Gilderoy Lockhart had wanted to hang out with the Marauders for ages; he'd been trying his hardest to fit in

with them; however he was too up himself for them; though he saw himself as awesome and strutted about the

school as though he were the best, the Marauders knew better. It was a clear day and Lockhart had finally

strutted past James; usually he'd miss him around Hogwarts- they'd never see each other being in different

houses and Lockhart always too busy with his hair to care who he spoke to but on this day Lockhart found

himself lucky; he strutted up to James proudly; as though he'd just done something James would be entirely

impressed with, his teeth gleaming white, "Potter!" he grinned.

James turned around and raised an eyebrow at him, "Lockhart."

Lockhart, unable to take in what James' risen eyebrow could have meant simply flashed his pearly whites again,

"Potter! What's up?" he said, with apparent swag which really showed off how much of a wannabe he truly was.

"Uh, not a lot..?" James replied, as he looked at Lockhart slightly questioning but his expression was mostly

amused. "Something I can help you with, Lockhart?"

Lockhart gazed at James as though he were trying to read his thoughts; was this what Lockhart looked so

impressed about when he strutted over to James; mind-reading? If this wasn't what he was trying to show off- it

really did look it. "I never need help, but if I have to show him how awesome I am. I will and the only way to do

that is..." he thought to himself, "oh? Why do you ask?" he asked James, apparently curious.

"Oh, I don't know." Said James; to most it'd be obvious he was trying not to laugh, however of course Lockhart

would take it that James found him hilarious. "You just randomly materialised in front of me and yelled out my

name." He grinned. "So I'm just mildly curious to why."

Lockhart laughed hard at this, until he realized James had a point, "I just wanted to say hi." He said, and flashed

James another pearly-white toothed grin, apparently showing his charming good looks off.

"Hey, who wouldn't want to say hi?" James laughed, "Well hi Lockhart." He looked extremely amused now. "Is

that it?"

Lockhart flashed another grin, deep down he felt awkward but he didn't show it; he was acting as though he was

having the best conversation of his life with James for any onlookers in the distance who might see the two

talking but not hear what was being said. "I have no idea; I guess I'm just awesome enough to come, say hi?" he

winked, finally noticed the amusement written all over James' face, "Why such amusement?" He grinned

again; apparently just a casual grin; nothing to show off his white teeth or anything... much. "Well. No; it isn't

all I wanted to say; not exactly. I err... well was wondering if you wanted to hang out some time?" he grinned

again, hoping his charm would entice James to lean more on the yes side. "He wouldn't be able to say no to

Me." he thought to himself.

"You want to hang out?" James said, he raised his eyebrow and his grin turned into a slight smirk. "We're not

braiding each other's hair, if that's what you have in mind... I heard you telling everyone about your "amazing"

Quidditch skills not too long ago?" he said, still smirking. "How about we head out to the pitch sometime then


Lockhart smirked, "oh, no hair-braiding; not quite what I had in mind. However if that's what you have in your

mind then well..." he grinned cheekily, apparently he'd taken James seriously. "Oh yeah, I'm pretty awesome at

Quidditch; I've caught the snitch twice in my years; first time was a bit of a fluke but the second time I won

pretty damn good!" he boasted with another grin. "Well I caught the snitch... a paper Mache one when mum and

dad bought me my Comet for my eighth birthday to teach me Quidditch but he doesn't know that." He thought

to himself. His face lit up, "sounds great!" he said to James, with great enthusiasm to his voice.

James sniggered, "I always thought hair braiding was more your style mate... so you're on for Quidditch then?"

James asked rhetorically. "Excellent!"

Lockhart smirked, "well if you haven't noticed already; I actually don't braid my hair; it's perfect the way it is

already." He grinned once again to apparently remind James of his charm as he smoothed his already smooth

hair down, "Of course I am! I've been told I am quite a competition, just be warned."

"Oh of course!" said James, in mock realisation. "However I missed that before is beyond me!" he said with

dramatic hand gestures, causing a few nearby people to snigger. Remus, being one of the few people, couldn't

help but laugh. "Oh don't worry, Lockhart; I'm quite well aware of the uh... "competition." You are for me."

James said, rolling his eyes.

Lockhart, unable to read James' sarcasm grinned at James. "How did you not realize that?" he asked,

apparently surprised. "Well... aside from the obvious of course." He said as he winked at James and laughed

along with Remus; obviously he thought Remus was laughing with Lockhart, who'd laughed harder than he

should have and couldn't stop even once Remus had stopped which gained him some odd stares. Once he

managed to settle himself, he turned to James and raised an eyebrow. "Oh really?" he smiled knowingly, "I take

it you've heard then?" he said with a proud grin. "Excellent."

"Sarcasm a foreign language to you Gilderoy...?" James sniggered. "Oh well, just add it to the list of things for

you to learn eh?" he added with a smirk. Remus sat on the ground, grinning at James in response to his

comments. "Should we go now then eh?" James asked Lockhart, "while we've got an audience?" he said, and

faked a bow and gestured majestically with his arm for Lockhart to go first.

"Sarcas-" Lockhart paused, about to question when James said about sarcasm being a foreign language to him,

but apparently realized what he was on about, "oh... well... no, not really; it's just... you seemed so serious when

you said that." He grinned. "Oh I will; there are some things I have to learn; I'm not here for nothing, you

know? It's just, sarcasm isn't one of them." He said, secretly making a mental note to make a list of things he

needed to learn and to add sarcasm to it. He winked at James, grinned at Remus then bowed back to James. "Of

course we should!" he grinned.

"Mmm, people say my sarcasm is too good for the people I direct it at to understand." He laughed, and waited

for Remus to stand up. "Come on then, let's go!" he said once Remus straightened up.