Naruto: The Red Fox

A/N: Here is Chapter 25. This chapter continues our confrontation in Konoha as Naruto and his allies try to defeat the Akatsuki. This chapter is part of the double release along with chapter 24 for the Labor Day special.

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"Demon Talk"

'Demon Thoughts'

Chapter 25: The Fallen

A huge shockwave is sent through the village as two powerful shinobi continue their battle. The Kyuubi container, Naruto, battles his rival the Uchiha, Sasuke. Both realize that they had unlocked their own second level of charka causing the level of battle to increase dramatically.

Naruto and Sasuke collide with fist sending another shockwave throughout the nearby area. Sasuke gathers chakra into his right hand forming a Chidori without any hand signs.

Naruto's eyes widened as Sasuke tries to kill Naruto with his Chidori. Naruto dodges the attack and strikes Sasuke in the face causing Sasuke's Chidori to vanish.

Naruto jumps away from Sasuke and begins to gather nature chakra. He soon enters Sage mode within a fraction of the time it used to take him. Sasuke retaliates by summoning Susanoo.

'Are you sure you don't want to use my powers?' asked Kurama to Naruto.

'I need to save your chakra for Wotan. Besides, I think Sage mode enhanced with the second level of chakra is enough to battle Sasuke with,' replied Naruto.

'Fine, just don't die,' said Kurama.

Using Sage mode, Naruto strikes Sasuke. However, no damage is done due to Susanoo. Sasuke smirks knowing he has the upper hand against Naruto. However, Sasuke is not about to waste time on Naruto like he did before. He is not about to give Naruto the chance to break through Susanoo.

Naruto constantly strikes Susanoo trying to bring a crack in it. Just as Naruto was about to continue his attack on Sasuke, the black hair shinobi disappears shocking Naruto.

"Where did he go?" asked Naruto.

"Oh come on Dobe. You should know the speed this new form of power comes with. What kind of training did you go through?" asked Sasuke as he reappears in front of Naruto.

Sasuke catches Naruto off guard and strike him with Susanoo's sword causing Naruto to scream in pain. Blood oozes out from Naruto's wound as he tries to catch his breath.

"Even with this new power of yours, you are still weak," taunted Sasuke.

Naruto spits out blood and responds to the Uchiha.

"I guess I did too much training using my higher levels of power," said Naruto.

Sasuke stares at Naruto with surprise. He could not believe what Naruto just said. There is no way he can still have more power. He has to be joking.

"Your lies will not trick me Dobe. I am afraid you will have to do better than that," said Sasuke.

Naruto smirks at Sasuke's naïve thoughts. Naruto is not lying and Sasuke thinks he is.

'All right Kurama, we will be entering Kyuubi Chakra mode. Let's give him a show,' said Naruto to Kurama.

'Sure, I always wanted to make an Uchiha cower in fear,' responded the demon fox.

Naruto's body begins to glow yellow revealing him in Kyuubi Chakra mode.

Sasuke smirks as a response.

"You've already used this mode in our previous battle. This is nothing new," said Sasuke.

'If you only knew,' thought Naruto.

"Lead Whirlwind," shouted Lee as he strikes Asuma in the neck snapping it in two.

"Not bad Lee, but don't forget I am already dead, so it will not give you an advantage," said Asuma.

Asuma's head recovers from Lee's attack and he resumes a battle stance.

"Yosh, this battle will prove most difficult," said Lee as he charges at Asuma.

Using his speed, Lee collides with Asuma and begins to beat him back. Asuma is only able to block some of the attacks, but due to his regeneration abilities all damage done by Lee is healed.

Asuma grabs Lee's leg and swings him around straight into a building. Asuma charges at Lee and the two shinobi clash once again. Lee continues to strike at Asuma; however, Asuma tries another tactic against the taijutsu master. Asuma grabs a couple of chakra blades and successfully cuts Lee on his side. Lee is forced to fallback. One wrong move and Lee will get a leg cut off. Asuma charges at Lee and begins to swing his chakra blades at Lee trying to cut the green spandex wearer.

Asuma slashes at Lee once again and cuts the taijutsu master on his left arm. Lee tries to kick Asuma, but he forced to stop his attack when the undead shinobi places the chakra blades between Lee and the point of impact. Asuma kicks Lee in the gut sending the taijutsu flying into a building. Lee coughs up blood as he stands back up on his feet. Ever since Asuma took out the blades, Lee has been losing the battle.

Suddenly, a wave of kunai hit Asuma from behind causing his attention to turn to the attacker. Tenten stands nearby with an opened seal.

"Don't forget Asuma-sensei, Lee is not your only opponent," said Tenten with a smirk.

Tenten grabs another seal and summons a katana.

"Tenten, I am using chakra blades. Your katana will be cut in half the moment it touches my blades," stated Asuma.

"Who says our weapons will touch?" questioned Tenten.

Tenten charges at Asuma and swings her katana at Asuma who attempts to block the sword with his charka blades. However, Tenten stops her attack before the blades collide and changes her direction. The weapon mistress slashes Asuma at the leg causing him to lose balance. Lee appears next to Asuma and uses this chance to strike the undead shinobi.

"Leaf Rising Wind!" shouted Lee as he kicks Asuma straight in the stomach sending the undead shinobi into the air.

Tenten jumps into the air and cuts Asuma's head off. Unfortunately for Lee and Tenten, Asuma's body begins to recover from all damage done to him.

"Argh, are you serious? We have done all this damage and yet he still is getting back up," said a frustrated Tenten.

