HARRY: who the hell are you?

HAGRID: I am HAGRID and I have come to take you away from these son of a bitches

HARRY: (YES!) Thank you Hagrid

(as HARRY walks up the station he spots a family who run through a wall he goes over to the mother and says)

HARRY: Ma'am how do your sons go through that wall, is that the way to get to Hogwarts

MUM: Yes were you trying to get their

HARRY: well this guy called HAGRID banged down my door and said you're going to Hogwarts and I was like who the hell are you ass whole

MUM: haha yeah good old HAGRID, ok just run through that wall and it should take you to the train

HARRY: Thank you weirdo

RHON: Hello what's your name because I saw you talking to my mum?

HARRY: Hi I'm your worst nightmare Harry Potter

RHON: OMG (that was meant to be said in a girl voice) you're HARRY POTTER you're like the coolest kid in town except without parents and hope

HARRY: what are you saying smart ass, yeah I didn't know my parents but I do have hope and people who love me

RHON: oooh lalala who's that smoking hot barbeque

HARRY: I have no idea but she's not that hot I bet I could do much better and yet you will be stuck with her

RHON: HEY! That's my future wife you're talking about

HARRY: That's if you like googly eyeballs with love hearts all over her face you go for it and I bet she is a weird nerd who can spell everything like I bet you can't spell

Supercalif ragil isticexpialid o cious and she could spell that in year 1

RHON: but you don't know that she could be the prettiest girl ever on the inside and horrible on the out don't judge a book by its cover

HARRY: yeah I guess you're right... (That was said in a sad voice) HEY! Everybody RHON likes that girl over there in carriage 509 with the love hearts all over her face and nerdy glasses who also has googly eyeballs

STRANGE GIRL: is that true RHON you like me I was hoping that because as soon as I saw you I was hoping that we could go out

RHON: so who are you?

STRANGE GIRL: oh sorry hi I am haminey (sorry not sure how to spell haminey)

RHON: Hi haminey how are you?

HAMINEY: fine jackass (that was in a sad voice)

RHON: WAIT! What did I do all I asked is how is your day going

FRIEND OF HAMINEY: um well her mum died today so every time someone asks hows your day she runs off crying

RHON: right