"Mhmm..." James replied; it was obvious if you're name wasn't Gilderoy Lockhart that he was growing tired of this. "I've got a way to settle this, Lockhart... first to ten

goals wins. We'll release the Bludgers, make it interesting. Surely you can handle that no worries, right?"

"Of course I can handle it!" Lockhart grinned, not even noticing the annoyance and the obvious resistance of the urge to send him flying off his broom.

"Padfoot?" James called out to Sirius, "can you get the Bludgers mate? We're raising the stakes." He smirked.

Lockhart smirked with full confidence he would be able to handle this. He waited for the Bludgers unable to read James' feelings at all due to being too thick-minded. It

was obvious James was growing annoyed with him but who could be annoyed with Lockhart? No one of course... "He could make it easier." Lockhart thought deep


The Bludgers were released from their casing and flew straight for James and Gilderoy. James dodged the speeding Bludgers with ease and took off with the Quaffle,

while Lockhart wobbled around on his broom, managing to dodge the Bludgers but with great and very obvious difficulty. James found this easier than a training

session; he found it almost boring as he shot a goal and threw the Quaffle back to the middle of the pitch to make it a fair game, sped off after it and dove to avoid a

Bludger. Lockhart saw the Quaffle and tried to speed towards it, he apparently forgot about the Bludgers for some time as he obviously wasn't expecting what

happened next; not wanting to ruin his perfectly toned face, he slowed down a little, saw a Bludger, dove and of course almost fell off his broom.

James scooped the Quaffle up in one arm and flew toward a Bludger just to show off; he ducked under it and raced down the pitch, easily outstripped it and scored

another goal before yelling out to Lockhart, "Give up now Lockhart! Before you wind up in the hospital wing!"

"Of course I won't give up!" Lockhart yelled back, he flew towards James, near-missing another Bludger, idiotically pulled his broom to a halt and watched James score.

James balanced a Quaffle between two fingers, "You sure? Wouldn't want to get hit, would you now?" A Bludger sped up behind him as Lockhart remained stationary in

the air.

Lockhart grinned and flew out of the way before the Bludger flew at him; he'd almost been hit by the second one in the process. "I was going to dodge it but okay,

seeing you're that bad of an aim." Lockhart said and playfully winked.

James' expression darkened, as insulting his Quidditch skills is one of those things that really gets to him, "Watch it, Lockhart." He warned.

It's alright Potter." Lockhart said hesitantly, "I know you're an awesome Quidditch player." He added not wanting to insult him too badly.

"Then I'd be careful what you say if I were you." James said darkly.

Lockhart smirked, "alright Potter." He said and sloth rolled.

James couldn't help but feel rather surprised Lockhart hadn't stacked it yet as he threw the Quaffle threw the goal posts.

Deep down, Lockhart wondered how he'd managed to not fall out of the sky himself. He looked at James, rather impressed of his goal and flashed him a toothy grin, "I

can do that too!" he bragged.

"Go on then." James rolled his eyes and ditched the Quaffle at Lockhart.

Lockhart tried his hardest to catch it and rolled his broom for a more dramatised catch, also apparently to add swag. He miraculously caught the Quaffle before his roll of

course and threw it twenty away from the goal.

James clapped extremely slowly; it was obvious sarcasm, complete, dead obvious sarcasm. Of course though Lockhart sat up on his broom and gave what seemed to be

a bow. "I knew you'd like that, James!" he beamed.

James looked at him, "tell me something Lockhart; are you honestly that clueless?"

Lockhart looked at him and shook his head, "no. I know you're impressed with that catch. It was brilliant!" he said proudly. "The throw! Well look how far it went!" he


"It went in the wrong direction." James pointed out.

"I know; that was also intentional; I wanted to see if I could throw further than I did last time." He said coolly. "Come on, Potter; this isn't a real Quidditch game. You

can muck around you know?"

"Lucky for you it's not." James said and dodged both Bludgers without looking. "Or you would have been knocked out cold in roughly two seconds."

"Two seconds is a bit harsh don't you think? I amone of the best players in a real Quidditch game." He grinned and wobbled out of the way of an oncoming Bludger.

"Mmm... somehow I don't quite believe you."

Lockhart smirked, "well it seems a lot don't; another reason to prove myself eh?" Lockhart winked. "I wonder if he could teach me a few tricks." he thought to himself.

"You know what?" James said looking at Lockhart. "So you can 'prove yourself,' we should have a Quidditch game. After the Quidditch final. We'll see how good you

actually are with other players on the field. You can play Chaser for your team and I'll play Chaser for my team."

"What's Chaser?" thought Lockhart. "Sounds great!" Lockhart grinned, "I'll be looking forward to it." He said with a wink.

James and Lockhart landed, James caught one of the Bludgers while Sirius ran over and caught the other; the two cased them, then put the Quaffle away. James sent

his broom back. They each said their goodbyes. Lockhart of course had to shake hands with James and say, "good game." As though he'd just played something

serious. He ran back to the Common Room; where on his way he ran into Rita Skeeter, the news paper reporter. He told her his Quidditch match with some champion

Quidditch players and how he'd come so close to winning a tournament but had decided to "let" them win; he told her of his near misses with two Bludgers and how

he'd almost crashed into another player after trying to dodge a Bludger; he had to make himself lose to make the story more believable, however he didn't want Rita to

know this did he?