-Author's Notes-

This story is based on the events after the anime and involves some OCs. There maybe OOCs.

I thought it was about someone did something about guys!


Chapter 01: Disturbence in the Peace

Black Rock Shooter stood on the high cliff in the other world, watching the silence that had currently fallen. She hadn't had to fight in a long time since Mato and her friends hadn't befallen anything disasterous lately. She had fought some times though, for example when there were some girls being mean to Mato so Black Rock Shooter had to fight to help her. But still...it felt odd to be still for a change. Black Rock Shooter just wanted to fight.

Quickly and quietly, she hopped down off the cliff landing softly on the floor as if she was a cat. She looked in all directions then randomly picked one and sprinted. If she had emotions -if she were a human- she would have probably loved the fact she was doing something. Loved the feeling of the wind on her face. Loved just being alive. But she had no emotions but that was okay since she wasn't here to feel, she was just here to be there for Mato when Mato needed her. And Mato hadn't needed her in a while.

Black Rock Shooter, long time no see, came a slow speaking voice from behind.

Black Rock Shooter came to a sudden halt and stood still, not particularly wanting to turn around. She didn't need to though, she knew who was speaking.

You could at least face me when I talk to you, Black Gold Saw said, her emotionless voice seeping into Black Rock Shooter's mind.

Slowly, Black Rock Shooter turned around to face what once -and still was and should ever be- her enemy. What do you want?

I can sense something that's disturbing this world, Black Gold Saw said.

Sense a disturbence? Black Rock Shooter asked and if she were human her voice may have been hesitant.

Yes, there's a disturbence, another person started speaking and BlackRock Shooter found herself looking at Chariot.

Something has upset the world, more than it had been a year ago when you had gone insane, Strength said. Black Rock Shooter looked at the new arrival for a minute. Strength had caused a lot of problems last year since she had swapped places with Yuu and all. But, maybe that had worked out as a benefit because eveything as a result had worked out well.

We need to find out what has happened. Something feels like this is not just a small problem, came a new quieter voice.

Black Rock Shooter turned slowly so she was facing Dead Master. She stared at Dead Master for the longest. She honestly had no idea why but she did and, to her upmost surprise, she felt something. A wave of sadness maybe or guilt she didn't know but she still flet something and it was weird. She shook her head quickly to remove the feeling then stepped back a couple of steps so she could look at everyone at the same time.

Black Rock Shooter closed her eyes and tried to sense this 'disturbence'. Surely enough, something felt very wrong.

With a quick snap, Black Rock Shooter turned and ran to the left and the others silently followed her and they all continued to until they reached Black Rock Shooter's desired destination. The chosen destination was the pit. The pit Strength had jumped into to try and resque Yuu from her feelings a year ago. A flash of recognition crossed Yuu's face but she didn't say anything. No one said anything at all, no one questioning Black Rock Shooter's actions as she was the infamous Black Rock Shooter afterall. Instead, they all just looked at whatever Black Rock Shooter seemed to be looking at.

On the other side of the pit, directly across from them stood some one. Some one who definitely should not have been there. They were only small but they could all see what that person was. They, like Black Rock Shooter, wore black. They had black trousers tucked into large biker styled boots with a million different belts tied around their waist. They wore no shirt but they wore a cloak tied around their neck. In their left hand was a large double bladed sword, not as large as the ones the girls standing on the side of the pit used since the sword this other person was holding was just about their height. Slung on the person's back was a bow; large, scary and mechanical looking. His hair was black and spiky and from his eye came a grey flame mixed with whisps of black. Just by looking at this person Black Rock Shooter, Black Gold Saw, Chariot, Strength and Dead Master all knew their name.

Black Death Archer, Black Rock Shooter thought. The name was unfamiliar. It was a name that didn't belong to this world.

This world was for girls. Girls who were the alternate souls of girls from the real world and these 'souls' fought for their girls in reality to give them freedom from there burdening emotions. So if this was a world for girls then...

What was a boy doing here?