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The author Tom inspired this. He said I could use his idea if I mentioned him. I didn't, much, but I thought it right. One of his stories is Harry Potter and the New Powers, I think.

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Harry Potter Returns

Harry sat high up in one of the tallest trees on the island. The island had been his home since his parent's murder 15 years earlier, and he would miss it. He was looking forward to meeting magiks his own age. For that matter, he was looking forward to meeting humans his own age. There were only six other humans on Avalon. Merlin, Godrick, Salazar, Helga, Rowena, and a guy called the sleeping king. He had been doing just that, sleeping, for the whole time that Harry had been there. He was King Arthur Pendragon, the greatest of the kings. Everyone had heard of him. The other five, all of whom were wizards, were more commonly known. Merlin was Arthur's mentor, and the greatest wizard in history. The other four were the founders of the worlds' [yes I did mean for that to be plural] greatest wizarding school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

When one says 'world', he doesn't really include Avalon, it exists halfway between the worlds. All five worlds met together at the shores of Avalon. Three of the worlds were Earth dimensions, one with all magiks, one with all muggles, and one mixed. The one of the other worlds is the underworld, containing heaven, hell, and everything in between. [see Greek or roman mythology] The fifth world was different. It wasn't much of anything, but at the same time, it was everything. It is the astral plane. It is the home of ghosts, shadows, and sleeping minds from the Earths. But when one physically travels there, not just in spirit or mind, it is much different. It is the battlefield in the war between good and evil. [I am not sure if this is going to have anything to do with the story]

Harry was watching the sky on his last night in Avalon for almost a year. He was going to go back to the world where he was born, where he was a celebrity, where he had been missing since his parent's death. He would attend Hogwarts.

The night of his parent's death, a dark wizard attacked them. That wizard had killed his parents then attempted to kill him. And failed. The curse that was meant to kill him rebounded and all but killed the dark wizard. He spent most of the fifteen years recovering. But now he was back, with a vengeance. Harry was being sent to help protect Hogwarts, and eventually the rest of his world. There was even a chance that the conflict would leak over to the other Earths.

"Harry!" Merlin was calling him.

"There are a few things that you need to know about the world you are going to." Harry looked nervous.

"One, use this charm to bind most of your powers for every-day use." He handed a glass pendant to Harry. "Only take this off when you must. It will only bind your powers if you put it on, and are not under any influence to do so, not that anyone could control you.

"Two, if you reveal that you are an animage, keep in mind that as far as anyone you meet will know it is impossible to turn into more than one animal, and it is never anything magical or capable of doing magic. Keep that in mind, but it is your choice if you want them to know how powerful you are.

"Three, never mention us, this island, or any of the worlds . . . they probably have some information about the underworld, but don't let anyone know that you truly know about it, Especially that you visit your parents.

"Four, here is your parent's key to their vault in Gringots. Don't spend it all, save a gallon or two. Um, this is more of a request, but take this." Merlin gave Harry a piece of paper.

"When Godrick and them came here, they were cursed to stay here, not that they mind too much, but it was effectively like dieing there. They have a few things that they never took care of that they would like for you to do. Oh, and if anything there involves time shifting (time travel) don't let anyone catch you in the present and don't let anyone draw your picture or anything while in the past.

"Finally, if you choose to ignore my rules completely, make sure you trust the people you do tell, ok. And remember that the person that betrayed your parents was a person that they trusted, and that he was in control of his own actions.

"Oh, if you need to come back here, you know the way. Just don't do it unless necessary."

"Ok. Tell the others that I said goodbye. I will be back for summer vacation, if not before then." Harry hugged his oldest mentor and father figure. He then said a word and what could be described as a bubble appeared behind him. It was like looking through solid glass, but what he saw behind it was different than what was really there. It was a window in space and time. Harry walked through.

He came out into an alleyway. Stepping into the street he found it teeming with wizards and witches.

"This must be Diagon alley," he said to himself.

"Yes, it is." a girl answered him. Harry looked at the girl. She was about his age, with beautiful flaming red hair.

"My name is Ginny Weasley." She extended her hand.

"Harry." He responded. "Could you point me towards Gringots? I've never been here before."