"Tenten, we cannot give up. With the power of youth, we will win this fight!" shouted Lee.

Tenten nods her head and prepares to battle Lee. Lee rushes forward and tries to land a hit on Asuma, but he is forced to stop most of his attacks due to Asuma's chakra blades.

Tenten supports Lee with her katana. She attacks Asuma from behind giving Lee the opportunity to strike Asuma in the head. However, Asuma regains his balance and jumps away from the duo. The undead shinobi places his chakra blades in his pocket then he performs a serious of hand signs.

"If I was you two, I'll be dodging right now," said Asuma. "Wind Style: Dust Cloud Jutsu!"

Asuma creates a powerful vortex of high velocity dust and shoots it towards his two opponents.

"Dodge now!" shouted Tenten as she and Lee begin to avoid Asuma's attack.

Asuma performs the jutsu again and shoots it off another direction towards Lee, who manages to dodge the attack again.

"Did you forget me?" said a voice behind Asuma.

Asuma turns around and is hit by a fist sending him off balance and into a nearby building.

"Sakura, where have you been?" asked Tenten. "You told us to distract Asuma, but you disappeared on us."

"Sorry about that. I needed time to gather chakra," replied Sakura.

A pink aura surrounds Sakura as she prepares to battle Asuma.

"You two did enough, let me handle this," said Sakura.

Lee and Tenten look at Sakura as if she was crazy.

"Sakura-san, you can't fight him alone. He is too strong," said Lee.

Sakura smirks, "I won't lose."

Sakura enters a battle stance. She charges at Asuma with her fist ready to strike. Asuma dodges her fist and swing his chakra blade at Sakura. Shockingly, Sakura catches the blade with her gloved hand.

"What?" said a shock Asuma.

Sakura's action shocks Lee and Tenten. Asuma's chakra blades are known for cutting throw anything, yet here is Sakura holding the blade with her hands.

Asuma tries to move his hand only to realize that he cannot move due to Sakura's grip.

Sakura closes left hand and strikes Asuma straight in the stomach. Sakura releases her grip on his left hand allowing the undead shinobi to fly backwards.

Asuma starts to get back up, but soon realizes his generation abilities have slowed down considerably.

"What did you do?" questioned Asuma.

Sakura smirks, "My new jutsu. Naruto and I have been training together for a month. We knew we would come across powerful opponents revived by the resurrection jutsu. So, we spent the entire month increasing our own strengths and improving our jutsu. We learned a few new jutsus and one of those included a jutsu capable of destroying our opponents at an atomic level. You cannot regenerate something that no longer exists. Of course, one punch is not enough to destroy you, but if I can hit enough times your body would not be able to heal."

Asuma gives Sakura a smile.

"You and Naruto are impressive. I did not expect such level of skills. I am sure the two of you will change the future," said Asuma.

"We will change it together," replied Sakura. "Now, I will use my new jutsu, the Atomic Chakra Scalpel to free you from Kabuto's control."

"I want to know something before we continue our battle," started Asuma. "How did you stop my chakra blades?"

"Simple," replied Sakura. "My Atomic Chakra Scalpel is both an offensive and defensive jutsu. I can attack at an atomic level and defend at one. Furthermore, this jutsu will also allow me to my enhanced strength at the same time, which has also increased in power due to my second level of chakra."

"I see, I am impressed," said Asuma. "I was also wondering why you were glowing pink. I heard Kabuto talking about a second level of chakra when he was talking to Wotan and Sasuke. I just so happened to be standing there."

Sakura's eyes widen. Wotan must know about the second level of chakra and might have taught it to Sasuke. The moment this thought came across Sakura she realized that Naruto could be in trouble. Suddenly, her face shows pure determination. She has to finish off Asuma as quickly as possible, Naruto might need her help. She will not let the love of her life die.

Sakura charges at Asuma with her new jutsu and strikes the undead shinobi. Asuma is immediately on defense. His original strategy of keeping his opponents off of him using his chakra blades has failed. With Sakura's new jutsu, he knows he cannot beat the pink hair kunoichi.

With every attack, Asuma's regeneration abilities begin to slow down as his body begins to crumble. Suddenly, Asuma jumps away from Sakura and begins to slowly turn around.

"Huh, what are you doing?" asked a confused Sakura.

"It seems like Kabuto is withdrawing me. Your new jutsu must be scaring him," replied Asuma with a laugh.

Sakura rushes at fast as she could to stop Asuma, but the undead shinobi launches his next attack.

"Fire Style: Ash Pile Burning!" shouted Asuma causing a smokescreen.

Sakura stops her attack and falls back to avoid the attack. As the smoke clears, Asuma is no longer in front of her.

"Damn it, he escaped," said Sakura.

"You're amazing Sakura-san!" shouted Lee.

"Lee is right, you were awesome," added Tenten.

Lee and Tenten look at Sakura and notice her determine face.

"What is wrong Sakura?" asked Tenten.

"Asuma said Sasuke also unlocked the second level of chakra. I can feel Naruto fighting him. This time I am strong enough to help. I will protect my love," said Sakura as she takes off towards Naruto's direction with Lee and Tenten right behind her.

Unfortunately, Shadow Monsters confront her.

"Damn it, move out of my way!" shouted Sakura.

"Shinra Tensei!" shouted Nagato causing a massive explosion forcing Kakashi and Guy back.

Sai unleashes a wave of animal paintings towards Nagato.

Nagato holds his hands back up and begins to absorb Sai's ninjutsu using his Preta Path. Once Nagato finished absorbing Sai's ninjutsu, he activated a summoning jutsu.

