Masakhi's journey chapter 24

Misa and I flew several miles at high speed to find any battles which hadn't been resolved yet. It would seem that the allied shinobi forces had things under control, and that they didn't need our help. Fair enough, we needed to spread out more and work more efficiently.

It wasn't long before something caught our eyes. And there they were, Naruto, Bee and the masked man who claimed to be known as 'Madara Uchiha'. 'Madara' was toying with the jinchuuriki using his space-time ninjutsu, and as a result, forced Naruto and bee to hold back their maximum power until a strategy to overcome this was found. Knowing them though, it may never happen. I was unaware of the circumstance at the time, and we decided to launch a surprise attack on the masked man.

'Dark Arrow: Shadow clone jutsu!' I fired my arrows over a wide trajectory, in order to stretch the masked man's jutsu. He evaded every single arrow without much problem.

'Ah, it's you again, and I noticed you brought a friend along too. A nice try with the arrows, but you can't defeat Madara Uchiha so easily'.

'You ain't the real Madara!' Naruto said, surprising me. Then who was the man behind the mask?

It didn't matter who was behind the mask, but he had to be stopped.

'I also notice that the two of you are angel sages. How powerful, I must admit. Now, Imagine how powerful I would be if I was to grow some wings and augment my powers', although he wore a mask, I could tell that he was smiling underneath it. Misa went to attack him head on and the masked man used an old trick of allowing to slip through him, he then got some chains out from nowhere and coiled her up very intricately. He then wasted no time coming for me; Naruto and Bee wanted to intervene, but then the masked man held out a handsign and from nowhere six other shinobi came out. They were no ordinary shinobi, they were the extraordinary deceased jinchuuriki. Their target was Naruto and Bee. I stood there wandering what to do, I had my own problem – to defend myself against Madara. He was now close to me, in fact – too close. I swung my sword to attack, but it simply went through! He then looked into my eyes, deep into my eyes. There was a sharingan in his right eye, and the Rinnegan in his left. Observing them, my vision had gone all blurry, and I felt I was fading away again, just like that time after I beat Shukaku.

Moments later, I felt that I was living and breathing in a different world. I was in Markovia, strange. Was this a genjutsu? I actually didn't know at the time and I was convinced that I was. The situation in this genjutsu was that I had become the leader and was training the next generation of Markovians to become strong warriors. Amongst those children, was a boy with a mask. A little boy named Madara Uchiha. Looking back on it, the genjutsu was kind of odd. He seemed to be very enthusiastic

'So, Masakhi-sensei. We're gonna learn how to manipulate Dark energy and become Angel sages, right? How do we do that?' I was about to answer the little Madara's question, unaware that I was in this genjutsu. But then moments later, I was woken up by Misa. She broke out of the chains with her super strength, released the genjutsu and took me to a safer distance.

'Masakhi, snap out of it. It was a genjutsu. Damn, if I didn't save you in time, the secrets to our powers would have been exposed!'

'Sorry sis', actually it wasn't time to apologize, the masked man headed straight for us again, but Misa was ready to counter, with Madara becoming intangible as usual. I heard a great 'boom' sound. The jinchuuriki, all eight of them were in their tailed beast forms and fired their Bijuu-dama simultaneously. The sound and the shockwaves coming from the blast were enough to distract the masked man for a second. And a second was all it took. I gathered myself, and quickly poured chakra from my wings to my hands.

'Rasengan!' I flew horizontally and aimed straight for his head, hoping it would come off, or something like that. I saw his mask begin to crack, and noticed that this man, has a striking resemblance to Sasuke, but it wasn't Sasuke. He looked a lot older. I noticed that defeated expression on his face. The expression would change in an instant. Another man appeared.

'Brother, we meet again, and it seems we can kill two birds with one stone!' It was the real Madara Uchiha! It was definitely him. He had the hair and armour which defined him, and of course, the Uchiha fan that the ex-masked man was about to give to him.

'I missed you big brother, he said. Let's finish this, together.' I noticed the two of them, standing proud as the powerful, original Uchiha brothers: Madara and Izuna.