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My Deranged Savior

Chapter 1:

Mystic Falls, 1863

"Evelina, wake up child! You have lots of work to do!" Sophia hissed at me, snapping me out of my daydream.

I groaned and turned my attention back to the guests at the Salvatore Estate, wishing badly that this tea party would soon end so I could go home.

I had worked for the Salvatores for almost five years now and hated every bit of it, but no matter how many mistakes I made then Mr. Salvatore never fired me and in the past I never knew why that was, but now I did.

It was because he was my father.

Despite the fact that I was his second oldest child, then he still refused to recognize me as his own, because my mother was nothing but a simple maid and it would look really bad if people knew that the wealthy and respected Giuseppe Salvatore had had an affair with a maid.

My mother always told me to keep my mouth shut about it when I was around my two brothers Damon and Stefan, and I gladly did – especially around that god-awful Damon Salvatore.

He could truly be a pain sometimes.

"Go back inside and serve the gentlemen their tea," Sophia ordered more than said, handing me a silver tray with tea, sugar and milk. "Oh, and behave if you want to get off early."

I nodded and left Sophia – the house maid of the estate – in the kitchen with the other maids, then walked into the living room and served tea to all of the gentlemen that were visiting the estate.

"Oh, Evelina!" Damon called out teasingly. "Could you be a darling and pour me some more tea?"

I discreetly rolled my eyes before turning around and walking up to Damon, who was smirking smugly of me like always.

"Here you go, Mr. Salvatore." I said, forcing a smile on my lips as I poured more tea into his cup.

"Thank you, darling. Could you do me a favor and polish all of my shoes when you're done here?" he asked.

I clenched my teeth and tried very hard not to hit him his face, but it was so tempting when he kept pestering me with things like this.

"Damon, I polished your shoes yesterday and I really don't have time to do it today, so shut up or I will 'accidentally' pour tea on you." I said quietly through gritted teeth.

The smirk on Damon's lips widened. "Is that so? I don't think you have the guts to do that, because you know that my father will fire you and then you will be out in the streets again."

Oh, I'd had it now!

I took the teapot and began pouring the tea all over his clothes, making him let out a shriek and jump up from the chaise longue.

Everyone's gaze immediately fell on me and I saw Giuseppe furrow his brows, looking more than just furious at me for what I'd done.

"Miss Blackthorn, I need to have a word with you in private." he said firmly.

I gulped because even though I hoped that he would fire me, then I dreaded that he would physically punish me or worse – leave me to starve in the streets again like I did when my mother died of a very bad fever.

It was first a couple of years later when I went to ask him for help that he finally let me in and told me that I could live and work for him in exchange of that I didn't tell anyone that I was his child.

"I have had enough with this intolerable behavior of yours, Eve!" Giuseppe said as we entered his office. "I let you live here, feed you and gave you a job and this is how you repay me? By making a fool out of yourself and me in front of all of my acquaintances?"

I sighed heavily. "But Father, I–"

"No, you may be my child, but I cannot tolerate it anymore. People are starting to wonder why I haven't fired you yet and I cannot keep you here anymore, so I'm sending you to work in another estate up north."

My eyes widened. "What? You're sending me away? Just like that?"

He nodded. "Your brothers must not find out who you really are and this way you will not embarrass me anymore, so take the job and leave or live in the streets."

I felt a twinge in my heart when he said the last part and felt tears brimming in my eyes. I might hate Damon and my father for the way they treated me, but I didn't want to leave them.

They were the only family I had left.

"Pack your belongings before sunset. A carriage will come pick you up then and take you to your new home."

"You planned this all along, didn't you? In case I threatened to reveal your secret?"

He groaned and walked up to me. "Evelina, you should be thankful of this opportunity. Had you not been my daughter then I would have thrown you out a long time ago – your mother too. Now leave and make yourself a new life somewhere else."

I was too heartbroken to say anything. My father was practically throwing me out and then hiding me somewhere far from his sons to make sure that I didn't reveal anything to them or the others in this town.

I was tempted to go downstairs and tell Damon and Stefan that I was their sister, but they would probably not believe me and Giuseppe would have me hanged or thrown out of town for "lying".

So I left his office and went to my bedroom, packing all of my things and handing back my uniform to Sophia, who was only pleased to see me go.

She'd never really liked me and it wasn't just because I was a troublemaker and often ignored Damon's orders or talked back at him.

Once I'd packed all of my things I went outside to wait for the carriage and met my little brother on the way, who immediately stopped when he saw me walk with my bag.

"Are you leaving?" he asked worriedly.

Stefan was the only one who never treated me badly and there had been many times where I had almost told him the truth, because he was truly a good boy and a sweet brother without knowing it.

"Yes, I am. I… am being transferred to another home," I said, trying my best not to cry in front of him. "It has been a pleasure to work for you, Stefan."

He smiled. "Likewise and I hope that you will settle in your new home. Remember to write to me every now and then. I want to know how my friend is doing."

