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Sawada Tsunayoshi is a fine young boy who you would describe him as a normal person. Average looks, average grades, average physical ability and also low in social life. He is currently on his way to do groceries. He is 13 years old this year and attending at Namimori Chuu.

He live with his mother and doesn't care about his father at all because for him. His father is the most inconsiderate human being. He is how you would describe as a person that you could easily forget its like you bump into a plain wall the next day you will probably think the same thing.

But for him its a special gift from god but also a curse that came along with the gift like his Hyper Intuition. He could tell when his in danger but probably will cost someone life in exchange. He see people died so many time like traffic accident, robbery and many more.

And its always consist the people around him but not at him because he could easily avoid it and the others will take his place. He hate himself. He hate the way he live his life. He felt like a killer and he hate it. The same goes to his so called 'invisible' ability. The curse that attached with the gift is you'll be alone forever with nothing to guide you out of the darkness.

He was sure someday.. someday he will be consume by the darkness. He scratch the back of his head and enter the supermarket.


"It'll be 1,325yen"

The cashier said to him. Tsuna handed her 2000yen without utter a word. While the cashier was thinking what rude young boy he is.

"Here's your balance?"

When the cashier was about to give him the money he had gone from her sight and she even left him only for few seeonds. She sigh and wondered how difficult it is to be a cashier. She choose this job is because she thought it would be less stressing.

But she thought wrong. Another sigh escaped her lips well hopefully the next customer will be more cheery but what she doesn't know that Tsuna is her last customer that she will ever at service.


Tsuna run as fast as he can to get the heck out of the supermarket because his H.I (hyper intuition) was acting up and it was begging him to get his ass out of there. He learned to trust on his H.I ever since he was 8 years old when he was playing with a ball all by himself then suddenly his stomach got this fluttery bad feeling but he ignored it as a result..

He got his mother injured by kidnappers when she tried to protect him. Her mother got lots of cuts but nothing serious. He was sure if he tried and ignored it again his mother would surely injured badly someday and even may cost her life.

Since then whenever he got the feeling he quickly run away from it and the next day he will heard the news saying someone die in some tragic incidents and the crime scene is always from the last place he went. At first he thought its probably just only a coincidence.

But the same thing keep repeating it self making him scared, making him feeling guilty, making him feel somehow like a monster. It scares him if someone knew about this they surely will look at him in disgust even hes disgust with himself. But he couldn't do anything about it, to change it he just not strong enough.

And he never will.



Tsuna got home safely while smile gently looking at his only light that kept him sane till now his mother.

"Ara Tsu-chan you wear that kinda clothed again.."

His mother said with a pout while gently putting aside the cap that her daughter always wear to hide her beautiful long brunette wavy hair and take her hideously large glasses that cover her big innocent honey color eyes off.

She gently lift her daughter face that is still smiling oh so brightly. She let out a small sigh her daughter doesn't show any kind of expression when she with anyone and always blend in with the crowd, always hiding her gender.

"Mou Tsu-chan you will never get a boyfriend if you still dress like this.."

"Mom.. I don't want to think about that at the moment.."

Tsuna said with a sad like tone. Her mom's quickly hugged her tightly. Tsuna smile back and hugged her mother.


"Yes Tsu-chan?"

"I.. can't.. breath.."

Her mom quickly release her and checked if she still alive while Tsuna let out small chuckles. She scratch the back of her head and said to her mother she wanted to take a shower first.

"Then after that can you help me in the kitchen?"

"Sure ! !"

She shouted in her room while unpacking a package that she got from her friends in the internet. A high tech looking thing that the author doesn't even know is inside the box. She smile while inspecting the item with full of curiosity.

She will check this one out when she done helping her mother.


"Tsu-chan ! So did you find anyone interesting when your went shopping?"

Her mother started a conversation about the thing she hated the most. She is a bad luck bringer why does she even want anyone to be near her in first place.


"Aaawww, those guys sure is blind.. Tsu-Tsu is the most adorable thing ever who would want to ignored you.."

"Maybe.. it's for the best.."

She mumble silently to herself. Thankfully her mom didn't heard that she was busy talking about a tutor something..







The knife she was holding fall off her grips and laying innocently on the floor.

"W-W-W-WWWHHAATT ! ? YOU HIRE A TUTOR B-B-BUT W-WHY ? I don't think my grades are that bad ! If you want my grades higher I-I could do that if I'll study hard enough I could get higher marks or even the highest in whole Japan or.. or.. even the whole world !"

Well actually Tsuna doesn't need to since little she had matured she always thinking logically and could easily decipher anything basically she's a genius now but because she doesn't like attention she always put her grades in average but she didn't think it would lead to this.

No, It would never crossed her mind that her mother could even think to hire a tutor. That tutor guy must be up to something. Because she knew her future shouldn't be that great considering her life stats now. She had planned everything and she will not let this tutor guy ruined it for her.

Because.. she doesn't need him to know the monster part of her or anyone else for that matter.

"There was a interesting flyer in the mailbox ! See ! See ! It's says here..

I will raise your kid to be the new leader of the next generation.
Grades and Subject doesn't matter.


"Isn't it great ? I've never seen a promotion like this before and maybe he could change you to be queen someday !"

Tsuna sweat drop at her hyper active mother.

"Mom.. that dream is over the top I cant be a queen.. cause to be a queen I need to marry a king.."
Really a queen? Like a king would ever fall in with love me Hah ! What a Joke !
"..and by the way it smells like a scam"

"How rude, it's probably a tutor from a professional business school for young men and he probably will be a drop dead hot teacher that I want .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. for you.."

It sound like you the one who want a teacher like that for yourself.
Tsuna thought while sweat drop.
"Mom you don't need to create your own image of him.. he maybe a cranky old goat with lots of wrinkles and has a weird sides burn and funny voice like a pervert.."

"Ehem.. Ciausso.. I'm sorry to disappoint you and break the news that I didn't exactly looks like the person that you both just describe.. though I was a bit flatter by your comments.. most of them.."

She turned her head to the kitchen door what she saw was a baby standing oh so innocently there while her mother had already coo-ing at his cuteness. But poor poor Tsuna she felt a dreaded vibes in that baby voice that she almost forget how she like kids and the kid in front of her IS NOT cute at all.

With a mischievous glint on the baby's eyes she was sure her life will totally turned 360 degree from here on.