Chapter 5

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Naruto jumped back awestruck that his friend was indeed in his apartment.

"Hinata, what are you doing here, and- Wooah!" He was shocked to look around his apartment and see it was clean, for the first time ever. He could swear his kitchen was sparkling and she must have rushed to movers because his new furniture was already in the house and beautifully arrange. Then he notice it, on the wall a medium side flat screen tv, the one thing he hadn't replaced.

"Hinata, you got me a tv?" He asked now walked through the door to inspect it.

"No, its still October. I thought I'd give you the one out of my room so you don't get another old bulky one and break your door again" she laughed softly and Narutos eyes feel. Hinata frowned. She hadn't meant her comment to make him sad.

" I did get you this though" She extended her arm and held a little orange box in her hand with a blue bow. Naruto smiled at her softly. He opened the box and smiled.

"I have to keep contact with you somehow" Hinata smiled and nodded.

"Of course you do Naruto, that's why that's not the only gift." Naruto was a bit surprised. She had cleaned his apartment, got him a new tv, even if it was a hand-me-down, and bought him a new cell phone.

"Hinata, why did you do all of this, for me?" He asked her softly and she just looked at him and blinked.

"Naruto, it's your birthday, you're my friend." Was all she said before she pulled him towards his bedroom. She sat him down on his bed.

"Now stay right here until I say you can come out okay?" she giggled and walked out of the room. Naruto sighed and got up to change. "Shes really sweet" he said to himself shaking his head softly after.

"Come out Naruto!" She yelled to him excitedly. She had made him dinner. Ramen, onigiri, Gyoza, sweet rolls, and little Naruto shaped cookies. She had set it all out on the floor with a small happy birthday cupcake in the middle. Naruto was amazed to see all the work she had put in for his birthday and smiled down at her.

"Well sit down silly. Oh and I know its not Ichiraku Ramen but, I hope you like mine" She said happily as he sat in front of her. He smiled his first genuine smile directed at her and picked the bowl up using his chopsticks to get some noodles out he tasted the ramen. "This is delicious Hinata!" was all he said before diving in. It was true, It wasn't the amazing work of Art the the old mans ramen was but it was delicious and he was happy it was made just for him.

Naruto was walking Hinata back to her car. "Thank you Hinata, the food was wonderful. Where did you learn to cook like that?"

"My mother taught me before she died" she said softly. Naruto looked down and scratched the back of his head.

"well um good night Hinata" He looked at her and she smiled back.

"Night Naruto" He turned to leave and she grabbed his arm.

"One last thing" she said before getting on the balls of her feet to gently press her lips to his. She opened her eyes and got in the car to drive away past a dumbstruck Naruto.