"Summoning Jutsu!" shouted Nagato as a large bird with the Rinnegan.

The large bird charges at Sai destroying his ink bird sending the former Root member to the ground. Guy catches him before he hits the ground. Kakashi charges at Nagato from behind and throws a shuriken at him.

"Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu!" shouted Kakashi as the shuriken multiple to thousands towards Nagato.

However, Nagato raises his hand and counters the shuriken.

"Shinra Tensei!" shouted Nagato as he deflects all of the shuriken.

"Damn, no matter how fast we are, we are unable to hit in the five seconds range. Even if do make the range, he uses one of his other paths to deflect the attacks.

"Leaf Strong Whirlwind!" shouted Guy as he attacks Nagato from behind.

Nagato dodges the attack and strikes Guy in the chest sending the jonin into a building.

Sai returns and unleashes another wave of ink animals to catch Nagato off guard. However, Nagato's summon interferes and destroys each ink animal. Kakashi charges at Nagato hoping to hit him successfully. However, Nagato once again counters. He jumps above Kakashi hitting him in the back. Nagato turns around and aims his hand at Kakashi.

"Chakra Cannon!" shouted Nagato as he uses his Asura Path to form one cannon in his right hand.

Nagato shoots off the blast as Kakashi tries to move. Sai dives in with a newly made ink bird and saves Kakashi from the blast. Nagato's summon tries to destroy Sai's ink bird, but Guy intercepts the giant bird.

"Leaf Rock-Destroying Rise!" shouted Guy as he swings his elbow towards the bird.

However, the giant summon avoids the attack forcing Guy to hit thin air.

"Don't forget, Guy, he has the ability to share links between himself and his summons through the Rinnegan!" shouted Kakashi who lands on the ground with Sai as Guy appears next to them shortly after.

Nagato begins to approach the three shinobi with his summon flying around. Suddenly Nagato stops and his body begins to retreat as his summon disappears.

"What is he doing?" questioned Guy.

"For some odd reason Kabuto is making me retreat," said Nagato. "I was hoping the three of you would have beaten me somehow."

Nagato turns around and leaves. Kakashi, Guy, and Sai continue to stand in the middle of the destroyed area with confusion written all over their faces.

"Um, wasn't he winning?" asked Guy.

"Even I'm confused," added Kakashi.

At this moment, Sai turns around and notices a familiar face pass by heading towards the Hokage monument.

"Is that Sakura?" asked Sai gaining the attention of Kakashi and Guy.

The two shinobi turn their attention towards Sai's direction and notice the pink hair kunoichi heading towards the Hokage monument.

"Why is she rushing?" asked Guy.

Kakashi continues to watch Sakura and he turns to the Hokage monument feeling two familiar chakras.

'She is heading towards Naruto. However, why did Kabuto withdraw Nagato?' thought Kakashi.

Kakashi turns his attention towards the direction Nagato left before he turns back to Sakura.

'Sakura, what jutsu did you learn?' wondered Kakashi.

"Rasengan!" shouted Naruto as he attempts to hit Sasuke with his jutsu.

Sasuke dodges the attack and strikes Naruto in the chest. Naruto coughs and flies backwards into a tree. Sasuke launches himself at Naruto with a familiar jutsu.

"Chidori!" shouted Sasuke as he aims the powerful jutsu at Naruto.

Sasuke gazes at Naruto and realizes the blonde shinobi is not moving. Naruto opens his eyes slowly and notices Sasuke flying towards him with the Chidori in hand. Naruto's eyes widen the moment he lays his eyes on the attack.

'Shit, I need to move!' thought Naruto as he tries to move out of the way.

Unfortunately, Naruto noticed the attack too late as Sasuke swings the attack at Naruto.

"Die Naruto!" shouted Sasuke.

'Forgive me everyone,' thought Naruto. 'Sakura-chan, I failed you.'

Sasuke grins inwardly as his attack almost touches Naruto. The Uchiha looks at Naruto one last time before the attack hits Naruto. Suddenly, Sasuke feels weird, but he shakes it off and finishes his attack causing a huge explosion beneath him.

A few seconds pass as Sasuke's eyes widen. His attack missed Naruto by mere inches just to the right of Naruto's head. The event shocks both Naruto and Sasuke.

'What just happened?' wondered Sasuke. 'My attack was dead on, how did I miss?'

'How did he miss?' questioned Naruto. 'There is no way that attack would have missed. I certainly did not dodge it.'

Naruto and Sasuke continue to stare at each other until Sasuke snaps out of his trance and tries to punch Naruto. Naruto reacts by kicking Sasuke in the gut sending the Uchiha into a building.

Naruto tries to understand what happened just now. One moment Sasuke was about to kill him with a Chidori, then the next moment he misses. Sasuke had the perfect opportunity to kill Naruto, yet for some reason he missed. Did someone interfere with the attack? If so, why did Naruto or Sasuke not see this person?

Sasuke, on the other hand, continues to struggle why he missed the attack. How could he have missed the perfect shot on Naruto? Why did he miss in the first place? The attack should have hit Naruto. The blonde shinobi never had a chance to dodge the attack. Furthermore, nobody interfered with the attack. Sasuke himself missed. Why did he miss?

"Why did you not finish me?" questioned Naruto breaking the silence.

"What are you talking about? You did something to dodge the attack," replied Sasuke.

"Huh, I did nothing. I had no way to dodge. It was all you," continued Naruto.

'Hmph, I understand now,' said Kurama to Naruto.

