A Good Deed Not To Waste

With a hesitant smile you could see the girl move slowly and gracefully into the room. The first year of anything is always a bit of a transition and collage fit that rule perfectly. She sat down quietly scanning for a familiar face to find none. What more should she expect? She went to a private high school so, as she assumed, most would end up at private collages and not as her classmates at a public university.

She could feel the gaze of someone to her side and gently turned her head to a messy brown haired boy. He gave her a big grin and excitedly moved closer to her. It shocked her to some degree that a stranger would look at her so fondly. " Hinata! It's been so long, I can't believe you're here! When did you grow your hair out- It looks nice. Oh and your braces are off, your teeth look great, although I never thought you needed them in the first place and oh yeah, shino's here too. He'll be so shocked when he sees you!" The loud boy seemed to be experiencing some word vomit and the shy, quiet, raven haired girl could only watch, mouth agape in shock.

The brown haired boy now looked at her a bit more seriously. "You do remember us, don't you hinata? You know, from Konaha Middle?" he said quieter than the loud obnoxious tone used previously. The girls eyes widen and a smile graced her pale pink lips. It all made sense now but she couldn't help wondering… "Where's akumaru? Its off putting to see you without him." at the comment her old friend Kiba smiled. He knew for sure she remembered him now. " Akumaru is HUGE now hinata, not the little puppy you remember. I can only bring him lunch as the teachers think ' He'll be a disturbance'" Hinata giggled softly as Kiba mocked the teachers. "Well it'll be nice to see him again, and you said shino was here too? This is wonderful. I thought I'd be all alone". Kiba looked at the girl for a minute, before softly saying " We were so worried when we heard you were going back to private school. You had barely come out of your shell and we thought they would push you back into it.". He looked at her like a loving brother would and smiled. "I'm glad to see we were wrong" At that she hugged him and thanked him for his worry. As they sat down the teacher walked in and attention was hers.

"Hello class. As you are aware- I would hope- This is and English class. What you may have yet to be informed is the nature in which my class is taught. We will not under any circumstances be reading boring hundred year old books and writing essays on what it mean to properly blah blah blah. We will read old books, of course. Ones I deem fit, and we will write. As an example I give you both your first and last assignment of the year."
At that student began eying the teacher as if she was crazy and she just smiled and went on. "Your assignment with be given today and due the last week of class, you will turn it into me and I will select the best to be discussed in class. The theme of your essay will be, ' A Good Deed Not Wasted'. You have the whole year to find and commit a good deed, I want this to be purposeful, not just a deed you happen to do at random one day. I want you to think about it, and I want it to mean something not just to them but to you as well. Now as it is your first day I will permit class to end short. This will not happen very often so cherish this time and spend it wisely. Perhaps finding your next few classes and getting adjusted to campus? Anyway, I will no longer keep you, you may be dismissed." And with that the woman opened the door and exited herself." Kiba, you probably know your way around better then I, would you mind showing me around?" Hinata asked. The boy off course nodded and the walked into the hallway.

"So how was everyone is high school?" Hinata mused thinking back to her 8th grade class. They all could accomplish great things, she knew this well. "Well everyone is great, everyone had their times here and there but everyone graduated and got accepted into collage. Well,… except for Naruto." Kiba finished softly looking down. Hinata was shocked, that blond could do anything, anything he set his mind to. "W-what happened?" she stumbled out in her shock. " He was trying so hard freshmen year, he never got the best grades but he tried harder then everyone on the honor role to maintain the 3.5 he had. He was happy and vibrant just like middle school but he learned to be serious at times too. Its was surprising but amazing. Then sophomore year he got what he had wanted, sakura finally said yes to a date and they dated the whole year and through the summer. Then junior year it happened. Sasuke was hell bent on destroying the school and he knew that meant he'd have to destroy naruto's love for it first. So he went after sakura first, giving naruto that first blow of heartache. Then he would out shine naruto every time Konoha and Sound would have a game or band concert. The worst was when he told everyone naruto's secret, why he always went to the consular every week, why he'd been in therapy for years. All the violent details of what he did were spread all around the school. He could barely walk form the class nearest to his locker to his locker without being called a monster. It was the worst bullying I had ever seen hinata." Kiba finished somberly and hinata had tears in her eyes.

She remember how hard he work and how confidant and happy he was, but this knew naruto sounded miserable. It had broke her heart. " Where is he now?" she whispered. Kiba shook his head and recomposed himself. " I know he got a job at Ichiraku but that's about it." Hinata nodded and they walked around campus in silent for awhile. Each in their own thoughts about naruto.

At lunch hinata wandered off campus and tried to recall where the ramen shop was. She should know after years of frequenting it just to glimpse at her crush. She mentally cursed for not asking Kiba where the shop was and after 20 minutes she came upon the small cleanly kept shop. She wondered in and saw the same brown haired woman as always at the bar, so hinata decided she'd have a better chance catching naruto if she sat at a table. They restaurant was mostly empty, except for a few men at the bar and herself and she didn't know weather to be thankful for that or not. She may have been more confidant but this brash action was very un hinata like. She wasn't even sure what she intended to do once she met him and she secretly hoped kiba was wrong. She didn't want to see naruto miserable. After a few minutes a broad shouldered man walked up to the table forcing hinata out of thought. "You look familiar" He quietly stated. It was him, her heart quicken. "He-Hello Naruto" she whispered. "We'll what can I get you?" He asked.

Hinata's mood sank a bit as he was defiantly changed and in her eyes not for the better. She sighed and looked at the menu. " chicken ramen is find, but you owe me a conversation to go with it" she said bravely and naruto just looked at her. He softly agreed and in 10 minutes returned with her order and sat down. Hinata noticed his features now looked warn and his eyes held the mark of sleepless night. Hinata's smile fell and she could help but hate sasuke. How could someone crush such a great guy like this? Naruto just sat patiently in front of her decidedly amongst himself, he would not be the first to speak.

" You've changed Naruto. I don't know you anymore" She whispered and his mood seem to sink deeper into somberness. " I want to know you again" she said. His mood rose slightly but no happiness peaked through in his eyes. "Alright then, If your decided on associating with a failure, then its fine." Those words struck hinata. Naruto a failure? Something really was terribly wrong. His spirit was broken, and hinata was now set on fixing it.