Chapter 09: Family Problems

After the Shinji had closed the door after the girls had left he ran upstairs to where Katsuya's bedroom was. The door was shut and Shinji reached out a hand to open it. He hesitated though, wondering whether Katsuya would have propped the door shut with a chair or something. He wouldn't know if he didn't try to open the door so he reached out and grabbed the handle. He pushed it down, seeming that the handle wasn't propped up with a chair, but that didn't mean that there wasn't something against the door keeping it closed. Shinji pushed on the door and it simply opened. Well, that was easier than expected.

"Katsuya, why did you have to be so mean?" Shinji asked as he looked at his brother who was sat on his bed, Nana next to him and Kanon sitting with her knees tucked up against her on the floor.

"Me?" Katsuya asked as he looked up at his brother. "I wasn't mean."

"Those girls hadn't done anything, they could have stayed," Shinji complained. "Why did you have to make them go?"

"I didn't make anyone go," Katsuya replied solemnly.

Shinji just stared at his brother. "All right, so you didn't outright say that they should go but the implication that they should was definitely there."

"I wanted them to go because they were upsetting poor Nana," Katsuya replied. "Don't you care about your own sister? If you did you wouldn't have brought those girls here."

Shinji sighed. Of course he cared for Nana, but that didn't mean he couldn't have friends. It was so annoying how Nana was so attached to Katsuya; she completely doted on him and, because of that doting Katsuya would look after her, look after her so much to the extent that Shinji wasn't allowed any friends if they upset Nana. Shinji knew he should have stood up to Katsuya, Shinji was always alone because Katsuya was a bully. Nana never particularly liked Shinji, for no apparent reason while Kanon would just do whatever Nana told her to. Kanon was to Nana was Shinji was to Katsuya; a puppet to be toyed with.

"Well, Nana needs to live with the fact that not all my friends will be to her liking," Shinji said.

Katsuya looked at him and narrowed his eyes. Oh no, Shinji had done it now.

"So, you care about people you barely even know more than your own sister?" Katsuya asked.

Shinji paused, wondering what to say, afraid of saying the same thing.

"I won't go back there! You won't make me!" Nana wailed. "I don't want to fight, not anymore!"

"It'll be okay, Nana," Katsuya said and he put a comforting arm around her.

"Please, don't argue," Kanon whispered from where she sat on the floor.

"You've upset Nana now, Shinji," Katsuya said, ignoring Kanon's quiet pleads. "How do you feel about that?"

"You know what?" Shinji asked. "I don't care. I don't care anymore. I'm going to stop your bullying, Katsuya, I'll make Nana see you're not the God she treats you as, whether you like it or not."

With those final words Shinji ran out of Katsuya's room and to his own room where he shut the door behind him, sticking a chair under the handle so no one could get inside.

Black Rock Shooter easily defended herself as Black Assassin threw himself at her. She pushed him away and he skidded along the ground, earth kicking up into the air. Black Rock Shooter narrowed her eyes and raised her sword, running towards Black Assassin. He ran towards her too, raising his hand with the metal claws on the end. As she slashed her sword at him he raised one hand and defended himself, using the other to jab at her. Luckily she saw it coming and jumped backwards out of the way so he missed her by just mere inches but as she did jump away, her focus was on the claws that Black Assassin had just jabbed out at her, not the claws that he had previously defended himself with so she missed the fact that those claws came zooming towards her head. The impact stunned her and sent her flying several metres and she tumbled into a mess on the ground. Black Rock Shooter looked up and narrowed her eyes at Black Assassin and he just stood there, holding his head up as he looked at her with a vaguely smug look on his face.

Just give up, he seemed to be saying. I've won already.

Never, Black Rock Shooter thought and she pushed herself up so she was standing up on her hands then flipped over so she was on her feet. She kept her eyes focused on Black Assassin as she bent down and picked up the sword that she had dropped.

Black Assassin raised an eyebrow at her then frowned and got in a ready stance, claws and hands raised. Black Rock Shooter did the same, readying her feet a sensible width apart as she held her sword up in front of her. They stood like that for a couple of seconds then Black Assassin came running towards her. Black Rock Shooter just stood there with her sword raised before suddenly dropping her arm down so her sword was by her side she held out her other arm, her cannon forming around it. She shot at a surprised Black Assassin and sent him flying backwards. He flipped around mid flight and landed on his feet, skidding back again.

He ran towards her again, dodging all of the shots she took at him. When he reached her he lashed out but she retaliated, defending herself with her sword. The two fought for a bit, the sound of metal clashing against metal echoing around until Black Rock Shooter managed to grab one of Black Assassin's claws and spun him around, slamming him against the ground. He winced but made no sound, instead resorting to stabbing Black Rock Shooter in the leg. She winced and, as she was momentarily distracted by the pain in her leg Black Assassin got up and grabbed her by the arm, slamming her against the floor instead.

Black Rock Shooter winced again and looked up at Black Assassin. He picked up her sword, which she had dropped, and positioned himself so he was standing over with his feet on her wrists so she couldn't move. Her eyes twitched as she felt her wrists being crushed under his weight but she just looked up at him, refusing to break eye contact with him as he pointed her own sword at her throat.

Suddenly Black Assassin stumbled backwards, an arrow having ripped through his shoulder. Black Rock Shooter breathed a sigh of relief as he stumbled back off of her wrists. She didn't bother getting up as she strained her neck so she could look over to who ever had shot the arrow.

She smiled slightly as she saw the person she thought it would have been. Black Death Archer stood on a rock that jagged out of the side of the cavern they were in with his bow in hand. He lowered the bow, staring at Black Assassin then he shifted his gaze to Black Rock Shooter and nodded to acknowledge she was there. From where she lay on her back she nodded too.

Black Death Archer jumped down and walked over to where Black Rock Shooter lay. Black Assassin had stumbled back a couple of metres away, clutching the shoulder Black Death Archer had shot at. He glared at Black Death Archer who was ignoring him and looking at Black Rock Shooter instead. Black Death Archer knelt down and held up one of her wrists, both blatantly broken. He pulled her up into a sitting position then held up a hand as if to tell her to stay there before standing up and finally looking towards Black Assassin. They stared at each other for a bit then Black Death Archer took several steps towards Black Assassin, holding up his bow and aiming an arrow at him. Black Assassin took several steps back and held up his claws.

Both were ready for a fight.