'What do you mean Kurama?' inquired Kurama.

Kurama gives a sinister smile as he responds to Naruto.

'The Uchiha hesitated and he does even know it.'

'Sasuke hesitated. Why would he hesitate?' questioned Naruto.

Suddenly it dawned on Naruto. The old Sasuke is still in there. Naruto gives a smirk.

Meanwhile, Sasuke continues to struggle with himself trying to find an answer. He looks at Naruto who is smirking.

"Why are you smirking!" shouted Sasuke.

"We do not have to be enemies," said Naruto.

Sasuke raises an eyebrow. Naruto is trying to convince him again. Why would he try again?

"I thought we were over this," replied Sasuke. "I would have thought you given up by now."

"I would have, but there is still hope," responded Naruto.

"Excuse me? There is no hope for me to return," said Sasuke as he charges at Naruto.

Naruto charges at Sasuke. The two shinobi clash again. A series of taijutsu moves exchange between Naruto and Sasuke. Sasuke punches Naruto in the gut. Naruto disappears in a puff of smoke.

Naruto appears behind Sasuke in his Kyuubi Chakra mode and strikes the Uchiha who resummons Susanoo just in time.

'Let me help you,' said Kurama.

'All right, just remember no Red Fox mode,' replied Naruto.

'Sure,' said Kurama.

Suddenly, Naruto's form begins to change again as he enters his Kyuubi Chakra Enhanced Mode.

'Let's do this,' said Kurama.

Sasuke raises an eyebrow. It seems like the demon fox has taken control of Naruto's body.

'Don't kill him,' said Naruto.

'Do not worry I won't,' replied Kurama.

Naruto attacks Susanoo with incredible force and speed causing Sasuke to slide backwards. Naruto continues his assault on Sasuke as Susanoo begins to crack once more.

'Damn it, his little mode is even stronger now thanks to him unlocking the second level of chakra. I refuse to lose!' thought Sasuke.

Sasuke using his newfound speed begins to strike back at Naruto. Naruto retaliates by fighting Sasuke using his chakra arms. The two shinobi continue their battle as each attack causes massive damage in the area around them. Shockwave after shockwave the buildings crumble under the heavy pressure of their fight. Suddenly, Sasuke loses his footing allowing Naruto a major hit on Susanoo causing it to crack.

Naruto summons nine chakra arms and begins to pound Susanoo. Sasuke's ultimate jutsu begins to crack under the pressure forcing him to fallback.

"What? Why am I losing ground?" questioned Sasuke.

"Because I have something to truly fight for and I will defeat you to protect those precious to me!" shouted Naruto.

"Like I care!" responded Sasuke as the two clashed once again.

"Yes you do!" yelled Naruto as Sasuke's eyes widen.

Naruto knocks Susanoo down forcing Sasuke to one knee.

"If you didn't care I would be dead now," said Naruto. "Yet, you stopped your attack from killing me a few moments ago. You do care and it proves that you want friends and family. If you still do not believe it, then I'll kick your ass to knock some sense into you!"

Sasuke's eyes widen even more as Naruto's words cause him to remember his training.


"Damn it. Even if you beat me today, I will always be a part of you. One day you will understand what you truly want. All it would take is a nice ass whooping," said Soul Sasuke as he disappears and Sasuke absorb his inner self again.

Sasuke continues to gaze at the Uchiha compound.

"What I truly want," said Sasuke to his self as the world goes black.

Flashback End

'What I truly want,' thought Sasuke.

Sasuke charges at Naruto and tries to kill Naruto with Susanoo. However, before Sasuke clashes with Naruto, who has not moved, Sasuke begins to feel that weird feeling as he looks at Naruto. Once again, Sasuke's attack misses Naruto.

Naruto smirks as Sasuke grunts his teeth. Why is this happening? What is this feeling?

"Why? Why can I not hurt you? I had every intention coming here to kill you, yet I keep stopping why, why?" shouted Sasuke.

Naruto sighs, "Orion told me a few weeks ago about the side effects of the second level of chakra. Maybe your new master did not tell you. Not only does the second level of chakra increases your physical strength. It also increases the strength of your emotions. It proves that deep down inside you. You still consider me your friend and Konoha as your home."

"No, no, no!" shouted Sasuke. "I am here to get my vengeance against Konoha. I cannot let these petty feelings get in my way!"

"Sasuke, those feelings is what allows you to be human. You are not Madara, Kabuto, or Wotan. You are Sasuke the Uchiha who will make a name for himself as a friend and ally of Uzumaki Naruto," said Naruto.

Sasuke begins to form a jutsu in his right hand.

"No, I refuse to listen to my old self. I am an avenger. I am Uchiha Sasuke!" shouted Sasuke. "And I will not allow myself to become weak. Chidori!"

Sasuke charges at Naruto, who has created a Rasengan. Sasuke swings his right hand at Naruto. Naruto prepares himself with the Rasengan as he also swings his jutsu. As Sasuke approaches Naruto, his speed begins to slow down. Naruto notices it and begins to slow down his attack.

Sasuke stop mere inches from Naruto's face as Naruto stops inches from Sasuke's stomach. Both techniques are still strong enough to cause major damage.

Sasuke's Chidori suddenly stops. Naruto's Rasengan also stops as a result.

"Why? Why can I not let you go?" questioned Sasuke.

"Because, even though we are not related, we are brothers," replied Naruto. "We know each other's pain, each other's struggle, and our longing for family."