I nodded and hugged him tightly, feeling the tears brim in my eyes again. He would never find out that he had a sister and never have anyone he could confide his own secrets with.

"Take care, Stefan. Oh and the next time you see that awful brother of yours, then tell him to treat your new maid properly or I will return and kick him between his legs." I said.

Stefan laughed and nodded, but before he could say more his father called his name, beckoning him inside to the tea party.

I sighed heavily and waited patiently for my ride to arrive and when I was finally inside it, I let my tears out, crying during most of the trip to my new home in the big New York.

~~ oOo ~~

It was early in the morning when I arrived at the grand estate and I was more than just amazed by how huge and beautiful New York was.

For 19 years I had lived in Mystic Falls and I could see now that Mystic Falls was nothing compared to this city.

The man my father had more or less sold me to was an earl from London and I was told that he would first be home after nightfall, so in the meantime I could relax and get settled.

I spent my morning and afternoon with taking a look around in the estate and tried memorizing where most of the things were in case my new superior wanted me to get something for him.

As I walked around in the estate I noticed that a lot of the maids were very pale and on some of them I even noticed twin holes on their wrists or necks as if a snake had bit them.

I decided not to ask why they had those marks, because I dreaded that I might not like the answer and guessed that it was none of my business.

Another strange thing I discovered was that I was prohibited to enter some of the rooms unless I'd asked for permission and the way the house maid told me that was so mechanical as if she'd been instructed to say the things she told me.

However, I began calming down after the strange tour and meeting with the house maid and spent the rest of my afternoon getting ready to when my superior came home.

I was stood in the parlor and cleaning the tables when I suddenly heard two unfamiliar voices at the entrance that caught my attention immediately.

One of the voices belonged to my new superior and the other – a fellow British man – was with him, but I had no idea of who he was.

All I knew was that he was a very handsome young man with dirty blond hair, stunning blue eyes and I could tell from the way he dressed that he was a very wealthy man.

"Oh, hello. You must be the new maid!" Mr. Willow said when he saw me at the doorway. "Mr. Salvatore did tell me that you would arrive today. I am your new superior, Jack Willow."

I curtsied politely and blushed a little when I met the other man's gaze. He was looking at me with such wonder and curiosity that I became speechless for a moment.

"Um… thank you so much for hiring me, Mr. Willow," I stuttered. "My name is Evelina Blackthorn."

He smirked and turned his gaze to the other man, sending him a look that meant something I didn't understand what was.

"Evelina… that's a beautiful name," the man said, taking my hand to kiss it gently. "My name is Niklaus Smith, but do call me Klaus."

I blushed more and curtsied to him too, but wondered why the mere touch of his hand made the hair in the back of my neck stand up.

"Thank you, Klaus. Can I offer any of you a drink? Or something to eat perhaps?" I said kindly.

A dark smirk formed on Mr. Willow's lips while Klaus continued to look at me with a strange interest, but he eventually answered.

"A cup of tea for both of us would be perfect, thank you."

I nodded and went into the kitchen while they relaxed in the parlor, making them their tea and starting to feel less unhappy about working here.

I did miss my family, yes, but at least now I didn't have to endure being treated poorly and both Mr. Willow and his friend seemed very friendly.

I went back inside to the parlor when I'd made their tea and handed them their cups, noticing that the young Mr. Willow was now looking intently at me too.

For a brief moment I thought it was because my long light brown hair hung loose again like it always did or that there was something on my uniform, but nothing was wrong with me.

"Is there anything else I can help you with?" I asked.

Mr. Willow grinned and turned his gaze to Klaus. "What do you say, Klaus? Do you want a bite?" he asked, chuckling.

Klaus looked at me for a long while without saying a word and then shook his head. "No thank you. I'm full." he answered.

Mr. Willow shrugged and stood up, his eyes suddenly turning dark red and his canine extending quickly.

"Oh my–" I turned around to run away, but Mr. Willow suddenly stood before me in a flash and grabbed both of my arms, holding me in an iron grip as he moved his two sharp teeth closer to my exposed neck. "Oh God! Please don't–"

He sunk his teeth into my neck and I screamed in pain as I felt them penetrate my skin. I tried fighting back, but he was too strong and wouldn't even budge when I kicked his shins.

"Stop fighting, love! You cannot flee from any of us. We're vampires," he said, licking the blood off my neck playfully. "Klaus, you sure you don't want a bite? She's truly delicious..."

I sobbed and continued to fight, but I was trapped in his embrace and weak from the blood loss. I hated my father more than anything at this moment, because how could he send me to such a cruel and dangerous man – a blood sucking vampire?

Did he not care at all about me?

"Actually, I think I'd rather kill you. I know you've contacted Mikael and told him where I am," Klaus said and in a flash he suddenly grabbed Mr. Willows, slamming him against the wall before penetrating his chest with his hand and pulling his heart out. "Oh and I think I'll take that lovely maid of yours with me."

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