"Sure, I'll walk you there," she responded, they started walking. "What school do you go to?"

"I'm going to Hogwarts, but until now I have been at a private school."

"Oh, I go there. I'm in Gryffindore, a fifth year. You?"

"Sixth, I haven't been sorted yet."

"Well, here we are."

"See you later."


'I hope that he isn't a Slytherin' Ginny though as she walked away. 'He was way too hansom for Slytherin.'

* * * * * * * * * *

By the time that Harry finished removing money from his parent's vault, the ministry had arrived. Gringots had been shocked to see that key, as they had been infirmed that there were no heirs, they contacted the ministry. It took Harry nearly eight hours to prove that he was actually Harry Potter. He did learn one thing from the incident, and that was the ministry refused to believe in Voldermort's return.

* * * * * * * * * *

Harry sat in his room at the Leaky Cauldron. It had been a long day and he wanted to go to sleep. But first he wanted to read the requests from his Godrick, Salazar, Helga, and Rowena.


First let us say that we are so proud of you, and we all consider you our son, and Merlin feels the same way. I hope you feel the same way too. We just want you to remember that you will always be loved.

We have a few requests, if you could possibly help us with, as we are banished from that world. Please burn this after you complete the tasks, or if you feel you shouldn't, for whatever reason.

Godrick - I was writing a book of battle spells, and hid it in Hogwarts, through a passage behind the Gryffindore Tower fireplace. I intended to publish it, but it wasn't finished. All the spells, however, were. You know most of them, but I want it put in the headmaster's care, or destroyed. Thanks. PS, I remember that there is also a journal there, if you wouldn't mind returning it to me?

Salazar - You may soon find that history has turned the competitive rivalry between Godrick and me into a war. My preference of purebloods was not intended to be passed along to future generations either. Godrick and I had a dueling room where we staged duels for audiences. The main entrance and Godrick's secret entrance was closed off by a magic earthquake cause by one of Rowena's experiments. But mine wasn't. Inside is a Basilk. It had a cage, but I am sure that it has outgrown the cage by now. Baby Basilk was a delicacy, but I never got a chance to enjoy that meal. Anyway, could you take care of the problem? Slytherin lore is that I left it there as revenge, and more than a few students have been killed by it. Just speak parlstoung in the second floor girls' bathroom. Do be careful. Oh, and the ghost in the bathroom was the Basilk's first victim, might you give her my apologies?

Helga - I fear that I punished student much to harshly once, and never got to end his punishment. He was supposed to serve for two years as the soul of the sorting hat, but I never got a chance to free the poor soul. Do ask him though, I would hate for you to remove him to the underworld if he enjoys it. Or maybe you could conjure a body for him to use? I know what you are thinking, the two years was a legitimate punishment, and he accidentally used a growth spell on a small grove of trees about the size of half a quidditch patch. Now look at the forbidden forest. If he does want to leave, just use an artificial intelligence animation spell on the hat so that they don't have to find a new way to sort students. PS, his name is Jordan and he is my half brother.

Rowena - My final experiment buried my lab, but in it are the bodies of several ghosts wandering the school. They just came to visit and bang, the roof collapsed on them. They should get a proper burial. If they want to stay, that won't force them, but it will allow them to pass if they don't. I don't know how to find my lab anymore; I would walk there in my sleep every night. You won't have to leave the castle, and there is no password. That is all I know. I still wonder how it happened. Good luck. Thanks, and apologize to the ghosts for me. Come to think of it, I wonder how they were there to visit when even I didn't know the way.

Merlin - Mine is not a request, just something I thought I should mention. The sleeping king is destined to wake up when Britain needs him the most. In the future, when you fight in the war, just come home and we will try to wake him if you feel he could help. Just wanted to mention this.

* * * * * * * * * *

Harry folded the letter, put a hiding spell on it, then curled up and fell asleep.


magiks-collective term for wizards, witches, summoners, elementals, mages, sorcerers, sorceresses, enchantresseses, necromancers, charmers, immortals, wicans, seers, true animages, etc.

Magik (capitalized) refers to one who has all of those abilities. (Can we say Harry?)

* * * * * * * * * * *