Sasuke backs away from Naruto. He deactivates his Sharingan and looks directly into Naruto's eyes. Naruto deactivates his Kyuubi Chakra Enhanced mode.

"Brothers…" said Sasuke in a whisper, but loud enough for Naruto to hear.

"Yes, we are brothers. Sasuke let us go back together. I want to help you no matter how long it takes," said Naruto.

"It is too late for me," replied Sasuke.

"No, it is not too late," started Naruto. "It will just take some time."

Sasuke smirks a bit. He could not believe he is letting his guard down. Why, out of all times, would give in to his emotions. The emotionless Uchiha gave in.

Naruto extends his right hand in a manner indicating he wants to shake hands. Sasuke looks at Naruto then to the hand and back to Naruto. Sasuke gives Naruto genuine smile. A smile Naruto never thought he would ever see again.

"Are you ready to come home?" questioned Naruto.

Sasuke raises his hand to shake Naruto's hand, but an evil laugh interrupts him.

"Aw, high sweet, the two friends finally reunite. I am quite upset though. I was hoping to keep using Sasuke, but it seems like that will not happen anytime soon," said the voice.

Both Naruto and Sasuke recognized the voice the moment it spoke.

'Wotan,' thought Naruto and Sasuke.

Wotan lands near the two shinobi.

"I am quite disappointed. Oh well, I guess I have no choice, but to kill both of you," said Wotan.

"We will not die today!" shouted Naruto.

"I am done helping you!" added Sasuke.

Wotan appears behind Sasuke and grabs his head. Wotan's hand begins to glow red before it burst into flames catching the Uchiha on fire. Wotan slams Sasuke into a nearby building before turning his attention to Naruto.

"I have some business with you," said Wotan as he slowly approaches Naruto.

Orion continues to travel through Konoha eliminating as many enemies as he could. He has been doing well for the past twenty minutes until he felt a familiar presence.

'Wotan, you finally made your move,' thought Orion. 'I have to stop him now!'

Just as Orion was about to find Wotan, a group of Shadow Monsters appeared before him.

Orion's eyes narrow as he realized the group before him. The Shadow Knights have appeared and Orion will have to deal with them.

'Naruto, hold on. I will get there as soon as I can,' thought Orion as he enters a battle stance.

Wotan throws Naruto into a building as he continues to play with Naruto.

'Kurama, a little help here,' thought Naruto.

'I'm trying, it takes time to enter Red Fox mode,' responded Kurama.

"I expected more out of you Naruto," said Wotan.

Wotan turns his attention to Sasuke, who is still trying to catch his breath.

"You let your own feelings interfere. I thought you were an avenger. Why happened?" asked Wotan.

"I am an avenger. Naruto simply avoided my attack," replied Sasuke.

Wotan narrows his eyes at Sasuke.

"You lie and you are no use to me," said Wotan as he draws his katana.

"What? You plan on killing me?" questioned Sasuke.

"Of course, and Madara and Kabuto will never know," stated Wotan.

Sasuke tries to move, but his battle with Naruto has left him drained. Wotan raises his katana swings it at Sasuke. Suddenly, a figure appears before Sasuke blocking the katana attack with another katana.

Sasuke's eyes widen, as does Naruto. Itachi has arrived. Itachi kicks Wotan in the stomach forcing the red eye warrior to fall back.

"I cannot allow Sasuke to die," said Itachi.

Itachi turns around to meet Sasuke's gaze.

"Come little brother. I have something to show you," said Itachi as he reaches out for Sasuke with his hand.

Sasuke accepts the invitation by grabbing Itachi's hand.

"I will not allow any of you to escape!" shouted Wotan as he charges at Sasuke and Itachi only to stop before getting to them.

Naruto interferes with Wotan's attack punching the eye hair man across the battlefield away from Itachi and Sasuke.

"Thanks Naruto-kun. Do not worry, I will bring Sasuke back in time," said Itachi as he and Sasuke leaps away.

Naruto sighs, knowing Sasuke got away again. However, he knows deep inside Sasuke is still there and that is enough for Naruto. Naruto returns his gaze to Wotan, who slowly walks toward Naruto.

"I'll kill that weakling another time. For now, I need to accomplish my goal. Naruto, your death will be needed for me to complete my goals," said Wotan.

"I refuse to die. This time I'm ready," stated Naruto.

Naruto's body begins to glow red as his body begins to change. Naruto's fingernails become claws as his ears become foxlike as well as his eyes. A tail begins to form behind Naruto as patches of fur form around his entire body.

Wotan continues to stare at Naruto with surprise. He has never seen a transformation such as this.

'What the hell? What have you been training this boy, old-timer?' thought Wotan.

"Well, I guess orange boy has become fox boy," said Wotan.

"Let me introduce you to Red Fox mode," stated Naruto as his chakra levels begin to increase dramatically.

"This will be interesting," said Wotan.

Naruto and Wotan charge at each other with determination. Using their amazing speed, the two fighters clash on top of the Hokage monuments. This results in a massive shockwave causing everyone in the entire village of Konoha to fall down.

Naruto and Wotan continue their battle. However, Wotan decides to end the battle as quickly as possible.

"I do not have time anymore," said Wotan.

Suddenly, Wotan begins to glow red as his energy skyrockets causing the ground to shake around him.

Wotan launches himself at Naruto with his power and strikes Naruto. However, Naruto catches the attack with chakra arms. Naruto begins to form a Rasengan in his right hand.

"Fox Style: Demonic Rasengan!" shouted Naruto slamming the powerful Rasengan into Wotan.

