I am Masakhi, a former inhabitant of a land known formerly as 'Markovia'. Markovia was once a generally non-violent land where people of all races, political beliefs, religious beliefs etc would peacefully coexist.

I am from the sect known as the 'Jentiles', the Second most prominent sect of Markovia. The 'Jashins', a Religious Sect were the most prominent. And I believe this is where our troubles began. We Jentiles were a non violent group of people and when war did occur in our lands, it was the Jashins who mainly protected it, as they believed in killing violently. The Markovs, a non religious family who controlled Markovia held them in great regard. However, as the years went by, the younger Jashinists became more arrogant because of their upgraded status. They became extremist, and would bully us Jentiles 'all in the name of fun'. So they said. The Jentiles were overshadowed by the Jashins and when the Twin towers of Markovia were clearly destroyed by a Jashinist extremist, the Jentiles took the blame. Why? The Markov family thought we were 'jealous' of the Jashinist's dominance. It was around the time of my birth that this had happened, and a new law was passed. It was called the 'Markov Chain'. It stated that all Jentiles were slaves of the Jashinists, and they could not interact with the Jashinists in any way. That meant no socialising, no marriage between Jashinists and Jentiles, etc. We weren't even allowed to move country to seek refuge there. That was part of the Markov Chain too.

I grew up a slave of the Jashinists. Every day was the same hell over and over. I came from a farming family and in the past we would sell our produce for a nice healthy profit. We were then assigned to a Jashin Family and made produce for them - for Free. I had an education, but it was twisted to the way the Jashins wanted it. History, Literature and even mathematics were biased towards the Jashinists, to indoctrinate us into thinking how great they were. The Jashin kids my age would torment me everyday, both verbally and physically. I had no friends. I was grateful for having my family however, but even they were taken away from me.

Their arrogance reached a new high. The entire Markov family were killed by the Jashins and they assumed power. Their first act was to kill all the 'non-believers'. Eventually they reached my family. I wanted to protect them but I was so young and I didn't know how to defend myself (The Markov chain stated that Jentiles who wished to fight, were not allowed to learn how to). My father, Akh said, 'Run, my son. You deserve a better future than this. Leave this place and never come Back!'. I said nothing. I ran through the grand forest that connected Markovia to the rest of the world. It felt like an eternity, and my feet's blisters had blister. I cried, knowing that my family were most probably dead and I couldn't do anything to save them. I thought I was alone, but then a man held his hand out for me, and that was when my journey began...