get all cleaned up and settled themselves comfortably around each other.

Gray, kept frowning at the side while he kept going on about ruining his favorite jacket while the maids cleaned it for him. Lucy, couldn't stop staring at him as she wasn't able to see him for the past few weeks. It almost felt like years to her. Part of her wanted to stop her feelings and stop feeling embarrassed over Gray. The pushier part of her still yearned to get to know him better… which, strangely, was far easier to do when he wasn't technically present to give her reasons to feel this way. The longing and ache filled her as she was flicked by a finger on her forehead.


"Why are you staring off into space, Luce?" Natsu, grinned which the blonde felt like pinching his baby-faced skin, and which she did.

"Don't do that again! My head is sensitive unlike other spots." The blonde murmured.

"It wasn't even that hard!"

"Yeah, I guess so. But even the lightest hit can make me like that. I had an accident when I was young and ever since that day, I had this kind of trauma whenever someone would touch my head. Look." Lucy, bent her head and showed her scalp, a thick angry splotched red scar was etched on her scalp.

"Whoa! What is that? It almost looks like it's gonna break your skull!" He yelped while patting her back comfortingly.

"Well, it was years ago. I couldn't even remember anything from five years old and below." Gray, stared at his best friend and the blonde that he has been avoiding lately, cuddled up in a conversation about her head. They get along well. Suits two idiots.

"Gray! Why aren't you talking to Lucy? I thought you missed her?!"

"H-Hey! What are you talking about?!" Lucy, panicked and hit him on the shoulder.

"Who said anything about missing her?!"

"But lately you've look so depressed and just now when you played with her on the mud, you looked in high spirits again!"

"Wow! It looks like our idiot Natsu has become smarter these days." Loke, chuckled while taking a sip of his drink.

Lucy straddled one of the seats and gripped her temples between her thumbs and middle fingers. If she had made it through the day-it was almost as miracle occurred.

"Not you too! Get off my back will ya?"He glared at the pink-haired boy who was back-hugging him. Definitely getting on his nerves as he struggled to shake him away.

"No way! Not until you admit that you missed, Lucy!" The blonde watched the three bicker and laugh together like they were really the closest since young.

"Not coming off? Don't touch m—"

"Ahahahahaha! You guys are so full of it!" Making me laugh like this…idiots!" Lucy, clutched her stomach and rested her head between her knees. The three debated that she was still laughing to herself and shook their heads in disbelief.

"Lucy-chan?" Loke, poked her arm and she remained motionless. "Wow, she fell asleep?"

Gray, stared at her sleeping figure and her face still angelic as he remembered at that time when she slept on his bed. Her head was tilted sideways, her blonde hair disheveled by a soft breeze. A messy look that quite suited her.

"Babes, I think we can go home now and about our plans for tomo-" Erza, frowned at her surroundings. "Asleep?"

"I think she must have been way too tired lately. Let her rest for a bit." Gray, muttered as he covered the blonde with the blanket near her.

"Oh and Erza? What was that story with her head?" Natsu, asked curiously.

"What head?"

Loke and Gray gave him a quizzical look as he said so, "Lucy, said she got into an accident when she was young?"

Erza, eyed each of them carefully and fought against her better judgment on what to spill.

"Oh that? Well, from what I know…I don't even think I can tell you but…Lucy's father was murdered right in front of her eyes and I think the killer hurt her badly, injuring her head. After that accident, she hasn't been what she used to be. She forgot her memories from when she was five years old and below…and had a hard time speaking because of trauma. Doctors, said she had aphasia. But it was a long time ago. As you can see, Lucy is a brighter person now. I think this place has something to do with it. When she left she was still locked in another world, but when she went here six years ago…she became more of a normal person, I guess."

"Whoaaa…I never thought that Lucy had been so much. I feel bad for her." Loke, sighed.

"She can't even remember her dad." Natsu, sighed as well.

"But of course…you guys would know about how she got well, right?" Erza, gave them a blank look, staring at them head on.

The three stared at the sassy girl who twirled her hair in a discreet manner giving them a serious face. No one even dared staring at her for long. Deciding to fool around, "What are you talking about?" Gray, asked.

"Don't you even act anymore, Gray Fullbuster. You're the guy Lucy dislikes as a child weren't you? You think you can keep up with lying for long?"

"H-How did you know? How long did you know?! Does Luc—"

"You think I can tell her? She'd be really hurt if she knew."

"So what now? So what if I'm the guy she dislikes? What do you plan to do?" Gray, asked calmly while the other two gave each other unsure looks.

"I'm on your side. I'll need your help as much as you'll need mine. All for Lucy."

Erza, gave her friend a quick look and concern filled her features. There was nothing in this world that Erza wouldn't do for Lucy. They've grown up together and that bond formed all throughout those years was unbreakable.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean…we need to do something or else you're going to get married to Lucy soon."

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