Wotan coughs out blood surprised by the strength of the attack.

'Even at eighty-five percent of my full strength I was still damaged!' thought Wotan as he flies into the forest.

Naruto chases Wotan with full intent to kill. Wotan manages to regain his composure and strikes Naruto with katana. Naruto avoids a fatal attack by dodging at the last minute, but the katana still cuts him.

Naruto releases a small grunt as the katana cuts him, but he ignores the pain as he tries to strike Wotan again. Wotan blocks Naruto's fist and head butts the red fox.

"You are more dangerous than I thought. I really cannot allow you live," said Wotan.

Wotan raises his left hand and summons fire within a twenty-yard radius.

Naruto backs away to avoid the flames, but this leaves him open to attack. Wotan takes his chance, appears behind Naruto, and pushes his katana straight into Naruto's left lung.

"It looks like you haven't mastered this new power of yours. However, I would not give you the chance to do so," said Wotan as he pushes the katana further into Naruto.

Wotan's fire begins to approach Naruto and him. Naruto continues to struggle against Wotan, but soon realizes he cannot escape.

"Water Style: Great Waterfall Jutsu!" shouted someone as a large amount is splashed onto Wotan and Naruto as well as the fire surrounding them.

Wotan pulls out his katana to avoid the attack. The water attack avoids Naruto and continues its run after Wotan.

"Naruto, are you all right?" said a familiar voice.

Naruto coughs out blood as he tries to breathe. He can feel his left lung slowly healing due to his regeneration abilities. Naruto looks up to the person who just saved him. Standing before him is none other than Katsu.

"Thanks," said Naruto as best as he could.

"No problem. I cannot allow my future son-in-law die now," replied Katsu. "How about we fight him together?"

"He's too powerful. I cannot risk your life," replied Naruto as he begins to breathe better.

"We are shinobi. Our job will always risk our life. Come on, let's fight him together," said Katsu.

Wotan destroys the water jutsu and begins to head towards Naruto and Katsu.

"I don't know who you are, but you will regret coming here," said Wotan.

"Water Style: Water Bullet!" shouted Katsu as he shoots numerous water bullets at Wotan.

"Flame Bullet!" shouted Wotan as he raises his right hand and shoots of fire bullets.

The fire and water attacks collide causing a screen of smoke. However, Wotan smirks as the attacks continue.

"Burning Volley!" shouted Wotan as his fire attack becomes bigger and overcomes Katsu's water jutsu.

Suddenly a yellow flash occurs behind Wotan. Wotan turns around only for Naruto to hit him in the stomach. Naruto unleashes a barrage of punches at Wotan. Naruto then uses his chakra arms and strikes Wotan with far more powerful punches. After a while, Wotan manages to slip away from Naruto's assault.

Wotan appears behind Naruto with the intent to stab him with his katana only for Katsu to interfere.

Katsu throws a kunai with an explosive tag. The tag explodes causing Wotan to fall backwards.

"Stupid man, how dare you interfere!" shouted Wotan.

Wotan turns his attention to Katsu and charges at the elder Haruno. Due to Wotan's superior speed, Katsu is unable to defend himself.

Suddenly, a flash of yellow occurs and Naruto appears blocking Wotan's katana with his kunai. Naruto begins to apply his wind element into the blade with the intention of cutting through Wotan's katana. Wotan realizes Naruto's attempt to destroy his sword and begins to apply his own energy to strengthen his katana. The two fighters continue their weapon lock hoping to gain the advantage against the other. However, Wotan has already forgotten he is not facing one opponent.

Katsu appears to the left of Wotan and prepares his next attack.

"Water Style: Water Trumpet!" shouted Katsu unleashing a jet stream of water at Wotan causing the red hair man to lose his grip against Naruto.

Naruto takes this opportunity and strikes Wotan with his kunai. Wotan grunts in pain, but he falls back to a safer distance.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" shouted Naruto created eight clones of himself.

Using his newfound powers each clone of Naruto begin to form their own Rasengan without the help of another clone. The clones charge at Wotan spreading around Wotan forcing him to split his attention to different locations.

Wotan swings his katana destroying three clones, but he is unable to kill the others.

"Fox Style: Magnetic Rasengan!" shouted Naruto as he launches another powerful Rasengan at Wotan.

Each Magnetic Rasengan hit Wotan then begins to split into smaller Rasengan. Each attack swirls around Wotan as if he is the center of a magnetic pull. The multiple Rasengan begin to surround and hit Wotan at every direction. Any Rasengan that missed will simply turn around and aim at Wotan again. The Rasengan hit Wotan in his stomach, back, legs, arms, and head. Yet, he refuses to go down. Wotan hears a crack causing him to look down. The armor underneath his clothing begins to crack under the massive assault.

'I have to avoid any more hits,' thought Wotan.

Wotan summons fire around causing him to disappear behind the flames. The fire spreads across the top of the Hokage monument as the Magnetic Rasengan simply begin to hit the ground randomly.

"Where did he go?" questioned Naruto.

Suddenly, the flames begin to form a familiar shape. The flame form into Wotan and solidify after a while. Wotan returns breathing heavily.

'Using that technique takes a lot out of me,' thought Wotan as he stares at Naruto and Katsu.

Katsu grabs a kunai and throws it at Wotan. Naruto charges at Wotan as does his clones.

"One Sword Style: Tiger's Claw!" shouted Wotan unleashing a power energy attack destroying all of Naruto's clones and forcing the real Naruto to fall back. The attack also destroys Katsu's kunai.

Wotan's attack created a large amount of smoke, which cleared slowly. Suddenly, Wotan leaps out of smoke with his katana in hand and attempts to strike Naruto.

Naruto dodges the attack and smacks Wotan with his foxtail sending the red hair man into the ground leaving a crater. Wotan immediately regains his footing and swings his sword at Naruto.

"Water Style: Water Bullet!" shouted Katsu shooting another wave of water at Wotan.

Wotan stops his attack on Naruto and begins to block Katsu's attack. The red hair man jumps into the air and aims his left hand at Katsu.

"Ultra Blaster!" shouted Wotan shooting a powerful attack at Katsu.

A yellow flash appears before Katsu as Naruto grabs the elder Haruno and flashes both of them to safety. Wotan's attack hits the ground and creates a massive explosion. Naruto and Katsu reappear a safe distance from the attack trying to catch their breaths.

Suddenly, Wotan appears behind the two shinobi and slashes both of causing them to yell in pain. Wotan raises his katana to strike Wotan, but Naruto stops him.

"Take this!" shouted Naruto.

Naruto hits Wotan in the stomach pushing the bigger warrior away from him. Suddenly, Wotan hears a familiar screeching noise behind him. Naruto releases Wotan, grabs Katsu, and flashes away from Wotan. Wotan turns around and notices a clone of Naruto with shuriken type Rasengan.

"I have not used this one for a while," said Naruto.

"Wind Style: Rasenshuriken," shouted Naruto as he throws the powerful jutsu at Wotan.

Wotan stands his ground and raises his katana.

"Flaming Cutter!" shouted Wotan as he swings his katana.

The two attacks collide causing an explosion seen for miles. As the dust clears up, Naruto stands back onto his feet trying to figure out the results of the attack. He looks to his right and notices Katsu also standing on his feet.

"Are you all right Naruto?" asked Katsu.

"I am fine," replied Naruto.

The two shinobi looks around then realize their opponent is still alive.

"Not bad, but I won't die that easily," said Wotan.

Red aura begins to surround Wotan as he power increases.

"However, I'm tired of this game. Let's finish it," said Wotan with a smirk.

"We can beat him together," said Katsu as he glances at Naruto.

Katsu's eyes widen when he looks at Naruto. Naruto's body is shivering and his fox features begin to lessen. Naruto's red aura begins to weaken as well. Katsu immediately realizes that Naruto is at his limit. Achieving Red Fox mode is not the same as mastering it.

"You can't fight anymore, can you?" questioned Katsu.

"I did not think Wotan was this powerful," said Naruto as Wotan's power continues to increase.

"Foolish red boy, you should have given up. It would have been easier for you," said Wotan.

Wotan appears in front of Katsu and kicks him away leaving Naruto alone. Naruto swings a chakra arm at Wotan successfully hitting the red hair man. However, Wotan regains his balance and begins to attack Naruto. The two fighters continue their battle. They clash hoping to gain an advantage over the other. Wotan soon realizes Naruto's weaken state. The blonde shinobi is losing the battle.

Naruto spent five minutest trying to hold his own. He knows that if he lost this battle the Akatsuki will have him. He knows death awaits him if he lost. However, Naruto knows his strength is failing him. Red Fox mode was not ready for battle and so far, the statement was true. The blonde shinobi was only able to stay in the mode for a few minutes. However, it was not enough to overcome Wotan.

Wotan swings his sword at Naruto and slashes the blond shinobi across his chest causing blood to ooze out from the wound. Naruto lets out a grunt of pain as he holds onto his chest. Wotan kicks Naruto in the stomach almost sending the shinobi over the edge of the cliff. Naruto tries to stand back up, but he soon realizes he cannot move.

'I can't move my body,' thought Naruto. 'Damn it, move Naruto, move, move, come on! Kurama help me here!'

'I'm trying kit, but I can only heal you so quickly!' responded the demon fox.

"Too bad red boy, but you die here!" shouted Wotan.

Realizing he cannot move, Naruto knows Wotan is aiming for a killing strike. Naruto closes his eyes awaiting the attack hoping Wotan misses enough for Naruto to survive. However, as time passes Naruto realizes the attack never came. Slowly, Naruto opens his eyes and the moment he does his eyes widened as big as they can. Standing before him is none other than Katsu with the katana running through his chest.

"K-Katsu!" shouted Naruto.

"Foolish man," said Wotan as he redraws his katana from Katsu.

Wotan was about to continue his battle until he felt a familiar energy.

'Orion defeated the Shadow Knights. I have to finish this quickly,' thought Wotan.

"To-chan!" shouted a voice near the group.

Naruto turns around and notices Sakura witnessing her father's demise.

Tears run down Sakura's cheeks as her anger begins to spike. She turns her attention to Wotan with killer intent radiating from her. Her every step towards Wotan shakes the ground beneath her. Wotan turns around and notices Sakura's killer intent. However, the red hair man does not falter under her anger.

"Y-you," started Sakura. "How dare you! I will kill you! I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!"

Sakura launches herself towards Wotan with her fist completely covered in chakra. Sakura hits Wotan's katana with astounding strength. She moved so quickly and punched with such force that even Wotan had been pushed back surprising him in the process.

'I refuse to be bested by this woman twice!' thought Wotan.

Wotan regains his balance and swings his katana at Sakura. Sakura ducks below the weapon and upper cuts Wotan with a chakra enhanced punch. Sakura swings herself around and kicks Wotan directly in the stomach causing him to gasp for air.

Wotan immediately regains his composure and strike Sakura with his left fist sending her flying backwards into the dirt. However, this does not stop Sakura as she instantly gets back up still with the killer intent in her eyes.

Naruto watches on as Sakura battles Wotan. He looks in front of him at an unconscious Katsu. He does not know whether Katsu is alive, but something clicks in Naruto's heart. This is the third father figure to come at death's door. First, Naruto's father died protecting him and the village even though he sealed Kurama inside of Naruto. Naruto resented it for a while, but he soon realized it was for the good. Jiraiya is the next person to sacrifice himself for Naruto's well-being. Jiraiya tried his best to find a way to stop the Akatsuki to save the world and stop them from obtaining the jinchuriki, which in result saves Naruto. Now, Katsu, a man who accepted Naruto as a son, saved him from death. Naruto's anger begins to rise. So many people have given their lives to save him and he has not been able to do anything about it.

Naruto returns his gaze to Sakura's fight and notices Wotan beginning to push back her back. The blonde shinobi pushes chakra into his leg and charges toward the battle.

Wotan covers his katana with fire and tries to hit Sakura. However, Sakura, despite her anger, refuses to die until her vengeance is satisfied. Suddenly, Wotan kicks Sakura and tries to stab only for Naruto to intervene. Naruto grabs Wotan's wrist, stopping him from attacking Sakura and kicks the red hair man sending him away from Sakura.

"You're dead," stated Naruto with his eyes red.

Wotan charges at Naruto and tries to slash him only for a kick to stop him. Wotan looks down and notices Sakura kicking him. Suddenly, a fist comes to his face as Naruto punches the red hair man. Sakura, using her chakra enhanced strength, and Naruto, using his demonic enhanced strength continuously punch or kick Wotan.

Wotan uses a burst of energy to drive the two opponents away from him.

'How could they be this strong?' thought Wotan.

"DIE!" shouted Naruto and Sakura as they charge at Wotan.

Wotan prepares to strike them with his katana. However, Sakura counters using her new jutsu.

"Atomic Chakra Scalpel!" shouted Sakura.

Sakura blocks Wotan's katana. To Wotan's surprise, Sakura's new jutsu begins to cut through his katana, despite his energy reinforcing it.

'How is she cutting through?' thought Wotan.

A sudden flash of yellow catches Wotan's attention. Naruto appears in front of Sakura and Wotan, in between the gap of the two fighters, with a familiar, yet still different jutsu.

"Atomic Rasengan!" shouted Naruto.

Wotan senses something about Naruto's new jutsu and he comes to a quick decision.

'I cannot allow that to hit me!' thought Wotan as he backs away from the jutsu allowing him to avoid the claws of Naruto.

"Wotan!" shouted a familiar voice.

"Shit, the old-timer is here," said Wotan. "You got lucky. I'll see you next time red boy!"

Wotan leaps away before Naruto or Sakura has a chance to chase him. A sudden cough grabs their attention as the two turn around and notice Katsu coughing.

Naruto and Sakura run towards Katsu as Orion passes by them chasing Wotan.

"To-chan!" shouted Sakura as she approaches Katsu. "Hold on. Just hold on."

Sakura places her hands over Katsu's chest wound trying to heal him. She uses her second level of chakra to make the process much faster. However, she soon realizes a dark truth.

Naruto notices Sakura's eyes widen as tears run down her cheeks. His fears increase wondering why Sakura is so afraid.

"S-Sakura-chan?" inquired Naruto trying to figure out what is wrong.

"H-His heart," said Sakura.

Immediately, Naruto understood why Sakura had a look of fear in her eyes. Wotan stabbed Katsu in the heart. For Katsu to survive this long meant he had a strong will.

Katsu coughs before he speaks.

"N-Naruto, S-Sakura," started Katsu.

"To-chan, don't speak. Let me heal you," said Sakura.

"It's too late," said Katsu knowing his death is soon at hand.

"No!" shouted Sakura.

Naruto places his hands over Sakura's and begins to give her his chakra.

"Y-You know it's t-too l-late," coughed Katsu.

"Don't say that," cried Sakura.

"S-Sakura, take care of y-your m-mother," said Katsu as he looks into her eyes. "I-I h-have always b-been proud of y-you. I-I will a-always l-love you m-my d-daughter."

Sakura's tears begin to run uncontrollably. She knows her father is beyond saving. Even with her new powers, stabbed in the heart was almost impossible to recover from unless the blade remained inside. However, Wotan removed the blade allowing his heart to spill out blood and slowed down.

"T-To-chan," cried Sakura.

Katsu turns towards Naruto as the light in his eyes begin to dim. He coughs more, releasing blood from his mouth.

"N-Naruto," started Katsu. "I-I'm h-happy that my d-daughter chose y-you. I-I have s-seen the s-strength of y-your heart. I-I'll be g-glad to call y-you my s-son."

Tears run down Naruto's cheeks as another father figure in this life begins to die before him and he is unable to do anything to save him.

"T-take," said Katsu, "c-care of my d-daughter. L-love each o-other as m-much as y-you c-can. I l-love y-you b-both."

Katsu's eyes final close as his head hits the ground softly as tears run down his cheeks. Naruto grabs onto Sakura and holds onto her as tears run down both of their cheeks.

"F-FATHER!" shouted Sakura as she cries in Naruto's arms.

The rest of Konoha 11, the older jonin, and the Kages had arrived just in time to hear Katsu's last words. They see Katsu lying in front of Naruto and Sakura as they cry along with Naruto and Sakura.

Another great man has passed on.

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